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    Subject:      solution black cauldron
    start: go to the door and press f6,open door,enter the door and go
    to the cupboard,pres f6,take knapsack,press f6,take apple,press f6,
    take bread,f6,take waterbottle,now go to the fire,f6,take gruell/leave the room
    and go east,go to the shed and f6,open ched,f6,get corn,go to the gate and f6,
    open gate,press tab key and go to the gruell,f4 to feed the pig hen wen
    with the gruell,now alk wst back to the house,go to the door and f6,open the
    door and enter,go to the bowl and wait,now u get a rope,leave the room with
    the pig,outside the house you go north,there comes a big bird and get u
    and henwen,you must return to this point when u free,(2 x south),then go west,
    go to the tree and f6,gert lute,go west,n,n,n,f6,get dagger,e,press tab key,
    go to waterflask,f4, u fill u flask with water,s,there is a house in the
    bushes,search the undergroundhouse,f6,open door and enter,go to cupboard and
    f6,get cookies,leave house,s,w,(morva marsh),n,n,n,(eagle mountain),start
    at the right from the screen to walk trough the rocks,when walk rocks go n,
    get the rope and press key 7 and then F2,now u climb the rope,climb rocks,
    after climb rock wall go down on otherside from mountain,u see some crocodile
    u must swim to the other side,watch for crocodiles,when on otherside go to
    wall and f6,climb wall,u see window and use here the dagger,enter window,
    e,e,e,wait until creeper sits downby the throne,f6,do.u jump down and go
    to the pig,f6 and walk with pig west,w,up,w,w,f6,the pig is free now,
    wait for the henchmen,he puts u in prison,in the cell there is a tin cup,
    f6,get cup,go door,f4 use tin cup,wait,down,go north,w,w,go to the wall,
    press 4x f6,n,f6,get sword,(u can use the sword to stop the henchman),s,s,
    e,f6,get keys,press tab and f4,use keyson door,enter door,(cell flire flam),
    f4 use sword to free flire flam,leave cell,w,up 1 x,e,f6,open door,f6,get all,
    s,s,f4,use sword for open bridge,leave castle,e,s,now go back the way through
    the mountains,down the rope and walk trough rocks,s,e,(walk trough the tree)
    here did u find the dagger,e,swim,e,swim,e,bridge,go to the right side of
    bridge and f6,again f6 and u get a food wallet,s,wait here for gurgy and
    give gurgy apple,s,falling water,w,go to the pigfotprints and jump on the rocks
    to the bigone,f6,down,f6 and f4,offer the lute to king eiddileg,now u get
    a mirror and the flying dust,f4,use flying dust to go up,(in the water)
    leave water and go w,w,(swamp)f4 use the flying dust,fly to the left from
    the screen to the yellow ground,(hidden area of morva),stop flying and f4,
    go to the door and f6,open door,go to the chesty and f6,open chest,wait for
    the witches,f6,press tab and get sword,f4,use,outside,f6,dont go to the
    black cauldron,wait for gwythaint,he must steel the black cauldron,then use
    flying dust,fly e,fly n,stop flying and f4,n,n,w,(base eagle mountain)
    now go back to the castle,go to the bridge and enter the castle,inside castle
    you go n,(wine cellar),n,w,down,e,go to the grate,f8,f6,f6,now wait and look
    what happened,do nothing game is over for u,let computer play the game for
    u now,dont get the book and the gold on the end,wait untill the game is over
    u can press the help key for see the commands..

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