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    FAQ/Walkthrough by PPike

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    The Adventures of Willy Beamish (Sega CD) Walkthrough
    By Paul Pike (KawaiiNeko332@yahoo.com)
    Version 0.875
    Created 02/19/04
    The Adventures of Willy Beamish is Copyright of Dynamix.
    This walkthrough is copyright of me.
    Version History:
    02/19/04-- 0.125. First version of the walkthrough. It goes from Carbuncle
    Elementary up to the Nintari section. Controls are added.
    02/20/04-- 0.55. Second version of the walkthrough. The rest of Day One is
    complete as well as Day Two.
    02/20/04-- 0.875 Third version of the walkthrough. After correcting some errors
    in this FAQ, I've also completed Day Three and I'm up to Day Four, having got
    past the Humpford Mansion. If anyone can help me get the recorder out from the
    jet ski, e-mail me.
    02/21/04-- 1.1 Fourth version of the walkthrough. A few more errors corrected,
    as well as the walkthrough finally being complete! New to this walkthrough are
    character profiles.
    A: In conversation, it'll sound out conversation choices before you pick them.
    It also makes the pointer go through all the hot spots.
    B: Use this to pick up items and select conversation choices. If you're trying
    to save time, this'll speed up the scenes a bit.
    C: Switches the pointer to a magnifying glass so you can get info on certain
    things. Occasionally, it'll turn into a target to hit certain stuff.
    Controls for Super Space K'Noidtrix (The Nintari game in Willy's room).
    A: Shoot left.
    B: Shoot up.
    C: Shoot right.
    C pellets: Upgrades your normal shot.
    L pellets: Converts your normal shot into lasers, which penetrates through more
    blocks, especially when upgraded.
    F pellets: Makes your ship go faster.
    S pellets: Makes the blocks fall slower for a limited time.
    Black pellets: Cancels all of your upgrades, except for speed (?).
    If you lose all of your lives or if the blocks get all the way to the top, you
    Day 1:
    Carbuncle Elementary--
    What a rotten day this could be. You're in detention on the last day of school,
    and you've got a bad report card heading on home (a C in Music Appreciation).
    When Ms. Glass asks what she said, say anything. You'll get your ear bent by
    her anyway.
    At one point during the discussion, your frog, Horny'll croak.
    1. Oh, that was just my frog, Horny.
    Your frog'll jump out of your bag. She'll jump onto her desk screaming bloody
    murder and send you to the principal.
    	1.1. Ya mean this thing? It looks like something they scraped off the highway.
    	1.2. Here, Mr. Frick. Is this thing on the endangered species list?
    	1.3. Chill out, egg-head. You know what they say, hair today... gone tomorrow.
    Choices one or two will allow you to give him his hair back and go back to
    detention. Choice three gets you sent to military school.
    2. Must be something I had for lunch.
    Ms. Glass'll then say you should visit the Nurse's Office.
    	2.1. Uh, no thanks. I feel better already.
    Choose this to continue the game.
    	2.2. Ohhhh... I feel a stabbing pain in my side...
    You'll be sent to the Nurse's Office with this choice.
    		2.2.1. Ow! That's it!!
    		2.2.2. No, it doesn't hurt at all.
    If you continue playing sick, it's game over. Just tell the truth and go back
    to detention.
    3. No, Ms. Glass.
    After all of those choices, you'll be told to write a composition on what
    you'll do on summer vacation. No, not you, but Willy. You have two ways to get
    out of school.
    Wait it out
    Bust out
    If you decide to wait it out, you'll hear Carmine's, Chubby's, and Willy's
    plans for the summer before the bell rings.
    Here's what to do if you plan on busting out. While the teacher's asleep, open
    your desk, pick up the white crayon and put it on the wooden block to make a
    hall pass. Wait for the teacher to fall asleep before making your daring escape.
    The hall will be guarded by Coach Beltz (or Belch if you're feeling immature),
    so the second you try to get out, you'll be questioned by him.
    1. I was just on my way to the bathroom, Coach.
    2. Mr. Frick gave me permission to be here.
    3. School's out, and I'm history, Coach. Have a nice day.
    No matter what choice you pick, you'll have to show him your hall pass. Choice
    two ends up with you doing push-ups before you go to the bathroom. Choice three
    has you doing push-ups before you can show him your hall pass, allowing you to
    go to the bathroom.
    Regardless of what you choose, you'll be ambushed by Spider, the school bully.
    1. Hey, dude, smokin' ain't allowed in school.
    This'll get you whacked through the door, sent to the Nurse's Office, and back
    in detention.
    2. I don't think so, Spider.
    3. None of your business.
    Choose choice two or three, give him your Game Buddy, walk out the door and
    onto freedom.
    Beamish Residence--
    Now you're finally able to save your game whenever you can.
    If you waited through detention, there won't be any report card to steal. If
    you escape, you can steal it if you want, but you'll get in trouble if you
    don't give it to Dad later on. My best choice is to just get inside the house
    and leave it alone.
    Whenever Duffy (the dog) wants a walk, do it or you'll be in trouble.
    In the kitchen, talk to Mom and you'll be given a choice.
    1. All right, all right. C'mon Brianna. I'll push ya on the swings.
    2. Okay. Give me the Jinsu knife. I'll get to work on the veggies, but I won't
    like it.
    3. I told you Mom, I've got better things to do with my time.
    To get some points with Mom, take Brianna outside.
    1. Well, if she really wants to go higher... the sky's the limit.
    2. Nah, she might fall off, and I'll have to take the heat.
    Just pick choice two to continue the game.
    While you're cutting up the veggies, you'll cut your thumb. Go upstairs to the
    bathroom, open the cabinet under the sink, and put the Germ-Away on first
    before putting on the band-aid.
    Once you're done with that, go to your room, get the jar of flies and play some
    Nintari. Play that game for as long as you can without getting a game over.
    When you've played long enough, Willy'll feel confident about winning the
    Nintari Championship.
    When you're ready to advance the plot, go to the dining room, go to your
    inventory and click Time Advance. It's dinner time and Dad's got some bad news:
    he got fired since his company's downsizing, plus someone younger than him got
    his job. In short, you might not have a chance of going to the Championship.
    Because of your bad grade in Music Appreciation, your Nintari's getting locked
    up as punishment.
    In the news, the plumbers have gone on strike, followed by an ad for Slam Dunk
    Cola (made with tootsweet).
    When Duffy asks for food, give him some, even if it irritates Mom.
    When it's over, exit the Dining Room for a Meanwhile scene involving Louis
    Stoole, the union boss, and Leona Humpford, the president of Tootsweet. Her
    plan is to hire a new P.R. rep who'll take the fall for their plot.
    In the living room, talk to Dad and he'll tell you to mow the lawn. Just pick
    the second choice to do it and get some money.
    When you go through a couple screen, Mom will ask you to get Tiffany her
    conditioner. Go to the bathroom and give it to her. There are a few ways to get
    the Nintari key from her.
    Use Tiffany's diary on her
    Sick Horny on her.
    Both ways work, but if you used the diary here, don't try getting it again. If
    you still have the diary, it'll serve another purpose in Day Two.
    You should go into Brianna's room and tuck her in to lower your trouble meter.
    Here's a little tip to prepare for the last part of the game. When you're done
    using the key, combine it with the chain in your inventory. You'll find out
    what it's used for later on.
    When you're done practicing with the game, advance the time and go to bed.
    Day Two:
    Beamish Residence--
    You'll come down to the Dining Room for breakfast. Dad's reading the want ads
    and Brianna wants some breakfast.
    1. What do I look like? A waiter? Get it yourself!
    2. Sure, Brianna. What do you want? Honey Roasted Kooky Klowns or Fiber Squares?
    Pick choice two to keep yourself out of trouble. Feed Duffy as well when he
    asks. After all that feeding, Dad's found something in the papers for Vice
    President of Public Relations, and that job happens to be at Tootsweet.
    Dad and Leona will talk and he'll be asked to come down for an interview
    tomorrow morning.
    On the TV is an advertisement for Tootsweet's 25th Annual Frog Jump Contest,
    the prize being $25,000, which is 10X more than what's needed for the Nintari
    Championship. Also appearing at the contest is the Amazing Turbofrog who has a
    record of 25 feet, followed by an ad for Tootsweet.
    You'll then be told to wash Dad's Range Rover, which you should do for some
    Now you're finally able to save!
    Tree House--
    Here, you'll meet Willy's friends, Dana and Perry. Pick up the comic book near
    Willy, then talk to the gang (do that by pointing the cursor over Perry).
    You'll be introduced to Dana's frog, Gigi, which will make Horny jump all over
    the place.
    Of course, Dana won't enter Gigi because you're such a male chauvinist. You
    have to prove to her that you're not, but that'll be covered later. Dana offers
    to take the guys out for pizza, which you'll go to after exiting the tree house.
    Slice of Life Pizza--
    A photographer will come over and offer to take a photo. Pay the man and get
    the photo.
    After awhile, Willy'll let out a fart, the blame game gets played and Willy
    makes the mistake of passing the blame on the wrong person: Spider.
    1. Lemme go... I'm warnin' ya.
    2. Stand back, Spider... I'm gonna blow!
    If you pick the second choice, it's game over. Pick the first one to continue
    the game.
    Inside the bathroom, the painter will tell you about the turpentine in the last
    stall, so that explains the 'No Smoking' sign. Spider is a smoker and you do
    wanna give him some payback, so take it down and put it in the trash.
    Spider'll come in, waiting to pound you into a pulp.
    1. Let's see what I have in here.
    2. Forget it, Bozo!
    If you choose the second choice, game over. Choose the first, give him the
    comic, and watch as you and the gang get the hell on out before Spider gets
    launched from the bathroom.
    Tree House--
    You'll be back here. Perry'll say he's gonna be at the Contest while telling
    you to get an entry form in West Frumpton, thought you won't be able to get
    there until the next day. Perry'll also talk about Gus, the ferry man, whom he
    trades baseball cards with.
    You can get a card from Perry if you still have Tiffany's diary.
    If you talk to anyone after the initial conversation, you'll go to the Park
    when you exit the tree house. The object here is to get Horny to jump more than
    25 feet. Normally, Horny can jump 5 feet, but with Dana and Gigi around, he'll
    jump 15. If you feed Horny the jar of flies, he'll fall asleep. You can buy
    some Slam Dunk from the vendor and feed some to Horny, which'll make him jump
    right into the fountain.
    When you leave the fountain, you'll be witness to Tiffany's driving lesson with
    Cliff (her boyfriend), which she fails miserably.
    Olde Town--
    At the fountain, take ONLY ONE TOKEN! Nuff said about the fountain.
    At the OK T-Shirt Kiosk, go to the lottery machine. It's out of order, but if
    you check the coin slot, a ticket will fall out. Pick it up.
    Talk to the woman and give her the group photo to be made into a shirt. At this
    point, you'll be broke.
    Tree House--
    Give the shirt to Dana and she'll enter Gigi in the contest.
    Beamish Residence--
    Click on Time Advance and come down to the Foyer to meet Alicia, your
    babysitter for the night.
    Make your way over to the Dining Room for dinner to find an unpleasant surprise
    in it. Willy and Brianna'll toss their food at Alicia, revealing her as the
    Babysitter from Hell!
    No matter where you go, she'll follow you everywhere and it's game over if you
    don't do something quick. Head upstairs to the bathroom and spray the bat with
    hairspray. Run to Brianna's room, get her mouse, and come back downstairs to
    the living room. Use the vacuum cleaner to hide behind the couch. Once there,
    toss the mouse onto the coffee table to lure the bat over, then suck it up to
    end Day Two.
    Day Three:
    Beamish Residence--
    Because of the strike by the plumbers, the water has turned to sludge.
    Downstairs, Mom and Tiffany are arguing about the driving lesson, with Mom
    telling her to date other boys.
    Meanwhile, Dad's at his interview with Leona Humpford, getting himself a new
    Take Duffy out for a walk, and take Brianna out on the swings. The same rules
    apply from Day One, so end it quickly. You'll end up in the kitchen where you
    should feed Duffy.
    Tree House--
    You should come here to get a jar of fire ants. If you go to the park to train
    Horny, don't give him the fire ants since he hates it.
    Olde Town--
    No matter where you look, the water is turning nasty and the strikers are all
    around. Go to the ferry, but Gus will stop you unless you have a token. Give
    him either the token or the baseball card and you'll be on your way.
    On the ferry, you'll meet with a family of Japanese tourists. Willy will take a
    photo of them and you'll get a smoke bomb and shuriken.
    West Frumpton--
    Go to Tootsweet Headquarters to get an entry form from the counter nearby.
    After listening to the man's sales pitch for guided tours, exit and go down to
    the Plumbers Union.
    Plumbers Union--
    Here, you'll listen to a speech by union boss, Louis Stoole. Once you're told
    to beat it, go down to the Golden Bowl bar.
    Golden Bowl--
    Keep trying to go in until you meet the Cripes. Ray (the bouncer) will give you
    a wrench. Toss the smoke bomb at the gang, then use the wrench on the fire
    hydrant nearby before getting out. Go back to Tootsweet Headquarters to meet up
    with the tourists. Select the first choice and they'll save your skin.
    Once you're back home, go to bed to end the day.
    Day Four:
    Beamish Residence--
    The water is getting way worse than usual. Damn plumbers!
    In the Dining Room, Tiffany's got herself a new look. Mom's trying to tell Dad
    about the plumbing, yet he's only interested in trying to get to work on time
    and in style.
    When you leave the Dining Room, you'll get a Meanwhile scene which has Leona
    talking about how soon, everything in Frumpton will be hers.
    In the kitchen, feed Duffy.
    As you try to leave the house, the news is there to talk to Dad, who's the new
    spokesman and Vice President of Public Relations for Tootsweet. The big story
    is if Tootsweet can survive because of the lack of sludge (the main ingredient
    [don't worry, it's recycled]).
    At the Humpford Mansion, Leona is relishing that everything's going to her
    plan, and Dad's gonna be the patsy.
    When all that's over, go to the tree house.
    Tree House--
    Talk to Dana and she'll say to get to the Frog Jump.
    Olde Town--
    The water has got so bad, that it's thicker than usual.
    Get on the ferry and you'll see Turbo Frog, who's on the news.
    West Frumpton--
    Go down to the Plumbers Union.
    Plumbers Union--
    Get inside through the window and click on the desk, making Louis Stoole
    appear. Use the plunger on him, get the security pass on the desk and exit
    through the door. When that's over, go to Tootsweet Headquarters to go to the
    Tootsweet's 25th Annual Frog Jumping Contest--
    Give the entry blank to the judge (he has white hair). You're gonna need to
    cheat to win against Turbo Frog. You can't give Horny some Slam Dunk and you
    can't feed the flies directly to Turbo Frog. Instead, give the flies to Horny.
    TF will take the jar, eat them and get full. This oughta help your chances.
    At the podium to welcome the competition is Leona Humpford who also introduces
    Diet Slam Dunk cola while wishing good luck to the competitors.
    After her speech, she's already thinking of having some frog legs.
    The contest--
    Going up and down is a jump meter. The higher it is, the longer Horny jumps. To
    jump, click on the red button. With TF full of flies, you'll have a good chance
    of coming in first or second. If you lose, it's game over.
    When you win, the frogs are all over the place and Horny sneaks into Tootsweet
    Headquarters. Enter and you'll listen in on Leona talking to Dad.
    Dad's idea is for Tootsweet to act as a mediator for the strike. Leona says
    that one man's crisis is another's business opportunity, and Dad asks what if
    the Sludgeworks back up from all the excess, though Leona says to tell them
    what they want to hear. Dad continues to talk about the negatives of the strike
    and Leona's annoyed by his bleeding heart antics, yet he won't say everything's
    fine when there's a crisis.
    At this point, you'll be captured by a guard and taken to the guard room.
    You'll be grilled about why you're here. Leona will then tell the guard to have
    every frog rounded up and taken to her mansion. If you haven't combined the
    Nintari key with the chain, do it now, then use it on the guard. Of all the
    hypnotic phrases, choose "Hoopa, Coiler, Agamemnon." That'll knock the guard
    out and allow you to escape.
    Coming outside, you'll get a check and a jet ski. If you won first place,
    you'll get $25,000. If you got second, you'll get $2,500. Whatever you get,
    it'll surely be enough for the Nintari Championships. Other prizes involve a
    lifetime supply of Diet Slam Dunk and a Tootsweet t-shirt.
    At the port, get on the jet ski and go to Humpford Mansion. You've got a frog
    to save.
    Humpford Mansion--
    The guard at the front will be asleep, allowing you to sneak in. In the front
    hall, talk to the parrot, but be nice to it. Pick these choices.
    1. Sure. Hi. What's your name?
    2. Who's Harry? (Harry was the founder of Tootsweet who would give ownership to
    3. Go on tell me more. I'm all ears.
    4. They can't do that, can they? (If the Sludgeworks get backed up, Leona will
    take ownership of it because of Harry's will and she plans to tear it down to
    make Humpford World [an amusement park])
    In the dining room, take the cup off of the table, then take the tablecloth.
    After that, you can take the cup into your inventory.
    Go back to the front hall and put the tablecloth at the suit of armor's feet.
    Click on the suit and it'll fall apart. Because of the tablecloth, it'll muffle
    the sound. Get the blueprint that came out. It looks kinda complicated, but
    it'll have a use. Get the helmet as well.
    Now, head on over to the kitchen.
    You'll get a Meanwhile scene which shows Leona and Louis working up an appetite
    for frog legs while on the news, Dad's about to make a statement to the press.
    Dad will announce what Leona and Louis's plans are for the city and resign
    first thing tomorrow.
    In the kitchen, toss the cup at the cook to distract her. After that, go over
    to where she is. Take the sauce pan and pour it between the giant pot and the
    cook. Push the pot so it's closer to her. After that, go back to where you
    entered the kitchen and use the carousel to scare her into the pot. She'll be
    screaming, so shut her up with the helmet. To free the frogs, press the right
    button on the control box. Exit the kitchen and you'll be caught. Leona and
    Louis have left you for dead and they're gonna kill Dad as well, that is, until
    you're saved by the frogs.
    You'll get a Meanwhile scene of a goon picking Dad up.
    West Frumpton--
    Get the recorder from the jet ski, then go down to the Plumbers Union.
    Plumbers Union--
    Go over to the pay phone and put the recorder on the counter. Hit the record
    button, put the phone on the recorder and dial XXX-SIGN (XXX-7446). I believe
    the first three numbers are random. If I'm wrong, e-mail me. My first game had
    After that, stop recording. Put the phone back on the recorder and call the
    Golden Bowl (342-3403) to talk to Ray (the bouncer). Play the recorded message
    for him and you'll be able to sneak inside the bar.
    Golden Bowl--
    When you're inside, give the lotto ticket to the bartender. Take a look at
    Willy and Horny's faces as they just gave up a $40 million ticket. While the
    bartender's going crazy, get the nudie calendar and leave.
    Now it's time for the final part of the game.
    Sludgeworks Factory--
    Give the calendar to the strikers at the gate and try to head on in. You'll be
    stopped by a security guard who asks for your pass. Show him the pass you got
    from Louis Stoole's office and keep going.
    The guard will call Leona and the alarm will be sounded.
    Once inside, head over to the control panel. Open the cover, turn on the
    switch, and press the buttons in this order: green, purple, red, purple (if
    you're playing the PC version, it's brown, purple, green, purple) and do it
    quickly too! Move the stick to the left to drop the guards into the sludge and
    be on your way.
    Inside the next room is another console. Turn it on, type AIR and press ENTER
    to get rid of some guards. After that, type TRAM, press ENTER, to escape.
    You'll meet up with a goon who's obviously an Odd Job wanna-be. When he throws
    his hat, duck. Pick up his hat and throw it at him. When he's gone through the
    machine, the piston near you will be up. Click on it. When it lowers, click on
    the tram to proceed to the next section.
    In this maze, follow these directions: straight, right, left, straight, left.
    When you get to the end, you'll see Dad dangling over a vat of sludge (which
    looks suspiciously like a toilet) with Louis and Leona watching him squirm
    around. Grandpa will tell you to do something to save Dad. Leona and Louis will
    see you and chase after you. If you're wondering about that yo-yo you've been
    carrying around, use it on the bad guys, then change it into a target to hit
    Leona, who'll drag Louis in with her. Flush this giant toilet and you'll have
    saved the day.
    All of the sludge that the water turned into will go back to normal.
    After that, Willy will congratulate you, then say to look for his "further
    adventures," which I doubt will ever be released.
    THE END!!
    CHARACTER PROFILES (by order of appearance)
    Willy Beamish:
    9 years old, student of Carbuncle Elementary School. This is you, of course.
    His hobbies include playing Nintari, getting into mischief, hanging out with
    his friends and playing with his pets, Duffy and Horny.
    Principal Waldo Frick:
    Principal of Carbuncle Elementary. After Horny attacks him and knocks his wig
    off, he sends Willy to detention. If you get sent to his office, you can give
    it back to him.
    Your pet frog. Not only does he get you into trouble occasionally, but gets you
    out of it as well.
    Ms. Glass:
    Your teacher for detention who tortures Willy with the fact he's in detention
    on the last day of school. This is someone who should have retired a long, long
    time ago.
    He's the blond-haired punk who's in detention with you. Obviously bordering on
    going to juvie. Voted 'Most Likely To End Up In A License Plate Factory.'
    Leon (Chubby):
    Fat kid in detention with you. Known as the reigning Carbuncle 'Spitballl
    Coach Beltz:
    Usually called Coach Belch, Drop-and-gimme-20 Belch, or Turd Brain by other
    students. He's described as an aging, has-been, never-was athlete in the long
    gone glory days of his past.
    The school bully who's seen smoking in the bathroom. He's always looking for a
    reason to beat you up unless you give him something.
    Grandpa (William Beamish I):
    He's the one who describes everything you look at, plus he's a ghost who tells
    you of something bad happening in Frumpton, as well as being your conscience at
    He's the dog. Take him out for walks and feed him when he asks.
    Sheila Beamish (Mom):
    Your mother, of course. Prides herself on being the perfect wife and mother.
    She doesn't like Duffy very much.
    Brianna Beamish:
    Your youngest sister. She attends a pre-school for gifted children. One of
    those gifts is being able to speak French.
    Tiffany Beamish:
    Willy's older sister and a sterotypical dumb blonde with a valley girl accent.
    During the first half of the game, she's always going on about how great her
    boyfriend Cliff is, until Mom says otherwise.
    Gordon Beamish (Dad):
    Your dad and the bread winner for the family. Well, was, being the case since
    he was let go from the ad agency. He soon becomes the Vice President of Public
    Relations and spokesman for Tootsweet.
    Stan Blather:
    News reporter for WOPK with a painted on smirk and a bad hair piece.
    Leona Humpford:
    President of Tootsweet and co-conspirator with Louis Stoole. Inherited
    Tootsweet from the founder, Harry Humpford. She has big plans for the city.
    Louis Stoole:
    Union boss for the plumbers and co-conspirator with Leona Humpford. With the
    plumbers on strike, the water is turning to sludge.
    Turbo Frog:
    Big, muscular frog that has a record of jumping 25 feet long. He'll be
    appearing at the Frog Jumping Contest.
    Blonde girl at the tree house and one of Willy's friends. She won't enter her
    frog, Gigi, unless you prove you're a good friend to her.
    Black boy at the tree house and one of Willy's friends. He'll give you a
    baseball card if you show him Tiffany's diary.
    Dana's frog with whom Horny falls in love with. Originally meant to be a show
    frog, but that may change.
    He appears at the Slice of Life pizzeria when you go with your friends. Have
    him take your photo.
    Park Vendor:
    When you're at the park, buy some Slam Dunk from him while you're training
    Tiffany's rich boyfriend. You don't see him personally, but you do see him try
    to teach Tiffany how to drive, which she fails by crashing into a lamp post.
    She ends up being the Babysitter from Hell, turning into a bat and chasing
    Willy around the house.
    The ferry man in Olde Town. Give him either a token or the baseball card to get
    on it.
    Japanese tourists:
    Willy will take a photo for them to get a smoke bomb and shuriken. They'll also
    help save his life.
    The bouncer for the Golden Bowl who's really into astrolgy.
    The Cripes:
    A street gang in West Frumpton who come out at night.
    Tootsweet Guard:
    Obviously a bad impersonation of Don Knotts. He'll catch you when you're trying
    to find Horny at Tootsweet.
    The Parrot:
    I don't remember her name, but she'll tell you what Leona's plans are for
    The Cook:
    She's planning on turning all the frogs from the contest into frog legs for
    Leona and Louis.
    The Goon:
    You'll meet him when you're trying to save Dad from Leona and Louis. Like I
    sad, an Odd Job wanna-be.

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