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    Walkthrough by CHawkins

    Updated: 04/07/92 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

            L E A T H E R   G O D D E S S E S   O F   P H O B O S !   = 2 =
                                   Complete Walkthru
                                     April 7, 1992
        Well, haven't done a walkthru in a while, these days I have lots of work
    to do and don't play games as often. But this game looked pretty interesting
    so I decided to play it, and here is the complete walkthru. The game is
    actually separated into two different games, and it varies depending on which
    character you choose, and I will deal with them one by one. Also, a LOT of the
    things you can do in the game aren't necessary to win the game, so I have
    omitted them. If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me. Have fun!
    -Captain Hawkins
    The Neutral Zone
         You start off in front of your gas station, go into the garage next to the
    gas station, get the transmitter from within the car, and get the rubber hose
    from under the hood. Next, go over to Lydia's house and talk to his brother and
    find out what kind of food a Germanium-based lifeform needs, and how to heal
    one. Go into Professor Sandler's room and turn on the machine (rain-making
    machine.) Next, go to the bar and get the bottle of bourbon. Then go over to the
    Doctor's office, open the cabinet, and get the sulfer from there. Then go over
    to the Diner and get the bowl on the table.
         Next, go to the river (beyond the crashed spaceship) and enter the boat.
    The boat will take you to the military base. Enter the base through the broken
    fence, then enter the barracks. Open the locker there, get the uniform and put
    it on. Leave the barracks and enter the General's office. Open the left drawer
    and get the key. Leave the office and enter the control room. Look at each of
    the round screens in the control room, one of them tells you a 3-digit code,
    write that down. And one of them should tell you add x to any 4-digit codes,
    write that down as well. Now leave the military base and go over to the
    General's house, unlock his desk with the key and get the purple envelope.
    Read the letter, it's from one of the prostitutes. Go over to the whorehouse
    and ring up the prostitute, she will see that you're holding her letter to the
    General and will give you a folder. Look at the folder, and look up the
    corresponding number in the manual. Go back to the military base, you will
    have to put on the uniform in order to enter it. Go to the lab and open the
    safe with the 4-digit code from the manual. (Add any values if necessary.)
    Pick up the radioactive isotopes. Then leave the military base. If you've done
    everything correctly to this point Lydia and her brother will appear and you
    will automatically go over to her house to receive the broadcast from Phobos.
         Now go to Dealer Dan (used cars), Barth should be there, give him the
    radioactive isotopes. Next, go into your inventory screen, put the rubber hose
    (from the garage) into the bowl, then put the bourbon (from the bar) into the
    bowl, and lastly, put the sulfer into the bowl, the mixture should melt. Give
    this mixture to Barth and he will be healed. Now you'll be surrounded by an
    angry mob. Use the transmitter and enter the 3-digit code from the control
    room, the mob will disperse, thinking there's a meltdown. Go back to Barth's
    spaceship and enter it. Talk to Barth and he will give you the eight items
    necessary to fix the ship. Just fit them into the corresponding holes. You
    will take off and head for Planet X.
         There isn't much to do on Planet X, just talk to the High Councel and she
    will give you the invisibility belt and the record. Blast off to Phobos, go
    into the Leather Goddesses' room with the invisibility belt turned on. If you
    didn't do this the first time don't worry, just go back again. When you're in
    there use the green record and it will record all their conversations. This
    wilil take quite a while, wait until the Leather Goddesses mentions about
    invading Earth. When that happens leave them. Go down into the dungeons and
    free the slaves from Planet X. Now go out and go over to the invasion fleet.
    Enter the flagship and go into the broom closet. Wait for the Leather
    Goddesses to board and take you back to Earth. Back on Earth, you're once
    again surrounded by an angry mob, go out and go over to KACR (the radio
    station), remove the playing record (if there's any) and put the green record
    (with the Leather Goddesses' evil plans) on and play it. The mob will then
    turn against the invasion force and you're the hero. That's it, the end.
         Playing Lydia is exactly the same as playing Zeke's game, except that you
    screw males instead of females. (Obviously.) And all important figures are now
    male instead of female. But the main objective is still the same. The game
    also starts at a different place.
         Playing Barth is quite different, the main objective is the get the eight
    items that will fix the ship. You start off next to the damaged spaceship.
    First, go left at the street to go the block tunnel and pick up the traffic
    cone. Then go into the town. Go into the sheriff's office and enter the cell,
    get the bar of soap, then use the blaster to blow a hole in the wall. Next,
    find the stop sign near the church, use your blaster and shoot the pole, then
    pick up the sign. Go over to the Diner and pick the grapes on the table. Next,
    go to Lydia's house and get the iron. Her little brother will want something
    to trade, give him the blaster and get the iron. Go into Professor Sandler's
    room and turn on the rain-making machine. Leave the house and go over to the
    souvenir store next to the Indian preserves, open the trash can and get the
    bottle. And push the button on the vending machine to get the dime. Next, go
    to the Bar and enter the pool room. Pick up the purple ball and put it into
    one of the six holes, all the balls will then appear, get the 8-ball. (The
    black one.) Next, go to the grocery store and give the dime to the owner, and
    pick up the pumpkin. Now go over to Dealer Dan's place, Zeke and Lydia should
    be there. Talk to both of them and get the hide patch and food (radioactive
    isotopes), after that the angry mob will appear.
         Wait and eventually the mob will disperse due to a "meltdown". Go back to
    your spaceship and fit the eight things you gathered from the town into the
    respective holes in the spaceship. You'll blast off to Planet X. Go to the
    High Council and listen to them, and pick up the invisible belt and the green
    record. Leave Planet X and head for Phobos. After this the game is pretty much
    the same as the one for Zeke, see above for more information.

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