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    Curse Of Enchantia (Hints)
    The Dungeon:
    To Get Out Of This Uncomfortable Situation, You Must Scream For Help. Doing
    This, A Guard Will Enter And Drop A Key. Pick It Up And Use It. Inspect Your
    Cell,  Especially The Right Corner Of The Screen. One Part Of The Wall Is 
    Loose. Push Against It, Then Pick Up The Paper Clip And Open The Door With It.
    The Hallway:
    The Guard Hasn't Seen You.  Pick Up The Fishbowl On Your Right. Take A Look
    Through The Keyhole If You're Curious. Keep Going To Your Left But Watch Out
    For The Statues (Go Between Two Hits ). Don't Forget To Pick-Up The Various
    Coins And Diamonds On Your Way.
    The Under Water Odyssey:
    Start By Wearing The Fishbowl. It Will Help You Live And You Will Make A
    Happy  Friend At The Same Time.  On Your Right, You'll Find A Gold Coin 
    Good Only For The Score). Notice The Fish Stuck Inside The Bars. Pull Him
    Out Of There (Push/Pull Icon) And Wait For His Return. He Will Thank You
    By Giving You A Shellfish. Pick It Up And Look Around You: There's A Piece
    Of Wood Laying On The Sand. Look Underneath, You'll Find A Worm. Pick It
    Up And Talk To The Fish At The Counter. He Will Give You An Oxygen Bottle
    In Exchange For The Worm, Then He Will Escape, Leaving You By Yourself. But
    Don't Worry, The  Giant Turtle Will Help You Cross The Electric Eels In
    Exchange For The Shellfish. Pick Up The Stun-Gun That's In The Seaweed, And
    Use It To Fight The Shark, Then Jump Over The Giant Shellfish. Use The 
    Stun-Gun Again, As A Crowbar This Time, To Lift The Giant Drain Plug 
    ("Insert" Icon). This Will Take You To The Next Level.
    The Caverns:
    Pick-Up The Moss On Your Right, Then Look For The Button On The Wall And
    Push It. Next You're Going To  Have To Pick Up All The Rocks That You Can
    And Bring Them To The Old Man  (Two Trips Will Be Necessary,  Because You 
    Can't Carry More Than Ten Items). After Giving Him All The Rocks,  He'll 
    Give You A String. Explore All The  Different Rooms.  In The First One , 
    Use The Board And The Rock To Build A Seesaw,  Which You Need To Get The 
    Magnet, But First, You Need To Find Something To Throw You Up. For Now, Go 
    To The  Other Rooms.  On Your Way Pick Up The Gold Coin Near The Falling 
    Rocks. In The Next Room, Take A Look Inside The Five Holes. This Will Make 
    The Hairy Little Monsters Escape. Once The Cave Is Empty, Take The Branch 
    In The First Hole  On Your Right And  Go To The Next Room. Pick Up The 
    Computer That's Laying On The  Floor And Look Inside The Hole. There's A 
    Spool Of Wire That You Can't Reach. Go Back To The Seesaw Room. Stand On 
    The Board , Throw The Computer, Then Pick Up The Magnet And Get Back To The 
    Previous Room (Where The Wire Is). Attach The String To The Magnet ("Build" 
    Icon) And Insert It Into The Hole To Recover The Wire. Return To The Mud 
    Monster Area And Hook Up The Wire To The Two Hooks . The Wire Will Retain 
    Some Mud Off The Monster. Take It And Go To The   Wishing Well. Throw  The 
    Coin Inside The Well  And You'll Be Granted Three Wishes (Choose The Helmet). 
    Pick Up The Helmet And Go To The Falling Rocks. To Cross Them , Wear The 
    Helmet. At The Bottom Of The Well Climb In The Bucket ("Jump" Icon), Then 
    "Build" These Items : The Moss, The  Mud, And The Branch To Form A Mask 
    That You'll Wear To Get Out Of The Caverns. Outside, You'll Be Attacked By 
    A Stranger. Pick Up His Sword, Kill Him ,Then Take The Money And Go Towards 
    The City.
    The City:
    Go straight to the fountain, turn left, and go see the sea lion, who, in 
    exchange for money will give you some clues . Take his advice and go see 
    the magician (his shop is straight ahead from the fountain). Give him your 
    money, and he will teleport you to a magical place: The Cliffs
    The Cliffs: 
    Go To Your Right And Stop Right Before The Big Rock. You're Going To Have 
    To Push It First, Then Jump Over It. Watch Out For The Rock Above Your Head 
    And Other Rock Slides. To Avoid Them Stop On Time And Hide In The Different 
    Recesses Of The Mountain. Pick Up The Rubber Gloves On Your Way, Then Look
    For The Four Buttons On Your Left. Push Them In This Order To Activate The 
    Bridge: Button Four, Then One, Then Two. Keep Going To Your Right And Don't 
    Forget To Pick Up The Rope. To Get Rid Of "Electroman", Wear The Gloves And 
    Push Him Off The Cliff. Take The Strange Blue Stone And Go To Your Right.  
    You're Going To Have To Wear The Stone On Your Head. It Will Absorb The Fall 
    Of Another Stone That You"Ll Throw On The Big Rock. Cross The Rock Until You 
    Come To Another Chasm. From There Throw The Rope And Climb On It ("Jump" 
    Icon). Read The Inscription Engraved In The Cliff And Say Loudly: "Open 
    Sesame". Say Hi To The People Inside The Cavern. The Parrot Will Tell You 
    About A Fire Extinguisher And A Fan, Items You Will Need During Your Journey. 
    When You Get Back To The City, Go See The Magician, Give Him Some Money And 
    He Will Change You Into A Pig Head, Then Go See The "Cockroach-Guard" Who Is 
    Standing Next To The  Sea Lion's Shop. He Will Let You Get By With Your Face 
    Of The Moment. 
    Go Straight Pass The Musicians And Turn Right. The Hippie Guy Will Ask You 
    For A Recorded Tape (Say "Hi" To Him First). Keep Going To The Right. Near 
    The "Nose" You Will Find A Stack Of  Stamps, Pens And Socks. Pick Up One 
    Of Each, Then Go Towards The Stairs And Jump (You Will Not Die). The "Lips" 
    Is Watching The Cellular Phones. To Get Rid Of Her, You Are Going To Have 
    To Get Rid Of The "Nose" First. Go Straight Towards The Ship And Pick Up 
    A Blank Tape On Your Left. Near The Musicians, There Is A Tape Recorder. 
    Go There And Insert The Blank Tape In It. On Your Left Pick Up Some Hay And 
    The Letter That's Laying On The Ground. Stamp The Letter ("Build" Icon) And 
    Insert It Into The Red Mailbox. Go To Your Left And Pick Up The Platter 
    (Watch Out For The Lava.), Then Go To See The "Nose" Again. To Fight Him, 
    Put The Hay In His Nose ("Insert" Icon) , Then Go Pick Up A Cellular Phone. 
    Next, You're Going To Have To Fight The Robot That's Guarding The Ship's 
    Entrance. For That, Fill Up The Sock With The Gold On Your Right ("Build" 
    Icon), Then Attack Him. Inside The Ship, Pick Up One Of The Board Then Drop 
    It Approximately In The Middle Of The Screen Near The Water ("Throw" Icon), 
    And Do The Same Thing With The Other Board. The Boards Being Too Short, 
    You're Going To Have To Place Them As A Reverse "T". Once The Bridge Is 
    Built, Go Pick Up The Gold Sheet On The Other Side And Get Out. Go Back To 
    The Musicians Area And Put The  Cellular Phone In The Tape Recorder. To Do 
    So, Click On The "Push/Pull" Icon, Then On The "Inventory" Icon, And Finally 
    On The Cellular Phone. When You're Done, You'll Find A Recorded Tape In Your 
    Inventory. Bring It To The Hippie Guy Who, In Exchange, Will Give You Back 
    The Letter You Sent Earlier. It Contains A Magnetic Card That Opens The Door 
    Near The Band. But Before You Go There, Enter The Cavern First And Scream 
    For Help. The Wall Will Collapse And You'll Find A Bottle Of Acid. Pick It 
    Up Then Go Open The Door. On The Cloud, Back Up First A Little Bit To Have 
    Enough Space Then Pick Up The Bag Of Marble And Jump Off The Cloud. Go Back 
    Towards The Cavern And A Door Will Suddenly Appear On Your Right. Go Inside.
    In The Next Room Throw The Acid Against The Wall And Insert The Gold Sheet
    In The Hole That You Just Created Using The Push/Pull Icon. A Button Will 
    Appear On The Wall, Push It To Open The Gate. To Avoid The Electrocution, 
    Throw The Marbles On The Ground First, Then The Platter, And You'll Be Able 
    To Get Across. Pick Up The Fan, Then Open The Door With Your Paper Clip And 
    Get Out. You Will Be On The Same Road That Leads To The City. Go Back To The 
    Costume Shop And Buy The Dress From The Retailer Then Go Try It On In The 
    Back Room ("Wear" Icon). This Will Open The Door That Leads To Iceland.
    Pick Up The Snowball And Throw It On The Ice-Monster. Without Meaning It, 
    You Will Save An Innocent Creature. Near The Big Ice Cube , Pick Up The 
    Deodorant- Spray, Then Go Talk To The Walrus. Tired Of Your Speech, He'll 
    Fall Asleep. Go Find The Eskimo, But Before, Don't Forget To Wear The 
    Deodorant (Or Your Smell Will Make Him Faint). He Will Propose You His 
    Fishing Pole In Exchange For A Fish.  Leave That Screen And  Look Around 
    For One. When You've Found It, Go Find The Board. To Catch The Fish, Stand 
    Near The Hole And Throw The Board. The Fish Will Be Trapped, And All You'll 
    Have To Do Is To Pick It Up And Bring It To The Eskimo. Take His Fishing 
    Pole And Return Near The Big Ice Cube. Make A Fire By Using The "Fight" 
    Icon With The Fishing Pole. This Will Melt The Ice, And You'll Set Another 
    Creature Free. Pick Up The Ashes And Walk Along The Left Side Of The Screen 
    Until You Find The Walrus. To Get Across, Walk On His Back, Then "Scream 
    For Help", And A Green Little Creature Will Help You Out This Time. Get 
    Inside The Boat, And After Your Unpleasant Experience, Throw The Ashes In 
    The Water. A Dragon Will Appear, And Will Give You A Ride To The Ice Castle.
    Ice Castle:
    To Open The Main Door, Push The Stalactites In A  Decreasing Order (Like 
    The Penguins). Inside, Pick Up The Broom And The Dice. Roll The Dice On The 
    Table And Keep Going. The Main Hallway Hides The Entrance To Six Different 
    Rooms Where You'll Find These Following Items Using The Build Icon: A 
    Magnifier, A Jack, A Megaphone, A Gun (Use The "Fight" Icon And The Broom 
    To Reach It), A Stalactite (Use The Same Technique), And An Ice Cube. To 
    Make The Pulley System Work, Insert The Gun In Its Holster, Then Pick Up 
    The Mirror And The Tanning Oil That You Will Find On The Tray. The Opening 
    Of The Different Doors Is Not Simultaneous. You'll Have To Go Back And Roll 
    The Dice A Couple Times Before You Gain Access To All The Rooms. Once All 
    The Items Are In Your Possession, A Whistle Will Appear At The End Of The 
    Hallway. Pick It Up Then Take A Look Through The Glass Door. "Build" The 
    Whistle And The Megaphone Together Then Use It To Break The Glass ("Fight" 
    Icon) And Jump Through The Hole To Get To The Laser Room. To Destroy The 
    Laser That Protects The Gate, Place The Following Items Inside The Holes 
    In The Ground: The Magnifier, The Ice Cube, The Stalactite And The Mirror. 
    Begin With The Hole Where The Laser Beam Starts, Then Go Counter-Clockwise. 
    Once The Laser Is Destroyed, Insert The Jack Underneath The Gate To Open It. 
    In The Next Room, Avoid The Queen's Firing By Jumping At The Right Time, 
    Then Get On Her Throne. This Will Take You To A Different Room. To Get Rid 
    Of "The Hand", Wear The Tanning Oil, Then Go Look For A Match-Box. Pick It 
    Up And Keep Going Until You Get To A Bigger Room Where A Green Monster Is 
    Resting. Hide Behind The Pillar (Be Very Precise) And Wait For Him To Fall 
    Asleep, Then Quickly Insert A Match Between His Toes (If He Wakes Up, Just 
    Go Back Behind The Pillar And Try Again), And Light It Up Using The "Fight" 
    Icon. The Monster Will Escape Letting You Take The Fire Extinguisher.
    From There, The Genie Will Take You Back To The Costume Shop. Go See The 
    Magician One More Time , And He Will This Time Teleport You To A Scary 
    The Cemetery:
    Pick Up The Bone And Use It ("Fight" Icon ) To Get Out Of This One. Watch 
    Out For The Vampire. To Avoid Him, Go Behind The Grave You Just Got Out 
    Of, And Face The Tree. The Vampire Will Fall  Inside  The Hole. Pick Up 
    All The Items Laying On The Ground (Cymbals, Mirror, And The Shovel), And 
    Keep Going To Your Right. Hit The Vampire With The Shovel. On Your Right 
    Pick Up The Garlic And The Crucifix,  Then Push The Tombstone On The 
    Vampire's Feet ("Push/Pull" Icon). Walk To The Right, Eat The Garlic And 
    Grab The Vacuum Cleaner On Your Way, Then Finish Up The Vampire By Attacking 
    Him First With The Crucifix And Finally With The Cymbals. Annoyed By You 
    Not Being Scared, He'll Quit His Job Which Allows You To Leave The Cemetery.
    You Have Finally Reached The Castle Of Enchantia.  Open The Gates And Go In.
    The Castle:
    Go To The Room On Your Left And Pick Up The Magic Ring Laying On The Floor, 
    Near The Fireplace, Then Get Out And Go To The Next Room On Your Left. In 
    The Library, Look For The Fake Book On The Second Shelf. Once You Have 
    Found It , Push It.  It Will Open A Secret Passage That Leads You To The 
    Final Battle.
    Captured In A Magic Spell, You're Going To Have To Defend Yourself Against 
    The Witch. First Attack: Use The Vacuum Cleaner To Suck In The Spell 
    ("Fight" Icon). Second Attack: Push The Handle On The Fire Extinguisher 
    ("Push/Pull" Icon). Third Attack: Send The Spell Back Towards The Witch By 
    Using The Fan ("Fight" Icon). Enchantia Will Be Knocked-Out For A While. 
    Quickly Slip The Ring Around Her Finger ("Build" Icon) And You'll Be 
    Teleported To The Baseball Field Where You Started The Game.
                                                                      The End

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