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    Walkthrough by Anonymous

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       Part 1
     Well, here we are again, all set for another adventure, but without any
    elfin swords or magic lamps. You awake on a deserted island suffering
    from amnesia. Your mission, if you accept, is to save yourself and to
    regain your memory. There are a few tricky puzzles to solve and saving
    the game at various spots is recommended. Also, as in other adventure
    games, it is a good idea to map your surroundings. The graphics are
    adequate and the parser, although not as good as Infocom's, does work.
    Remember to examine and search everything you find in your journey.
     There are two unique commands built into this game. The most critical
    function is the "THINK" command. When a clue is found, type in the word
    THINK (followed by the clue that you found) and hope for the best. If
    you haven't thought enough you'll never solve the game. The other
    command is the "HELP CONDOR" function. The game has a help list built
    into the program that you can call on if you need a push in the right
    direction. The only problem is that it can be called up only three times
    during the game. After that you are on your own.
     Let's get started. You awake on a deserted beach with a spectacular
    view of the ocean. In fact, look at the ocean but but don't go in the
    water. Go N, then enter the hut and take some straw. Examine the trash
    can and take the candle. Well, you don't really need it. Exit the hut
    then go E.
     Take a piece of steel from the dory, then go E again and take a vine.
    Go W, W, S, and drop all but the vine. Go E, and you should be at the
    edge of a cliff. Tie the vine to a rock then go Down. Enter the cave and
    examine and search all, then take a rock from the ground. Dig in ground.
    Take the map, then E, Up, W. Look at the map, then N.
     At this point, you might want to save the game. Go N, N, E, N, E, E, S,
    S, E. Search the trunk and take the bottle, but don't drink it. Go W, W,
    N, W, W, S, W, S, S, S. Drop the map, then take the piece of steel and
    the shell. Listen to the shell. Type, "BANG ROCK WITH STEEL OVER STRAW
    TO MAKE FIRE". Drop the rock and the piece of steel, then wait. When the
    boat comes, offer the captain the bottle.
       Part 2
     You should now be on the pirate ship and the captain will have left you
    alone to go exploring. Go N, W, and talk to the doctor. Go S, then fight
    with the man. Go S again and take the meat cleaver. You can also eat the
    fish if you like sashimi. Go N, N, E, S, S, S, W, then cut the chain
    with the meat cleaver. Go E, N, N, E, E.
     You should now be in England. Go E, E, E, S, and search the sleeping
    man. Take the hat and the money, then go N, W, W, S.  Give the man 5
    pounds and take the pole. Go N, W, and get the debris with the pole.
    Drop the pole, then take the newspaper.  Read it. Remember to remember.
    Go E, N, and talk to the man. Give the man 5 pounds and remember the
    password (it may vary with different disks). Go S, E, N, E. This is
    another good spot to save the game.
     Talk to the woman, then give her the hat. Go E. Examine the drink, then
    follow the man. Go S, W, then take the hat and look inside the hat.
    Rather then leave a tip, you can kiss the woman. Go W, N, E, then type,
    "CHANDRALT" or whatever the password is in your game. Give the man 200
    pounds for your ticket then go W, S, S, W, N, N, and enter the airplane.
    Remember to remember.
     You should now be in beautiful downtown Luxembourg. Go N, W, then BOOTH
    11. Talk to the man. If that doesn't work, search the man. Take the note
    and the ID card, then read both of them. Go E, E, N, N, W, Up, N. This
    is another spot to save the game.
       Part 3
     Go W, then DUCK. Examine the room and take all. Read the parchment. Go
    E, S, Down, E, S, and now we are going on a little nature hike. Go E, E,
    E, S, and dig in the ground with the shell. Drop the shell, then take
    the leaflet and read it. It sure does look like a bank account number.
     Go N, W, W, W, W, and talk to the woman. Type in the bank number then
    open the box. Take the gun, then drop the box. Go E, N, W, Up, N, N, N,
     This is it. Save the game again, then E. Shoot the man with the gun,
    then take themessage and read it. Now, if you have remembered all the
    names and found all the clues, you should regain your memory and solve
    the game by using the THINK COMMAND.
    new screen should appear with the entire story of your trials and
     MINDSHADOW is copyrighted
      1985 by Activision, Inc.

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