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                           Access Software 1992
    There are basically two solutions to this marvellous game. 
    The short one and the long one. First, the short one.
    Cheat. Yes - cheat. Access has added a new feature to this product
    called Online Help. You can select help by clicking the "?" box on
    the command button line.
    You may be discouraged from doing this by the manual, which says
    you won't get any more help if you use up all your 170 points, and
    that if you fall below 100 points you won't see the hero's finale.
    Forget it. You can cheat the program as many times as you like by
    saving the same scene twice under two different names, using the
    online help feature in one of the saved games to get your clue,
    then loading the other saved game to continue.
    Example: Jason's apartment. If you can't find the decoding ring
    SAVE the game at that point and call it "APT" or whatever. As soon
    as the screen appears again SAVE the game once more, only this time
    call it something else - maybe "HELP" or what. Now when the
    apartment reappears you can use the "?" button as often as you
    like. Experiment and discover what has to be done. Then reload
    "APT" and play the scene again, getting all the items you need.
    The program assigns your diminishing score to each saved game.
    Since you hadn't used online help when you saved APT, Amazon
    assumes you never used it if you carry on from that saved game.
    It's not even cheating, really. The program allows you to do it, so
    no one gets to miss the ending.
    However, if that is still too difficult - here's the long solution,
    chapter by chapter.
              Note: I played the game on a regular VGA
              monitor. If you are using the Super-VGA option,
              you may need to make some slight allowances for
              these instructions.
    After the really great opening sequence, you arrive in the parking
    lot of Chapter 1. (You may see this frequently . . )
    Go into the Allister Research Building. OPEN the door to your own
    office. LOOK at the flashing light on the intercom. MOVE the button
    on the intercom to get a message. EXIT and walk past Ms. Flitch's
    desk (talking to her at this point will do no good) to the far end
    of the corridor. OPEN Mr. Thornick's door. The next sequence is
    automatic and you end up in your own apartment.
    LOOK at the two trophies on the bookshelf. Note the date (1952).
    PICK UP the letter opener from the table and USE it on the mail
    package. PICK UP the small metal key that falls out. [Note: save
    the game now in case you need to read the letter again later.] LOOK
    at the letter from Allen. This completes Chapter 1.
    Note the sequence of instructions from Allen. You won't be able to
    find the decoder now. You have to come back later. After reading
    the letter EXIT the apartment.
    Enter the research building and go through the open door into your
    office. OPEN the door of the cage and PICK UP the rat. EXIT the
    office now and go TALK to Darlene Flitch. The first conversation is
    useless, so TALK again until she tells you she hates rats. Go back
    to the door of your office (don't go in). SELECT the rat and place
    it on the floor. End of Ms. Flitch.
    Go to the key cabinet behind her desk and OPEN it. PICK UP the
    middle key on the lower row. Walk back past her desk to the outside
    doors. OPEN the doors and go to her car (the middle one). USE the
    keys on the trunk and PICK UP the bolt cutter and crowbar. Return
    to the building.
    LOOK at the key cabinet again and PICK UP the key to the display
    case. Now OPEN the door to Allen's office. OPEN the book and LOOK
    at it. USE the cabinet key to unlock the cabinet and PICK UP the
    audio tape. USE the display case key to open the display case and
    PICK UP the jungle potion. PICK UP the blowgun from the wall above
    the display case and also the dart stuck in the wall. LOOK at the
    movie on the counter top. (You can run it on the projector if you
    like, but it gives you no clues.) Note the title of the movie. Now
    MOVE the dartboard to reveal the safe. You can't unlock it yet, so
    Return to your office. OPEN the door to the cabinet beneath the
    intercom and PICK UP the alcohol bottle. MOVE the knob beneath the
    bunsen burner to turn it on. Now go into your inventory and drag
    the alcohol bottle across to the jungle potion, producing a beaker
    of liquid. USE the beaker on the bunsen burner. When it turns green
    PICK it UP again. EXIT your office.
    Walk past the secretary's desk again to the security vault doors.
    OPEN the doors. CLIMB the tree stump. In the inventory drag the
    dart on to the beaker, producing a dipped dart. Drag this on to the
    blowgun. USE the loaded blowgun on the male guard. [Note: you
    should only fire when he is walking back toward the guard house.] 
    Now save the game immediately. This is important as you are now
    going into the first timed sequence and speed is vital to avoid
    catastrophe. CLIMB down the tree stump and walk quickly to the
    garbage can. Before the bear reaches you, USE the bolt cutter on
    the chain securing the lid. Walk over to the guard's coat on the
    ground and PICK UP the vault key. Walk out of the compound through
    the guardhouse at the top of the screen and go over to the vault
    door. USE the key on the door. End of chapter 2.
    Don't worry. BOB's a pushover. Turn around and walk out of the
    vault and back to the guardhouse. The bear is gone, the lovers are
    still making out. Walk back to the garbage can and PICK it UP. Go
    back into the vault. Goodbye BOB. 
    Now MOVE the lever and open the doors to the vault. USE the crowbar
    to open the bottom right drawer. PICK UP the map, compass and
    microfilm. There's nothing else for you here, so walk out again,
    through the guardhouse, past the tree stump and back into the
    research building. 
    The library is now open. TALK to the librarian (you get nowhere the
    first time) and keep talking until she tells you she only leaves
    her post if the lights of her car are left on. Walk back along the
    corridor toward the outside doors. Go to the coat rack outside your
    office. PICK UP the coathanger by itself over to the right. Go to
    the parking lot and USE the coathanger on the librarian's car. Once
    inside, MOVE the light switch on the dash. Walk back into the
    building and TALK to the librarian again and tell her the car
    lights are on. This gets you into the microfilm machine. SELECT the
    microfilm from inventory and place it in the reader. MOVE the
    arrows to see all the message, then EXIT. Go back to the parking
    lot, SELECT your own car keys and USE them to get into your car.
    Your apartment has been ransacked. But the audio tape player is
    still working. SELECT the audio tape from inventory and USE it on
    the player. This gives you a scrap of paper (in inventory) with the
    combination of the wall safe in Allen's lab. [Note: SAVE the game
    now. You may need to go back and re-run the next step later.] Now
    PICK UP the decoder which is winking at you from the upturned
    armchair. Write down the sequence of these instructions - they are
    important. EXIT and go back to Allen's lab.
    In the lab, MOVE the dartboard if you didn't do so before. SELECT
    the scrap of paper from inventory with the combination, and USE it
    on the wall safe. PICK UP the money. EXIT. Go to your car, and USE
    your car keys to get in. This takes you to the end of Chapter 3 and
    the beginning of South America!
    In Cuzco airport PICK UP the jerrycan of lime encrusted water from
    the gas truck. OPEN the door of the truck and PICK UP the
    cigarettes which fall out. PICK UP the bicycle pump from the bike.
    Walk into the terminal building.
    TALK to the ticket agent and OFFER him money. He gives you a card.
    OPEN the door to the Green Monkey. TALK to the bartender and OFFER
    him the card. He tells you to talk to the pilots. TALK to them. You
    next find yourself on a plane to Rio Blanco. 
    SAVE the game immediately. You are now into a timed sequence and
    speed is vital. You are also at the end of a very brief Chapter 4.
    The pilot enters and threatens you. There is nothing you can offer
    him. Walk over to the cage of geese and wait. After the pilot has
    said "I'm waiting!" MOVE the latch on the cage. The geese fly out -
    and so does the pilot! 
    Now - quickly - PICK UP the parachute from the floor of the plane
    and walk over to the cockpit door (you can't close the outside
    hatch, so don't try). SELECT the chute from inventory and click on
    the cockpit door. This opens the door and gets you into the
    SAVE the game again immediately. The timed sequence here is very
    short. You must do three things here: a) MOVE the wheel to pull up
    the nose; b) MOVE the throttles to reduce speed; and c) MOVE the
    lever beneath the red flashing light to put down the flaps. You
    should successfully crash land on the water.
    SAVE again. The timed sequence continues rapidly. Walk over to the
    box on the right and MOVE it. You uncover another box marked
    'raft.' OPEN this box and PICK UP the raft. Now go into your
    inventory and drag the bicycle pump across to the raft, producing
    an inflated raft. USE the raft on the river outside the hatch, and
    this brings you safely to chapter 6.
    6. EL LOCO
    In the village of Rio Blanco, walk over to the pepper stand and
    PICK UP a handful of hot peppers. Now go over and enter the
    Cantina. If you TALK to the cook she will tell you the location of
    the telephone. On the counter in front of her is a knife. PICK it
    UP - but make sure she has her back turned to you when you do it.
    In your inventory, drag the knife over to the peppers, producing
    chopped peppers. Again, when the cook has turned away, USE the
    peppers on the plate of food on the counter. After the peasant boy
    has collected the plate, walk outside the Cantina and watch El Loco
    burn his tonsils out. 
    Go back into the Cantina. Most of the customers have now gone. PICK
    UP the coins, the lighter, and the cheese from the tables - again,
    being careful the cook is not watching. Leave the Cantina and go
    past El Loco to the door of the hotel. OPEN the door.
    Inside the lobby, you see an empty rat trap. PICK it UP and in the
    inventory drag the cheese across to the trap, producing a loaded
    trap. Place the loaded trap on the bottom stair. This kills the
    rat. Now you can PICK UP the wallet from inside the rathole without
    losing your finger. 
    Now MOVE the phone receiver off the hook. USE the pesos from your
    inventory (the Cantina cook's tip) and put them in the coin slot.
    MOVE the dial and let the number ring three times (did you write
    down these instructions in Chapter 3?). After the third ring, MOVE
    the phone hook and break the connection. EXIT and walk back to the
    SAVE the game before you go any further. Here you meet the lovely
    Maya (you never do quite see enough of her) and she engages you in
    conversation. She won't take you to Allen until you've answered
    three questions establishing your ID. The answers are: 1) 1952;     
    2) 3 sisters and 1 brother; 3) Wild Women of Wongo. This gets you a
    nice smile and she disappears.
    Leave the Cantina. You now have to sort out the bully El Loco. You
    will notice a ladder has appeared on the outside wall of the
    Cantina. PICK UP the ladder. Walk over to the far side of the well
    near the river bank and PICK UP the pole lying on the ground.
    (Meanwhile the poor peasant boy is taking such a slamming!) Walk to
    the left side of the hotel and USE the ladder against the hotel
    wall. CLIMB up it and USE the small pole on the sign above the
    hotel door. This brings it crashing down on El Loco's head. CLIMB
    down the ladder again and the peasant boy gives you a gold nugget.
    Don't hurry to Maya in the canoe just yet. First go across to the
    trading post. USE the money from the wallet to PICK UP several
    items you will need downriver - the paddle, the poison root, the
    fishing net, the extra ammunition, and the machete. EXIT and SAVE
    the game. Now go and CLIMB into the canoe with Maya. The next
    sequence is automatic and brilliant. End of chapter 6.
    As soon as you can, SAVE the game. This is another timed sequence
    and time is very short. It is also the first time you get to choose
    between playing Jason and playing Maya. You do this by clicking on
    the picture (at the top of the screen) of the character you want to
    activate. As the chapter opens, you are playing Jason. Stick with
    Jason for now.
    Quickly - walk to the sheet of corrugated metal and MOVE it. Then
    walk to the log and MOVE it too. Go immediately to Allen and SELECT
    the extra ammunition from inventory, giving it to him. You may need
    to save the game frequently here after each completed action. Now
    walk to the hanging vine and PICK it UP.
    Switch to Maya (the bridge is too fragile for Maya and needs
    repairing). She walks to the break in the centre of the bridge. USE
    the vine here. Maya can then cross to the other side. Switch back
    to Jason and walk him over the bridge too. Here, alas, Allen
    perishes nobly.
    You arrive at the Amazon Queen (strangely reminiscent of the
    African Queen in that great Humphrey Bogart movie). TALK to the
    captain and OFFER him cigarettes and the gold nugget. Then you get
    taken "down the river" - and how.
    You must get on board the boat without being seen or eaten. When
    Sam the guard disappears, walk over to the hollow reeds at the
    right of the screen. USE the poison root on the river, killing the
    fish with the nasty little choppers. Wait till the coast is clear
    again, then PICK UP a reed and enter the water [Note: you must do
    this from the right of the screen or the current will take you past
    the boat.]
    You swim across to the stern ladder. Wait for the guard to pass and
    CLIMB on to the boat. You are now in one of those classic Access
    software scenes, familiar to "Countdown" fans, in which you must
    keep moving to avoid the guard in a confined space. It helps if you
    SAVE the game here. Walk to the port side of the boat (that's the
    left, you landlubbers!) and PICK UP the fishing pole on the deck.
    Now walk up the deck beside the captain's cabin as the guard comes
    down the starboard side. Walk right around the cabin, keeping it
    between you and the guard as he passes on his round. 
    Go to the crate standing between the two cabins.  OPEN the lid and
    PICK UP the harpoon inside. Keeping out of sight of the guard, walk
    to the bow of the boat (the pointy end) and MOVE the harpoon gun so
    it's pointing down the deck. SELECT the harpoon and USE it on the
    gun to load it. You can hide behind the crates on the foredeck when
    the guard comes by. MOVE the crate on the left. It slides forward
    clearing your line of fire. Walk back to the gun and SAVE the game.
    When the guard comes again MOVE the trigger and spear him with the
    harpoon. You only get one shot and if you miss, you're dead - hence
    the wisdom in saving before you fire.
    Now the deck is clear. Walk back to the captain's cabin and LOOK in
    the porthole. USE the fishing pole to get the keys. EXIT and go to
    the cabin where Maya is being held.
    SAVE the game before you enter, as another timed sequence will
    begin which requires rapid action on your part. USE the keys to
    open the door. Enter Maya's cabin - be quick, the captain is
    gunning for you. MOVE the bar in the corner to block the door. USE
    the knife to cut Maya's ropes. Be careful to walk around only
    between shots through the door. If you're in motion when the bullet
    is fired, you're gone. MOVE the handle on the glass cabinet to open
    it. PICK UP the bottle of rum. PICK UP the rag from the table
    (ignore the plate - it's a diversion). In your inventory, drag the
    rag to the bottle of rum. Don't light it yet. Walk to the porthole
    and OPEN it. Go into inventory again and drag the lighter across to
    the rag in the bottle, producing a molotov cocktail. USE the
    molotov on the open porthole. Then walk quickly to the door and
    MOVE the bar. OPEN the door and walk out. You must do all this
    before the gunpowder outside the porthole explodes. If you escape
    successfully, you come to the cannibal village.
    Time is short here too. SAVE the game as soon as you can to avoid
    being eaten. This is the second time in the game when you have to
    choose between playing Maya or Jason. Select Maya to begin, and
    walk to the river bank. USE the fishing net to snare the passing
    crate of fireworks in the river. SELECT the fireworks and walk to
    the fire. USE them on the fire. That was the easy part.
    Now click back on Jason and walk him to the rock beside the river.
    MOVE it and PICK UP the worm (before he slithers away). In the
    inventory, drag the worm to the fishing pole and USE the baited
    hook in the river to catch a fish. Next, go over to the native hut
    on the left of the screen and PICK UP the ladle in the doorway.
    Walk to the pot and MOVE it on to the fire. From your inventory,
    SELECT the jerrycan of lime encrusted water and put it in the pot.
    Then SELECT the fish and do likewise. 
    Now switch back to Maya. Walk her over the bridge across the stream
    and down to the plant beside the river. PICK UP the plant and walk
    back to the pot. SELECT the plant and put it in the pot. The
    healing mixture will now brew. SELECT the ladle (Maya) and USE it
    on the pot. SELECT it again (important) and it will now be filled.
    Walk over to the boy and USE it on him. [Note: the timing for all
    this is very short and may require several tries. So save, save,
    Now you get your first river ride!
    There's no secret to the river ride, except that you have to pay
    attention to the instructions you received after healing the boy.
    "At the first branch go left, at the next two branches go right, at
    the following branch go left." 
    So just do that, and save frequently.
    This brings you finally to Hans Stroheim. You must OFFER Stroheim
    the map and the compass. In return he asks you to go find evidence
    of the fabulous treasure in the last camp of the Conquistadors.
    At the site of the Conquistadors' camp PICK UP the long wooden
    plank and then USE it on the moss covered boulder. This makes a
    springboard. Click on Maya and walk her to the lower end of the
    plank. Click on Jason and walk him to the tree stump. CLIMB the
    stump. Jason then automatically propels Maya up to the first tree
    platform where she can CLIMB to the upper platform. Maya walks to
    the edge of the upper platform and MOVES the vine, swinging across
    to the treehouse. Maya should then MOVE the rope so Jason can CLIMB
    up and join her. 
    Walk both characters over to the pulley, one by one. Walk Maya
    slightly further than Jason (only slightly) into the basket. Jason
    must then MOVE the pulley rope to haul Maya up to the treehouse.
    Maya must walk very carefully to the door of the treehouse - SAVE
    frequently here. From the top of the pulley, it's 4 steps to the
    left (4 sounds of footfall). 1 step forward. 1 step left. It can be
    In the treehouse, PICK UP the key from the chain around the
    skeleton's neck. USE the key on the chest. PICK UP the scroll
    inside and read it. USE the machete to clear away the vines and
    leaves behind the chest, exposing another skeleton. USE the machete
    again on the breastplate of the armour and PICK UP the emerald.
    EXIT the scene and you arrive back at the hut of Hans Stroheim.
    He now tells you how to get to the site of Allen's camp which was
    attacked. But you have to ride the river again. Note the
    instructions you receive - they are, in fact, the opposite of the
    ones you got before. At the branches: RIGHT, LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT.
    Just do it again!
    This brings you to a macabre scene, and the end of another short
    Click on Jason and walk to the front of the jeep. MOVE the winch
    (not the red lever) and hang a wire to the log resting on the
    tarpaulin. Walk over to the body in front of Holbrook's tent and
    PICK UP the chain on the ground. Walk to the log on the tarp and
    USE the chain on it. Go to Holbrook's tent and OPEN it. PICK UP the
    gasoline can there. Go to the jeep and USE the gasoline in the gas
    tank at the back. MOVE the gas cap lying on the floor to seal the
    gas tank. Go to the body on the ground to the left of Holbrook's
    tent and PICK UP the key from his hand. Return to the door of the
    jeep and USE the key. This starts the engine. Go round to the front
    of the jeep and MOVE the red winch lever. This hauls up the log.
    Either Jason or Maya can now walk to the tarpaulin and MOVE the
    corner, exposing a box of dynamite. OPEN the box and PICK UP the
    dynamite. Now walk (Jason or Maya) to the bottom of the screen and
    OPEN the watertight box there. PICK UP the geiger counter and USE
    it on different objects in the screen. The sound effects are good
    and they vary in different areas of the screen, leading you to the
    plant behind the jeep. It gives off heat! MOVE the plant and expose
    an arrow in the tree. PICK UP the arrow, and then you are finished
    in the camp. EXIT for the third and last run at the river.
    This time it's tricky. It's the same river, and the same rocks, but
    you have no directions. 
    At the branches go RIGHT, RIGHT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT. Yes - FIVE
    branches this time. Keep saving regularly. At least you are a more
    experienced canoeist this time!
    When you have successfully navigated the river for the last time,
    you go over a spectacular waterfall. Look closely now: this is the
    best view of Maya you're going to get!
    You are into a timed sequence here again. Quickly, folks. Under the
    waterfall, MOVE the tree limb leaning against the rock to expose
    the secret passage. USE the arrowhead on the door to open it.
    On the suspension bridge, ignore the flying arrows and walk to the
    middle of the bridge between the two pillars. Stay close beside the
    wall on your right. Don't go beyond the second pillar. Wait there
    for Sanchez and his men to break through the door and shoot the
    guards. As soon as - i.e. immediately - you regain control of the
    screen, go to your inventory and drag the lighter across to the
    dynamite, producing lit explosives. USE this on the bridge where
    you are standing (i.e. about half way down on the right) and then
    walk quickly towards the temple in the distance - before it blows
    up! End of Sanchez.
    But now comes . . the pit of death!
    You only have a few seconds here. It can be tricky. SAVE the game
    as soon as the scene opens. First, PICK UP the bootlaces in front
    of the skeleton. Then PICK UP the broken spear leaning against the
    wall. MOVE the turtle shell over to the wall and CLIMB on it. The
    creature will have appeared by now. PICK UP the burning torch above
    your head. This keeps the thing at bay for a few moments. Go
    forward a bit and USE the knife on the flower hanging down in front
    of you. It begins to drip its sap on the floor. Go back to the
    shell. When the torch burns out the creature will come for you but
    gets distracted by the honeysap. 
    Go immediately to your inventory and drag the bootlaces over to the
    broken spear, then drag the knife over that. This will produce a
    knife spear. USE the spear on the giant ant's underbelly -
    [Important note: you thrust the spear by using the UP ARROW key.
    Clicking the spear on the ant doesn't work].
    When the creature is dead, the game is over.
    The hero's finale is, I think, a bit disappointing.
    After the build-up in the manual you are expecting something more.
    Unfortunately, it's an automatic sequence and you have no part to
    play. You're not even given the choice of taking Maya or the
    emeralds. It all ends like the final scenes on Love Boat. 
    Given the choice, I would have taken the jewels. At least with them
    you could have had any blonde in a white bikini anywhere in the
    world, and the money too!
    But it is only a fantasy. And still, an excellent game!

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