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    Walkthrough by Anonymous

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    		       Dragonsphere Walk-Through
    This walk-though is NOT chronological. In other words, you do not need 
    to follow it from top to bottom. In each portion of the game, you may
    visit a certain area more than once, so directions are provided for
    each visit...
    Section One (Inside the Castle):
     - King's Bed Chamber
    	Points: Open book on the nightstand.
    	Interesting Things: None.
     - Queen's Bed Chamber
    	Points: None.
    	Interesting Things: Read diaries.
     - Meeting Chamber
    	Points: Look at bookshelf. Look at books - lower bookshelf. Pull 
    	books. Pull tapestry on far right wall.
    	As PID, shift into bear, attack MacMorn with sword, then invoke 
    	Interesting Things: None.
     - Ballroom
    	Points: Take goblet, bone.
    	Interesting Things: Talk to scullery maid several times (5 or more).
     - Throne Room
    	Points: Look at Dragonsphere.
    	Interesting Things: be tough with MacMorn.
     - Council Chamber
    	Points: Take sword, shieldstone.
    	Interesting Things: Look at papers on table.
     - Waystation
    	Points: Talk to Shapechanger. Talk to Soptus. Talk to Merchant, 
    	ask for fruit. Talk to Faerie. 
    	As PID, admit you're a shapechanger but you didn't do anything. 
    	Point out the Queen Mother's evil, ASK "Is there anything I 
    	could give you to let me go?" Use Doll to heal guard captain. Jump 
    	into well.
    	Interesting Things: Talk to merchant again, just to chat. Jump 
    	down well as king.
     - Bottom of Well
    	Points: Take rare coin(This side of river). Shift into seal. Gaze 
    	into crystal ball, invoke crystal. Take emerald.
     - Stair Trap
    	Points: Put statue on stairs.
    	Interesting Things: Walk off WITHOUT putting statue on stairs.
     - Darkness Beast
    	Points: Read parchment.
    	Interesting Things: Walk by dog WITHOUT reading parchment.
     - King's Chamber
    	Points: Shift into bear, pull king. Give soul egg to king.
    	Interesting Things: None.
     - Stairway
    	Points: Push wall switch, wear crown (may have to do more than 
    	Interesting Things: None.
    SECTION TWO (Slathan, land of shapeshifters)
     - Guard post and pool monster
    	Points: Insist that you must get through and choose "can I offer 
    	something" Give any object. When you come back, talk to them 
    	before leaving. Throw shieldstone at stone. Take tenacles. 
    	As PID, offer to give guards something and choose Soptus Soporfic 
    	ONLY. After you drink, use doll to heal yourself (Make sure that 
    	you visit the Hermit's cave first.)
    	Interesting Things: Wise off to guards. Ignore the pool monster 
    	and walk by. Try talking to various weird-looking rocks and trees.
     - Wise Shifter
    	Points: Talk to wise shifter and get polystone. (If you do not 
    	get it, talk to him again).
    	Interesting Things: Talk to the shifter again after getting doll, 
    	go in again as PID.
     - Green monster room
    	Points: As the king, you cannot get by the monster. As PID, use 
    	the doll to heal the monster.
    	Interesting Things: None.
     - Shifter Village
    	Points: Talk to woman.
    	Interesting Things: None.
    SECTION THREE ( Brynn-Fann, Land of faeries)
     - Entrance to maze
    	Points: Talk to faerie: Give a non-violent answers to each taunt 
    	(Good day, I seek, May your).
     - The maze
    	Points: There is no 'maze' -- it is a maze of questions. The 
    	fast method is to find Ralph when he is RED (Talk to Sprite until 
    	you find Ralph) Ask permission to cross. Cross after asking 
    	despite what he says.
    	Interesting Things: Try crossing without permission. Ask the 
    	various sprites to tell you things and figure out the logic puzzle.
     - Butterfly King
    	Points: Answers to quiz questions: Anyone, I don't know, Trouble, 
    	Callash, I won't like it. Answers to second part: DO NOT choose 
    	"hostile race", "faeries", "prejudiced". Find the crystal flower 
    	and take it. As PID, open bottle of flies won from Caliph.
    	Interesting Things: Try to take the crown without the flies.
    SECTION FOUR (The Desert)
     - The trader in his lean-to
    	Points: Talk to the trader. Answer first question NO,  second 
    	question YES. He gives directions to the oasis in code.  SHAB is 
    	north, FALLA is south, ECLIPTUS is west, POPO is and. Example-
    	SOUTH SOUTH AND WEST. Take a bone if you do not have one.
    	Interesting Things: Answer yes to first question and follow these 
    	directionsinstead. Wander aimlessly around the desert.
     - Oasis
    	Points: Talk to shaman and get yellow powerstone.
    	As PID, talk to shaman and give them a spirit bundle. If you 
    	have used yours up on Llanie, you can make a new one -- Put 
    	feathers into bone and then put magic into the 'partial bundle' 
    	with the vortex stone.
    	Interesting Things: Talk to guard to get inside the tent. To go 
    	back home, head east out of oasis.
     - Tent interior
    	Points: None.
    	Interesting Things: If you are effusive in praise and not too 
    	eager to get down to business, you will get to see the 
    	belly-dance and will have to win fewer games to get prizes.
     - Gem Game
    	Points: Play until you have won three prizes.
    	As PID, come back and win two more prizes.
    	Interesting Things: None.
     - Spirit Plane
    	Points: None.
    	Interesting Things: Walk off to the east.
     - Floating Disks
    	Points: Get to the other side. Follow the path on the map, only 
    	mirror it.
    	Interesting Things: Make a wrong jump.
     - Snakes
    	Points: Use the shifter ring to turn into a snake and go across.
    	Interesting Things: Cross without shifting.
     - Roc
    	Points: Use vortex stone to take magic from grapes. Wait until the 
    	roc has eaten the grapes and they don't reappear. Throw the dates 
    	(Won as a prize from Caliph). Get the soul egg. Put the black 
    	sphere (aquired in sorcerer's tower) in the nest. Head off to 
    	the west.
    	Interesting things: Try to take the soul egg without distracting 
    	the roc first.
    SECTION FIVE (The Mountain)
     - Base of mountain
    	Points: If you are nice, you get the amulet. If you don't get 
    	it here, you get it later.
    	Interesting Things: Talk to Llanie. If you balance nice and 
    	average answers(middle and bottom choices), she gives you a kiss.
     - Waterfall
    	Points: Take the gold nugget( to the left of waterfall).
    	Interesting Things: None.
     - Hermit's cave
    	Points: As PID, put spirit bundle on Llanie, then talk to Llanie 
    	and build poem. The poem: "Thou art a rose -- but no! For no rose 
    	as fair did ever grow in any land". Then use the doll to heal 
    	Interesting Things: Llanie gives you the amulet if you amulet if 
    	you don't already have it, and the parchment.
     - The shak nest
    	Points: Take feathers.
    	Interesting Things: Use sword to carve up bird figurine. Make 
    	noise with birdcall. Talk to the shak, but don't admit you're 
     - The monster
    	Points: Use sword to attack monster.
    	Interesting Things: Let time run out without using sword.
     - The shak by the waterfall
    	Points: Take mud (the dark patch by the waterfall).
    	Interesting Things: Try to get by the shak, Talk to him. As PID, 
    	come back here to go west.
     - Pillar jumping
    	Points: Follow directions on the map to get to other side.
    	Interesting Things: Jump to the wrong pillar.
     - The nest
    	Points: Take the belt.
    	Interesting Things: None.
    SECTION SIX (The Tower)
     - The tower outside
    	Points: Answer the vines: "red", "leg", and "beef stew" .
    	Interesting Things: You have to go behind the tower to get by 
    	the tangle. Don't answer the vines correctly. 
     - The eye chamber
    	Points: Throw mud at eye.
    	Interesting Things: Try walking by. 
     - Room of magic
    	Points: Take music box. Take vortex stone(far right on the 
    	Interesting Things: None.
     - Science room
    	Points: Use vortex stone to take magic from rope. Take rope. Take 
    	flask, put flask on metal plate, turn petcock, take flask of acid. 
    	Open cage(bottom right corner), put dead rat in freezer, Take 
    	contents of freezer(The little window in the side of the freezer).
    	Interesting Things: None.
     - The elevator, bottom and middle
    	Points: None.
    	Interesting Things: Push buttons to go up and down. 
     - Top
    	Points: Put ratsicle on doorframe. Put tentacles on doorframe.
    	Interesting Things: Walk through the teleport door without taking 
    	it down.
     - Dungeon room
    	Points: Take torch. Pour contents of flask of acid on floor. Tie 
    	rope to manacles (the ones near the hole). Use the go-arrow to 
    	go down the hole (but first you must place the torch, see below).
    	Interesting Things: None.
     - The stone pedestal chamber
    	Points: None.
    	Interesting Things: Can't come in here unless you have the torch. 
    	Try walking on the glowing blue floor.
     - Waterfall machine
    	Points: Put teleportal in the window.   
    	Interesting Things: None.
     - Sorcerer's room
    	Points: During first pause, use polystone to mimic blue powerstone. 
    	During second phase, throw blue powerstone at circle of the spheres. 
    	After cut-scene --  take black sphere, map(upper middle wall), crystal 
    	ball and spirit bundle (in the chest).
    	Interesting Things: See what happens if you don't do it right.

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