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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Nikolay

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                                         Out Of This World
                                  Walkthrough by Nikolay Kaleyski
                                          Version 1.00
    II.Quick review
    Well, I have to admit that I found this great game by accident, while browsing
    through my so called "Game archives". Before a few years I had tried to play
    "Out Of This World", but didn't have much succes(I didn't even finish the
    first level!). However, I was so bored that I decided to give the game another
    try. And, for some reason, I managed to finish it in a few days! And, since
    I am once again very bored, I decided to write this walkthrough in my spare
    time. I hope it's helpful.
    II.Quick review
    A very sad thing I noticed is that today everyone judges a game by its
    graphic and sound and technology and most people don't even want to hear
    about old games, no matter if they are only text or have graphics. I have
    to say one thing, however : I have played many new and many old games, and
    I noticed that most old games are better than most new games. But not in
    graphics, or sound, or technology, or interface. Just in fun. Who would care
    if you add 35th century technology to a stupid game? It would still be a
    stupid game! And besides, almost all old games were succesfull. Anyway...
    Well, I have to admit that the graphics aren't too good for today, however
    I still think they are very good. They somehow add to the game's atmosphere.
    And there's no way to realise what I mean, unless you have played the game.
    Rating : 8/10
    I can't see much about sound. The sound effects are pretty good. The few
    spoken words sound great. As for the music, the only few themes are quite
    Rating : 7/10
    There isn't a real story. A scientist, while performing experiments on
    particle acceleration is transported to a paralel world and is captured by
    aliens. From that point it's pretty much just "escape from prison" style.
    Rating : 4/10
    The controls aren't complicated and are easy to remember and use. See the
    Controls section for more information 
    Rating : 10/10
    The game is definately fun. Quick arcade action is combined with logic 
    thinking(and I assure you, some puzzles are quite challenging). This, with
    some special effects added, makes this game great, despite its few problems.
    Only problem is, some action sequences are pretty hard.
    Rating : 9/10
    Not much to say here. The game is definately worth your time.
    Rating : 9/10
    All control over your character is done with keyboard. Mouse is not used.
    *MOVEMENT* - use the left/right arrow keys
    *JUMPING* - use the up arrow key. For long distance jumping, run first
    *DUCKING* - down arrow key
    *RUNNING* - hold space bar while moving
    *FIRE* - press space bar(if you have a gun)
    -hold down until you see a globe. Release to get a shield
    -hold down even more for a super shot
    *KICKING* - press space bar(if you don't have a gun)
    To enter a code, press 'c'
    1.The game is full of action, so be VERY careful
    2.Do not always choose the direct route
    3.Save your ammunition
    4.Explore everywhere
    5.Keep your allies safe
    6.Write down codes
    Swim out of the pool before the tentacles can reach you. Go right and kick 
    all the leeches. Beware, they are poisonous. One screen more to the right
    are seven more of them. Go right until you see a beast. Run as far left as
    you can and swing the vine(press UP) when you reach it. Run all the way right
    and you'll be saved by an alien. You will, however, be captured.
    You awaken in a cage. Press LEFT and RIGHT to swing the cage. It should fall
    down and kill a guard. Get his gun and follow your new friend right. Go 2 
    screen right, killing any guards on the way. You will reach a locked door.
    Start making shields until your ally opens it, then run. When you reach the
    elevator, go up for a short scene. Go all the way down, left and shoot the
    guard. Blow up the panel to stop electricity. Go one level up with the 
    elevator and go left. Blow up the wall with a super shot and go down the
    transporter(stand over it - the "hole" - and press DOWN). Ignore the guard
    and go left to take another transporter, this time up. When a guard comes
    to kill you, your friend will show you a way out. Roll down the shaft.
    Now, you must avoid all gas. I'll just give directions. Go left until you 
    fall, then right until you fall, then right until you fall, then left until
    you fall. You'll be out of the shafts.
    The force field on the left can be used to charge your gun. Do so, then 
    blow up the walls and go right until you reach the exit of the building.
    Shoot the guard and go right to a pit. Jump as far right as you can and
    shoot the stone wall here with a super shot, then go in the cave.
    Jump down the pit to the right, then the next one, then go right and jump
    over the stalagmites. On the screen to the right rocks will fall, so avoid
    them and go to the next screen. Wait for the rocks to fall, then time your
    movement. Run right. See that creature on the ceiling? It will eat you, 
    unless you run quickly. On the next screen, there are some of its brothers
    on the floor as well. They will try to eat you too. Make your way to the
    next screen. Here you can shoot the ceiling creatures. On the next screen
    jump over the pit and go right to a wall. Blow it up.
    Go back left to where you saw the second ceiling monster. Take the ramp up.
    After one screen try to shoot the bat, then go left. It will keep a monster
    busy for awhile. Jump on the stalactites and follow them left. You should be
    on a triangular rock. Drop to its left and launch a super shot. Climb it up
    and go as far right as you can. Blow up the wall here. Water will start 
    filling the caves and you must run left. Stand on the stone slab here and
    it should take you up. Go all the way right, blow up the barrier and climb
    up the stairs. Go two screens right and you should enter a building.
    Go right and kill the guard. You should have noted that your alien friend is
    trapped in a shaft below the floor. Go right and ignoring the guard, go down
    the stairs and then the teleporter. Go left and take care of the guard. Now,
    shoot the lamp hanging from the ceiling to free your friend. Go back to the
    room with the teleporter and try to go right. A guard will catch you and when
    you regain your control, kick him. Run to the left and take your gun, then
    shoot him. To the right you'll be attacked by two guards...from both sides!
    Raise your shields, take out the guard on the left first, then create a new
    shield on the right and kill the other guard as well. To the right is a
    swimming pool. 
    Swim down as far as you can, then go left. You'll be back in the caves. You
    should reach two tunnels leading up. Go through the left one and get some
    air. Then swim all the way down, get out of the water, jump over the creatures
    and go right. Shoot the electricity transporter(or whatever it is) and go all
    the way back to the entrance of the pool.
    Go back to the transporter and go all the way up. Shoot the guard here and
    go left to see your friend escaping.
    Go all the way right until you reach three doors and guard. Raise up a shield 
    and step in front of the doors toopen them. When the guard throws a grenade 
    at you, step away. It should bounce off the door and kill the guard. Blow up
    the wall behind him andgo right. Recharge if needed and continue right. Shoot
    the green spherethrough the hole in the wall and go back to the swimming pool.
    Go all the way right and drop down the hole. Blast the wall on the right and
    run. When you reach a dead end, start defending by producing shields. After
    some time, your friend will rescure you.
    Go left and take the upper path. Enter the guard post through the right door
    and kill the guard. Your friend will kill the other one. A few screens to the
    right your friend will help you over a deep pit, but he'll get stuck. Jump
    as far left as you can and kill the guards who come to get you. Go two screens
    to the left.
    Go left. Ignore the guards. Go to the door and point your gun at the guard.
    He'll close all doors. Go back right and up the stairs. Jump over the pit
    and raise a shield before blowing up the wall. Wait for the guard to launch
    about 5-6 grenades, then shoot him. Go to the transporter and go down. Start
    making a super shot. When the guard destroys the wall launch it to take care
    of his shield, then shoot him. Go down the transporter and shoot the panel to
    stop electricity. Go back down the stairs and drop down the hole. Go right,
    run over the grate and on the next screen jump over the hole. Pull the lever
    and jump down. Run all the way right and teleport up. Go left to help your
    friend, then go right and teleport up. Follow him to a strange machine.
    Press the lower button, then the leftmost lower button, then the 1st, 2nd, 3rd
    and 4th buttons on the new panel, then the flashing button. You'll escape.
    Go right and kill all the guards. Go all the way right until you fall. After
    the encounter with a guard, you can only crawl. Crawl to the levers on the
    right. Wait for the fight to finish, then pull the levers just when the guard
    is under the panel on the roof. Crawl under the panel and you'll teleport to
                                       THE END
    YOU CAN 
    1.Read, print and distribute(either in printed or electronic format) this
    document, as long as NOTHING is changed
    2.Post this document on websites or in books, magazines, etc. AFTER receiving
    a direct agreement from me
    3.Use the document as a model, or quote text from it as long as I am informed
    and all credit goes to me
    1.Change this document in any way, unless you are doing it for personal 
    2.Use the document in any way(except reading and printing it) if I am not
    informed and have not agreed directly
    For now, all credits go to me. As with most of my walkthroughs.
    You can write e-mail at jimnic@abv.bg or jimnicbg@yahoo.com. 
    For chat or writing letters(not e-mail I mean), write an e-mail.
    No phone calls.
    Send questions about the game and they'll be posted here(with answers).
    You'll also get an answer by e-mail.
    NOTE : Please also mention your full real name, or the questions won't be
    Copyright 2004 Nikolay Kaleyski

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