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    Walkthrough by Anonymous

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    -----Act I------
    Rincewinds room: open the wardrobe, take the pouch
    Arch chancellors room: talk to him
    Closet: take the broom
    R`s room: use the broom on the luggage, there's a banana in him already
    Library: give the banana to the librarian and he'll get the book, take it to
             the arch-chancellor you now need 5 objects, dragon breath, staff, an
             imp, a hair roller and a frying pan
    Dining room: swap the broom with windle-poons staff
    Outside the UU: talk to the apprentice ? him. Get the frog. Double click on the
                    university door to open it.  You are now on the city map, run
                    the mouse slowly around it to find: the drum, palace, park,
                    inn, unseen university(UU), Alley, Livery Stable(LS), City 
                    gates(C G), Square and Street
    Square: pick up a tomato, throw it at the tax-collector in the stocks, pick up
            another tomato, search the floor for a worm. Talk to the street urchin
            to learn the pickpocket and get some bloomers. Go into the  
            psychiatrists, leave, go in again, get the butterfly net.
    Street: Toy shop: get a toy, and the string. use the string on the worm. 
            Fishmonger: get the picture. Barbers: look at the hair roller. talk to
            the woman twice, talk to the barber, when he's daydreaming pick his 
            POCKET to get the hair-roller.
    LS: get the corn from the sack
    Palace: talk to the L guard-? him. enter the palace. in the bathroom take the
    Alley: put the mirror into R`s inventory. there is a glowing flagstone on the
           floor to catapult you onto the roof. On the roof look in the background
           for the tower. Go there. Use the mirror at the tip of the flagpole. Use
           the mirror again to readjust it. It catches the dragons breath. Go down
           to the roof again, move L until you see a ladder bridge, click on the 
           ladder and it will drop into the luggage. To exit double-click on the
    Alley: walk further down the alley, to the right. There is a door, go in. Look
           at the box, push the shutter release, put the corn in the flask. 
           Double-click on the imp to free him. He goes into the mousehole on the
           right outside. Use the worm on the string to get him.
    Drum: Talk to the scared guy. Talk to the barman. Get the tankard and matches.
    UU: go round the back of the university (Path), and take the fertiliser. Put 
        the butterfly net into R`s inventory. Use the ladder on the window. Use 
        the net to catch the pancake (easiest to catch it at the top of its flight)
        In the closet, use the matches with the shape, get the packet
    Kitchen: Get the banana & Frying pan
    Library: Look at the banana behind the sleazy guys ear, talk to him about it
    Arch-chancellors room: Give him the frying pan, hair roller, imp, staff
                           and dragons breath. When the city map appears, move
                           rincewind down and left, the clicks get closer together
                           as you near the dragon-its the dragon-detector making 
                           the noise. When you find him you get to.....
    -------Act II-------
    Barn: go back in the barn and take the screwdriver
    Library: give the sleazy guy all the treasure to get the gold banana
    Inn: Get the sheet off the bed and bubble bath from the bath-room
    UU: get the garbage can from behind the university
    Kitchen: get the cornflour
    Library: give the librarian the gold banana and he'll open L-space.... go 
             through and wait, a thief appears and takes a book. Later on you get 
             the opportunity to take this book. DON'T. If you take it then you 
             can't pass through L-space, a screen appears with death and friends
             on. Push the book to open the bookcase and leave. The night-time city
             map appears. Follow the thief to find the Hide-out.
    Hide-out: double click on the L-hand drainpipe to adjust it. It will be used
              later to listen in for a password.
    Inn: go in the bedroom and use the sheet on rincewind. Double click on the
         jewellery box. He ends up with a hammer. The scared guy didn`t tell you 
         this bit before...
    Park: Use the frog on the drunk. Use the net to catch the butterfly (it may 
          still be in R`s inventory)
    Street: Open the dunny door, and read the graffiti. Go to the corner and use 
            the butterfly on the lamp and get the pot on the windowsill.
    Drum: Look at the picture behind the little guy, use his glass when he turns to
          start a fight. Outside, use the ladder with the drum shingle to get a 
          drumstick. Go back through L-space (enter the hole by the UU to get in
          the library).
    Drum: Talk to the scared guy again for info on the hammer, look at the drinks 
          (counterwise wine) and ask the barman for a drink. Get the glass.
    Street: Get the robe from near the dunny, get s hogswatch doll from the toyshop.
            Go back through L-space.  Let the thief steal the book again, but get 
            to the hide-out before him. When he arrives, use the glass on the right
            hand drainpipe to listen for the password.  Use the robe on rincewind.
            Watch the summoning etc...
    Inn: Do the same as before with the sheet, this time you get the Gate-pass. Go
            through L-space.
    Dining-Room: use the drumstick on the gong. get the prunes outside the UU
    Square: Enter the psychiatrickerists, talk to the troll, wait as its your turn.
            Get the inkblots from the psychiatrickerist. Go in again talk to the
            maid for a note. Get a donut from dibbler and give it to the dunnyman.
            Talk to the street starfish.
    Street: Give the barber the note, use the apparatus - you get a GOLD tooth
    City Gate: Open the crate, get a keg and fireworks. Give Carrot the gate-pass.
               Go out of the city.
    Dark Wood: On the way get the cockatrice feather and egg. Fill the pot with cus
               tard from the cauldron in nanny oggs house.
    Edge of the world (look along the horizon): double click on the coconut tree. 
               Use the net to get the coconut, and the screwdriver to open it. You
               can also tak e the lamp.
    Fishmonger: Use string to get the octopus. Put it and the custard in the dunny
                can. Exchange prunes for the fishmongers caviar. Get the belt with
                a GOLD buckle from him.
    Palace: use an inkblot on a guard to enter. talk to the peasant. Use the 
            garbage can with the fool. Use the bubble bath with the bath. Get the
            cap with a GOLD bell.  Go through L-space.
    Shades: Go right, go to the house. Talk to big sal (You must have read the 
            graffiti by the dunny) and ask for a special. Give her the egg, coconut
            and cornflo ur to get some yellow bloomers. Go through L-space.
    Square: Give the urchin the bloomers to get a handshake and a bra. Use the bra
            on the ladder.
    Shades: Give the mason a handshake to get a GOLD trowel.  Go right and find the
            hovel. Use the muffled ladder to cross. Try to take the key, Use the 
            feather on the thief, Take the GOLD skeleton key.  Alley: put the 
            hogfather doll into R`s inventory. Go to the roof. Use the doll with 
            the chimney.
    Alchemists shop: use the keg in the fireplace, and then the string with the 
                     keg. Exit, light the fuse hanging out of the drainpipe with 
                     the matches.  You get the GOLD brush.
    Barn: You now have all the gold items, so give them to the dragon
    Square: Talk to Nanny Ogg - ? her to get the carpet. Use sarcasm, she wants a 
            kiss, while she`s waiting, take the custard book from the stall. Go 
            through L-space
    Library: Before the thief comes, Take the dragon book (Its safe this time) and
             double click it on the custard book. This exchanges the book covers.
             Put the dragon book (custard inside dragon cover) into the empty 
    -------Act III--------
    Kitchen: take the spatula. 
    Arch-chancellors room: take the Hat
    Drum: Look at the drinks (Klatchian cactus juice) talk to the barkeeper twice.
          Take the worm from the glass and use string on it.
    Hide-out: Knock to get a custard tart
    Shades: Talk to big sal again. Hovel: open bag to get knife. Mural: (on wall 
            where the mason used to be..) use the spatula to get the soot 
            (=caml-flage) Street: take the barbers scissors, and appointment book.
    Square: Go into the psychiatrickerists twice, talk to the girl, use the 
            appointment book to get her autograph. You see the psychiatrickerist. 
            Get a bag of leeches from dibbler - open it. Use the knife on the 
            rubber belt on the dunny machine. Pick up an egg from the stall. Get 
            the snake on  the floor. Use the fertiliser, then the starch on the 
            snake. Talk to the Amazon.
    Woods: turn the crank, fill the pot from the bucket, use the screwdriver to 
           take the crank.
    Palace: Use an inkblot or leech to get past the guards. Get the brush from the
            bath. Go right, past the throne, go into the dungeon. Use the worm on a
            string with the hole by the cells. look at and use the rat, it turns 
            into an imp. Use the crank on the rack to the right to get a sword.  
            Get a bone from the skeleton. 
    Toyshop: Get a toy, use the bone on the gluepot
    Inn: In the bathroom, fill the pot with soap. Outside, go right. Give the bone
         to the dog. Talk to the sailor, then the innkeeper. look at the sailor's 
         tattoo and talk to the sailor again.
    Alley:  talk to the alchemist when he leaves to get corn, take the camera 
    UU: dining room, swap the snake with windle-poons staff.
    Edge of world: Use whistle on Rincewind. Light a firework and throw it at 
                   polly. Use the broom handle (staff) to extend the net, and use 
                   it to get polly. The whistle went over the edge. Look at the 
                   hat. Use the hat on the fork. use the chain of handkerchiefs. 
                   On A-Tuin, look for the glint, take it, use the hankiesto get 
                   back to discworld.
    Inn: give polly and the whistle to the pirate
    Livery Stable: Use the brush with the soapy water. Use the brush with the 
                   bumper bar. Look at the bumper, Look at the number plate, look 
                   at the bumper sticker (Lady Ramkins now appears on the city map)
    Alley: Put the knife in R`s inventory. Go onto the roof. Cut the ladder with 
           the knife. Go down to the alley and talk to the assassin. The donkey is
            now in th e square
    Square: Cut the donkeys tail (=moustache) off with the scissors
    Lady Ramkins: Use the knocker on her door. Go round the back. Look at the 
                  molten pile, talk to her. Use the doorknocker again, when she 
                  appears, go round the back and steal the rosette, leash, and 
    City Gate: Talk to carrot about swords
    Nanny Oggs: Double-click on the wool. Take the mallet from the wood pile. Use 
                the rosette on the sheep. Use the imp with the impsomatic camera. 
                Use the camera with the sheep. Use the sheep picture with the 
                octopus picture. Go through the hatch. Look at the potions. Talk to
                Nanny about the potions, use the custardt art on yourself to kiss 
                her. Take the truth potion. 
    Mine: use the sword on the swordsmith
    Woods: Give the barber the appointment book
    Street: Talk to the barber
    Square: Talk to the street starfish
    Alley: put the rubber belt in your inventory. Go up to the roof, then to the to
           wer. Use the belt on the flagpole tip, and bungee to get the transfer.
    Broken Drum: Use the nail on the beam. Hang up the sheep picture on the beam. 
                 Talk to the braggart. When you have the tankards, use the truth 
                 potion on them and continue the conversation, he'll tell you where
                 the temple of offler is. Ask the barman about elderberry wine. He
                 should mention foxes..
    Inn: go into the bedroom and look at the door. unscrew the door. Talk to the 
         bogeyman (use the angry conversation)
    Drum: Go down the trapdoor. Look for elderberry wine. Fill the tankard with it.
          Put it in R`s inventory, otherwise the luggage drinks it on route to the 
    Mine: Give the wine to the swordsmith, then the sword
    Gorge: get thrown off the bridge, then use the carpet on the monk. Enter the 
           temple. Take the bandanna (blindfold), use the leash on the luggage, use
           the blindfold on rincewind. At the altar fill the pouch with sand and
           use it on the eye.
    UU: In the dining room talk to the lecturer of recent runes about hero's.
    Library: search the library for a magic book (between where the L-space door 
             and sleazy guy were)
    ------ACT IV-------
    Square: Look for the key on lady ramkin and take it
    Lady Ramkins: Use the key on the dragons door. There is a molten pile on the 
                  floor. To get past this, use the magic carpet and click past. 
                  Take Mambo the drag on.
    Square: use mambo on the dragon. Give mambo a lit firecracker, use him on the 
            dragon again. To finish the game, use the love custard tart on the 

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