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    Walkthrough by EVanHimste

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    19 November 1994
    Bloodnet                         Walkthru ;-)
    I know, there is already such a file about Bloodnet, but that one is incomplete.
    This is the quickest way to the end of this game, although talking to more persons
    gives you more things to do, more fun, and more money.
    First of all: do not talk to Shock Maraud at the Strawberry Fields if you don' t want to
    fight every 5 minutes.  But if you do so, you are able to sell the things you find on
    your enemy's dead body s, and then you can buy better stuff.
    1: Tackett's lab
    Take the Implant Plans.
    Take the 4MB chip and place it in the decking unit.
    2: Houstin Matrix Rovers
    Take the Patch Cord.
    Talk to Larry Owen.
    3: Abyss
    Talk to Rymma Fizz 
    Get at least one other person to join you, Monnick St. Clair is a good choice.
    4: Metropolitan Museum of Art
    Talk to Montgomery Taylor, answer NO to his first question.
    5: Vince Munition Depot
    Buy a Jury Rig Toolkit.
    6: Central Park
    Talk to Kimba West. If there are only three persons on the screen, go to some other
    place and return, until there are seven persons.
    Talk twice to Sander Tomalin.  Put the Soul Box in the decking unit.
    Search the area and take the dirt .
    Talk to Mother Mary in the second screen.
    7: Cafe Voltaire
    Talk to Leonora Major. Answer YES.
    Talk to Oscar Nandez in the second room.
    8: Cyberspace
    Always talk with every person you meet, you will only meet them once!
    Go via FATS to the MAJOR well.
    9: Kafka Conspiracy
    Talk to Coover Tristan
    10: Electric Anarchy
    Talk to Phree Tought.
    Talk to Nai Hilistick.
    Talk to Chuck.
    Talk to Pracktle K. Oss.
    Talk to Auntie Matter.
    Talk to Garrick Fizz and make him join you.
    11: Autonomy Dogs
    Talk to Wild Child.
    Talk to Sabaccatus St. Aubens.
    12: Hard Metals
    Talk to Tempered Steele and make him join you.
    Talk to Liquid Nails.
    13: Metropolitan Museum
    If your bloodlust is already high, about 80% or so, search the area and take the
    coffin.  Byte the gard, and don't let your party members come in action.
    14: St. Patrick's Cathedral
    Talk to Mother Mary and Brother Complicitus,  twice to both.
    15: Hellfire Club
    Talk to George Yachisin.
    Talk to Renfield. 
    16: Strongarm Tacktick
    Buy the Lockpick Casing and the Diagnostic Unit.
    Jury-rig an Electronic Lockpicks.
    17: Renfield
    If your party is not complete yet, make his number six.  Drop the coffin and use the
    dirt on it.  This gives you the possibility to rest and recover here.
    18: TransTechnicals
    (You have to wear the security badge before you can enter here)
    Security: kill Chief Daryl Paine. Search the room and take everything.
    Emily Esaki: search the room and take everything.
    Bill Doughan: talk to him
    Nanotech Lab: search the room and take everything.  Use the lockpick on the
    second door, in that room search the area and take everything.
    19: Lazlo Green ( first you have to read the crackdown list )
    Search the room and take the gasmask.  Let someone put it one his head.
    20: Electric Anarchy
    Talk to Phree Thought. Give her the Dragon Soul Box.
    21: Icon Robbers Studio
    Use the Somnavapor, the one with the gasmask should do that.  Search the room
    and take the Holocam and the Holofilms, and the transmitter if you talk to more
    people than necessary.
    22: Doom Pilots
    Talk to Ghost Walker.
    23: Madame Mescal
    Buy and use the Instapigment.
    24: The Cloisters: do not kill one of the knights!
    Sebastianes room: take the beads.
    Weaponroom: film Stark and use the film in front of the mirror.  Search the room and
    take everything.
    Talk to Sir Theodoric, search the room and take everything.
    25: Cafe Voltaire
    Place the beads next to Cyril Thorpe.
    Put the Azrael box in your decking unit, and the TransTechs Security.
    26: Cyberspace
    Go via FATS to the well MEDIUM.
    Talk to Cyril Thorpe.
    27: Cloisters
    Don't wait to long to reenter this place, otherwise the Instapigment is useless and
    you have to fight the knights.  If that happens, you can t get blessed soulblades...
    Sebastians room: he will bless the soulblades and the stakes.
    28: Cyberspace
    Talk to Melissa Van Helsing if you didn't do that earlier. 
    29: Le Phood
    Talk to Melissa and make her join you. Dismiss Renfield if you have to chouse
    30: Hellfire club
    Talk to Alexander Tennent.
    Take a picture of Walter MacCalaster.
    31: Van Helsings Apartment
    Kill the vampires, go to the second room, search it and take at least the Signal
    Scrambler. Save...
    32: Grants Tomb
    Use the Scrambler to get to the second room.
    Surprise...  Restore, dismiss the bad girl, rest at Renfields place and buy
    ammunition if necessary.
    Kill everyone and take the Emerald Pendant.
    Free Alexander Tennent with the Lockpicks.
    33: TransTechnicals
    Talk to Bill Doughan.
    34: Electric Anarchy
    Talk to Chuck and make him member of the group.
    Disassemble the Green Pendant.
    Put the Emerald Looker Chip in the decking unit.
    Put the Tacketts Essence in the decking unit.
    35: Cyberspace
    Talk to Tackett Cybervision.
    Go via FATS to the KANSAS well.
    Talk to Sally.
    33: Saint Patricks Cathedral
    Dismiss Chuck.
    Talk to Mother Mary and make her join you, you will need her to get in the final well.
    If your ammo or your health is low, do something about it now.
    34: TransTech room 1122
    Kill everyone in the battle.  It can happen in a few moments, but sometimes you will
    have to restart the computer because your not always able to kill Van Helsing
    himself.  Don't let Mother Mary die...
    Talk to Dr. John Walker.
    35: Cyberspace
    Go via FATS to ELIZABETH well.
    36: Final scene
    Kill the six Dracula Images.
    Kill Dracula, it is easy with the blessed stake.
    So, that is it.  If you look for more wells, here are some addresses: TTHEAT,
    (by Erwin Van Himste,  Belgium)

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