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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Starvin Marvin

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    Psygnosis/Perfect 10 Productions
    PC MS-DOS/Windows/Macintosh/Sony PlayStation/Sega Saturn
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    Date of original: 05/01/02 (January 5th, 2002)
       1 - Game Walkthrough.
       - Part 1
       - Part 2
       - Part 3
       - Part 4
     1 - Game Walkthrough
     Act 1
    When you gain control of Rincewind, open the cupboard next to you, pick 
    up the pouch and put it in your pockets. Now go out the door to your 
    left. Walk down the stairs, and walk left along the little platform 
    until you get to the Arch-Chancellor's Room, and go in. The Arch-
    Chancellor will start telling you about the Dragon, and that it needs to 
    be disposed of. He will then tell you to go down to the Library and 
    fetch him a book, which is precisely what you are going to do now.
    Well okay, so maybe you're not going to do it _right_ now, but you will 
    soon. Walk out of the Chancellor's Room, go down the rest of the stairs, 
    and enter the closet, pick up the broom, and go all the way up to where 
    your room (where you started). Use the broom on the Luggage (on top of 
    the cupboard) to wake it up.
    Now go all the way back down the stairs, until you see the Library, walk 
    in. Go over to the Librarian, and speak to him. Yes, he's a monkey.. 
    uhh.. Orang-utan, I mean... Anyway, click on the book icon to ask for 
    the Chancellor's book. Hmm, well that didn't work.. So what now? Click 
    on the Luggage to open it up, and pull out the banana, give it to the 
    Librarian. He'll now go and get your book for you. 
    *** NOTE ***
    From now on, put everything you pick up into the luggage, unless I 
    say otherwise.
    With book in hand (or in Luggage, as it is), walk back up to the Arch-
    Chancellor's Room, and use the book on the Arch-Chancellor. He'll read 
    the book out to you, and tell you what you need to get for him (In case 
    you can't remember what you need, you can always read the book again to 
    find out), put the book back in the Luggage, and walk out the door. Go 
    down the stairs, and out the main door, to begin your quest. Click on 
    the path leading to the back of the University, and pick up one of the 
    bags there, put it away, and walk back 'round to the front. Talk to the 
    guy sitting on the bench, and click the big pink question mark, he'll 
    show you the hand wriggles to open the gate. End the conversation, pick 
    up the frog near the pond, and open the gate. Go through.
    You'll now be on the map of Ankh-Morpork, move the mouse until you find 
    the Square, go there. Walk right until you see the Stall, pick up one of 
    the Tomatoes there, and throw it at the guy in the stocks, pick up 
    another, this one should have a Worm in it. Rincewind will drop it, and 
    the worm will drop to the floor, pick it up and put it in the luggage.
    Walk along further, and speak to the Urchin standing there. He'll teach 
    you a skill, pick-pocketing. The icon for your skills will appear just 
    like an item in Rincewind's pockets. To use them, click the icon for 
    whichever skill you want to use, and then click on whatever you wish to 
    use it on, quite simple. Now go into the Psychiatrickery use all the 
    speech icons on the troll, exit, then walk back in again. If everything 
    went like it's supposed to, the Troll will be sitting on the seat 
    nearest the door, and the middle seat will be empty, if it is: pick up 
    the Butterfly Net. If not, you can either try exiting and entering until 
    it works, or come back later to do it. Once you have the Net, walk back 
    to the world map, and go to the Livery Stable.
    Once there, open the sack lying next to the cart, and pick up some corn. 
    Go to the map screen again, and go to the Street, now, depending on 
    which way you entered the street, you'll either be standing next to a 
    Toy shop, or a Barber shop (with beggar outside), If it's the former, 
    just go through the door of the Toy Shop, or the latter; walk along left 
    until you see it. Pick up the string on the counter (and if you want you 
    can get one of those pink donkey-things too). Now walk out, and go to 
    the other end of the street, and walk into the Barbers. Talk to the 
    Woman in the chair, and then look at the roller in her hair, talk to her 
    again and she'll tell the barber to take it out. Talk to the Barber, and 
    when he starts to daydream about his girlfriend (the Milkmaid), use your 
    pickpocket skill on his pocket. If everything went right, you'll get the 
    hair roller, which is one of the items you needed. Now go to the Broken 
    Enter the building, and walk up to the counter, and talk to the Barman, 
    look at the bright green drink behind the counter, and talk to the 
    Barman again, when you've finished the Counterwise Wine, pick up the 
    glass, and the matches, then stick them in the Luggage. Now talk to the 
    Scared Guy sitting at a table, he'll tell you some important information 
    for later. Walk to the map, then go to the Palace
    Talk to either guard, and use the Pink Question mark. He should whack 
    the other guy over the head, so you can enter. Walk right until you see 
    a door with a star on it (speak to the people if you want), go through 
    it, and pick up the mirror in the dressing room, and put it in 
    Rincewind's pockets. Exit the room and walk out of the palace. Now go to 
    the Alley.
    Walk down the Alley, until you come to a door (with a Fish over it), 
    open it, and go through. Use the corn you picked up earlier on the 
    flask. Look at the Camera, and press the Cable Release. Exit the Look 
    screen, and try to grab the Imp, it will escape from the Camera, and 
    fall down the plughole in the sink. Whoops...
    Exit the Alchemist's Home, and click on the Luggage to open it up, use 
    the Worm with the String to create (Drum roll, please); a worm on a string. Use 
    the String Worm on the hole (near the sewer grate) to lure the Imp out, 
    then put him in the Luggage. 
    Walk back up the Alley and stand on the tile that lights up when you 
    step on it, wait for a few seconds, and you'll be launched up to the 
    rooftops. Walk over to the Tower, and use the Mirror on the Tip of the 
    flagpole. Use the Mirror to shake it around, it should eventually hit 
    the Dragon in the eyes, causing it to fly over and breath on the mirror. 
    Which gives you a sample of its breath, two vital items needed...  a few 
    more to go. Climb back down the tower, and walk left along the rooftops, 
    try to pick up the Ladder placed across the roofs, you'll knock it down, 
    into a waiting Luggage, then go through the Window to get down.
    Go to the University garden, and go to the back of the building, put the 
    Butterfly Net in your inventory, then use the Ladder that you picked up 
    from the rooftops on the window. Now you'll be looking through the 
    University Kitchen window, use your Butterfly Net on the pancake that 
    goes up and down the screen, you'll catch it eventually. The Chef should 
    get pissed off and go to complain to the Chancellor, which leaves his 
    frying pan unguarded. Go back out the window, back to the front of the 
    University, then into the building. Go into the closet. Use the matches 
    on the shape near the door to light the room, pick up the packet, and 
    leave. Walk into the Kitchen, pick up the frying pan, and then walk out. 
    Go up to the dining room, walk right, then use the broom on Windle Poons' 
    staff. That's got all the items you needed, now to see the Arch-Chancellor.
    Walk up to the Arch-Chancellor's room, and give him the items he wanted:
    The Imp.
    The Staff.
    The Pan.
    The Hair-Roller.
    And the Mirror.
    He'll put them all together to make a Dragon-Detector. Which ends up in 
    Rincewind's hands.. Now you have to do the task of finding the Lair. The 
    detector will flash green beams when you're nearby (It's in the bottom-
    right hand corner of the map anyway). When you get there, you'll be 
    greeted with a nice cut-scene. Which leads into...
     Act 2
    Walk back into the Dragon's Lair, and pick up the screwdriver. Go back 
    to the map, then to the 
    Inn near the top of the map, walk through the open door, and pick up the 
    sheet. Walk into the bathroom to the right, and pick up the Bubble Bath. 
    Now walk back outside, and to the Map.
    From here, head to the back of Unseen University, and pick up the 
    Garbage Can, now walk to the Library. Walk over to the right, near the 
    Sleazy Guy. Look at the Banana that he has in his ear, then talk to him. 
    Then choose the Banana icon, now give him all the money you got from the 
    Dragon's Lair, in exchange for a Banana, but not just any Banana, it's a 
    gold one, Woo-hoo! Now walk back over to the Librarian, and give him the 
    Golden Banana, he'll open the door into L-Space. A way of time-travel. 
    Walk through the portal to be taken into the past.
    When you come through the other side, you'll be in the Library again, 
    but the night before the Dragon came. After about a minute, you'll see a 
    thief come into the Library, and steal a book, watch where he exits. Go 
    over to that area, and look around the shelf until you find a Book, try 
    to pick it up, it'll unlock a secret door, which you can open by 
    activating the bookshelf, you'll come out on the Map.
    Head to the Inn again, go through the door, and use the sheet (from the 
    Luggage) on Renewing, close the door, and pick up the Jewel Box, watch 
    the short cut-scene. 
    Exit the Inn and head to the newly discovered Hide-out, walk over to the 
    drainpipe on the left hand side of the screen, and turn it so it faces 
    the door. Walk out of the Hide-Out, and go to the Park, use the Frog on 
    the Drunk (Rincewind from the past), and then use the Butterfly Net on 
    the Butterfly. 
    Exit the Park, and go to the Street, head for the Corner, pick up the 
    pot on the counter, and use the Butterfly on the Lamp. Walk out of the 
    Corner, then go into the Alley, look at the graffiti on the back of the 
    door, then go to the Drum (known as the Broken Drum in Present Day).
    Enter the building and go up to the Little Guy. Look at the painting 
    behind him, and when he looks over his shoulder, turn his glass over. 
    This will cause a fight, and bring the Bouncer inside, and you will be 
    kicked out of the building. Use your ladder on the Drum hanging over the 
    door, and walk back to the map.
    Go to the Library, and back to the Present, then head to the Street. Go 
    to the Fishmonger's. Pick up the Painting behind him, then go to the 
    Alley, and pick up the Robe hanging on the washing line, then go into 
    the Toy Shop, and pick up one of the new toys. Exit the street and go to 
    the Broken Drum. When you get there, go in the Pub, and talk to the 
    Scared Guy again, he'll tell you more about what the "Ghost" did.
    Now head back to through L-Space(Again..) and go to the Hide-out. Wait 
    behind the fence until the Thief shows up, when he does, use the Glass 
    you got from the Counterwise Wine, on the drainpipe near the fence. 
    You'll be able to hear the secret password. Now put on your Robe 
    (Rincewind should automatically knock on the door).  After the cut-
    scene, you'll be back outside the Hideout, now head to the Inn.
    Do exactly what you did before (Put the sheet on, close the door, pick 
    up the Jewel Box), this time however, you should get the Gate Pass.
    Go back to the Present Day, then to the University Dining Room, use the 
    drum stick on the Gong, this will make the guy from outside, come in to 
    the Dining Room, so you can steal his prunes. So exit the building, pick 
    up the bag from the bench, go through the doors, and to the Gate.
    When you get there, open the Crate, then pick up the fireworks. Give the 
    Gate Pass to the tall guard standing there, and he'll let you through, 
    but you don't need to go through yet, so don't... Instead, go over to 
    the Square, and into the Psychiatrickerists (Man, I hate that word), the 
    seat nearest to the Stairs should be empty, and you'll sit in it. Wait a 
    while, and you'll be called up. After the cut-scene, you'll be given two 
    Ink-blots (they'll automatically be put into the Luggage). Now buy a 
    Donut (use the Lips icon after you talk to him to do it) from Dibbler, 
    and walk into the Alley behind him. After a few seconds, the DunnyMan 
    should walk in, give him the donut, and it'll break one of his teeth 
    (this may not seem very important right now, but it will soon). Walk 
    back into the Psychiatrickerists, and talk to the Milkmaid, she should 
    give you a note. Exit the building, and talk to the Street Starfish, 
    he'll tell you to prove your manhood before he'll teach you a handshake, 
    so exit the Square, and walk to the Street. Enter the Barber's (which is 
    now a Dentist), and give the note to the guy in a pink suit. He'll go 
    away, now use the big Apparatus on the Dunnyman. You'll pull out his 
    Gold tooth, which the Dragon needs. Exit the street, and walk to the 
    Use either of the Ink Blots on either Guard, and enter. Then use the 
    Garbage Can on the Jester. Follow him through the door, and use the 
    Bubble Bath in the Bath. Then pick up the Cap hanging on the rack. Walk 
    back into the main Palace room, and try to pick up the Custard book 
    underneath the old ladies arm. She'll tell you that it's a love potion, 
    which is all you need to know for now. Exit the palace, and walk to the 
    Gate, and through it.
    Oo look, a new map! Walk to the Edge of the World, pick up the Lamp, and 
    shake the Coconut Tree, this'll make a Coconut fall into the water. Use 
    the Butterfly net on it to catch it, and then use the Screwdriver to 
    pierce it. Go back to the map, and into the Dark Woods. Before you get 
    there, you'll come to a Mountain scene, walk up to the right side of it, 
    and pick up the Egg and the Feather that the bird-thing drops. Now walk 
    further to the right, and onto the Dark Woods.
    Walk along to the right, and into the Cottage, use the pot on the 
    Cauldron full of Custard, and walk all the way back to Ankh-Morpork, to 
    the Street, and into the Fishmongers. Use the string on the Octopus, and 
    walk into the Alley. Put the Octopus and the Custard into the Can, and 
    walk back to the Fishmongers. Put the prunes into his Caviar, follow him 
    into the Alley, and pick up his Belt, now walk back to the Map.
    Go into the University Kitchen, pick up the Corn flour, and go through 
    L-Space. Walk to the Shades, and up to the house, talk to the lady in 
    red, and give her the coconut, the corn flour, and the egg. You'll 
    receive her bloomers. Go back through L-Space, and to the Square, give 
    the Yellow Bloomers to the Street Starfish. He'll now teach you the 
    "Special" Handshake. Walk out of the Square, and to the Shades.
    Use the Handshake on the Mason, and you'll get his shovel, then walk 
    further right, and use the Bra on the Ladder. Now use the Ladder on the 
    Hovel. Go into the Hovel, and try to pick up the key. Unfortunately, the 
    thief will roll over so you can't get it. Use the feather on him, then 
    pick up the key again. Exit the building, pick up your ladder, and then 
    go back to the Map.
    Head for the Alley, and put the Santa Claus doll, in Rincewind's pocket. 
    Go up to the roof (via the tile), and use the doll in the chimney you 
    land near. Go back down to ground level, and into the Alchemist's. Put 
    the Keg into the Fireplace, then use the String on the Keg. Walk out the 
    door, and use the matches on the fuse (hanging out of the drainpipe). 
    You'll now get a golden brush. Walk out of the Alley, and to the Barn.
    Give the Dragon all the gold items, and watch the short cut-scene. Uh-
    oh, looks like you're in trouble.  Oh well, I'm sure that you can beat 
    the dragon, right? Right... Anyway, head for the Square. Why? Because I 
    told you to, now stop bickering.
    Walk along to the right, and the Witch should be standing there. Talk to 
    her, and use the pink question mark on her. You'll receive a carpet. 
    Talk to her again, and use the Jester icon, when she's puckering up for 
    a kiss, pick up the Custard Book. Now exit the square, and go through L-
    Space. Pick up the Dragon Summoning Book; use it on the Custard book to 
    switch covers, then put the book with the Dragon cover, into the empty 
    space (still following?). The thief will now take the Custard book, 
    thinking it's the Dragon book. A cut-scene will follow, leading you 
     Act 3
    After watching more cut-scenes, go back to the University, and into the 
    Arch-Chancellor's room, pick up his hat, then go down to the Kitchen, 
    and pick up the Spatula hanging from the hook.
    Go to the Street, and into the Toy Shop. Pick up one of the new toys, 
    and then go to the Barbers. In here, you should find some Scissors and 
    an appointment book, pick them both up, and then go to the Hide-Out. 
    Knock on the door (with the Knocker), and they'll give you a custard 
    pie. Yum.
    Go to the Shades, and use the Spatula on the Mural, you'll get some soot 
    (in the shape of a human, no less), walk further to the right, and use 
    the Ladder to get into the Hovel. Open the bag, and pick up the Knife 
    that's in it, exit the Hovel (Remember to pick up your ladder), and walk 
    to the Whore-House, talk to Big Sally, then go to the Square.
    Talk to the Old-timers, and use the question mark on them. Walk into the 
    Alley, and use the Knife on the blue belt, then walk back out to the 
    main part of the Square. Pick up an Egg from the pile, and then get the 
    Snake that falls out, then use the Starch and the Fertilizer on it. Talk 
    to Dibbler to get a bag of leeches, then walk into the 
    Psychiatrickerists. Talk to the Troll, then exit and re-enter the 
    building, you should be the first person in line. Talk to the Milkmaid, 
    and use the Appointment Book on her, then wait to be called up. After 
    you're out, talk to the Amazon, and use the question mark, then exit the 
    Walk to the Broken Drum, and look at the bright green drink behind the 
    barman. Talk to him twice, and then pick up the glass on the counter. 
    Exit the pub, and go to the Woods. Turn the crank, and fill up the pot 
    from the Bucket. Then use the screwdriver on the Crank. Walk back 
    through the City Gates, and to the Palace.
    Use the Leeches (you'll have to open the bag first) on either guard (if 
    you still have an Ink Blot, you can use that instead), and go into the 
    Jester's room. Steal the brush, and walk down to the Dungeon. Walk along 
    to the right, until you find the cell doors. Use the worm on the string, 
    and then use it on the hole to get a rat. Use the rat on itself (Double 
    click it), and it'll turn into an Imp. Walk along further, and use the 
    crank from the well, on the rack with Chucky in it. Pick up the sword 
    that goes 'ploink', and try to pick up the Skeleton, it'll break, and 
    you'll get a lovely white bone. Exit the Dungeon, and go to the Toy Shop 
    in the Street. 
    Use the bone in the glue, and then go to the Inn. Give the glued bone to 
    the dog, and look at the Sailor's tattoo. Talk to him, and then talk to 
    the Innkeeper to buy him some milk. After you receive the whistle, exit 
    the inn and go to the University Dining Room.
    Use the Starched-Snake on Windlepoon's staff, then use the Staff on the 
    Butterfly net, and then go to the Alchemist's in the Alley.
    Talk to him, and use the Jester icon, after he's gone, pick up the 
    Camera, use the Imp on it. Exit the Alchemists, and walk out to the Edge 
    of the World (you'll probably get a cut-scene on the way there). Use the 
    Whistle on yourself, then use a Firecracker on the matches, and then on 
    Polly. After the parrot falls in the water, use the Extended Butterfly 
    net on it.
    Unfortunately, the whistle fell off your neck while you were catching 
    the parrot. Look at the Wizard's Hat, and then use it on the fork. Climb 
    down the handkerchiefs, and then pick up the Whistle (it'll be called a 
    Glint). Climb back up the chain, and go to the Inn. Enter the Inn, and 
    go into the Bathroom, use the pot on the Soap. Go back out, and walk 
    over to the Sailor. Give him the Parrot and the Whistle. After he's told 
    you all you need to know, exit the Inn, and go to the Livery Stable.
    Use the Brush in the Soapy Water, then on the Bumper Bar, look at the 
    Bar, then at both stickers. Walk to the Alley, and put the Knife in 
    Rincewind's pockets. Go up to the roof, and use the knife to cut down 
    the Ladder. Go back down to the ground, and wait for the Assassin to 
    fall down, when he does, talk to him, and then go to the Square. Use the 
    Scissors on the Donkey's tail (the Donkey is in the stocks), and then go 
    to the City Gate. Talk to the tall guard, and use the Sword icon. Walk 
    through the Gate, and go to the newly opened Mine.
    Walk along to the left, and use the Sword on the Dwarven Smith (the one 
    in Blue). He'll tell you that you need to get him some Elderberry Wine 
    before he'll tune your sword. Exit the Mine, and go to the Woods. Give 
    the Appointment Book to the Dentist, and he'll run off. Follow him to 
    the Barbers, and talk to him. After he's told you that his Son has 
    transfer tattoos, go to the Square, and talk to the Street Starfish. Go 
    to the Alley, put the Blue Belt in Rincewind's pocket, and go up to the 
    roof. Walk over to the Tower. Use the Belt on the tip, and go back down 
    to the Alley. Put the belt and the transfer in the Luggage, then go to 
    Lady Ramkin's.
    Open the Gate, and walk up the path, knock on the door, and Ramkin will 
    tell you to come around the back. Walk around the back, and talk to her. 
    Pick up the leash, and pull the Nail out too. Walk to the front again, 
    and knock on the door. After she appears, run around the back, pick up 
    the rosette, and Mambo the dragon. Put them both in the Luggage, and go 
    to the Dark Woods. Go into Nanny Ogg's house, and try to pick up the 
    Wool. After you *eventually* end up outside, use the Rosette on the 
    Sheep, and then use the Camera on it, then use the picture of the Sheep 
    with the picture of the Octopus. Pick up the Mallet, and then go back 
    through the hatch. Look at the pink potion, and then talk to Nanny Ogg. 
    Ask about the potion, when she puckers up, use the Custard Pie on 
    yourself, and then take the potion. Exit her house, then go to the 
    Broken Drum.
    Talk to the Barman about Wine, Use the Nail in the Beam (near the 
    Braggart), then put the Sheep picture on it. Talk to the Braggart, and 
    when you get him a drink, put some Truth Serum into it before you give 
    it to him, and he'll tell you where the Temple of Offler is.
    Go to the Inn. Enter the building, and look at the door. Talk to the 
    Bogeyman (double click the door), then use the screwdriver on him. Talk 
    to him again, and use the Anger icon (The cloud), follow him to the 
    Broken Drum, and talk to the Barman until he gives you a drink. Pick up 
    the Tankard, go into the Cellar, and use it on the Barrel with 
    Elderberry Wine in it. Put the Tankard in Rincewind's pockets, then exit 
    the Building, and go to the Temple of Offler.
    Walk along until the Monk talks to you, after you've climbed back up, 
    use the Carpet on the bridge, then cross the bridge to the other side. 
    Take the Bandana from the hat stand, use the Dragon Leash on the 
    Luggage, then the Bandana on Rincewind, fill your Pouch with sand, then 
    use it on the Eye of Offler. Exit the Temple, and go to the University's 
    Dining Room.
    Talk to the Lecturer in Recent Rune's, and use the question mark on him. 
    Go down to the Library, and pick up the Magic Book (it should be where 
    the Sleazy Guy was standing). When you have it, walk all the way back to 
    the Dwarven Mine, and give the Elderberry Wine to the blue Dwarven 
    Smith, and then give him the Sword, and he'll tune it. After that, exit 
    the mine, to lead you into..
     Act 4
    When the cut-scene has finished, go to the Palace, and into the Dungeon, 
    and use Mambo the dragon on the Hot Coals, exit the building, and go to 
    Nanny Ogg's house. Use the dragon on the Cauldron, and finally use a 
    lit Firecracker on him. After you've done that, exit the house and 
    you'll automatically be taken to the City Square. When you get the 
    chance, use the Custard Pie on the big Dragon, to end the game.
    ... And that's it.

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