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    Walkthrough by Zyamci

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     VENGEANCE OF EXCALIBUR is the second game in Virgin Mastertronic's Arthurian 
    series. The object of this game is to find the Shadowmaster, return the stolen
    treasures of Camelot, and change the King from stone back to flesh.
     For ease of use, I have split up the game episodes into smaller groups (which
    will have the name of a place in full caps). Inside each of those there are 
    the walkthru instructions. Right after the Episode heading, I tell what the 
    object of that episode is. Last of all, save the game as often as you wish; I 
    tell you to only at important times. I, myself, saved many more times for one 
    reason: to replay outcomes of particular battles. Unless otherwise noted, 
    view each battle with your fighters in it, and ignore all others. Commands are 
    in quotes like this: Have Nieve "use" the Holy Grail.
     Your object in this episode is to find the Gaunts d'Poeir and kill the shade
    of Breuse.
     Here you pick the knights to adventure on this quest. There is a minimum of
    7 knights and a maximum of 11 knights (the number depends on whether you 
    imported from SPIRIT OF EXCALIBUR) to choose. I suggest Lancelot as leader, 
    Edward as second, Ironside as the third, and Brandiles as your fourth.
     Welcome to medieval Spain! Go into Bayonne and have all the characters "give" 
    their gold to Lancelot. Also, if you heeded my advice and took Ironside, 
    select him and "use" the Runic Blade. Next, have Lancelot "trade" with the 
    merchant for a Healing Balm in exchange for 6 gold bessants. Leave the town
    and send your party in search of Sir Roland (the icon that looks like a normal 
     On the road you should meet a messenger sent by Merlin and a monk. When you 
    reach Roland, hire him for 5 gold bessants per week. Now send your party to
    Pamplona. Try to avoid all encounters. There is a neutral Basque on the road 
    who tells you to leave Spain. Keep going, and you should be attacked by 2 
    groups of Basques, one with 35 people and the other with 50. 
     After you kill the second group of Basques you will run into Diego Garcia, 
    who will offer to show you a path through the mountains for some item you do 
    not have yet; accept.
     Save the game here, and call it something like DWARF or DWARVES for 
    easy reference. Now, click on the right side of the screen, then on the door 
    in the center of the screen. Now, click on the right again (and again for a 
    total of 2 times). This room should have some treasure; have Lancelot "pickup" 
    the stuff. Click on the left and fight the dwarf. I'd let Lancelot handle 
    it, as he is by far the best fighter. After the dwarf is dead, "search" its 
     Go to the left again, then click on the down arrow. Go to your right and
    take the 10 gold bessants. Now, go back to the left, through the door, 
    then left again. Have Lancelot "pickup" the Treasure, and continue to the 
    left. Have Lancelot "pickup" this stuff, too. Click on the right side of the 
    screen twice in a row, and then go through this door. There should be 
    another dwarf here. I would suggest Edward or Ironside as the fighter for this 
    battle, as you will need someone else with reasonably good battle skills 
    besides Lancelot. Do not let anyone die. Remember to "search" this body as 
     Now, click on the door in the center of the screen, and kill the dwarf. Don't
    worry; if you follow this walkthru, there will be no more dwarves to fight 
    after this! This body is to be "searched" as well.
     Click on the left side of the screen, and have Lancelot "pickup" the items
    and money. Now, just click on the right side of the screen four times in a 
     Save your game here. (Call it something like PAMPLONA for easy reference.) In
    Pamplona, all your knights will have their hit points restored. Leave town 
    and go to Leon. Do _not_ hire either Don Jaime or Ramirez, because they 
    are bitter enemies of Duke Lupo of Leon. Also, en route there are a couple 
    groups of rouges: avoid them!
     Hire Duke Lupo for 100 gold bessants per week, and then save your game. Now
    go to Santiago for this episode's finale.
     Save your game just before reaching Santiago, as you might not like the end
    of the upcoming battle. When you reach the city, you will have to fight an 
    army battle against Raimon II. If you avoided all encounters between Leon and
    Santiago, the outcome is good for you (that means no knight died and Lancelot
    has 4 or 5 hit points). Save again, then enter the city.
     In the city, click on the gate, then on the door with a cross. Here you will
    learn some interesting information. How could one man force the second most
    holy man in Iberia to go into hiding?
     Now leave, and click on the other door. Breuse is here, and Lancelot will win
    if he has 4 or 5 hit points. Next, have Lancelot "pickup" the Gaunts d'Poeir 
    and the Bird. The first episode is now over.
     The object of this episode is to make some money to finance mercenaries and 
    to restore Nieve to human form.
     Go back into the church and save your game. Then, leave the city and head for
    Evora. Try to avoid all encounters and dismiss Duke Lupo (he charges 
    outrageous fees).
     Go inside the church and have Lancelot "give" 5 gold bessants to the Leper.
    Now, just exit and go to the hospice (the odd-looking building closest
    to the northeast).
     Go inside the building and have Lancelot "pickup" the Lamp, and then have him
    "drop" the bird. Third, have Lancelot "use" the Lamp, and then have the Djinni
    cast (MAGIC button) the RARA AVIS spell on the Bird... hello, Nieve! Now save
    your game. Your next stop is Alcantara, which is held by some Saracens. On the
    way, avoid all the encounters and do _not_ stop in any of the towns on the way
    because they are occupied by Moors and Saracens.
     Save your game here, then go into the city. There is a Saracen here; have 
    Lancelot kill him, then "search" his body. Now, enter the church, and prepare
    for battle. Kill this Saracen, and then have Nieve cast the TRUE SIGHT spell
    in the church. The missing church bell should now become visible and Lancelot
    should "pickup" the Bell. Next, save your game and head for Santiago. Avoid 
    all encounters.
     Go back into the church to find Bartholomew, and "trade" the church Bell with
    him for 600 gold bessants.
     The object of this episode is to recover Helye's Book.
     Save the game, then go to Santa Fe De Soria (a church to the north of 
    Madrid). Remember to avoid all encounters.
     Leave Edward here (click on Lancelot's shield with the movement icon, then on
    Edward's name, then on Santa Fe De Soria), and send everyone else off to find
    Enrico (in one group). When you find Enrico, hire him for 300 gold bessants 
    per week, then go to Barcelona. (Try to avoid all encounters.)
     Save your game when you are outside of the city. None of the round table 
    knights can die here. I suggest you just ignore this battle; it worked for me.
    After the battle, if you like the outcome, re-save. Dismiss Enrico as soon as
    you can as he is really expensive and a waste. Next, enter the city (by 
    clicking on the door) and then on the alley in the center of the screen. Have
    Lancelot "trade" 2 gold bessants for a Wine Bottle from the herbalist, and 31
    gold bessants for 3 Mandrakes. Next, have Lancelot "give" the 3 Mandrakes to 
    Nieve. Click on the door and have Lancelot "trade" 21 gold bessants with
    the merchant for a Silk Carpet. Leave town and save your game. Last of 
    all, head for the City of Brass.
     After talking to al-Mansur, go into the city and save your game. Have 
    Lancelot "drop" the Silk Carpet, then "use" the Lamp and the Wine Bottle. 
    Next, the Djinni should cast the FLYING CARPET spell. Click on the right side 
    of the carpet (the far right, mind you).
     In this courtyard, go to the right twice, have Lancelot kill this skeleton, 
    then "search" it; then, go to your left once and click on the center
    door. Lancelot should kill this skeleton and then "search" its body. Next, 
    click on the down arrow, then on the left twice. Save the game.
     Click on the left again, kill this skeleton, and have Lancelot "search"
    the body. Save again. Go to your left again, and kill these 3 skeletons. Try
    to keep Brandiles and Ironside from dying and Nieve from getting hit. Have 
    Nieve cast her HEALING spell to keep people from dying. Also, make sure she
    has at least 15 magic points at the end. Save the game, then click on the 
    center of the screen.
     al-Mansur's army will now rush the skeleton armies, and I would suggest that
    you watch this one. Have Nieve retreat once (twice means she escapes).
     After the skeleton army passes away, you will find yourself in a room with a
    skeleton and a glowing bottle. Have Lancelot kill the skeleton, then have him
    "use" the cork. That locks the evil Djinni in its bottle, which ends its life.
    Now, click on the right side of the screen and have Nieve "pickup" Helye's
    Book. This ends the episode!
     The object of this episode is to recover Arthur's Helm and Shield.
     Have Nieve "use" Helye's Book, then send everyone to Kurtuba, and avoid
    everyone. (That means go via a northern route.)
     Send Edward to Salamanca. When he runs into Ruy Diaz, join with him and 
    continue on to Kurtuba.
     Save the game when Edward and Ruy Diaz meet everyone else in Kurtuba. If 
    al-Mansur beats you there, restore to the last saved game. Join forces, and 
    enter the city. From the first screen, click on the left side of it and have
    Ruy Diaz "use" his Key. Next, click on the gate, then on the doorway in the 
    center. Now, click on the hole, and then on the center of the screen. Have 
    Lancelot kill this guy, "search" him, and "pickup" the Brass Key. Lancelot 
    should "use" the Brass Key; afterwards, click on the left side of the screen.
     Breuse is here, a prisoner. Accept him into your party, click on the right 
    twice in a row, and kill the 3 Saracens. Breuse and Lancelot are your 
    best fighters for this fight. Remember to "search" the bodies.
     Click on the right, then on either of the center doors. Kill this Saracen
    as well, and "search" its body. Next, Lancelot should "request" the Iron Key 
    of Breuse, and "use" it. Click on the small black area, without columns, 
    below the arches. Here is Landoine, who offers her help. Accept.
     Click on the right side of the screen, then on the left side, then the right
    side twice. Next, you want to click on the down arrow, then on the left side, 
    then on the curtained door (which is just to the left of the big window in the
    center). There are 3 Moors here, who should be killed (Lancelot and Breuse are
    your best bets again). "Search" the bodies, have Lancelot "request" the
    Gold Key of Landoine, and then "use" it. Now, click on the right side of the 
    screen, have Lancelot "pickup" Arthur's Shield, and have him "use" it. Then,
    have him "pickup" Arthur's Helm. This ends the episode.
     The object of this episode is to recover Excalibur.
     Have Lancelot "use" Arthur's Helm, then save your game. Next, send Ironside 
    to Santa Fe De Soria, and everyone else to Valencia.
     Send Ironside inside, then click on the map icon. This will start him 
    praying. Note that you should repeat this every time Ironside gains a faith
     Save your game outside Valencia, then prepare to fight a battle. After the
    battle is over, Raimon IV will challenge Lancelot to a duel to the death.
    He should fall easily. Next, enter the city and accept whatever help Valentine 
    offers, then save your game. Send Lancelot and company to search for Yusuf. 
    Try to have met and killed Yusuf before he reaches Tuliatala.
     Save your game outside the city because a battle is coming. After killing the
    enemy, save again. Next, enter the city, go through the gate, go to the
    right, and kill the 2 Saracens. After they have fallen, have Lancelot "search"
    their bodies and save the game. Now click on the down arrow and kill the 3 
    Moors here. Again, have Lancelot "search" the bodies, and then re-save. 
     After that, click on the right and prepare for single battle with al-Mansur.
    Lancelot should kill him rather easily. Now, have Lancelot "pickup" Excalibur.
    This finishes the episode!
     The object of this episode is to reforge Excalibur.
     Keep Ironside here for this episode, as well.
     Have Lancelot "use" Excalibur. Then send everyone to Malorica (it is the only 
    island off Iberia that has more than one place on it).
     Send all the characters to the place with a lake as its icon. The place is 
    called DRAGON'S CAVE.
     Save your game here, then enter. Click on the center of the screen three 
    times, then go to the right. There is a dragon here; you can use up some of 
    your Djinni's wishes. Have Nieve use magic (she must have at least 15 magic 
    points after battle), or just let Lancelot fight it normally. (I had luck with 
    just using Lancelot: he escaped with 3 hit points.) After the dragon is dead, 
    have Lancelot "pickup" the Small Chest, the Knife, the 122 gold bessants, and 
    the Dragon's Teeth. Let him "pickup" anything else that looks interesting as 
    well. Next, have Edward (or Brandiles, if he is still alive) "pickup" the 
    Runic Blade, and have him "use" it. Now, click on the left, then on the 
    left-center door, and then left twice. Send everyone to Jefe's Hut next.
     First, have Lancelot "trade" 11 gold bessants with Jefe for Salamander Bone. 
    Next, have Lancelot "give" the Salamander Bone to Nieve. Finally, send 
    everyone to Valencia.
     Wait until Ironside has 25 faith points at least, then save the game and
    enter the city. Click on the gate, then on the right side twice. Have Lancelot
    kill the Saracen, and then "search" the body. Next, go right again, then click
    on the alley. Click on the left door next, and have Lancelot "trade" 11 gold
    bessants with the merchant for an Eye of Newt, and "trade" 6 gold bessants 
    for a Dragonsbane. Have Lancelot "give" the Eye of Newt and Dragonsbane
    to Nieve.
     Click on the exit, then on the street behind the alley. Here you should enter
    JOSE'S, and click on the left again. Diego Garcia will now say that "...ample
    payment for his service in showing you the Dwarf Caves and now giving you the
    Meteoric Iron is the Lamp..." Agree with him, and then check to make sure 
    Lancelot has the Meteoric Iron and that the Lamp is missing. Have Nieve cast 
    the ESCAPE spell next....
     You will find yourself here after Nieve casts the ESCAPE spell. Send Nieve
    (alone) to the Well of Souls (the pond that is in the mountains to the
    east of Aveiro).
     Have Nieve cast the REPLETION spell. After that is done, send her to rejoin
    the others at Aveiro.
     After Nieve has rejoined the group, save your game, and go to Tuliatala.
     Go through the gate and have Lancelot "give" the Meteoric Iron to Nieve. 
    She should cast the VINDICTUS spell next. Go through the door with the
    crossed swords on it. You will now be treated to a nice scene as the episode 
     The object of this episode is to kill the Shadowmaster and Breuse, and 
    recover the Holy Grail and Arthur's Shield.
     Send Ironside to Tuliatala and have him join forces with Lancelot. 
     Save your game now, then go to Kadis. Avoid all encounters.
     Save again, then go to the weird looking place directly to the northeast.
    The place is called something like CIDIOUS ENCHANTIOUS.
     Save your game here and have Lancelot "use" the Dragon's Teeth as many 
    times as possible to create an army of skeletons. Next, click on the center of 
    the screen, then on the right, and kill these 3 Saracens. Click on the 
    right and kill the 2 Moors. Next, you want to click on the center of the 
    screen, and then on the hole which will bring you into a room with a Skele-
    ton. Have one of your skeletons fight it. Next, click on the right side, then 
    on the center of the screen, then on the left, and then on the hole in the 
    roof. Save your game here, and then click on the center to enter the 
    Enchanted City.
     Kill these 3 Guards with your Skeletons, not your knights. If Ironside or
    Lancelot are injured now, have Lancelot "use" the Healing Balm on them until
    they are at 5 hit points each. Save the game again.
     Click on the center of the screen three times in a row, and then have Nieve
    "pickup" Fryd's Stone. Now, click on the down arrow, then on the left side of
    the screen, and then on the right. There should be a Skeleton here; have your
    Skeletons take care of it.
     Click on the right side and have Lancelot kill this Wizard (that or have 
    Nieve "use" Fryd's Stone several times). Click on the right side again, 
    have Ironside "pickup" the Citadel Scroll, and have Lancelot "pickup" the 
    Bronze Key. Save the game again, click on the left twice, then on the right 
    once. There should be 2 Skeletons here; again, use your Skeletons. Now click 
    on the right side of the screen, then have Lancelot "use" the Bronze Key, and 
    click on the right side again.
     There is a Damsel here who asks for a Knife so she can kill herself if you
    fail. Have Lancelot "give" her the Knife he took in the Dragon's Cave. In 
    return, the Damsel tells you how to reach Breuse and the Shadowmaster's rooms.
     Click on the left side of the screen, then in the center, then on the left,
    and then in the left-center. Save the game and click on the right side.
     Breuse is here, waiting for Lancelot and company. Lancelot should dispatch
    Breuse with ease. After he is dead, have Ironside "pickup" Arthur's Shield,  
    and "use" the Citadel Scroll. After that, have Ironside "give" Arthur's 
    Shield to Lancelot, who should "use" it to provide ample defense against the 
    Shadowmaster. Save the game.
     Now click on the right, and watch the battle between Lancelot and the 
    Shadowmaster unfold....
     That is VENGEANCE OF EXCALIBUR. Great game! The ultimate battle is a little
    weak, though, with the Shadowmaster trying desperately to injure Lancelot, and
    Lancelot just standing there swinging Excalibur.
     VENGEANCE OF EXCALIBUR is published by Synergistic Software, and distributed 
    by Virgin Mastertronic.
     This walkthru is (c) copyright 1991 by Zyamci. All rights reserved.

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