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"GET OVER HERE...And play this game!"

Mortal Kombat: Probably of the most famous names in the history of gaming. It's release marked the first real attack on video game violence, even though, contrary to what many think, Mortal Komabt was not the very first game to feature such intense violence.

In it's own time, the graphics were excellent. While not as good as the games later in the series it stands out in it's own right... Characters moved smoothly and un-robotic like, a new sort of innovation on the industry. The Kombatants actually changed facial expressions. You can almost feel Goro's abnormally huge feet stomping your brains in after losing. The gore, which was the factor that made the game famous, isn't very frequent but when it appears you sort of wish you hadn't and cheer that you're prayers had been answered. Blood and gore raining down from Sony's upper torso as Johnny Cage pops the head off her body is a beautiful thing, but the blood isn't very pretty and falls in either raindrops or bricks.

Probably my least favorite aspect of the game. The music has a sort of ''twangy'' feel, which might appeal to some but it gets on most people's nerves after awhile. Voices are made up mainly of grunts and screams, maybe the occasional crackling burst of hellfire, and also can get on your nerves. The redeeming aspect comes from the voice of the announcer and final boss, Shang Tsung. It truely miss his old kung-fu movie voice after it was replaced by the deeper-sounding Shao Khan of today. That, and Scorpions ''Get over here!'' or ''Come here!'' which fans of the Kombat kraze all know and love.

An interesting an innovative control set was packaged with MK1. Though the movements are all equally useful, you must come to know and embrace them to figure out exactly how to use them and at what time. They can be pulled seamlessly at most times but sometimes certain moves screw up when you just KNOW you did them right! Fatalities can be tough to pull off, but worth it in the end!

Gameplay in MK1 can be both frantic and tensley slow, it depends on your playing style. Of course, sometimes the computer AI will act strangely, pulling off seemingly impossible manuvers with apparent ease. This can mean unfair trouble for you...
But the good outwheighs the bad. With an arsenal of several neato martial arts techniques at their fingertips and unique special moves like Johnny Cage's ever-useful shadow kick or Scorpion's infamous Spear, these bad boys are ready to fight for Earth, Outworld, or personal gain. And look stylish while doing it too!

The story interesting while not getting too deep yet, and who the hell doesn't find any entertainment in watching two kung-fu maniacs beat the living snot out of each other?

Mortal Kombat is a great game with all the minor flaws of a great game. Some people see it as a senseless beat-em-up fighter, but this is not true! Like all fighting games, it takes some strategy to become grand champion of the Mortal Kombat tourney.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/06/03

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