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    Walkthrough by Piston

    Updated: 04/15/92 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Out of this World Walkthrough
    "The Solve
    Original Text by Piston and Skyin, 4/15/92
    Mac Conversion & Additions by The Ronin, 1/18/92
    Keyboard Controls
    kick/fire               shift, control, option
    up/jump         up arrow, keypad 8
    down/crouch     down arrow, keypad 5
    go left         left arrow, keypad 4
    go right                right arrow, keypad 6
    run left                shift, control, or option - left arrow or keypad
    run right               shift, control, or option - right arrow or
    keypad 6
    You can only kick at the beginning of the game when you don't have a
    gun.  After you pick up the laser gun, the shift, control, and option
    keys act as the fire button.   Press the fire button down briefly to
    point the gun and hold it down a little longer to fire.  To activate a
    shield, hold the fire button down until the gun starts to hum and then
    release.  To fire a large laser blast, hold the fire button down until
    the ball of energy that appears on the tip of your laser gets larger.
    Scene 1 - LDKD
    After the nice lab explosion, you appear in a water filled pit on
    another world.  Press up to swim to the top and up and right to get out.
    Go right and kill all those little beasties in the next two screens.
    Then keep going right.  At about halfway thru the third screen over from
    the water, a beast will appear.  Run left and just keep running.  At the
    ledge, jump on the rope.  You'll swing back right.  Now keep running
    right.  After you run into the alien, just watch and do nothing.
    Scene 2 - HTDC
    OK, now you're in a cage.  Start swinging left and right.  After it
    lands on the alien, pick up his gun.  Run two screens right and kill the
    alien.  Move to the right side of the screen and shoot two aliens as
    they come from the left.  Then go to the next screen to the right, and
    your bud should be trying to open the door.  Set some shields (hold down
    fire until a little glow appears at the end of your gun, then release
    it).  Set like 2-3 shields to be safe.  When the doors to your right
    open up, follow your friend right.  Take the elevator to the bottom.
    Walk into the next screen to the left, shooting as you go.  The aim is
    to kill a guy as soon as you enter the room.  After you kill him, shoot
    the little light on the wall.  Then take the elevator up one floor.  Go
    left and blow a hole in the wall (hold down fire until a large glowing
    ball appears on your gun, and release it).  Then run left and stand over
    the teleporter (hole in the floor) and push down.  Then continue to run
    left.  Go up the next teleporter.  (Make sure your bud is with you.)  Go
    left through the door.  Your bud will come behind you and open a hole in
    the floor.  Go down it.
    Scene 3 - CLLD
    OK, you're rollin' in the pipes.  I'll tell you the path, you just avoid
    the steam.  Left all the way.  Fall.  Right.  Fall.  Right.  Fall.
    Left.  Fall.  Right.  Fall.
    Scene 4 - LBKG
    Go left and charge your gun.  Shoot through the three walls (overload
    gun technique).  Run right.  Shoot the alien on the bridge, and then
    move to the edge of the bridge.  Jump out and you'll land on a ledge.
    Shoot a hole in the wall.
    Scene 5 - XDDJ
    Fall down first hole to your right.  Do this again.  You should be
    standing on a balancing rock.  Go right.  Jump over the stalag's and
    then continue going right avoiding the falling rocks.  You should
    encounter some hanging beasties.  You can shoot some and they'll go up.
    If you can shoot it, use a large laser blast to destroy it.  Continue
    right avoiding all beasties until you get to a wall.  Shoot a hole in
    Scene 6 - FXLC
    After shooting a hole in the wall, proceed back left.  When you get to
    where the rocks fall, take the high road, and you'll get to a ledge.
    Then go one screen right, and shoot at the bird.  Go back left and the
    bird will follow you.  Run and jump off the ledge and you'll grab onto
    the first stalactite.  Wait here until the beastie starts to eat the
    bird.  Then continue left on the stalactites by sliding up them and then
    pushing left.  Eventually, you'll be on top of the balancing rock.
    Scene 7 - KRFK
    Fall off the left side of the balancing rock and use a large laser blast
    on its base.  Then run up it.  Continue right, jumping over the pits as
    they come.  Then use a large laser blast to shoot the foundation out
    from under the water.  Now run like the wind (left), but make sure not
    to fall in the pits.  After proceeding left, you'll be standing on a
    rock that will get shot up by water underneath it.  Now go right.
    You'll go up a ramp and then shoot a hole in the wall.  Go right, and
    then up the stairs.  Then continue to go right.
    Scene 8 - KLFB
    You should be in a room with a bunch of pillars, and your bud should be
    crawling underneath you.  Go right.  Kill the alien.  A good strategy to
    killing these guys is to set up shields, and then use a large laser
    blast to destroy his shield, followed by a quick laser blast to kill
    him.  After killing him, go right and down the stairs.  Go left.  Kill
    the guy.  Then go up the stairs and shoot the middle lamp.  You just
    released your friend.  Now run right and continue to run right.  You'll
    run into an alien.  After he picks you up, press fire to kick him where
    it hurts.  Run toward your gun, and then press down.  You'll roll and
    pick up your gun.  Stay crouched and just keep shooting.  After you kill
    the guy, go right.  As you enter the room, proceed with caution.  Two
    guys will come, one from either side.  Walk to about the first pillar
    (no guys should be coming yet).  Then set shields to your right.  Then
    run right of the shields and set a couple more.  The guys will be
    shooting at you now.  Kill the one to your right, and then the one to
    your left.  Use the killing strategy mentioned earlier.  Proceed to the
    right and you will be next to a pit of water.
    Scene 9 - TTCT
    Dive into the water.  Swim all the way down, and then to the left.  On
    the second screen over, there will be two holes in the rock above you.
    Go up the one further to the left and you can catch your breath.  Then
    swim straight down (2 screens).  You should be at the bottom amongst
    stalagmites.  Swim right and get out of the water.  Jump over the little
    beasties, and shoot the power line.  Then swim back to the top of the
    pit where you first dove in.
    Scene 10 - HRTB
    Get out of the water and go left.  Go up the teleporter, and then up the
    stairs to the left.  Then go right until you get to the room with the
    big alien and three doors between you and him.  Go about halfway to the
    doors and make a shield.  Then go up to the doors and they'll open.
    Because you made a shield, the guy should start rolling grenades.  When
    he does, back away.  The doors will close and the grenades will kill the
    alien.  Then go through the doors.  Blow a hole in the next door and
    continue right.  Go up the teleporter and charge your gun.  Go back down
    it and continue right.  You are now at the ceiling level above the guy
    to the right of the pit of water.  If you look at the green glass balls,
    you can see his reflection as he paces.  Squat and shoot so that a ball
    lands on top of him.  Then make your way back to the pit of water.  Swim
    across.  Go right and you'll see the dead alien with shattered glass
    around him.  Keep going right.
    Scene 11 - BRTD
    After going right, you will fall down a pit.  Shoot the door to your
    right with a large laser blast.  Then run right.  Just keep running.
    You will get to a screen with a gate at the right.  Along the ceiling
    there is an air duct.  Stand under that and keep making shields to your
    left.  Your friend will come and reach his hand down the air duct.  Hit
    your fire button and he will pull you up.
    Scene 12 - TFBB
    Go left, behind the rock.  Then go right.  You will be on a path in the
    background.  Continue right, past the room where your friend has been
    captured.  Then go left into the room and kill the alien closest to you.
    Just run up, and crouch such that your gun sticks thru the shield, and
    fire.  Then follow your friend right.  Stand at the edge of the cliff,
    and he will throw you across.  Then after he jumps and is hanging, jump
    left.  You will fall and grab onto another canopy and swing onto a path.
    Put up shields and kill the two guys that come.  Then go left.
    Scene 13 - TXHF
    You should be standing by some stairs.  Go left.  Aliens are leaving the
    room.  Run up to the door.  It will open.  Put out your gun, but don't
    shoot.  The guy will stick up his arms.  Then go right.  He will then
    close the door permanently.  Go right and then go up the stairs.  Jump
    over the stairs and go to your right.  Put up a shield and then blow up
    the wall with a large laser blast.  The guy will start to roll grenades.
    Let him keep roll at least four grenades and then kill him.  After his
    bones fall apart, walk past the alien's remains and teleport down.
    Power up for a large laser blast as soon as you land to destroy the
    alien's shield and shoot again to kill him.  Then go to the right, over
    to the tube and press down.  Shoot the power line and then go up.  Work
    your way back to the stairs and go down them.  Notice the hole in the
    ground (grenades anyone?).  Go down the hole and proceed to the right.
    The next screen will go dark.  Just keep running.  Guys will shoot at
    you from under a grate.  After you pass the grate, stop.  Walk SLOWLY to
    the right.  When the screen changes, the lights will be back on.  Jump
    over the hole and pull on the lever.  Then go down the hole and run to
    the right.  Just keep going right until you get to the wall.  Then press
    up and you will teleport up.  Then walk to the left.  You will go thru a
    door and then your friend will fall.  Follow him to the right.  After he
    teleports, press up and you will teleport.  Then follow him to the right
    and into the spaceship.
    Scene 14 - CKJL
    You're in the spaceship.  The upper right corner of the screen shows the
    ship's control panel.  Only two buttons show.  Press them both.  Then
    press the button to the lower left.  A new panel of buttons to the left
    should turn on.  Then press the top four buttons on that panel.  A
    flashing button will appear.  Press that button and you will eject.
    Scene 15 - LFCK
    Your pod lands poolside among a swarm of female aliens.  Get out and run
    right.  On the next screen over you will have to kill four aliens.
    (Shield, shield, big laser, little laser).  After killing them, run
    right.  On the next screen, your friend will bust through the wall.
    Follow him right.  A laser will then shoot out the ground from under
    you.  As you fall, another alien catches you.  He then kicks you into
    the next room.  Your friend will come and jump on the other alien, and
    when he does, press right to squirm across the floor to a panel of
    levers.  The alien will throw your friend off the ledge and then come
    after you.  When he's in the center of the screen, press your fire
    button and you will pull the first lever, killing the alien.  Quickly,
    pull the second lever and a door will open from above.  Press left to
    make your way to under the hole.  When you get there, you will teleport
    up.  That's the end.  Just watch and enjoy.
    Complete Level Code Listing
    LDKD            XDDJ            CKJL            HBHK
    HTDC            LBKG            LFCK            JCGB
    CLLD            KLFB            BFLX            HHFL            
    FXLC            TTCT            XJRT            TFBB
    KRFK            BRTD            HRTB            TXHF
    Try entering HHFL to restart an old game and see what happens.  It
    appears to be a bug of some sort."
    If you whant more codes, hints and walkthroughs you can reach me on

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