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    FAQ/Move List by EVervaet

    Version: 6 | Updated: 10/27/95 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Complete guide
    (document revision 6, 27 OCTOBER 1995)
    Updated and maintained by Erwin Vervaet (ERWIN.VERVAET@student.kuleuven.ac.be)
    Original version by Paul Hurley (rat@rat.org)
    I've updated most email addresses and ftp sites, corrected some spelling
    errors, some other mistakes in the FAQ (finally got the correct Kung Lao
    Hat Decapitation Fatality!) and I changed the sections layout a bit.
    Important: my email address has changed! It's now:
               so send all your comments and questions to that address!
     In this text file, the following conventions are used:
      U=Up; D=Down; F=Forward; B=Back; HP=High Punch; LP=Low Punch;
      HK=High Kick; LK=Low Kick;
      (close): stand as close as possible to your opponent
      (medium): stand about a body length away from your opponent
      (far): stand at least half a screen length away from your opponent
     4: SECRETS
     9: CREDITS
     This text file is a (I hope) complete FAQ for the PC version of MK II.
     It contains all things that can be done in the game, along with some
     fighting tips and other information.
     I've written this text for information purposes only, so that everyone
     can get the most out of this incredible game!
     This FAQ still contains some specific information about the DEMO that
     everyone can download for free (where? see info below).
     All of the moves, tricks, ... listed are confirmed. I've done them all
     using the keyboard. It might be more difficult (or even impossible) to
     do some of the moves or tricks when you are using a joystick. If you
     just can't make one, try it with the keyboard and try to change the
     distance between your character and the opponent a bit. Some of the
     fatalities require a very specific distance from your opponent.
     I haven't listed any 'normal' moves, you'll just have to figure them
     out by yourself :-) !
     If you have additional information that is not yet included in the
     latest version of the FAQ (Especially about playing the game with
     a gamepad or joystick), you can let me know by mailing me. My email
     address is: ERWIN.VERVAET@student.kuleuven.ac.be
     You can always get the latest revision of this file by sending me a
     request for it in an email.
     It is also available on the following FTP sites:
      site: rat.org
      directory: /pub/mk/faqs
      site: ftp.netcom.com
      directory: /pub/vi/vidgames/faqs
     And you can find it on the following WWW pages:
     The following functions are available:
      ALT+P: Pause the game
      ALT+Q: Quit the game
      F1: Player 1 start
      F2: Player 2 start
      F10: Show game options menu (only during attract mode)
     When you are facing the player selection screen, a random select
     for your player can be done by:
      * Pressing U+F1 when you're player 1 (your own U!)
        (leave the selection box on the default position)
      * Pressing U+F2 when you're player 2
        (leave the selection box on the default position)
     You can turn off throwing in two player mode by:
      Holding D+HP for both players after you have selected your players
      until the play screen shows up. A message "THROWING DISABLED" will
     When the demo is running, you can bring up the top 15 players by:
      pushing D for any player.
        (Move section by Erwin Vervaet)
      Babalities and Friendships can only be done when you finish
      the winning round of the fight without using LP and HP!
      To keep from moving when performing a certain Fatality, Babality
      or Friendship, you can always hold Block while you do the move.
      It's not mandatory to hold block, but it is allowed!
      The Deadmove Special is a 'stage fatality'. It can only be done on
      the Kombat Tomb (Spikes) stage and the Pit II stages.
     Deadpool Fatality:
      This fatality is the same for every player.
      You can knock your opponent into the pool on the Deadpool
      stage by pressing:
        (close) F,F,F,uppercut (when playing with the keyboard)
        (close) F,F,F,Block (when playing with a gamepad)
     Liu Kang:
      Fireball: F,F,HP (Can be done in the air also)
      Low Fireball: F,F,LP
      Flying Kick: F,F,HK
      Bicycle Kick: Hold LK for 3 seconds
       (Note: you can do other moves while holding LK!)
      Deathmove Special (Pit/Spikes): (close) B,F,F,LK
      Babality: D,D,F,B,LK
      Friendship: F,B,B,B,LK
      Fatality 1 (Dragon): (close) D,F,B,B,HK
      Fatality 2 (Cartwheel): (medium) Block + B,D,F,U,B,D,F,U,.. (quickly!)
      Acid Spit: F,F,HP
      Slide: LP + LK
      Force Ball: B,B,HP + LP
      Invisibility: BLOCK + U,U,D,HP
      Deathmove Special (Pit/Spikes): (close) D,F,F,Block
      Babality: D,B,B,LK
      Friendship: B,B,D,LK
      Fatality 1 (Tongue Head Rip): (medium) B,B,D,LP
      Fatality 2 (Mistery Death): (close and you have to be invisible) F,F,D,HK
     Sub Zero:
      Ice Ball: D,F,LP
      Ice Puddle: D,B,LK
      Slide: LP + LK
      Deathmove Special (Pit/Spikes): (close) D,F,F,Block
      Babality: D,B,B,HK
      Friendship: B,B,D,HK
      Fatality 1 (Perma Freeze): (medium) F,F,D,HK (then close) F,D,F,F,HP
      Fatality 2 (Tiny Ice ball): (very far) LP + B,B,D,F (now release LP)
      Spear: B,B,LP
      Teleport Punch: D,B,HP (Can be done in the air also)
      Leg grab: F,D,B,LK
      Air Throw: Block (in the air)
      Deathmove Special (Pit/Spikes): (close) D,F,F,Block
      Babality: D,B,B,HK
      Friendship: B,B,D,HK
      Fatality 1 (Burning Bones): (medium) Block + U,U,HP
      Fatality 2 (Toasty!): Block + D,D,U,U,HP
      Fatality 3 (Head Slice): (close) HP + D,F,F,F
       (to do this move: press HP when you are out of hit range, keep
        holding HP and walk close, then press D,F,F,F and release HP)
     Johnny Cage:
      Axe Kick: (closest) HK or LK
      Low Green Bolt: B,D,F,LP
      High Green Bolt: F,D,B,HP
      Shadow Uppercut: B,D,B,HP
      Shadow Kick: B,F,LK
      Ball Breaker: LP + BLOCK
      Deathmove Special (Pit/Spikes): (close) D,D,D,HK
      Babality: B,B,B,HK
      Friendship: D,D,D,D,HK
      Fatality 1 (Torso Rip): (close) D,D,F,F,LP
      Fatality 2 (Head Shot): (close) F,F,D,U
       (to knock of 3 heads keep holding D+LK+LP+Block right after you have
        completed the move)
     Kung Lao:
      Ground Teleport: D,U
      Aerial Kick: D + HK (In the air)
      Hat Throw: B,F,LP (You can control the hat with U and D)
      Whirlwind Spin: Block + U,U,LK
      Deathmove Special (Pit/Spikes): (close) F,F,F,HP
      Babality: B,B,F,F,HK
      Friendship: B,B,B,D,HK
      Fataltiy 1 (Hat slicer): (sweeping range) F,F,F,LK
      Fatality 2 (Hat Decapitation):(far) hold LP (for 1 second) then B,F
                                          and release LP
      Fan Swipe: B,HP
      Fan Throw: F,F,HP + LP (can be done in the air also)
      Fan Lift: B,B,B,HP
      Aerial Punch: F,D,B,HP
      Deathmove Special (Pit/Spikes): (close) F,D,F,HK
      Babality: D,D,D,LK
      Friendship: Block + D,D,D,U,LK
      Fatality 1 (Kiss): LK + F,F,D,F
       (to do this move: press LK when you are out of hit range, keep
        holding LK and walk close, then press F,F,D,F and release LK)
      Fatality 2 (Fan Decapitation): Block,Block,Block,HK
      Teleport Kick: F,F,LK
      Ground Roll: B,B,D,HK
      Sai Throw: Hold HP for 2 seconds (you may release HP in the air)
      Deathmove Special (Pit/Spikes): (close) F,D,F,LK
      Babality: D,D,D,HK
      Friendship: D,D,D,U,HK or Block + D,D,D,U,HK
      Fatality 1 (Stabbing): (close) F,B,F,LP
      Fatality 2 (Bone Spew): (close) Hold HK for 2 seconds
       (to do this move: press HK when you are out of hit range, keep
        holding HK and walk close then release HK)
                              or (close) hold Block and tap HK
     Maj. Jackson Briggs  (Jax):
      Ground Smash: Hold LK for 3 seconds
      Gotcha Grab: F,F,LP,LP,LP,...
      Quadruple Slam: throw (LP closest to opponent), then tap HP
      Energy Wave: F,D,B,HK
      Back Breaker: BLOCK (In the air)
      Deathmove Special (Pit/Spikes): (close) U,U,D,LK
      Babality: Block + D,U,D,U,LK
      Friendship: Block + D,D,U,U,LK
      Fatality 1 (Head Smash): (close) LP + F,F,F
       (to do this move: press LP when you are out of hit range, keep
        holding LP and walk close, then press F,F,F and release LP)
      Fatality 2 (Arm Rip): (a step away) Block,Block,Block,Block,LP
     Shang Tsung:
      Skulls: B,B,HP (1 skull)
              B,B,F,HP (2 skulls)
              B,B,F,F,HP (3 skulls)
      Morphs: Liu Kang: B,F,F,BLOCK
              Kung Lao: B,D,B,HK
              Cage: B,B,D,LP
              Reptile: Block + U,D,(release Block) HP
              Sub Zero: F,D,F,HP
              Kitana: Block,Block,Block
              Jax: D,F,B,HK
              Mileena: Hold HP for 2 seconds
              Baraka: D,D,LK
              Scorpion: Block + U,(release Block) U
              Raiden: D,B,F,LK
      Deathmove Special (Pit): (close) Block + D,D,U (release Block) D
      Babality: B,F,D,HK
      Friendship: B,B,D,F,HK
      Fatality 1 (Body Explosion): (sweep range) Hold HK for 2 seconds
      Fatality 2 (Soul Drain): (close) Block + U,D,U,LK
      Fatality 3 (Kintaro Fatality): (sweep range) Hold LP for 30 seconds
       (If you start holding LP before the winning round starts, you don't
        have to hold it for 30 seconds)
      Double Kick: (Closest) HK,HK
      Blade Swipe: B + HP
      Blade Fury: B,B,B - LP
      Blue Bolt: D,B,HP
      Deathmove Special (Pit/Spikes): (close) F,F,D,HK
      Babality: F,F,F,HK
      Friendship: Block + U,F,F,HK
      Fatality 1 (Blade Decapitation): (close) B,B,B,B,HP
      Fatality 2 (Double Stab): (close) B,F,D,F,LP
      Body Launch: B,B,F
      Lightning: D,F,LP
      Teleport: D,U
      Electrocution: Hold HP for 2 seconds
      Deathmove Special (Pit/Spikes): (close) Block + U,U,U,HP
      Babality: Block + D,D,U,HK
      Friendship: D,B,F,HK
      Fatality 1 (Electrocution): (close) Hold LK for 5 seconds
                                          then tap Block + LK
      Fatality 2 (Super Uppercut): Hold HP for 10 seconds
    4: SECRETS:
        (Secrets section by Erwin Vervaet)
     *) A cheat menu can be displayed as follows:
        Type AICULEDSSUL on the B&W Copyright screen you see on startup.
        You will hear a sound if you did it correctly.
        Now you can press F9 when the demo is running to display the following
        cheat menu:
         CHEAT MODE on/off      ->Turn cheat mode on or off
         FREEPLAY on/off        ->Unlimited credits
         NO DAMAGE TO P1 on/off
         NO DAMAGE TO P2 on/off
         1 HIT KILLS P1 on/off
         1 HIT KILLS P2 on/off
         SOAK TEST on/off       ->No story during demo mode, only fighting
                                  You can select the fighters with the
                                  SET DRONES option. If SET DRONES is off,
                                  The computer will display a random fighter
                                  fighting all the other characters.
         BACKGROUND ...         ->Always play in selected background
                                  (This does not work when playing against
                                   Kintaro or Shao Khan)
                                ->Start against selected opponent in the
                                  tournament (MISTERY=? fight against SMOKE)
         DRONE ENDING ...       ->Select the finishing move the computer
                                  should always do when he wins
         STOP CLOCK on/off
         SET DRONES ...         ->Always play against selected opponent or
                                  select fighter for SOAK TEST.
     *) A dip switch menu can be displayed by typing DIP (in capitals) when
        you are facing the game options screen (F10) or the cheat menu (F9)
        (Note that the 2 lists of DIP's don't seem to be related, so there
        are 2 different dip menus). I haven't figured out the functions of
        any of the switches yet, so if you find something, let me know!
        (they probably don't do anything at all!)
     *) You can play against the secret opponent JADE by winning a round
        in the tournament fight before the ? only using LK (So no blocking!).
        However, you can do any finishing move that only uses LK as the
        attack button (ex: Liu's babality or Kung's hat slicer).
     *) You can play against the secret opponent SMOKE by quickly pressing
        your start button (F1 or F2) when the face pops up in the lower
        right corner of the screen ('Toasty!')(mostly after an uppercut).
        This only works on the Portal stage.
     *) You can play against the secret opponent NOOB SAIBOT by winning
        25 fights and one round in a row against a human opponent. If
        you lose EACH round of your fight against Noob Saibot, you can
        fight him again after winning a round against the next normal
        opponent. As soon as you win at least one round against Noob,
        you will continue as normal.
     *) You can play a game of PONG by winning 250 fights in a row against
        human opponents.
        (I haven't checked this yet, but it probably doesn't work!)
        (Fighting Tips section by Erwin Vervaet)
     Note: If anybody needs some good tips for playing with or against
           a certain character, simply post a mail with your question
           to Michael Haberl (e9425537@stud2.tuwien.ac.at), and he'll
           help you out!
     *) General fighting tips:
        When you are playing against the computer, the jump-kick-jump-
         back-jump-kick... pattern is very effective on the easy levels.
        Another useful technique is doing a couple of leg sweeps and
         then jump over the opponent and do a turnaround kick. Then
         start over from the other side. This only works on very easy and
         easy levels.
        For a lot more useful fighting tips you can check out the faq
        for the arcade version of MK II.
        It was made by ineluki@u.washington.edu and you can download it
        from Andy Eddy's FTP site: ftp.netcom.com in the directory:
        and the filename is: mk2guide.txt
        or you could use Rat's ftp site: rat.org in the directory:
     *) Fighting against Kintaro:
        Kintaro is a real pain in the ass. He's big, tough and quick. This
        makes beating him quite difficult. If you've got a good stategy for
        a certain player, please let me know, a lot of people would appre-
        ciate the information!
        Kitana: Once you have learned Kintaro his movements, you can
                beat him using a lot of jump-back-throw fan in the air-
                combos. Most of the time your fan will hit him in the
                face. Just remember to jump back a lot, this way you're
                always on a distance, and when he hops or jumps into
                the air, he'll land next to you and get hit by your fan!
                Occasionally do a jump-kick or when you are walking backwards,
                and he's following you on foot, use a fan lift-combo.
        Scorpion: Throw a spear at Kintaro. If it hits him, and you pull him
                  closer, don't do an uppercut, but throw another spear! You have
                  to wait a second or so before you can throw a spear again.
                  Once you've got the timing wired (difficult!), you can kill
                  Kintaro just by throwing a lot of spears.
                  (If you're the one who send me this tip, let me know, I lost
                   your email address somewhere!)
        Sub Zero: Ice him. Leap around, kicking him in the head, if you can,
                  but avoid landing too close. Whenever he jumps, or stomps,
                  side step, and freeze him, then head in and uppercut him.
                  Also, freeze him when ever he spreads his arms.. as he does
                  after a decent hit, or a successful stomp. Duck, and freeze
                  him when he fires. Also, if you time it right, freeze him
                  when he gets up from a hit...but not too early, or you'll
                  only be able to sweep him. He's almost as easy to cheap-freeze
                  as Goro was in MK1. And don't even *think* about trying the
                  ground freeze... it doesn't work on Kintaro and Shao Khan,
                  you'll just end up a sorry battered heap.
     *) Fighting against Shao Khan:
        General tips:
         Just kneel and block in the corner, wait until he does the shadow attack,
         then uppercut him, his power will be gone before yours (Difficult and
        Baraka: just keep doing the Blade Fury, he'll just walk into it
                (on very easy and easy level).
        Mileena: keep doing the Teleport Kick the entire round, and you'll
                 always win.
        Kitana: do the Fan lift when Shao Khan comes within range, then do
                a combo move.
        Raiden: do the Body Launch the entire round, you'll always win!
        Shang Tsung: start of by making sure Shao Khan is far away from you,
                     morph into Kitana and do a fan lift-combo twice on Khan,
                     now you are about to morph back into Shang Tsung, make it
                     so that you are far away from Khan and do a triple flaming
                     skull to keep him at a distance, then morph back into
                     Kitana and start over.
        Kung Lao: Just keep doing Kung's whirlwind spin.. Shao Kahn walks into it
                  every time, even on the hardest difficulty level. It's as simple
                  as that, if a bit cheap...
     *) Liu Kang fighting tips:
         When you are holding LK to do a bicycle kick, make sure you
         are standing upright when you release LK, otherwise the
         bicycle kick will not work.
        Following combinations are very powerful:
        Do a flying kick emmediately after a jump-kick. You can hit
         your opponent twice without him being able to block.
        Do a flying kick emmediately after a bicycle kick.
     *) Sub Zero fighting tips:
         A powerful combo for Sub Zero:  first you do a regular jump kick
         on your opponent.  Then you do a ground freeze, while he is down,
         so that when he gets up he starts slipping and you can do an uppercut.
         This is kind of like the slide combo, but it takes away tons more
     *) Scorpion fighting tips:
         When you are playing against the computer, knock him down and
         then jump away. When he jumps at the same time as you do, teleport
         at the top of your jump. You'll land on the other side of him, now
         throw your spear!
         (This strategy works well when fighting Smoke)
        (Tricks section by Erwin Vervaet)
     *) When you are playing with Liu Kang, make sure you are ready
        to do a bicycle kick when Finish him pops up. Now do the
        bicycle kick, and you can still to the dragon fatality.
     *) Most characters can perform 'Late fatalities'. To do this
        time it so that your fatality starts just when your opponent
        is about to drop to the ground. They will fall, get back up
        again, and suffer your punishment. Note that the timing to do
        this is very difficult!
     *) When you have hit your opponent into the Spikes on the Kombat
        Tomb stage, you can let them slip off by quickly pressing D
        for both players (hold until the body slips of).
        The timing for this trick is difficult, so it might not work
        all the time!
     *) Sub-Zero can do the first part of the 'Perma freeze fatality'
        and then another finishing move ('Tiny Iceball',Babality,...).
        This is also true when you are Shang Tsung. When Finish him
        pops up, morph into Sub-Zero, keep doing the first part of the
        'Perma freeze fatality' until you morph back into Shang Tsung,
        now morph into someone else and do their fatality on a frozen
        victim! Note that sometimes the color map gets screwed up when you
        do this (Ex: Do Jax his head smash fatality on a frozen victem),
        or your victim will 'melt' back to normal (Ex: Cage's tripple
        head-shot on a frozen victim).
     *) On the Deadpool stage, when playing with Sub-Zero or Shang Tsung
        morphed into Sub-Zero, you can do the first part of the 'Perma
        freeze fatality' and then knock to victim into the pool. This
        way a frozen body will go flying into the pool!
        (Note: You can do a variation of this by setting 1 HIT KILLS <other
         player> on in the cheat menu. Now kill your opponent by just
         freezing him and then knock him into the deadpool)
     *) When playing with Scorpion, get your opponent in the corner of the
        screen before you kill him. He must be totally in the corner! Now kill
        him and jump into to corner. While in the air, quickly press D,D,U,U
        and hit HP as soon as you land. Scorpion will do the 'Toasty!' fatality
        to close to the opponent, and his head will appear on his shoulder!
     *) When playing with Cage, kill your opponent in the corner of the stage.
        Then jump into the corner and press D,D,F,F while you are in the air.
        As soon as you land press LP. Cage will do the torso rip fatality, but
        he will grab behind the opponent, so he grabs thin air, but still rips
        of the torso!
     *) When you are fighting on the Deadpool stage, kill your opponent near
        a corner. Now jump over him (so that you are the one closest to the
        wall) and knock him into the deadpool. The victim will fly the wrong
        way and smash into the wall. Then the floating skull will appear in
        the wall and float into the pool!
        (Demo Version section by Paul Hurley)
     This section of the faq has information for the demo version of
     MK II that everyone can download from:
     in the directory
     Q: Where can I get the Mortal Kombat demo for the IBM-PC?
      site:      rat.org
      directory: /pub/mk/msdos
      filename:  mk2demo.zip
     Q: What cool bugs are there?
      I'm glad you asked!
      - Get the computer in the corner (a good setup is reptile's slide), and
        you can High Punch them really fast, and they can't do a damn thing!
      - If the computer is touching the corner, and they throw you, you will
        end up in the other corner. Reptile's slide is another good setup for
      - There are a million other bugs that just crash the game. They aren't
        really that fun.. :-(
     Q: When is the real version coming out?
      It should be in your local software store by now, go and ask for more
     Q: Why is the zip file on rat.org smaller than before?
      I removed many of the sounds that can't be used in the game anyway.
      If you want the sounds, I converted them all to .WAV and they are in
      I also removed install.exe because people were having problems with it,
      and it wasn't necessary anyway.
     Q: How do I install it?
      pkunzip -d mk2demo.zip    (this unzips it, and makes all directories)
      cd mkii
     Q: It keeps crashing! What am I doing wrong?
      Nothing. I don't know how to fix any of these. Anyone else know? I just
      reboot, and play again. It doesn't mess up anything permanently when it
      crashes as far as I know.
      There are so many bugs, I won't go into them all, but here are the common
      - divide overflow. crashes the game. When does it happen? Depends on
        who you ask. Some people say it's when you uppercut, other say it's
        when you are in the air.
        Turn off the sound, this seems to fix the problem...
      - can't find XXXXXXXX.GRA (where XXXXXXXX is the name of a graphic)
        This only occurs if it tries to do something that's not in the demo.
      - Sounds play too fast sometimes. Sounds like chipmunks.
     Q: What can I do with the DEMO version?
      - You can't pick your character at the select screen, so you can only
        really play as Liu Kang or Reptile.
      - You can random select and play as Sub-Zero or Scorpion, but if you do
        their fatalities, it will crash. Note that you can do Scorpion's neck
        slasher fatality no problem.
      - Fatalities for Liu Kang, Reptile, and Scorpion's neck slash only.
      - Friendships for player 1 only (crashes after friendship)
      - Babalities for player 1 only (crashes before babality)
      - Only stage is the Wasteland.
      - Sound sounds like it was just copied right from the game.
     Q: Does the demo contain sounds that are only actually used in the demo?
      Nope, all the sounds are there. Even the ones that can't possibly be used
      in the demo, like announcer saying "Friendship". ALL OF THEM.
     Q: Is there a place I can download all the sounds from the MK2 demo?
      Yes! At my ftp site: (I bet you felt that one coming)
      site:      rat.org
      directory: /pub/mk/sounds/mk2
     Q: What does "detail" affect?
      Actually, Frames per second. It will not look different at all, except the
      animation will simply skip frames if you have it set to a lower detail.
        (Q&A section by Paul Hurley)
     Q: What does "detail" affect?
      Less layers of parallax scrolling in the backgrounds and less frames
      per second!
     Q: What kind of hardware do I need?
      The minimum is:
      - 4MB of memory and 512KB of conventional memory free
      - 80386
      - DOS 5.0
      - VGA (won't use more than mode 320 X 200 X 256 anyway..)
      - A sound card if you want sound (duh!)
      We would recommend:
      - 8MB of memory
      - a 80486 DX 40 or faster with VL video card
     Q: I saw "goro.gra"! Is Goro really in this game??
      Of course not you gullible twit!
      Look in the \FX directory. See all the sound files? Listen to these ones:
      They all sound like Kintaro, eh? That's because it IS Kintaro!
      But common sense should tell you that Goro is not in MKII.
     Q: I noticed that the sounds all have a .u8 extension, what's that?
      I don't know!
      If you want to convert them, here's what you will need to know:
      - 8 bit
      - 22kHz or 11kHz (it varies from sound to sound)
      - signed values
     Q: Some moves don't work with my Gravis PC gamepad.
      I noticed that if you are using the gravis PC gamepad, and you want to
      do moves that require 2 buttons to be pressed at a time (ex: Reptiles
      force ball, Kitana's fan) you can't do those moves the normal way.
      For the fan you press forward, forward then the punch button.
      Reptile is back, back and the punch button.
     Q: Are there any bugs in the full version?
      Nothing mayor, but a few annoying things:
         * When you quit the game, your keyboard repeat rate will be
           very slow!
         * Some nice arcade features aren't in the PC version, like the
           'And now the Kombat Kontinues' bit in the intro, the laughter
           when you are in 'danger' and the 'Oh Maw' sound on the Dead Pool
    9: CREDITS:
     The following people have made this faq possible:
      everyone at PROBE/ACCLAIM/MIDWAY for creating and converting the game!
       For writing the best MK II arcade guide ever!
       For the original version and some good info!
       For info on playing MK2 with the Gravis PC gamepad and some good
       fighting tips!
       For setting up the famous MK WWWeb pages and putting this file
       in there!
      Jo Lehaen
       For some useful tips!
       For the Kung-Lao-Hat-Decapitation and some other suggestions!
       For fighting tips with all the characters and other useful infor-
       For some corrections and good info!
      everyone we might have forgotten!
    The End.......

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