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    FAQ/Walkthrough by The Lost Gamer

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    Version 1.4 5/7/11
    The Adventures of Willy Beamish Walkthrough
    by The Lost Gamer (ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com)
    Copyright 2011
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    Table of Contents:
    001.  General information
    002.  Characters
    003.  Controls
    004.  Walkthrough
      004a. Day One
      004b. Day Two
      004c. Day Three
      004d. Day Four
    005.  Credits
    001-General Information
    This is a walkthrough for the PC game called "The
    Adventures of Willy Beamish". It's a rocking game, and feel
    free to email at ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com (and send me
    some money to that address via Paypal, if you're super
    grateful I wrote this guide), but make the subject blank or
    something like "Willy Beamish" so I know it's not junk
    In addition to this written guide, I also have made a 
    video walkthrough for Willy Beamish, with my friend, Paul
    Franzen. The video walkthrough can be found here:
    Willy Beamish: Our hero! A kid who loves playing video
    games! Hey, _I_ love playing video games! I like this kid
    Horny: Willy's oddly-named pet frog.
    Duffy the Dog: Willy's dog. You have to keep him fed and
    walked during this game, or you'll get in trouble.
    Brianna Beamish: Willy's little sister, who is a kind of
    cute little girl. She's a genius.
    Tiffany Beamish: Willy's other system. She is most
    definitely NOT a genius. Instead, she's a lazy teenager
    with a stupid boyfriend.
    Gordon Beamish: Willy's dad, who Willy ends up saving at
    the end of the game. 
    Sheila Beamish: Willy's mom. She spends most of the game
    getting mad at her children.
    Grandpa Beamish: Willy's dead grandfather, who shows up a
    few times as a ghost.
    Leona Humpford: A villain with an evil plot to take over
    the city. Boo!
    Louis Stoole: Leona's henchman who helps her with her evil
    plot. Boo!
    Gus: An old man who runs a ferry in the town.
    Dana: Willy's best friend. She's supposedly the cutest girl
    in school.
    Gigi: Dana's pet frog. Horny is horny for her.
    Perry: Willy's other best friend. He and Willy sometimes
    compete for Dana's affections. This doesn't happen in the
    game itself, however.
    Turbofrog: Horny and Gigi's main competitor in the big town
    Frog Jumping competition.
    Ms. Glass: A shining example of why there should be
    mandatory retirement. She's a really old, grumpy teacher.
    Principal Frick: The principal of the school, who wears a
    REALLY BAD toupee.
    Coach Beltz: The discipline-loving, but not-too-bright gym
    coach at Willy's school.
    Stan Lather: Local news anchorman.
    Ray: A bouncer at a bar called the Golden Bowl. He believes
    in astrology, and won't let underage kids like Willy in the
    Alicia: The babysitter from hell, who tries to kill Willy
    at the end of day two.
    The Cripes: A street gang who tries to beat up Willy at the
    end of day three. What kind of a gang picks on little kids?
    Japanese Tourists: Willy's friends who help save Willy from
    the Cripes.
    Spider: The school bully, who smokes even though it's bad
    for him. Smoking ends up killing him...literally.
    Nurse: The nurse in this game, who does not appear to know
    a lot about nursing.
    Cliff: Tiffany's boyfriend.
    Leon: AKA Fat Kid or Chubby. Reigning school spitball
    Carmine: A juvenile delinquent, voted most likely to end up
    working in a license plate factory by his classmates.
    Make sure you know the control system, because it takes a
    little while to figure out!
    The mouse/pointer in this game has two modes. Mode one is
    look mode, in which the pointer resembles a magnifying
    glass. When you're in this mode, you can look at things by
    clicking on them (you can only look at something if the
    magnifying glass lens is clear).
    Mode two is action mode, in which you can do things by
    clicking on things. The main use for this is talking to
    people, picking up items (to put them in Willy's backpack,
    first click on the item to pick it up, and while holding
    the item, click on Willy), and clicking on doors to get
    Willy to exit through those doors.
    You can right-click to switch between modes. At certain
    points in the game, Willy needs to throw an item or
    something like that, in which case, a third mode shows up,
    one in which the pointer turns into a target. I'll let you
    know whenever this happens.
    You can always press tab to shuffle between the various
    things that Willy can interact with in action mode.
    You can always click on Willy to see everything he has. You
    can look at these things in look mode, and use the things
    on each other by clicking on an item and dragging it onto
    another item. To use the items on something outside of
    Willy's backpack, click on the item, then click drop. Then
    click exit, and drag the item onto whatever you want to use
    the item on.
    Also while in Willy's inventory, you can see the time,
    along with two buttons. Click on the smaller button to move
    forward in time by one minute. Click on the larger button
    to move forward in time one hour, or to the nearest in-game
    You can click the mouse to skip dialogue/cutscenes.
    Press Escape to bring up the game's main menu, which comes
    with a bunch of buttons. The one with an arrow pointing
    towards a CD lets you save your game, and the one with an
    arrow pointing from a CD lets you restore a saved game.
    The stop sign lets you quit the game, whereas the question
    mark lets you know what the various items on this menu are.
    The button with a bar and two triangles lets you restart
    the game. The button with a musical note turns the music on
    and off, and the button with the "Bam!" effect lets you
    turn the sound effects on and off.
    The button with two question marks lets you access the
    online Willy Beamish help system, which I know absolutely
    nothing about, so skip it. The button with the streak on
    it rolls the game credits, and the button with the "play"
    arrow (that is, a long triangle on it) lets you resume the
    004a-Day One
    The game starts with Willy in detention, just because his
    frog Horny stole the principal's horrible-looking toupee.
    How lame! Now your summer vacation is delayed so you can
    listen to the old bag Ms. Glass talk, and remind Willy
    that--oh no!--he has an unacceptable report card.
    Once Ms. Glass stops talking, Horny croaks. You get to
    choose three options: Show Horny to Ms. Glass, fake being
    sick, and pretend it was nothing.
    If you show Horny to Ms. Glass, she sends you to the
    principal's office. Mr. Frick demands that you give him
    back his toupee. One again, you get three options. Choose
    one of the first two to give Mr. Frick his toupee back, and
    Willy heads off for detention again.
    Why would you want to give Mr. Frick his toupee and go to
    detention? Because if you choose the third option, Willy is
    sent to military school and the game ends.
    If you fake being sick, Ms. Glass suggests you go to the
    nurse's office. Pretend to be sick some more to get to see
    the nurse.
    Once you're in the nurse's office, you should stop
    pretending to be sick, because otherwise, Willy ends up in
    the hospital. Whenever Willy stops playing sick (even if
    you do this before going to the nurse's office), he ends up
    back in detention.
    And, of course, if you lie to Ms. Glass and pretend that
    Horny didn't croak, you end up back in detention. So,
    conveniently, all three options that Ms. Glass gives you
    ends up with Willy in detention.
    Ms. Glass tells everyone to write an essay. At this point
    in the game, you can either sit in class and wait for the
    detention to be over, wasting time by examining the various
    humorous things you can look at in this room.
    You can also sneak out of school, but to do so, you need a
    hall pass. Go inside Willy's desk, and pick up the wooden
    block and the white crayon. Then use the crayon on the
    block to write "HALL PASS" on the block. That'll work,
    Now wait for Ms. Glass to fall asleep, then go to the door.
    While you're in the hallway, you might as well look at the
    poster of the school's great football hero...now serving
    time in jail. Isn't that spookily accurate?
    Crap, Coach Beltz is on guard here! You can try to go
    outside, but he catches you.
    He demands a hall pass, so show him your fake hall pass.
    Unfortunately for you, Willy can't sneak out of the school
    with Coach watching, so he goes to the bathroom instead.
    In the bathroom, Willy meets up with Spider, the school
    bully. Wow, either Willy is incredibly small, or Spider was
    held back a few grades...
    You can give Spider a lecture on smoking, which makes
    Spider hurt Willy. Willy gets healed at the nurse's office,
    and then it's back to the detention.
    If you choose not to give Spider a lecture on smoking
    (don't worry--Spider learns his lesson about smoking before
    the game is over), Spider holds Willy hostage. Give him
    your Game Buddy, and he starts playing it, and Willy sneaks
    out of school and back to his home.
    Willy will end up at home, if he waits out his detention or
    if he sneaks out of school early. Save your game here,
    because you can do that now.
    If Willy snuck out of school, he has the opportunity to
    steal his bad report card. If not, he gets worried about
    the report card. It doesn't matter if Willy gets the report
    card or not--Willy's parents find out about his bad grades
    in the end.
    Go inside the house, and Willy meets up with Grandpa
    Beamish, who is dead and now a ghost. Kind of creepy, but
    he's a nice guy, and he doesn't show up that often, so
    there's no need to worry about him.
    Once inside, Willy meets his dog, Duffy. In this game,
    whenever your dog is hungry or anxious for a walk, make
    sure to feed him and take him out, or else Willy gets in
    trouble for being negligent.
    You can wander around the four rooms in the bottom floor of
    the house, which are the kitchen, dining room, living room,
    and entranceway. Go to the kitchen and talk to Mom.
    Mom forces you to take care of your sister and cut some
    food. Aw, man...take Brianna outside and swing her on the
    swings. When she tells you to swing higher, don't do it,
    because if you do, Willy swings her WAAAY too hard, and she
    ends up in the hospital, and it's game over for you.
    Then, when cutting the vegetables, Willy cuts himself. OW!
    Time for some iodine! Go to the entranceway and go up the
    stairs. From here, you can go to Willy's room, Briana's
    room, Tiffany's room, the attic, back downstairs, or to
    the bathroom (you can use tab plus the magnifying glass to
    see what door leads where). Go to the bathroom.
    Open the cabinet under the sink, using the handy tab button
    to know what cabinet to open. Use the Germ-Away on the cut,
    then put a band-aid on. If you don't, Willy's band-aid
    bursts later on in the game.
    Now you have free time until dinner, which you can spend
    exploring the house. The only things you can do are steal
    Tiffany's diary (cool!), change her scale (also cool!), and
    play Nintari (just as cool!).
    So explore and do those things if you want to. Actually,
    make sure to steal Tiffany's diary now--it becomes
    important later on in the game. Once it's dinnertime (you
    can always use the "skip time" button in Willy's inventory
    to skip to dinnertime), head to the dining room.
    Cutscene time! It's a really fun cutscene, too. Sadly, it
    seems Dad has been fired, meaning Willy can't go to the
    Nintari championships! Oh no!
    Dad looks at Willy's report card (he makes you give it to
    him if you took it earlier), and locks up your Nintari as
    punishment for poor grades. Now Tiffany has the key. Dang.
    Dad watches the TV in the dining room, and learns that
    there's a big plumbers' strike.
    When the dog asks for food, give him some, or else Mom gets
    mad. She gets mad anyway, but this way you don't get in
    trouble on the game's "Trouble Meter".
    Once the dog is fed, leave the dining room, and you see a
    cutscene in which Louis Stoole, the man in charge of the
    plumber's union, makes some sort of evil plan with Leona
    Humpford, President of Tootsweet Industries. All they need
    is a sucker to take the fall for them...
    Go to the living room, where you can mow the lawn for Dad
    to get some money. Cool! Then, after you head through a few
    different screens, Tiffany yells that she's out of
    Head to the bathroom, where Tiffany is naked in the tub,
    washing herself. Woah. Her conditioner is on the counter.
    Wait, what? She was too lazy to get up and take the
    conditioner off the counter? What a bum!
    Give Tiffany the conditioner. Now all you have to do is
    take the Nintari key. If you try to do that, Tiffany gets
    up and throws you out of the room.
    The way to get the key is to either use Tiffany's diary on
    her (which is not recommended), or to use Horny on her. I'm
    not sure why a frog named Horny is the proper tool to use
    in a scenario with an attractive naked teenage girl, but it
    is. Horny steals Tiffany's robe, and keeps a guard over her
    while she stands up in the tub. Grab the key when she does
    this, then leave.
    You can go into Brianna's room at this point, and you find
    she's fallen and she can't get up! Help her back up to
    lower your trouble meter.
    That's all for today! You can play more Nintari and explore
    some more, but when it's bedtime, go to bed. As Willy falls
    asleep, he wonders about Grandpa Beamish' warning that
    something is afoul in the city of Frumpton. Could it have
    something to do with Louis Stoole and Leona Humpford's evil
    004b-Day Two
    The first day of summer! Head downstairs to eat breakfast,
    where Dad and Brianna are also eating. Briana asks you to
    get her some food, so be nice and get her some food (Willy
    gets in trouble if he doesn't do this).
    Duffy the Dog also asks for food, so be a good master and
    give him some. Then you're treated to a little cutscene
    that lets you know what to do.
    Okay, so Dad is on his way to getting hired by Leona as her
    new PR VP. Gee, I sure hope he isn't the "sucker" she was
    looking for as part of her evil plot...
    But more importantly, Tootsweet is holding a Frog Jump
    Contest, with a big grand prize. Hey, if Willy enters and
    wins, he'll have enough money to get to the Nintari
    So this is Willy's new mission: Find a way to win the frog
    jump. That'll be tough, because the German Superstar, the
    Amazing Turbofrog, with the 25 foot world record jump, will
    be in attendance, but I'm sure we can win!
    Dad asks Willy to wash his car. Do it so you can get some
    Willy figures he'll head out to the treehouse. Leave the
    house through the front door near the stairs, then exit the
    front porch to see a map. Use tab to locate the places you
    can go, which are the treehouse, Willy's house, the park,
    and downtown. Go to the treehouse.
    Willy's friends, Dana and Perry are here. Cool. Grab your
    comic book that Perry left for you, then talk to them. 
    Perry finds a cool baseball card, and if you have Tiffany's
    diary, you can trade it for the card.
    It turns out that Dana has a frog of her own, and Horny
    gets extremely, well, horny and tries to chase her.
    Aha! That's it! If Gigi is at the frog jump, Horny will
    jump extra far! Dana thinks Willy cares only about winning
    the competition, which is true, so she says she won't bring
    Gigi to the competition. Dang...
    Dana offers to take you out for pizza, because she has a
    coupon. Score! Leave the treehouse to end up at Slice of
    Life pizza.
    At the pizzeria, a photographer offers to take your photo.
    Pay him for the photo.
    Willy starts farting badly. Oh, so THAT'S why the pizza was
    so cheap. Spider, who's at the pizza place with his parole
    officer, gets mad and threatens to hit you.
    You get a choice. Pick the first choice, "Lemme go...I'm
    warnin' ya." and Spider lets you go to the bathroom. In the
    bathroom, a painter tells you that there's a gas leak, so
    don't smoke in here.
    Hmmmm...grab the "No Smoking" sign and throw it in the
    garbage. Spider comes in, and threatens to smash your face
    in. Give him Willy's comic book, and then Willy and the
    gang leaves, shortly before Spider decides to smoke in the
    bathroom. That's a bad idea, because of the gas leak, and
    Spider dies in a big explosion.
    Back at the tree house, Perry tells you that you can get an
    entry form for the Frog Jump contest in West Frumpton (you
    can't get there until tomorrow, though).
    Talk to your friends again, and they suggest going to the
    park to train Horny. Here, you get to learn about Horny's
    jumping skills. He jumps super-far when he drinks Buzz
    Cola, and he falls asleep when eating flies (from Willy's
    Once you leave, you see Tiffany crash her car. Wow, what a
    horrible driver. Whose decision was it to have her
    boyfriend teach her how to drive, anyway?
    Head downtown (Olde Town), where the pizza store is still
    standing even though it exploded. Take a token from the
    fountain, but not two tokens, or you're thrown in jail.
    Go to the T-Shirt Kiosk, and give the woman the photo of
    Willy, Dana and Perry. It takes all of Willy's money, but
    he ends up with a shirt with the picture on it. Sweet!
    Before you leave, go to the lottery machine. Press the blue
    button so see if it has tickets, and, YES! It does! Pick it
    up, then leave and go back to the treehouse.
    Give Dana the shirt. She ends up so happy that she agrees
    to bring Gigi to the frog jump contest. Yes! With that and
    some Buzz Cola, Horny will win for sure!
    By now, it should be time to go home, and if it's not, skip
    ahead in time until it is. Go home, and you meet your weird
    babysitter: Alicia.
    Alicia serves Willy and Brianna...worms??? Oh no! She's the
    babysitter from hell!
    Time is running out! Head upstairs to the bathroom, and
    grab the hairspray. Right click to get a new cursor icon: a
    target. Target Alicia and spray her with hair.
    Run to Brianna's room and get the dead mouse. Ew. Why does
    she have a dead mouse in her room? Oh, right, the cat left
    it there.
    Run downstairs to the living room, where there's a vacuum
    cleaner designed to get rid of hairy beasts. Click on the
    vacuum cleaner to hid behind the couch. Put the mouse on
    the coffee table to lure the bat/babysitter close, then
    suck it up with the vacuum (aim it with your new targeting
    If you are playing this game on an emulator like DOSBox, you
    will have to slow down the game in order to solve this, and
    the other timed challenges in this game, because modern 
    computers make the game run too quickly. Control + F11 is the
    shortcut for slowing down DOSBox.
    It turns out the whole babysitter thing was a dream. Aw,
    how lame! Anyway, end of day two!
    004c-Day Three
    Go down to get breakfast. Mom and Tiffany are in a fight
    about the driver's lesson, and Mom wants Tiffany to stop
    dating her stupid boyfriend. Drama...oh, and Dad's gotten
    the job with Leona Humpford.
    Chores to do, chores to do. Feed Duffy and take him out for
    a walk, then take Brianna out on the swings (don't swing
    her too hard).
    Now it's time to get a contest entry for the frog jump.
    Head to Olde Town, where, woah!!! Is that Tiffany??? She
    got a mohawk???
    Ignore Tiffany for now, and head to the ferry. Give the man
    your token (which you got from the fountain here in olde
    town) or the baseball card (which you got from Perry), and
    he takes you across the river to West Frumpton.
    On the trip, Willy makes friends with a Japanese family,
    who want him to take their picture. In thanks, they give
    you some presents. Cool!
    You can explore this part of town, where there's a bar to
    the top, Tootsweet Headquarters to the left, the Tootsweet
    Factory (unaccessible at this point in the game) to the
    right, and the Plumbers' Union to the right, as well.
    What you want to do is go to Tootsweet Headquarters and get
    an entry form. You can explore here, but there's hardly
    anything to do.
    You can go to the Plumbers' Union and hear Louis give a
    speech, urging everyone to not give up the strike. I bet he
    wouldn't be so eager to strike if he wasn't making an
    underhanded deal with Leona...
    Once you're through exploring, go to the bar, the Golden
    Bowl. Try to get in, but Ray, the security guard who is
    obsessed with astrology, won't let you in.
    Eventually, a street gang, the Cripes, show up. Ray can't
    leave his post, but he does throw you a wrench to help you
    out. Don't throw it at the gang because Willy's aim is bad,
    and hits Ray in the crotch, rather than hitting the gang.
    Instead, use the smoke bomb the Japanese family gave you.
    It will temporarily stop the gang from seeing you, which
    gives you time to use the wrench on the top of the fire
    hydrant to douse the gang.
    Now the gang is REALLY mad at you. Use your head start to
    run to the Tootsweet Headquarters, where Willy sees his
    Japanese friends.
    Tell them the guys are going to clobber you (instead of
    insulting them), and the Japanese friends turn into, woah,
    ninjas! They save Willy, and treat him to a really
    nice rest of the day, including a limo ride back home.
    Cool! What a great day!
    004d-Day Four
    The last day! Yay! Don't forget to get the jar of flies
    from Willy's room if you haven't already.
    Head downstairs to see that Mom is freaking out about
    Tiffany's new hairdo and the lack of plumbing. Dad doesn't
    care. Wow, way to go, Dad.
    Leave for the kitchen to see a cutscene which reminds you
    that Leona Humpford is, in fact, evil. Good to know in case
    you haven't figured that out yet. Feed the dog, and go
    The news media is there, trying to talk to Dad, because
    he's Tootsweet's PR VP. Apparently, the strike is harmful
    to Tootsweet. Then, again, we learn that Leona is evil.
    Good to know in case you haven't figured that out yet.
    Head to the treehouse to find Dana. Remind her about the
    big frog jump, and she says she'll go there with you. So
    head to Olde Town, and ride the ferry with Dana.
    Turbofrog is on the ferry, acting like a huge jerk. Boy,
    he's going to get his comeuppance soon. Head to Tootsweet
    (where you got the contest form) to reach the contest. Give
    your entry to the judge, and the contest starts soon.
    To win the contest, you need to be tricky. You got Dana to
    bring Gigi, which helps Horny out a lot. But he needs just
    a little bit more help. Feed Horny the flies to have
    Turbofrog, the jerk, steal the flies and eat them.
    Remember how flies make Horny sleepy? Well, the flies make
    Turbofrog sleepy. That should cement a victory for Horny,
    because you can't use Slam Dunk Cola to help Horny win the
    contest--that counts as illegal performance-enhancing
    drug usage.
    During the jump itself, there's a strange jump meter. Click
    on the red button to jump, and how far Horny jumps depends
    on the moving jump meter (up = long jump, down = short
    jump). Win either first or second place.
    Once the contest is over, there's a minor security crisis
    because there's a bunch of frogs jumping all over the
    place. You'd think that if they've been doing this frog
    jump for 25 years, they'd have some sort of idea of how to
    deal with collecting all the frogs once the jump is over.
    Anyway, Horny jumps inside the Tootsweet building, so
    follow after him. Willy almost runs into his dad and Leona,
    who are arguing what to do. Dad knows that Tootsweet is in
    trouble because of the strike, and wants to end it as soon
    as possible.
    Leona, for some reason, doesn't want to end the strike. Not
    surprising, because she and Louis Stoole helped start the
    strike, but why the heck did they do that? Why does she
    want to bankrupt her business? What a mystery...
    Willy is captured by a guard, who takes you to the security
    office. Leona tells the guard to get all of the frogs and
    take them to her mansion so she can make some tasty frog
    legs for dinner. Oh, so THAT'S why there was no system set
    in place to stop a frog rampage--she wanted to use the
    rampage as an excuse to eat all the frogs.
    Wait a minute, EAT ALL THE FROGS??? Horny's one of those
    frogs! You have to save Horny! But how can you escape the
    security office to save Horny?
    There's only one possible solution: hypnosis. Mix Willy's
    Nintari key with his keychain, then use it on the guard and
    use the hypnotic phrase "Hoopa, Coiler, Agamemnon", and the
    guard falls asleep.
    Go outside, where you get a check and a jet ski. That's
    convenient, because you can only reach Humpford Mansion by
    jet ski. So go to the dock, jump on the jet ski, then leave
    towards the Humpfor Mansion, outside of Olde Town.
    Lucky for you, the guard is asleep. Go in the front door,
    where you meet Arthur, the parrot. Talk to it, otherwise
    he'll yell and you get caught by Leona, and killed.
    Say these things to Arthur:
    1. Sure. Hi. What's your name?
    2. Who's Harry? 
    3. Go on tell me more. I'm all ears.
    4. They can't do that, can they?
    Arthur tells you all about Leona's evil plot. She wants the
    strike to continue until the Sludgeworks gets backed up,
    and, according to Harry's will, she gains ownership of the
    sludgeworks. The fiend!
    The tab key tells you that you can do something with the
    suit of armor, but what? If you touch it, it falls apart
    and Willy is caught. Instead, head to the dining room. Hey,
    that table cloth should muffle the sound of the suit of
    armor falling apart, shouldn't it?
    If you grab the tablecloth, you are caught by the nearby
    Leona and Louis because a cup falls. Take the cup off of
    the table, then take the tablecloth, and the cup.
    Go back to the entrance hall, and put the tablecloth under
    the suit of armor. Now use the suit of armor, and it falls
    apart. The sound is muffled, luckily. Take the blueprint
    and look at it.
    The blueprint will come in handy later. Grab the helmet
    that's here, then head to the dining room, and then to the
    kitchen. If you didn't listen in on Leona and Louis
    earlier, you get a cutscene of what they're doing.
    Leona is riding Louis like a horse. What the heck? They're
    watching the news, where Dad is about to spill the beans
    about Leona and Louis' evil plans. They decide to continue
    with the evil plan, with a slight modification: KILL GORDON
    Ugh, it looks like you'll have to save Horny AND your dad.
    Save Horny first, though, because he's here in the kitchen.
    You have to pull off a series of moves in order to save
    Horny and the frogs:
    1. Throw the cup at the cook.
    2. Sneak up behind the cook.
    3. Grab the sauce pan, and pour it between the pot and the
    4. Push the put close to the cook.
    5. Leave the area where the cook is, back to where you were
    6. Jump onto the carousel.
    7. Cook falls into the pot.
    8. Throw the knight helmet on cook to stop her from
    screaming for security.
    9. Press the right button to free the frogs.
    If you are playing this game on an emulator like DOSBox, you
    will have to slow down the game in order to solve this, and
    the other timed challenges in this game, because modern 
    computers make the game run too quickly. Control + F11 is the
    shortcut for slowing down DOSBox.
    Time to leave. Willy gets caught and Leona and Louis kill
    Willy, then leave to go kill Gordon. As soon as they're
    gone, the frogs come and save Willy from dying. Great! Now
    Willy can save his dad!
    Time to wrap up this game. Willy's dad is being held
    hostage at the Tootsweet Factory, on the right side of the
    screen in West Frumpton (you haven't been there yet). To
    get in, you need a security pass, and a way to distract the
    striking plumbers.
    Ride the jet ski to West Frumpton, then zoom in on the jet
    ski. Okay, why is there a tape recorder attached to the jet
    ski? I mean, seriously, why the heck would anyone attach a
    tape recorder to a jet ski?
    Anyway, grab the tape recorder and go the Plumbers' Union.
    Sneak in the window, and Willy sees a security pass on the
    desk. Awesome! Grab it, and Louis Stoole shows up.
    Wondering how Louis got here faster than Willy? Because you
    were supposed to do this earlier in the game, before
    entering the frog jump competition. Whoops.
    Anyway, grab the plunger and use it on Louis' ugly face,
    grab the security pass, and leave through the door.
    Go to the pay phone, and put the tape recorder onto the
    small counter there. Hit the record button (which is the
    button with a circle on it), and dial the astrology
    hotline, whose number is written on the wall, 432-SIGN
    (432-7446). Put the phone on the recorder to tape the
    astrological signs of the day.
    Once you hear the astrological predictions for the day,
    press stop to stop recording, and put the phone back on the
    hook. Then put it on the recorder again, and call the
    Golden Bowl bar, whose number is also written on the wall.
    Talk to Ray and play him the message. Ray runs off, and now
    it's time to sneak into the bar.
    Leave and head for the bar (at the north part of town). Go
    in, and give the lottery ticket to the bartender before he
    throws you out. The lottery numbers are announced, and your
    ticket is a winner!
    Aw, you just gave up your ticket to forty million dollars!
    Grandpa Beamish (remember him?) shows up and tells you to
    do something, quick. So while everyone is celebrating,
    quickly take the nude calendar and leave. Use tab to figure
    out where the calendar is, because it is NOT the calendar 
    on the wall. (I got stuck on this puzzle for several minutes
    before I figured that out).
    If you are playing this game on an emulator like DOSBox, you
    will have to slow down the game in order to solve this, and
    the other timed challenges in this game, because modern 
    computers make the game run too quickly. Control + F11 is the
    shortcut for slowing down DOSBox.
    Go to the Tootsweet factory, on the right part of the
    screen. Give the nude calendar to the strikers, who are
    quite interested in it...pervs.
    Head past them, and you find a security guard. Show him
    your pass, and go in the factory. As soon as you're out of
    sight, the guard calls Leona, learns that you're an
    intruder, and sounds the alarm.
    Not a lot of time here. Run to the control panel, and look
    at it. Open the cover, and turn the switch on. Press the
    buttons in the order the blueprints tell you: brown,
    purple, green, purple (green, purple, red, purple if you're
    not playing the PC version).
    If you are playing this game on an emulator like DOSBox, you
    will have to slow down the game in order to solve this, and
    the other timed challenges in this game, because modern 
    computers make the game run too quickly. Control + F11 is the
    shortcut for slowing down DOSBox.
    The guards are quick on your tail, so hopefully you got the
    colors right, because that gives power to the controls
    here. Move the stick to the left, and the guards get
    Run to the next room, where there's another console. Turn
    it on, and press AIR to get rid of the guards (if you're
    not fast enough, the guards grab you, and press AIR to get
    rid of you--that's how I knew what to press). So type in
    AIR, and hit enter.
    The blueprint tells you all the various possible things you
    can enter. The one you want to enter is TRAM, which, oddly
    enough, takes you to the tram.
    Willy meets up with a jerk who's working for Leona. You can
    click to drop down and duck here. When he throws his hat,
    duck, or else it hits Willy and knocks him into the
    Pick up the hat, and throw it at the goon, and let HIM fall
    into the machine. This raises a metallic platform. Jump to
    the platform while it's raised, and when it lowers, jump to
    the tram.
    You need the blueprint to figure out where to go: to the
    giant toilet. Get there by going straight, right, left,
    straight, and left. 
    Oh no, Dad is being held hostage above the toilet, while
    Louis and Leona look on. Do what Grandpa Beamish says and
    act fast!
    Louis and Leona run towards Willy. Grab Willy's yo-yo, and
    use it on Willy, which activates the target system again.
    Right-click for the target, hit Leona with the yo-yo, and,
    like an idiot, she grabs Louis and they fall into the
    Flush this giant toilet and Willy's dad is saved, the
    backed-up sludge is set loose, and Leona and Louis get
    punished for their crimes. Also, Willy wins the Nintari
    Championships, in a cutscene that looks EXACTLY like the
    opening cutscene. Congratulations! You just beat the game!
    Say, what happened to Tiffany and her boyfriend? You don't
    find out. Dang!
    This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2011.  If you want
    to put this FAQ on your website, please ask me first
    (instructions on how to contact me are under general

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