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    FAQ/Walkthrough by DLambert

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 04/01/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

          R I S E   O F   T H E                     04/01/03 - FAQ Version 1.3  ///
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       Complete Strategy Guide + Walkthrough       ///       by David R. Lambert
       (covers the DOS and Sega CD versions)       //     xero_vonmoon@hotmail.com
       Part I: Get Prepared!
          1. Disclaimer
          2. Dedication
          3. Are You Ready to be a Hero?
          4. Differences Between Versions
          5. The Goal of the Game
       Part II: The Walkthrough
          1. Introduction
          2. City Hall
          3. The Jake
          4. Chen Lu's
          5. The Date
          6. The Parchment
          7. Fireworks
          8. Kidnapped
          9. The Secret Meeting
         10. The Resevoir
         11. Dragon's Den
         12. Karyn's Fate
         13. Rise of the Dragon
       Part III: Item Guide
       Part IV: Credits
    Part I: Get Prepared!
    1. Disclaimer
       This document is copyright © 2002 by David R. Lambert and is subject to
       international copyright law.  Plagurism will not be tolerated.  I have
       worked hard to write this entire Guide by myself, and all I ask in
       return is that I get credit where it is due.
       You may freely distribute this guide among your friends and family only.
       If you choose to do so you are obligated to adhere to the following
       1. Do not alter this document in any way.  This includes, but is not
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       5. By continuing to read this file, you acknowledge that these conditions
          may be modified by me at any time, and printed in a future release of
          this guide.  It is up to you to keep up with the newest releases which
          can always be found at http://www.gamefaqs.com
       6. You are NOT allowed to plagurize this work in any way!  If you wish to
          use even a small portion of this guide in any other work you must give
          me obvious credit, as well as notify me.  You will also be required to
          send me a copy of the document in question and in it's published form
          so that I may verify your compliance.
    2. Dedication
       This document is dedicated to Jeff Tunnell.  Jeff is famous for designing
    the Incredible Machine series of puzzle games, but he is also the mastermind
    behind three of the best adventure games ever published by Dynamix/Sierra.
    Rise of the Dragon was his first adventure game, but it was soon followed by
    Heart of China, and The Adventures of Willy Beamish.  All three of these games
    were originally released on DOS machines, but later ported to the Sega CD.
    The Sega CD versions were all improved upon, though part of one scene in Rise
    of the Dragon was removed due to adult content.  Even with this scene taken out
    the game was still rated MA-17 by the VRC (Videogame Rating Council) which pre-
    ceded the ESRB.
       I want to thank Mr. Tunnell for these three amazing adventures, especially
    Rise of the Dragon in particular and I urge you all to play Jeff's other games,
    if you haven't already done so.
    3. Are You Ready to be a Hero?
       The year is 2053, and the city of Los Angeles has plunged headlong into the
    Age of Decay.  It is a crowded, filthy, dismal place, where crime, disease, and
    drug abuse run rampant in the streets.  It is the perfect setting for true evil
    to arise... an ancient evil that has been waiting for centuries to restore
    chaos to the world and regain it's rule.
       Sometime after midnight, in the middle of a seedy pleasure district, the air
    is shattered by a horrible scream.  A couple of party-goers happen upon the
    corpse of what used to be an attractive young woman.  Her body is twisted in
    agony, and shriveled into something inhuman and monstrous.
       The body is identified as Chandra Vincenzi, daughter of the Mayor of Los
    Angeles.  Chandra was known to go a little wild, but this time, she found more
    trouble than she could handle.  And she wasn't the only one:  the twisted
    corpses of drug addicts and thrill seekers have been turning up all over the
    city.  To make matters worse, this is an election year, and the last thing
    Mayor Vincenzi needs is negative publicity.  He wants someone to find out who
    was responsible for his daughter's death.  He needs someone who works outside
    of the civil service.  Someone with talent and a total disregard for standard
    legal procedures.  And especially, someone he can keep quiet.
       That's where you come in.  You're William "Blade" Hunter, burned out ex-cop
    turned private investigator, and possibly the unwitting hero of an ancient
    Chinese prophecy.  For you, the next four days could mean the unveiling of the
    strangest, most dangerous mystery, to ever take place in the city of Los
    Angeles.  It could mean the fulfillment of the ancient prophecy: the Rise--or
    the Fall--of the Dragon!
    4. Differences Between Versions
       Most of the gameplay in both the original DOS and the Sega CD versions are
    identical.  However, there are a few differences.  Most of these minor
    differences will be fleshed out over the course of the walkthrough itself.
    When the two versions differ, the walkthrough will explain how and what course
    of action to follow in each specific version.
       It would be wise to note now that the Sega CD version features cd-quality
    music.  It's the same basic sound of the DOS music, but it sounds a lot better
    and gives the game a bit more atmosphere.  The amazing addition to the Sega CD
    version is the voice acting!  The original DOS version has a small amount of
    voice acting during the introduction, but in the Sega CD version this was
    redone to go a lot better with the game.  Also, just about everything the DOS
    version shows in a text bubble, the Sega CD version has voiced by the
    characters.  The voice actors do a really good job, and the addition of this
    element more than makes the Sega CD version my favorite version overall.
    If you only have the DOS version, I suggest you track down a copy of the Sega
    CD version if you can.  You won't be let down.
    5. The Goal of the Game
       Rise of the Dragon: A Blade Hunter Mystery is an interactive action game in
    which you will pick up clues, figure out mechanical devices, and negotiate with
    various characters (each of whom have individual pasts, personalities, and long
    memories) in order to solve a mystery within a limited amount of time.  You
    will enter the world of Blade Hunter, seeing and experiencing almost everything
    from a "Blade's-eye" view.  Time passes in Blade's world: offices close at
    night, long-distance traveling takes extra time, and Blade will get tired and
    need sleep after long hours of looking for trouble.  In addition the game will
    occasionally cut away to "Meanwhile" sequences which will let you know some
    extra information that Blade doesn't.  And when the time comes to stop talking
    and start shooting, you and Blade will be ready!
       Watch the introduction carefully to learn of the circumstances that you will
    be dealing with in the future.  You will then begin the game in Blade's
    apartment.  Right-click (DOS) or use the B Button (Sega CD) to ask plenty of
    questions--there is a lot that your game alter ego can tell you.
    Part II: The Walkthrough
    1. Introduction
       During the introduction, you'll see a girl (Chandra) take a patch of some
    sort from someone she calls "Lu."  You'll find out more about him later in the
    game.  You'll see that this patch is what kills her by mutating her body some-
    how. After this you'll hear of a phrophecy that is scheduled to take place in
    three days, and that someone called Bahumat is supposed to rule afterward and
    "bring this city to it's knees".  Whenever you see these people, (Johnny Qwong
    and his Lab Technician) during a "Meanwhile" sequence you are getting a window
    of oppertunity to see what the enemy is up to.  Pay close attention.
       After this introduction you will find yourself standing in your apartment.
    If you check your inventory you will see that you're in your underwear.  You
    might want to put some clothes on before venturing out into the city.  Pick up
    the clothes and the overcoat and put them both on.  You can move your pillow to
    find a handgun hidden behind it.  By the time you need a gun, if you do every-
    thing you're supposed to you will have a different gun by then.  But you might
    as well take it anyway.
       In the bathroom you can take a First Aid Kit and a NaPent Aerosol Personal
    Protection Device.  The latter will come in very handy later in the Sega CD
    version of the game.  Take them both then return to the main room in your
    apartment.  Above the sink you will notice that the cabinet is locked and you
    don't seem to have the keys.
    I guess it's about time to check your vidphone messages and be on your way.
       Turn on the power to the vidphone and pick up it's remote control.  There
    are three messages you can watch.  The first is from the Mayor, pay close
    attention.  He'll inform you that Chandi was last spotted at the Pleasure Dome
    and he tells you to look for a "friend" of hers by the name of "The Jake."
    He'll send you a "vid-transmission hardcopy" of his dead daughter which you
    should promptly take and add to your inventory.  You can watch the second
    message (from Momar's Cars) if you want, but it's just an advertisement.  The
    third message is from your girlfriend Karyn...and boy does she seem pissed at
    you!  Well, looks like we have some smoothing over to do. Besides, apparently
    you left your keys with her and I bet the keys will come in handy, so lets get
    on our way.
       Be sure to take your ID Card out of the vidphone machine before you leave.
    Among other things, it lets you back into the apartment.  If you find yourself
    locked out however, you can always click on the red valve located on the pipes
    across the hall from your apartment.  This will short circuit the door and open
    it.  But regardless, the card is used for other purposes so be sure to take it
    along.  Once you have it, leave the apartment and take the elevator down.
    You cannot walk off to the right of your apartment.  If you try repeatedly, you
    will not like the outcome.
       The elevator will take you to the Em-way.  You can click on the panel to
    view the map and choose where to go.  If you right-click (DOS) or use the B
    Button (Sega CD) you'll notice that the ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) for
    Blade's apartment (where you just came from) is 4 minutes away.  Karyn's place
    and City Hall are both 8 minutes away, and the Pleasure Dome is 20 minutes
    away.  Remember, this game has a time limit so keep close track of where and
    when certain events are scheduled to occur.  For now, let's go to City Hall.
    Karyn said she'd be at the Bureau of Records.
    2. City Hall
       When you get off the Em-way you'll notice a woman who appears to be selling
    flowers, and further up a bum sitting against the wall.  For now, talk to the
    woman.  She sounds a bit excentric, but she does offer to sell you some flowers
    and I suggest you buy them.  It is easily possible to talk your way out of
    trouble with Karyn, but the flowers are a nice touch.  Besides, how can you put
    a pricetag on love?  If you choose to buy the flowers you'll need to give her
    your ID Card so she can charge your account.  Don't worry, you'll get it back.
    Pick the flowers and the ID Card up from the Item Space at the bottom of the
    screen, and talk to the bum.
       He'll mention Bahumat to Blade for the first time, but you should recognize
    the name from the prophecy mentioned in the introduction.  Other than that the
    bum is not very helpfull.  For now, before we go to City Hall, it's a good idea
    to get a look at the enemy while we have a chance.  So go into the alley behind
    the flowershop.  There you will notice a warehouse of some sort and another
    alley.  For now look in the window of the warehouse and examine inside.
    It seems that your enemies are in the pharmaceutical business.  This should be
    no surprise considering how Chadi died.
       To your left you will see an electrical panel for the warehouse.  Examine it
    and you come to the conclusion that if you were to take out this panel, it
    would hamper their business.  It's just too bad that after you leave this area,
    the gate will bar your way back into the warehouse.  Don't worry, the time will
    come.  For now go into the alley you passed by earlier.
       There you will see a boarded window with a "KEEP OUT" sign that you "may be
    able to squeeze through."  Go inside and you will see an old Chinese man sit-
    ting on a crate.  Maybe he knows something about the prophecy?  Talk to him and
    you'll find out, among other things, that his name is Chang Li.  Apparantly he
    knows about your little job at the behest of the mayor, and he warns you that
    others know as well, some not-so-nice people apparently.  Other than that he
    can't seem to help you very much at the moment.  Still, he seems like a wise old
    man, and should come in handy later on.
       Now that you have talked to the old man, it's time to see Karyn.  Go past
    where the bum is sitting and go inside City Hall.  If you talk to the bum again
    he'll ask if you're the one the prophecy speaks of.  It really doesn't matter
    what you answer, but if you ask "What prophecy?" you'll learn something about
    the prophecy that you'd probably rather not have learned.  Anyway, continue on
    to City Hall.
       Remember, City Hall is not open at night.  Inside you will notice three
    doors and a receptionist.  The doors all have titles above them (Records, Mayor
    Vincenzi, and Police Headquarters).  You won't be able to get into the Police
    Headquarters until after you talk to the mayor, so don't even try.  While
    you're here you might as well try to see the mayor, but apparently he's busy.
    When Jenny (the receptionist) talks to you, be sure you remain faithfull to
    Karyn!  You will need her help to beat this game.  Remember, she's in the
    Bureau of Records.
       When you talk to Karyn, be as nice as possible.  Now is the time to suck up!
    Give her the flowers.  If you didn't get the flowers, talk your way out of it
    as best you can.  If, however, you did give her the flowers, then she'll set up
    a date for 7:30 that night.  You can accept or decline, but be nice whatever
    you say.  You DO NOT want this woman pissed at you.  Generally, it's a good
    idea to accept the date.  You'll have plenty of time for your mission, and the
    date is a nice addition to the storyline.  Remember that if you accept the date
    you MUST pick her up at her place at 7:30!  Pay attention to the time, you
    don't want to stand her up again.
    Note: If you did buy the flowers, but say the wrong thing and Karyn doesn't
          allow you to give them to her, you can try again the next day and go out
          for a date that night instead.  Just don't wait too long.
    3. The Jake
       Anyway, now that you have your keys, return to your apartment.  Use the keys
    on the cabinet above the sink in your apartment and you will find some much
    needed supplies.  You'll find a FISTO brand chocolate bar, and in this future,
    chocolate is very rare.  This will come in handy when you need to bribe someone.
    You'll also find some bombs, and an ACME "Little Giant" Wire Testing Kit.  Take
    all of this and it's time to go to the Pleasure Dome to find "The Jake."
       If you have your handgun with you, you'll have to give it to the woman in
    the booth before entering the Pleasure Dome.  DO NOT give her the gun if you
    don't have the FISTO candybar with you.  Otherwise you will not get your gun
    back.  Assuming you have the candybar, go ahead and check your weapon, and then
    Slen (the thug) will ask if you have anything else for them.  Give him the
    FISTO bar.  In exchange he'll give you a claim check ticket so you can get your
    gun back when you leave.  From now on you won't have to bribe him...you only
    have to do that once.
       If you want to enter the Pleasure Dome before getting the candybar, keep
    your gun at your apartment.  If you leave it on the street it will get stolen,
    and you will not be able to enter the Pleasure Dome with any guns.  Once inside
    you will notice three people sitting at a table, playing cards.  Might as well
    start here, someone is bound to know where to find "The Jake."
       Darcelle, the woman (posing as a man...uh, posing as a woman) playing cards
    is the only one of the three who seems to be very helpfull, but she hasn't
    seen "The Jake."  She does suggest that you check the bar as she seems
    to think that someone at the bar will be able to help.
       If you want, before you go to the bar, you can go off to the left to see
    the strip show, and to meet a pretty unsavery character.  After that it's time
    to head to the bar.  If you talk to the stoner kid, Casey Jones, he tells you
    that he and "The Jake" are good friends...but he can't quite remember what he
    looks like.  Well, so much for his help.  Talk to the hooker, Candi, and she
    suggests that you talk to Mujalambo the bartender.
       When you talk to Candi, remember to stay faithfull to Karyn.  Yes, Candi is
    a prostitute, and yes you can hook up with her, but NO, it's NOT a good idea!
    When you talk to Mujalambo, he seems mighty suspicious of you.  Just like
    these people to hold a grudge against ex-cops.  Anyway, If you press him hard
    enough he'll reveal that if you want to talk to "The Jake," you should talk to
    the man in the green coat at the end of the bar.
       It is very important that you make the right choices in this conversation.
    You may wish to save your game before talking to this man, because if you say
    the wrong things you can eliminate any chance of winning the game.  There is
    more than one way to complete this task successfully, but be carefull. When the
    guy in the green coat asks for proof, give him the photo of Chandi.
       If you can't seem to get past this conversation, try this sequence.
       1. I'm Looking for "The Jake."
       2. A friend of his is in trouble.
       3. Well now he's got LOTS minus one...
       2. One of your friends has had some trouble... Chandra Vincenzi.
       1. I'm afraid that she's dead.
       After he tells you to leave, show him the photo as proof and he'll take you
    back to his office to talk.  Again, be very carefull what you say/ask in this
    conversatiion.  The more information you can learn the better.
       I recommend the following sequence.
       2. Who is Chen?
       3. You think Chandra would want you covering this guy's ass?
       3. I don't know...but someone does.  Why don't you help me out?
       4. What's this guy's name and address?
       If you did this correctly, you'll find out that this guy named Chen lives
    over at 554 Wallaby Street #798.  This location will now be available on your
    Em-way map.  If it hasn't happened yet, then any minute now (assuming you're
    making pretty good time) you will see a Meanwhile sequence in which you learn
    that Johnny Qwong and his warehouse lab technicians are working to finish their
    production quota in three days.  What on Earth could they be manufacturing so
    much drugs for?  And isn't the prophecy supposed to come true in three days?
    4. Chen Lu's
       Head on over to Chen Lu's (that last name should sound familiar, remember
    in the introduction when Chandi thanked "Lu" for giving her the patch!)  When
    you get there you'll have your first encounter with The Snake, the man with the
    eye-patch that you see in the hall.  When you get to Chen's apartment, you find
    that he is dying.  He has many patches on his skin and you watch as he mutates
    into a twisted, demonic, but dead form.
       After this grotesque scene, you'll have to be quick.  The cops have detected
    your presence and you really don't want to spend the night in jail do you?  Not
    if you want to meet Karen at her place later for a date.  My suggestion is to
    play it as safe as possible.  Remove Chen Lu's ID Card from his vidphone and
    go back to the Em-way.  Loop back around and take the it back to Chen Lu's.
       You'll see that the police have aready come and gone.  Use Chen's ID card to
    get inside.If you forget to take Chen Lu's ID Card with you when you return to
    the Em-way, then you can use one of your bombs to get back inside.  If you have
    to use a bomb however, the police will be called again.  If you are caught by
    the police you will be forced to spend the night in jail.  Once there, head
    back to the vidphone and watch the last message.  It's from someone named Deng
    Hwang, and he looks (and sounds) suspiciously like Bahumat.  Also notice that
    the phone number, social security number, and gun permit number end in 0772.
       Next go ahead and step into the bathroom straight ahead.  There you'll find
    one of the patches of the drug that killed Chandi.  Next, head to the bedroom
    and examine the dragon statue.  Something seems odd about the eyes, try
    clicking on them.  Wow!  The statue sinks down revealing a hidden safe!  It has
    a four digit combination lock.  Plug in 0772 and take the contents consisting
    of a parchment of Chinese writing, and a FISTO bar.
    5. The Date
       It should be about time for your date with Karyn, so go ahead and head on
    over to her place.  If you're a little early just use the inventory to skip
    ahead in time.  You've already accomplished everything for today, and some time
    with Karyn is just what you need.
       NOTE:  Part of this scene was removed from the Sega CD version of this game.
              For those of you who do not have access to the DOS version, the
              sceneraio is described below.
       1. Blade meets Karyn at the door.
       2. He proposes a toast at the restaraunt.
       *Sega CD version end's scene*
       3. Shows Blade french kissing Karyn and thinking about how stupid he was
          to almost blow his relationship with her.
       4. All she's thinking about is "He would have to order the liver and onion
       5. Blade (shirt off) leans over Karyn on the couch and thinks "I won't be
          sleeping on the couch tonight!"
       6. Blade and Karen sleep together.
       7. Blade wakes up and says he has to leave to get an early start on a case.
       8. Karen: "I love you, Blade."
       9. Blade: "I...uh...er...I mean, yeah me too."
    6. The Parchment
       After your date, you are in your own apartment again.  If you didn't give
    Karyn the flowers or accept the date, you should just skip the rest of the day,
    get some sleep, and start fresh the next day.  The first order of business
    is to go to City Hall again.  Remember Chang Li?  The old Chinese man?
    He's just the person to translate the Chinese parchment for you.  He also has
    quite of bit to offer you so see him at once.
       Well, it seems that you ARE the one from the prophecy.  It makes you really
    want to know if the bum's description of this hero was accurate!  Hmm, could
    it be a coinsidence that a "knife" is a type of "blade?"  Note that the date of
    August 3rd corresponds to the time the "production quota" is supposed to be
    completed at the warehouse.
      Take the four items from Chang and go ahead and equip the bullet-proof vest.
    You will have to take off your coat for a second to put the vest on underneath
    it.  You can go ahead and examine all of the other items.  The fortune cookie
    will come in handy later, but the other two are merely to serve as good luck
    charms.  You can give the Rock of Life to Karyn, at least she'll get a use out
    of it.  From now on the reservoir will be available on your Em-way map.
       Next head to see Karyn at City Hall.  You can try to see the mayor again but
    he'll be busy.  Talk to Karyn first.  Have her take a look at the drug patch
    and at Chen Lu's ID Card.  She will be able to provide you with an analyzation
    of the drug patch tomorrow, but the ID Card instantly brings up information on
    Johnny Qwong and "The Snake".  Take a look at the information for Johnny Qwong
    and you'll find out his address, which will now be available on your Em-way
    7. Fireworks
       For now, don't bother with the reservoir.  When it's time to go there,
    you'll know it.  Take the Em-way to the Pleasure Dome.  It looks as if The Jake
    needs to talk to you.  When he askes if you have anything you want to show him,
    give him the FISTO bar.  If you don't give him the FISTO bar then he won't
    leave a vid-phone message on your machine later, and you will not have access
    to the hidden arcade sequence.
       Next, it's time to pay Johnny Qwong a visit.  There's no way to get into his
    house but it's easy to get into the sewers.  Just be carefull, if you stay down
    there too long you'll be bitten by rats.  If you get bitten twice you're dead.
    If you know what you're doing you shouldn't get bitten, but if you do, that's
    what the First-Aid kit is for.  If you get bitten once, use the kit and you can
    be bitten again without dying.
       Once you enter the sewer you'll see a vidphone maintainence access panel.
    Of course, it just happens to be locked.  Use one of your bombs to get inside
    it and pull out your wire tester.  It's time to tap Johnny Qwong's vidphone.
    But be carefull.  Watch the meters on the top, DO NOT clamp any of the plugs
    to the vidphone lines unless the meters are in the green at the time.  The red
    and blue (positive and negative) wires are to be plugged in by the base of the
    meters, attached to the red and blue wires running down respectively.
       As you clamp each wire, make sure that you also keep a close eye on the
    wire tester itself.  It has a red light and a green light on it.  If the 
    light is green then you have plugged it in the right place.  If the light is
    flashing red, hurry and remove the wire before you get electricuted.  Don't
    try to clamp a wire when the meters are in the red  or you will fried in an
       After both the red and blue wires are placed, it's time to clamp the yellow
    ground wire into place.  Notice that there are 8 yellow chambers running down
    the length of the unit?  These 8 are divided into two sections of four.  Clip
    the ground wire on the second chamber from the bottom.  If you clipped it in,
    the right spot Blade will mention that all he has to do now is wait.  If you
    can't figure it out, save the game and keep trying until you get it.  This is
    one of the harder puzzles in the game just figuring out where the yellow clamp
       Close the panel and return to your apartment.  It looks like we've inter-
    cepted a message from Deng Hwang himself with orders for Qwong to supervise at
    the warehouse.  Sounds like it's about time we headed back over to the
    warehouse for a little action huh?  Remember the electrical panel to the left
    of the window?  Use one of your bombs there and be prepared for the Bang!
    8. Kidnapped
       After the fireworks are over, return to your own apartment to recieve
    another intercepted message from Deng Hwang to Johnny Qwong.  Uh oh, looks like
    your little fireworks show has gotten Johnny into some trouble.  Soon enough
    you'll notice yet another Meanwhile scenario.  Now you know just the kind of
    person you're dealing with.  Hwang really IS evil!  And it looks like he's out
    to do whatever he can to keep you out of the way.  But for tonight, there's
    nothing else you can do.  Get some sleep.
       Go over to City Hall when you wake up and speak to Karyn.  She'll have the
    lab report ready in the form of a videotape which some very informative, if
    not haunting, footage.  When she asks if there's anything else, have her run
    an information trace on Deng Hwang.  It turns out that the trace isn't going
    to be simple, but run it anyway.  After learning what you can take the tape
    and leave the room.
       With the tape in your possession, it's time to talk to the mayor.  Be very
    carefull what you say to the mayor or you could wind up in jail.  I recommend
    the following sequence.
       3. You should show a little more courtesy to someone who has information
          that could cost you the next election!
       3. I'll tell you... but I think it's time to re-negotiate our deal.
       2. Well, since you put it that way, I don't see how I can refuse.
       *hand the tape to the mayor*
       3. No effin' way!  I'm finished with this crap!  Show me the door!
       If you did this correctly you will recieve the LAPD security card which you
    can use to get into the armoury.  Go into the Police Headquarters regardless of
    Jenni's protest, and hand the guard your security clearance.  Go off to the
    armoury (the hall leading to the right) where you can equip yourself with a
    much better gun.
       With this new gun, head back to your apartment and skip through some time.
    There's nothing you can do at the moment.  In a few hours time you'll see
    another Meanwhile sequence in which Karyn is kidnapped!  You'll find a message
    from Deng Hwang addressed personally to you in your vidphone.
       At this moment there is still nothing you can do unfortunatey.  Go ahead
    and skip through some more time and get some sleep.  If you've been following
    this guide then you've been making good time.  Go ahead skip this whole day
    and get some sleep.  You'll have a big day tomorrow on August 4.
    9. The Secret Meeting
       When you wake up on the 4th, check your vidphone messages.  If you gave the
    candybar to The Jake then you'll have a message from him now.  If you didn't
    give him the candybar, simply skip time until Deng Hwang calls units to the
    Resevoir.  Then jump ahead to section 6 in this walkthrough.
       The Jake seems a bit disturbed, but he asks you to meet at the warehouse at
    8:30.  Go ahead and go to the warehouse now, and skip time until 8:30.  Save
    your game before you leave.
    ARCADE SEQUENCE - The Fight with Snake
       NOTE: The DOS version will automaticly allow you to win the arcade
             sequences when you die five times.  The Sega CD version does
             not have this option, but both have infinate continues so as
             long as you saved your game before-hand you should be alright.
       Jump to the right off the platform you start on.  If you land in the oil
    you die.  So be carefull.  Quickly duck and shoot to get rid of the crouching
    guard, then take out the other two guards while ducking to avoid their shots.
    Crawl underneath the fog and quickly shoot the quards in front of you.  Then
    quickly jump over the hole in the ground.  Jump both up and over to avoid
    falling into the hole.
       Walk under the lamp only right after the red beam is done shining.  Then
    take out the awaiting guards.  Slip under the fog and the red beam when you
    can.  You may have to practice your timing.  Then jump over the next hole and
    walk to the right, crawling underneath the electrical field where The Snake
    will make his appearance.
       The best technique to beating Snake is to fight hand to hand.  Get off as
    many shots as you can at first and when he comes across the hole in the
    ground, make sure you're standing right next to where he'll land...as soon as
    he drops down keep attacking and you'll beat him with your gun while can't
    get a shot off.
       If you only have the handgun, then expect all the enemies to be harder to
    defeat.  The automatic rifle will allow you to kill most of the guards in one
    shot.  After defeating Snake, you'll recieve Snake's ID Card which you can use
    to sneak into Deng Hwang's Headquarters.  This is the easiest way in, but I
    recommend detouring to the reservoir just to experience all the Arcade
    sequences in the game.
       You can take the Em-way straight to Deng Hwang's if you want.  Just use
    Snake's ID Card to get past security.  If you choose this option, skip to
    section 11 in this walkthrough.
    10. The Reservoir
    ARCADE SEQUENCE - The Reservoir
       Unlike the other arcade sequences, you will only have one chance at this
    one.  Make it count.  It's a very good idea to save just before you go to the
    Reservoir.  As soon as you get there go into your inventory and equip your
    most powerfull gun.  If you only have the handgun, then I sincerely wish you
    luck.  You'll need it!
       You'll find yourself attacked very quickly.  There are five enemies you
    need to take out.  If you're wearing the bullet-proof vest you'll be able to
    withstand more hits, but your still going to have to get out there and kick
    some ass.  Below are the locations of the five enemies you need to kill.
       1. behind the truck to the left
       2. in the window just past the first enemy
       3. on the roof
       4. behind the hovercar
       5. to the right of the hovercar behind a rock
       The stakes are very simple.  Win, and you can steal the hovercar.  Lose, and
    not only do you die, but so does the entire population of Los Angeles.  For
    everyone's sake I hope you win.  You can fly the hovercar to most of the city,
    but time is short.  If you haven't seen the next Meanwhile sequence yet, you
    will very soon.  Karyn tries to struggle with the guards, and it looks as if
    Hwang plans to kill you if you try to rescue her.  Save your game and take the
    car directly to Hwang's headquarters.
    11. Dragon's Den
       When you land on the roof take a deep breath and be prepared.  For the rest
    of the game you will have to act extremely quick.  The best advice I can offer
    is to save often.  But it's a good idea to save in a seprate file than the one
    you have saved on so far.  The Sega CD allows you to save up to three games so
    take advantage.
    Note: If you took the Em-Way to Hwang's, you will arrive at the security gate
          rather than the roof.  Either way, once you enter the building you will
          be in the same room as you would have had you took the hovercar.
       When you take the elevator down, your next goal is to break into the
    security room.  By far the most appealing way to get by the receptionist is to
    spray her with Napent.  This is one of the best scenes in the Sega CD version
    of the game, and unfortunately it is entirely absent in the DOS version of the
    game.  If you're playing the DOS version, you should have no problem talking
    your way into the room, but you better hurry and get inside before she double-
    checks your story!
       When you get inside, go straight to the control panel and lock the break
    room!  The receptionist won't be fooled long and you need to keep the guards at
    bay as long as you can.  Next make sure the interrogation room and the 
    janitor's closet are both unlocked.  Your next step is to shut down the
    electronic gate that you need in order to get past the room with the
    receptionist.  In order to do that you're going to have to shut down the
    security feature first.
       Click the Security switch to off, you'll have to insert a card or punch in
    the manual override.  You can try any of the ID Cards you have, but you won't
    have the proper clearance so you're going to have to do this the hard way.
    Notice the colored buttons at the bottom of the panel?  Now's the time to
    read your fortune cookie.  The letters on the cookie's note correspond to the
    color of the buttons in the order you need to press them.
       This translates to: 1. Red
                           2. Yellow
                           3. Purple
                           4. Yellow
                           5. White
                           6. Purple
                           7. Yellow
                           8. Red
                           9. Purple
                          10. White
                          11. Red
                          12. Yellow
                          13. Purple
                          14. Blue
                          15. White
       After entering this sequence of buttons, shut down the gate and get out of
    there as fast as you can.  Hurry, the guards will be on your tale
    for the rest of the game.
    12. Karyn's Fate
       As soon as your done explaining to the receptionist, head down the hall.
    Take the first door on your right, this will be the janitor's closet.  Quickly
    open the top and bottom panels on the circuit box.  Flip the switch to the left
    to shut off the current, and then take the screwdriver from the sink.  Use it
    to remove the wires from the lower box.
       Hurry on out of this room, and head to the next one.  Here you'll find
    Karyn!  She has three plugs coming out of her neck, and precious few seconds
    to live.  Keep on your toes pal, this is getting serious.  Place the wires
    across her body, then remove the three plugs as quickly as you can.  If you
    can't save her, you can still win the game so hurry on out of here to confront
    Bahumat.  You may wish to save the game before rescuing Karyn so that you can
    compare the endings.
    13. Rise of the Dragon
    ARCADE SECUENCE - The Final Battle
       This arcade sequence controls very like the fight with snake, but as you'd
    expect, it's a bit harder to get through.  Once again, if you're playing the
    DOS version you will be able to go ahead and win if you die five times.
       After the shocking introduction, walk to the right and shoot the three
    guards, jump straight up and shoot the red switch to shut of the flames.  Then
    continue to the right and up the stairs.  Take out the guards and continue
    until you come to the end of the raised platform.  This is the hard part, first
    drop down to the lower platform.  Then duck and shoot the guard before he
    shoots you.  Duck, and crawl underneath the flames.
       The next jump is a big one, get as close to the edge as you can without
    falling in and jump both up and to the right.  You should just barely make it
    to the other side in time for another similarly difficult jump.  Take out the
    guard and shut off the flames the same way you did the first ones.  Continue
    to the right.
       Quickly cross the bridge and take out all the guards before they can do too
    much damage to you.  Continue across, shoot the next guard and then jump across
    to the other platform.  Climb the golden stairs and prepare to face Bahumat!
    The strategy for beating Bahumat is pretty easy.  Stay at a distance, his tail
    will easily defeat you in close range combat.  Limit him to his fireballs and
    shoot as often as you can with your gun.  If you only have the handgun then
    you should probably try to avoid his fireballs, but regardless, make sure
    standing up straight on the same platform as Bahumat when you shoot.  This will
    ensure that each shot hits him sqaure in the chest, resulting in the most
       After he's defeated, watch the epilogue, followed by the credits.  You have
    successfully beaten the game.  Congratulations.
       NOTE: The ending will be slightly different depending on whether or not you
             save Karyn.  I hope you enjoyed the game as much as I did.
    Part III: Item Guide
       This section will detail the description and uses for every item found in
    Rise of the Dragon, as well as where to find each item.  I have done my best to
    assure the accuracy of everything in this guide.  In the event that I find
    another use for an item, it will be mentioned in a future release of the guide.
    Clothes:         You find these laying on the floor of your apartment at the
                     start of the game.  I can't really say if they're fasionable
                     or not because I have never lived in Los Angeles in the year
                     2053, but I assume they are the standard uniform of most
                     Private Investigators in the area.  You must put them on
                     before leaving your apartment or else you will be arrested for
                     indecent exposure.
    Coat:            This is found hanging on a coatrack in your apartment at the
                     beginning of the game.  After you put on your clothes, put
                     this on over them before you leave the apartment.  You can
                     always take it off, but Blade will automaticly put it right
                     back on.  Also, when you are wearing the bullet-proof vest you
                     will have to wear the coat on top of it.
    Blade's ID Card: Your ID Card is found in the vidphone machine in your apart-
                     ment at the start of the game.  After viewing the messages, be
                     sure to take the card with you as it will allow you to enter
                     your apartment again at a later time.  It can also be used to
                     buy things, and of course to listen to your vidphone messages.
    Napent:          The Napent Aerosol Personal Protection Device can be found in
                     the bathroom.  It can be used to put people you encounter into
                     a state of euphoria.  The Sega CD version of the game does not
                     limit it to three uses, and it's quite fun to hear many of the
                     people's reactions when you spray them.  It is especially
                     helpful near the end of the game as a means to gain enterance
                     into the security room.
    First-Aid Kit:   This can be found in the bathroom of your apartment.  During
                     the game if you are shot or bitten by a rat, this kit will be
                     able to heal some of the damage.
    Chandi's Photo:  The mayor will send you a "vid-transmission hardcopy" (Mayor-
                     speak for "photo") of his daughter's corpse when you listen to
                     his message the first time.  You will need to give this to
                     "The Jake" as proof that you are who you say you are before he
                     agrees to talk to you in his office.
    Handgun:         This With & Smesson handgun is hidden behind the pillow in
                     your apartment.  You can use it in the arcade sequences if you
                     have not come across a better weapon yet.
    Cabinet Keys:    You get these from Karen the first time you talk to her.  They
                     unlock the cabinet above the sink in your apartment.
    Flowers:         You can buy two dozen long stemmed roses from the flower girl
                     in the street at the beginning of the game.  Give them to
                     Karen and play your cards right and you'll witness Blade and
                     Karen on a date.  You can not buy these after making up with
                     Karen.  They cost $200 plus tax.
    Wire Tester:     The ACME "Little Giant" Wire Testing Kit can be found in the
                     cabinet above the sink in your apartment.  It is used to tap
                     vidphone lines, but be carefull.  The makers of this wire
                     tester didn't have a warranty regarding electric shock.  Make
                     sure you know what you're doing before you attempt to use this
                     or you will very quickly end up fried to a crisp.
    FISTO Bar:       There are two FISTO bars in the game.  These chocolate and
                     bananna peel candybars are very handy when you need to bribe
                     someone because chocolate is such a rare and black market
                     item.  The first can be found in the cabinet above the sink in
                     your apartment, the second is found in Chen Lu's safe.  You
                     should give your first candybar to Slen, the thug outside the
                     Pleasure Dome, in return for the claim check so that you can
                     pick up your gun(s) when you leave.  The second FISTO bar is
                     to be given to The Jake in order to ensure that he will leave
                     you a vidphone message when you are needed.
    Bomb:            The Personal Explosive Device is pretty usefull.  You find 
                     four of them in the cabinet above the sink in your apartment.
                     One can be used on the electric panel of the warehouse.  This
                     will give you a little extra time to thwart the Rise of the
                     Dragon.  Your second oppertunity to use one of these bombs is
                     to blow open the locked security panel to gain acces to Johnny
                     Qwong's vidphone lines, which you can tap with your wire
                     tester.  If you get locked out of Chen Lu's apartment and need
                     to get back inside, you can use a bomb to gain enterance but
                     you'll have to hurry because the police will arrive shortly
    Chen's ID Card:  You will find this ID Card in Chen's vidphone machine when you
                     first pay him a visit.  It can be used to listen to his vid-
                     phone messages as well as to gain enterance into his apartment
                     at a later time.
    Claim Check:     You recieve the claim check when you check your gun(s) at the
                     Pleasure Dome (assuming you've bribed Slen with the FISTO Bar
                     already.)  You need this to get back your gun(s) whenever you
    MTZ Drug Patch:  You find this patch in Chen Lu's bathroom.  This is the deadly
                     drug responsible for Chandi's death.  If you use the patch it
                     will kill you as it did her, but when you bring it to Karyn
                     at City Hall she will have it analyzed.  When the tape of the
                     analyzation comes back you can speak to the mayor about it.
    Parchment:       The parchment from Chen Lu's safe is written in an ancient
                     chinese language.  Chang Li can translate it for you.  This
                     parchment explains about the prophecy of Bahumat and the rise
                     of the dragon.  After Chang Li's translation, he will give you
                     the Rock of Life, a fortune cookie, the Tome of Wisdom, and
                     the bulletproof vest.
    Rock of Life:    You recieve the Rock of Life from Chang Li when he translates
                     Chen Lu's parchment for you.  It serves no purpous but can be
                     given to Karyn.
    Tome of Wisdom:  Don't worry.
                     Be Happy.
    Fortune Cookie:  This cookie's fortune is particularly helpfull.  The code on
                     it can be used to shit down the security in Deng Hwang's
                     home, allowing you access to the final climactiv battle with
                     Bahumat.  The cookie is one of the items you get when you
                     have Chang Li translate the parchment from Chen Lu's safe.
    Bulletproof Vest:This vest allows you to take more damage in the arcade
                     sequences.  You get it from Chang Li by having him translate
                     the parchment.
    MTZ Videotape:   You recieve this videotape the day after you give Karyn the
                     MTZ patch when you return to speak with her.  After viewing it
                     you can use it to speak with the mayor.
    Security Pass:   The LAPD Security Pass will allow you to take the assault
                     rifle from the armoury.  You can only get this pass is you
                     say exactly the right things to the mayor after showing him
                     the MTZ tape.
    Snake's ID Card: You get this card after defeating Snake in the first arcade
                     sequence.  It will allow you to enter Deng Hwang's from the
                     front door and bypass security rather than sneaking in from
                     the roof.
    Screwdriver:     This can be found in the janitor's closet in Deng Hwang's.
                     It is used to remove the wires from the lower electrical
                     panel in the same room, provided the switch in the top panel
                     has been switched off.
    Wires:           These wires are taken from the lower electrical panel in
                     the janitor's closet at Deng Hwangs.  After removing the wires
                     with the screw driver, they can be used un Karyn's body to
                     run a bypass while you remove the wires connected to her neck,
                     rescuing her from death.
    Assault Rifle:   You can take this powerful gun from the armoury only if you
                     have the LAPD Security Pass.  It makes the arcade sequences a
                     lot easier.
    Part IV: Coming Soon
         - Complete Timelime of important events
         - Complete transcript of all Meanwhile Sequences
         - Character Biographies for ever character in the game
         - Complete Ending Guide (including every possible death sequence)
    Part V: Credits
    This document was written and researched entirely by the author, David R.
    Lambert.  No information in this guide was taken from any source other than
    my own experiences playing both the DOS and Sega CD versions of the game,
    "Rise of the Dragon."
               Copyright © 2003 by David R. Lambert.  All Rights Reserved.
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