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    FAQ/Move List by Cybertaz

    Version: 1.0.0 | Updated: 08/15/97 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Kombat CyberCity Mortal Kombat 1 PC
    By:      Cybertaz
    Email:   mkcc@umar.com
    Version: 1.0.0
    Date:    8-15-97
    If there is something incorrect with this FAQ, please email (asap) as soon as 
    --Liu Kang--
    Fireball:  F-F-HP
    Flying Kick: F-F-HK
    Fatality:  F-D-B-U-F-D-B-U... (Hold BLOCK)
    --Johnny Cage--
    Green Bolt:  B-F-LP
    Shadow Kick:  B-F-LK
    Ball Breaker: BLOCK+LP
    Fatality:  F-F-F-HP
    Knife Throw:  B-F (Hold BLOCK)
    Body Ball:    F-D-B-U-F-D-B-U (Hold BLOCK)
    Fatality:     B-D-F-LP
    Lightning:   D-F-LP
    Body Launch: B-B-F
    Teleport:    D-U
    Fatality:    F-F-B-B-B-HP
    Spear:       B-B-LP
    Teleport Punch: D-B-HP
    Fatality: U-U (Hold BLOCK)
    --Sub Zero--
    Freeze:    D-F-LP
    Slide:     LP+LK+BLOCK
    Fatality:  F-D-F-HP
    --Sonya Blade--
    Ring Toss:     B-B-LP
    Flying Punch:  F-B+HP
    Leg Throw:     LP+LK+BLOCK
    Fatality:      F-F-B-B-BLOCK
    -Fighting against REPTILE is possible by winning with a double
    flawless victory and a fatality in the PIT stage when strange shadows float
    in front of the moon. You may not press the block button! As far as I know
    this is only possible when you are fighting with RAIDEN, KANO, SUB-ZERO,
    JOHNNY CAGE or SCORPION (use a punch or kick button, or hold DOWN instead of 
    Block in his fatality). 
     Useful Things
    ALT-P: pause the game 
    ALT-Q: quit the game 
    ALT-M: turn music on/off
    ALT-S: turn sound FX on/off
    DIP Switches
    Version 1
    - Doesn't have.
    Version 2
    - Type DIP in the Options Menu.
    Switch 1: Blood On/Off (Blood During Fatality.æ MUST RESTART AFTER)
    Switch 3: Enable/Disable Comic Book Ad During Demo
    switch 4: Computer fatalities On/Offææ
    Switch 5: Free Play On/Off
    Switches that I do not have listed I do not know what they do. Please email me
    (asap) as soon as possible with the switch number and what it does.

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