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    FAQ/Walkthrough by MarKiarA

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    ----------THE LEGEND OF KYRANDIA, BOOK 2: THE HAND OF FATE-----------
    version 1.00
    FAQ by Mark Wilson, a.k.a. MarKiarA. Monday. 14th of October, 2002. The Legend 
    of Kyrandia, Book 2: The Hand of Fate is a PC game developed by Westwood 
    Send all questions, corrections etc. to shmarkash@hotmail.com.
    1. Introduction
    2. Characters
    3. Controls
    4. Walkthrough
    5. Secrets and Quirks
    6. Conclusion
    As taken from the back of the case:
    "Now you see it. Now you don't.
    The land of Kyrandia is disappearing piece by piece and all the evidence 
    points towards one perilous conclusion: A Curse!
    Thus begins the Hand of Fate, second in the Fables and Fiends series, where 
    you are the offbeat, young mystic who must voyage to the centre of the world 
    to break the spell. Out of sync and out on foot, your aberrant journey reveals 
    nothing is what it seems. Everything is what it isn't. And you can count your 
    friends on one hand. Literally."
    Hand of Fate is a very old and hard-to-find game, but seeing as only 2 FAQs 
    were written for it, I decided to write one. 
    But before I start, I must ask you to use this FAQ _only_ when you are 
    completely stuck and have tried everything. And most of all, TALK TO EVERYONE 
    IN THE GAME. If you don't, you miss most of the humour and will not have a 
    clue as to how to continue. That said, let's begin...
    The ditzy young Mystic who you will be in control of for the whole game. She 
    was "volunteered" to journey to the centre of the Earth and obtain a magic 
    Anchor Stone, but when her house was robbed and her portal-making ingredients 
    were stolen, she found herself on a twisting adventure to the Wheels of Fate.
    Zanthia's sidekick, who takes the typical "I'll stay back and watch"-type 
    attitude. He stays at Zanthia's house the whole game, only interrupting to 
    bring her the latest news on Kyrandia's situation.
    A bumbling idiot who considers himself Zanthia's hero, when really she is 
    the one who always saves him. He is also secretly in love with her.
    An enigmatic character, who is Marko's valet. Always seen following Marko 
    around, there is a dark side to this supposed sidekick.
    The controls are VERY easy to learn. It's simply point at whatever you want 
    to interact with, and click. If you click on something in the main window, 
    you will either talk to it or pick it up. If you click on something in Zanthia's 
    inventory, you will pick it up. To see Zanthia's potion list, click on her 
    spellbook. To make a potion, grab an item from her inventory and click on 
    the cauldron. That's all there is to it!
    NB: Whenever I say to "pick up" an item, it means to pick it up and put it 
    into your inventory.
    PART ONE: Sorrow in the Swamp
    You will start inside Zanthia's house. Pick up the flask in the bookcase. 
    Click on the crumpled rug for another flask, full of water. Pick up the 
    blueberries, then exit the house (to the left). In the swamp, pick up the 
    blueberries and walk up one screen. Watch the tree disappear, then walk left 
    one screen. Click on the hollow stump to get your spellbook back! Walk up 
    one screen. Click on the small twisty part of the Gnarlwood tree (protruding 
    from the ground) to get some gnarlybark. Click on the protruding leaves just 
    above the Gnarlwood tree to get an onion. Walk up one screen, then left one 
    screen, then up one screen. Use the flask of water on the fireberries to cool 
    them down, then take sll of them. Walk into Herb's shack. Take the bag of 
    plant food (the one with the plant symbol on it) and the stool belonging to 
    the toads... toadstool, geddit? Also take the flask. Now, exit his shack and 
    walk down one screen and left one screen. Push on the tree, then take the 
    skeleton key from the hand. Walk left one screen. Click on the tree with the 
    hole in it to get your cauldron back! Walk down to the little peninsula so 
    that the crocodile comes out of the water, then feed it an onion. Bottle its 
    tears in a flask. Now, put the tears in your cauldron. You can also put in 
    the gnarlybark and the stool. Walk up one screen and grab the sulphur, then 
    put it in the cauldron. Bottle some hot water from the springs in a flask 
    and put that into the cauldron as well. Now, walk back to the ferry. In case 
    you need instructions: from the springs, go down, right, right, right. From 
    the ferry, go right one screen and right again. After the conversation with 
    Marko, take the onion (the protruding leaves, remember?) and put it in the 
    cauldron.  Congratulations - you now have a Swampsnake Potion! Put it in a 
    flask for later use. Now, go down one screen. For this next part, be ready 
    with a pen and paper, because you will need to write down the order in which 
    the various colours flash. Ready? Feed a blueberry to any of the fireflies. 
    Now that you have the combination, walk up one screen. Walk right, into the 
    cave. Walk up to the sleeping mouse. For this part, you can either use the 
    bottled Swampsnake Potion on Zanthia or the mouse. It doesn't matter which 
    one you choose. Now that the mouse is gone, walk right one screen. Clicking 
    on one of the skull's teeth will make it flash a certain colour, so use the 
    combination you got from the fireflies for the correct order in which to click 
    the teeth. The skull's mouth will open. Use the skeleton key on the chest. 
    Click on the open chest once to receive the Alchemist's Magnet (!) and then 
    once again for the mouldy cheese. Now, walk all the way back to the Natural 
    Bridge (from the skull cavern: left, left, left.) and give the cheese to the 
    fishermen. Walk left, down and down. You can choose to help Marko, if you 
    wish, by feeding the plant food to the open-mouthed plant. Walk right one 
    screen, and pick up the anchor. Use the Alchemist's Magnet on it to turn it 
    to gold. Now walk back to the ferry (from the jetty: left, up, up) and discover 
    that the dragon has burnt it down. Go right, right and down to find one letter. 
    Go back to the dragon, then go left twice for another letter. From there, 
    go left then up for another letter. Finally, from the dragon, go down, down, 
    right and down for the last letter. Give them all to the dragon to go to...
    PART TWO: Turmoil in the Town
    Start by clicking on the haystack to retrieve one of Zanthia's flasks. Click 
    on a protruding wheat stalk to get wheat. Pick up the letter. Walk down one 
    screen. Deliver the letter to Farmer Greenberry if you want. Walk left one 
    screen. Click on the stick that's jamming the waterwheel to get the gears 
    turning again, then turn the wheel on the pipe. Walk right twice. Pick up 
    the Alchemist's Magnet. Click on the elephant's trunk to water the plants, 
    then take a lettuce and a radish. Walk back to the haystack, and bottle the 
    ghost with a flask. Now, walk back to the elephant trunk screen and use the 
    ghost on the scarecrow. Walk left one screen, and take the bowl from the 
    dragon. Also, take the vinegar from the shelf. Walk left one screen, and put 
    the wheat in the grinder (the thing that the Hand is pumping). Now, scoop 
    out the ground wheat with the dragon's bowl. Put the ground wheat and the 
    lettuce in your cauldron. Put the radish in the grinder, then scoop it out. 
    Mix the vinegar with the ground radish to create mustard, then put the mustard 
    in your cauldron. Walk back to the haystack screen, and use the bottle on 
    the sheep. Walk down one screen and click on the cellar doors. Take the shears 
    (hanging off the shelf) and both a right-side up and upside-down horseshoe. 
    Put the milk in the funnel of the cheese machine. Walk slightly to the right 
    of the machine then click on the long handle. Take the cheese and put it in 
    your cauldron, and you have now completed your second potion - the Sandwich 
    Spell! Put it in a flask, then use the flask on Zanthia. Put the sandwich 
    in your inventory and pick up the flask again. Climb back up the stairs to 
    the house. Walk left, then use the upside-down-U-shaped horseshoe on the 
    electricity. Walk back to the haystack screen then right one screen. Use the 
    sandwich on the guards. Now that you are inside the city, click on the stick 
    in the seahorse statue's mouth, and put it in your inventory. Walk right one 
    screen, pick up the parchment, and put it in your spellbook. Now pick up the 
    other items and put them into your inventory. Use the magnet on the glittering 
    thing in the water to get the key. Be sure to pick up the magnet again. Walk 
    to the top-right exit, to the screen with a rabbit statue. Empty your cauldron 
    if you haven't done so already (pull the chain at the side). Click on the 
    pool of water underneath Zanthia (you may have to move) to get some mud. Use 
    the mud on the rabbit's foot to get the rabbit's footprint, then put it in 
    your cauldron. Also put in the cauldron the right-side-up-U-shaped 
    horseshoe. Now walk all the way back to Farmer Greenberry's house and give 
    the bowl back to the dragon. Now take the bowl back again (so cruel :p) and 
    collect the tears in a flask, then tip them into your cauldron. You should 
    now have reptile tears, a mud footprint, and a lucky horseshoe in your 
    cauldron. Walk up one screen and use the shears on the sheep to get the wool. 
    Pick up the wool. Now, walk to the seahorse statue screen and from there, 
    up one screen (move the mouse to the very top of the screen). The domes on 
    the wooden beer glass all flash different colours when clicked, just like 
    the skull's teeth... you guessed it. Enter the fireflies' sequence into the 
    domes and enter the pub. Take the mug from the table, and use it on the hanging 
    keg. Use the now-full mug on the bowl to "create" rootbeer. Now, mix the 
    vinegar with the bowl rootbeer to create sweet and sour sauce. Put this into 
    the cauldron to finish your third potion - the Skeptic Serum! Actually, it's 
    not quite finished, but who cares? Fill both of your flasks with the serum. 
    Now, try to leave the pub. Listen to the pirate's poem, then click on the 
    podium. NOW you can leave. Walk back to the rabbit statue screen. Go right 
    one screen. Use the stick on the rope. Put the stick back in your inventory, 
    and walk right one screen. Put each Skeptic Serum on the Altar to produce 
    completed Skeptic Potions. Walk left, use the stick on the rope again, and 
    put it back in your inventory. Walk back to the freaky fish-house screen, 
    then to the bottom right exit. You should now be at a ship. Use a Skeptic 
    Potion on the man in the yellow suit. Now, walk back to the seahorse-statue 
    screen. (The screen you see when you first walk into town). Walk into the 
    house you can see. Use your Skeptic Potion on the man behind the counter. 
    Walk up one screen, then into the pub. Click on the guy with the red shirt, 
    then click on the guy with the blue shirt. Use the Alchemist's Magnet on the 
    gold tooth on the ground. It will turn to lead. Pick it up. Now, walk out 
    of the bar, then down, left, left, down and left. Put the lead tooth into 
    the grinder, and put the lead coin you get into your inventory. Use the 
    Alchemist's Magnet on it to turn it into a gold coin. Now, walk right one 
    screen, then go down into the cellar. Pick up a right-side-up-U-shaped 
    horseshoes. Now, go back to the seahorse-statue screen (in case you need 
    instructions: right, up, right, right.) then walk up one screen to the pub 
    (don't go inside the pub). Place your horseshoe on the ground anywhere and 
    give your gold coin to the squid. Pick any of the shells to win another gold 
    coin. Give this gold coin to the squid and play again. Pick up your horseshoe 
    and your three gold coins, and go down one screen and into the house. Give 
    your three gold coins to the man behind the counter to receive a voucher. 
    Walk to the freaky fish-thing screen and then exit at the bottom right. Give 
    the voucher to the man to begin the trip. While on the ship, put the magnet 
    inside the coil of rope. After the cutscene, you will find yourself in...
    PART THREE: Vexation on Volcania
    NB: There is a very humourous storyline to follow here, but it takes awhile. 
    If you want to see it, go around the island collecting the various items and 
    giving them to the people you meet. If you want to go to the next part quickly, 
    follow this next instruction.
    After the costume change, go left one screen and pick up the stick and the 
    rock. Go right three times and pick up the flask and the rock. Go left twice 
    and click on the hot-air vent to go to...
    PART FOUR: Upsets Underground
    After yet another costume change, pick up the rock nearby and place it on 
    the vent you can see (looks like a mini-volcano). Also, pick up the lump of 
    lead. Walk left one screen, pick up the rock near the anchor door, and place 
    it on the on-screen vent. Also pick up the flask. Walk right twice and pick 
    up the stick, the lump of lead and the rock. Also click on one of the palm 
    trees to the left to get some crystal palm fuzz. Walk up one screen. Place 
    the rock on the vent. Pick up the lump of lead. Pick up the other rock you 
    can see. Now, use the stick on the dinosaur. When he brings it back, use it 
    on him again. Put the stick back in your inventory then click on the hot air 
    vent to get the black pebbles. Now, use the Alchemist's Magnet on the 
    heart-shaped lump of lead to get a heart of gold. Put the heart of gold in 
    your cauldron. Also put in your cauldron the black pebbles (teddy bear eyes) 
    and the crystal palm fuzz. You have now created a Teddy bear Potion! Put it 
    in a flask, then use the flask on Zanthia. Put both the teddy bear and the 
    flask in your inventory, and walk down one screen. Click on the dinosaur, 
    wait for the speech to end, then click on the dinosaur again. When the cutscene 
    has ended, walk left one screen. Use the red cloth on the dinosaur to enter 
    the Chamber of the Anchor! Watch the cutscene, then pick up the parchment, 
    put it back into your spellbook, and place a rock on the vent. Walk right 
    one screen, and stand on the round piece of rock in the middle of the boiling 
    lava pool to go to...
    PART FIVE: Irritation on the Island in the Sky
    After you land, click on the Zanthia-shaped hole to get a flask. Also, pick 
    up the pinecone near the trees. Go left one screen. Click on the rock near 
    the miniature trees to get some moss, then click on it again to break the 
    rock and get some more moss. A rolling stone will be left behind; pick it 
    up. Pick up the twigs just to the right of the bridge, and get some snow from 
    the pile near the knight. Walk right one screen. Use the twigs on the flint 
    (the large black boulder). Then use the rolling stone on the flint. Put the 
    rolling stone back in your inventory, and pick up the charcoal that is 
    produced. Now, put the charcoal, the moss and the snowball into your cauldron 
    to create a Snowman Potion! Bottle the potion, then walk left one screen. 
    Use the potion on the knight and put the flask back in your inventory after 
    the cutscene. Click on the castle to get a walnut. Walk left one screen. Pick 
    up the acorn growing on the tree near the statue. Use the Alchemist's Magnet 
    on the statue. Get the drum and the jack out of the box that appears. Walk 
    back to the screen with the shaking trees. Put the drum on the stump near 
    the trees. When you appear on the next screen, click on the squirrel. Then 
    give him the pinecone, the walnut and the acorn. Now, put the rolling stone 
    in the wooden wheel. After the cutscene, you will find yourself in...
    PART SIX: Misfortune in the Mountains
    After the costume change, grab the pink feather duster hanging on the cabin. 
    Walk into the house and pick up a cannonball near the left of the screen. 
    Click on the moose head to get some musk. Walk outside. Use the Alchemist's 
    Magnet on the cannonball to create a gold cannonball, then give the gold 
    cannonball to the woman with the baby. Take the lollipop off the baby. Grab 
    some snow from the right of the screen. Now, put the contents of your inventory  
    (except for the Alchemist's Magnet) into your cauldron to produce an 
    Abominable Snowman Potion. Walk inside the house and get the flask from off 
    the shelf, and put the potion in the flask. Walk outside, use the potion on 
    Zanthia, and walk back inside again. Okay, now that you're in the Yeti's Pad, 
    pick up the small green bottle of cologne and the box of chocolates. Click 
    on the pillow to produce some feathers. Now go up one screen and click on 
    the three icicles pointing up from the ground. Put everything except the 
    Alchemist's Magnet and two of the icicles in your cauldron to get another 
    Abominable Snowman Potion. Walk back inside, and pick up the flask from the 
    shelves behind the Yeti. Use it to bottle the potion. Now, walk outside and 
    use one of the icicles on the wall. After the Yeti carries you back inside, 
    walk outside again. Wait for the men to reach the ground, then use the 
    Abominable Snowman Potion on them. After the cutscene, use the icicle on the 
    wall. Walk right one screen. Walk inside the cabin. For this bit, you need 
    to flip the switches and get ingredients for the potions. You will then need 
    to put the completed potions in the glass globes. From left to right, the 
    potions are: Flying Shoes Potion, Sandwich Spell, Abominable Snowman Potion, 
    Swampsnake Potion, Teddy Bear Potion, Indigo Potion, and Skeptic Serum. The 
    ingredients to make an Indigo Potion are an amethyst and blueberries. After 
    the rainbow is complete, walk outside and get an icicle from the right side 
    of the cabin, on the roof. Use it on the cabin to go to...
    PART SEVEN: The Wheels of Fate
    From the Rainbow Bridge, walk right one screen and down one screen. Use the 
    Alchemist's Magnet on the gold mirror. Now walk inside. Go to the right of 
    the screen. You should now be in a room with 3 faces. Here, you need to solve 
    a puzzle to get the stick and a gear. You need to move the coloured circles 
    to each hole above the face, and get them in order from smallest to biggest. 
    Once you have the gear and stick, you should save. Walk left, then up to the 
    room at the top left. Use the gear on the protruding axle, then use the stick 
    on the gear. When the Hand appears and the final battle begins, click on the 
    gears. Now click on the Hand. Now click on the Hand again. The Hand will die 
    and peace will be restored to all of Kyrandia. 
    Congratulations on passing the Hand of Fate!
                                 THE END
    -------Secrets & Quirks------
    These are not essential in passing the game, but are still.. well... quirky!
    PART 1:
    Faun mimics Zanthia when she throws her hands up in her house.
    Clicking on the pair of eyes in the swamp produces a funny cutscene.
    A frog sometimes appears on the Gnarlwood tree, and jumps away when you click 
    on it.
    Clicking on the nest on the screen with the disappearing rock produces a 
    Some of the letters are addressed to people from the first Kyrandia game.
    PART 2:
    Farmer Greenberry can be seen chasing the possessed scarecrow across most 
    of the fields. 
    The items left lying on the ground near the fish-house are remains of 
    ingredients for the trance potion, and the Hand is lurking nearby. 
    What looks like the Hand is pumping the grinder on the waterwheel screen.
    When Zanthia says, "I wonder how Faun is doing?" at the rabbit statue, it's 
    because she's seen the statue's huge ears. :p
    Clicking on the various islands on the map in the ticket seller's house will 
    provide a funny reaction. 
    PART 3:
    A mysterious girl can be seen wandering the island at times...
    PART 4:
    The cloth Zanthia picks up on her dino-ride is part of her previous costume.
    The girl who steals an anchor stone is none other than the one seen on 
    Clicking on the green triceratops produces a funny animation.
    PART 5:
    Zanthia lands on an X at the beginning of the level (X marks the spot!).
    PART 6:
    The Abominable Snowman's dialogue can be decoded with this code:
    A E I O U B C D F G H J K L M N P Q R S T V W X Y Z
    A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
    Where the top line = Abominable Snowman-Speak
    And the bottom line = English
    PART 7:
    Zanthia makes a reference to the Three Stooges when the 3 faces are clicked 
    Alchemist's Magnet Secret:
    Just as the Alchemist's Magnet draws gold from lead, it can draw the "golden" 
    truth from people in the game. Using the Alchemist's Magnet on anyone in the 
    game will make them tell Zanthia their innermost secrets.
    Here is a list of the locations at which Zanthia can die.
    PART 1:
    Clicking on the hand with the skeleton key twice before you push the tree 
    Clicking on the crocodile twice.
    PART 2:
    Eating too much taffy/drinking too much root beer.
    Trying to swing over the gorge without the stick.
    Touching the electricity at the grinder screen.
    Travelling to Sandwich Island (don't change the ship's course) and being 
    eaten by cannibals.
    PART 3:
    Staying for too long on the pools of lava.
    PART 4:
    Clicking on the T-Rex twice.
    PART 5:
    PART 6:
    PART 7:
    Clicking in the wrong position in the battle with the Hand, or waiting too 
    long before clicking.
    (c) Mark Wilson, 2002. All rights reserved. Do not copy this text or put in 
    on your website without my permission.

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