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"Out of this world and into a world of Trial-and-Error"

Out Of This World is an Action\Platform game developed by Delphine Software. Similar to Playstation's Oddworld, Blackthorn, or the classic Prince Of Persia, this game is a challenging platform game where you control a weak character that runs & jumps like a normal human being. These games typically need high precision and clever thinking. Along with these game mechanics OOTW features wonderful vector graphics that are unlike any other you've seen. But a game needs more than good looks…

Story: 3/10
Presentation: 4/10

Talk about hype! This is supposed to be a wonder of unique narrative but in reality the plot is very simple. You control a certain scientist, who while conducting some experiments in his lab something happens and he is transported to an alien world. He gets captured by some aliens and then gets thrown to a cage along with an alien of the same species of his captors. So far so good. The plot isn't something really great but it looks good due to the wonderful graphics, not to mention that a simple plot can become much better with the right presentation… and that's where the problems start. You escape from your cage and along with your new alien “friend” try to escape the facility. However many things are missing. I like the fact that you never talk but rely in body language to communicate but there are only 3-4 spots in the game where you will interact with your buddy and the scenes aren't exactly something special. There's an instant where you shoot guards while he is unlocking a door, another one where he is saving you from some guards and so on. These scenes last about a minute and they aren't something special. You won't get to know this other character and most importantly you won't get to know anything about this world. Why? Because not only is the game so small but it only takes place in a very small region which looks very similar from start to finish.

Gameplay: 4/10
Replay Value: -10/10

The game is small. How small? Well lets see: You teleport to an alien planet and in a minute or so get captured from some strange aliens. You are now in a cage, you escape in less than a minute and start running. You kill some guards with your laser gun and start running away. You roll into water ducts, travel through the underground, try to escape some more guards then end up in a place where you can finally escape from you captors. The end! How much time will that take you? Hmmm… maybe about 15-30 minutes in total gametime. However each section of game, each small step, every little bit of progress you'll make might take you more than an hour!!! If you've ever heard ANYTHING about this game before opening up my review, you surely know that this game is hard, very hard, hand cripplingly hard!!! Why? Well games can be hard either by design or because they are broken. Out Of This World is a tad broken but mostly it's a game that was MADE to offer PAIN!!! Let me give you an example of the very first “level”, (Spoilers ahead… if you can call them that): After the intro you are teleported to that alien world. Where exactly? Into a pool! Of course until you realize that, you won't do anything for half second or so, giving the right amount of time for some tentacles from the deep to reach out and kill you! And that's just a taste of things to come. The next time you push the Up button the moment the game startsm exit the pool and start exploring. You come close to a worm like creature and it kills you! Ok, so its dangerous, you jump over it and see a group of these “worms”, you jump between them but because you haven't got the hang of the controls yet one of them kills you. You repeat the whole process and meet a big carnivorous creature. You start running on the opposite direction jumping over the worms, (and probably dying in your first or second try), and reach an area where the road ends. Now you either die or jump in the void, catch a hanging vine and swing like tarzan for a while to get behind the beast. You start running again in the opposite direction, (worms again), and finally meet an alien who captures you. That's the first level and it is just a very small sample of what you will meet here. The game relies in exploration and experimentation but both of them lead you to your death unless you do exactly the right thing, in the right time in the right place and the checkpoints are so unfairly placed that you will have to repeat an area 50 times before completing it, an area that otherwise would take about 30 second to travel through. And if that wasn't enough the controls aren't exactly perfect, especially the way you gun works. Your gun has 3 attack modes. A simple fire shot, a protective field creation and a super shot and since there is only one button for every freaking move in the game it's easy to make a mistake with the slightly unresponsive controls of the game. Of course even with better controls the biggest problem with OOTW is its repetitive Trial-And-Error nature that forces you to repeat certain things 100 times before finally completing a tiny portion of a level!!!

Graphics: 10/10
Design: 8/10

This is the only thing that has some worth here. They say that this game took the developers 2 years to be completed and I'm sure that they've spent most of that time to create this great graphic quality instead of creating a solid gaming experience. This game uses Vector graphics and for those unfamiliar with the term lets just say that Vector graphics while simpler than the usual graphics, (Raster), in the hands of a great designer can be wonderful. I actually find it hard to describe how awesome this game looks, even if you take a look at a screenshot its not the same because the animation is even better. Everything in this game is simple in its design and usually monochromatic, however it looks far better than any other game of its time because of the overall attention to detail. Of course the game is extremely small so there are only a few, relatively similar areas to see.

Sound: 7/10
Music: 6/10

The sound portion of the game is good but less impressive. We have some simple but good semi-realistic sound effects, like the steps your character makes, the laser beams and so on. However most of the time all you hear is silence. While that creates a certain atmosphere it gets quite boring. The developers haven't added any music at all, which is a good thing in a game like this because it makes it more real. However they could add some ambient sounds to spice things up a bit, like wind, water flowing and stuff like that.

-Exceptionally good vector graphics

-Plot is average at best
-Unforgivably hard and trial ‘n error based
-A bit bad controls
-Extremely small

Also Play:
Blackthorne (PC, SNES)
Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee (Playstation)
Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus (Playstation)
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Overall: 4/10

Graphics don't make a game, they just enhance an already great one and Out Of This World is far from the great game is supposed to be… Just play Abe's Oddysee!

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 01/03/11

Game Release: Out of This World (US, 12/31/90)

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