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    FAQ/Walkthrough by falsehead

    Version: Final | Updated: 03/28/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    ********************** CURSE OF ENCHANTIA: WALKTHRU *********************
                                COMMODORE AMIGA
                      Point n' Click Game; released 1993 UK
                       WALKTHRU (Final Version) 28/03/2003
    Author - falsehead (Sophie Cheshire). Contact me at falsehead@aol.com
    Copyright stuff; this is (c) Sophie Cheshire. If you wish to use this FAQ on
    your website, feel free to do so under the following conditions. a) You email
    me first and let me know where it will be appearing and b) you do not alter the
    content in anyway (if you need to change the formatting slightly for display
    purposes that's OK).
    This guide may NOT be used as part of a restricted Pay-to-Enter website or in
    print unless you are prepared to pay me for its inclusion.
    If I find out that any part of this FAQ has been lifted and used without credit
    to me, especially if you use it to earn money, then I will be annoyed. I didn't
    type all this up for the good of my health you know.
    ********************************* CONTENTS *****************************
    a) Loading Instructions
    b) Controls
    c) Playing The Game
    d) Disk Functions
    e) Game Basics
    a) The Story Begins
    b) Escape the Dungeon
    c) Underwater Adventure
    d) Through the Caves
    e) Dragons Pass
    f) On the Edge of the World
    g) Valley of the Lost
    h) Through the Ice and Snow
    j) Fun with the Undead
    k) The Final Showdown
    *************************** 1) INTRODUCTION *****************************
    INTRODUCTION - Curse of Enchantia is an interesting little point n'clicker that
    appeared on the Commodore Amiga and also on IBM PC.  Although it looks quite
    nice and has some atmosphere is does rather slump under the weight of its
    overly complex control interface towards the end.  Having said that if you like
    point n' click adventures this is a nice early example and worth a play through
    if you are a fan of the genre.  Its sense of surreal humour makes it a lot of
    fun to play despite the technical shortcomings. This guide contains all the
    information you will need to play the Commodore Amiga version, including disk
    instructions for those with an original copy, guide to the interfaces and
    controls and of course a full step-by-step walkthrough.
    Name: Curse of Enchantia
    Genre: Adventure/Point and Click
    Developer: Core Design
    Publisher: Core Design
    Release Date: 1993
    Formats: Commodore Amiga and IBM PC
    REVISIONS - (28/03/2003). First and Final Version.  Full walkthrough for the
    Amiga version written up. Nothing really left to add.  This guide can also be
    used for the PC DOS version, as only the Amiga disk functions here are
    irrelevant to that versions.  Everything else is exactly the same.
    ************************* 2) GETTING STARTED ****************************
    If you are playing an original copy of the game then you will need to follow
    the instructions below to successfully Boot Up the game:
    Curse of Enchantia requires an Amiga with at least 1mb of ram.  To load Curse
    of Enchantia into your Amiga follow these instructions..
    1	 turn off your computer
    2	 insert a mouse into port 1. Or joystick into port 2
    3 	 turn on your computer
    4 	 [Amiga 1000 only] insert Amiga kick-start disk into disk drive
    5 	 when the workbench icon appears. Insert disk 1 of c-o-e in drive
    6      Curse of Enchantia will now load and run automatically. Exchange disks
           when prompted to do so.
    You can play Curse of Enchantia using mouse, joystick or selected keys on the
    Using a mouse
    Press  `m` on the keyboard to change to mouse control mode.  This will override
    both joystick and keyboard control methods.
    Move the pointer to the place where you want brad to move to and press the
    lhmb.  Brad will then walk to the spot where you pointed.
    To  bring up the icon control bar when using a mouse, simply press the rhmb.
    To cancel the icon bar press the rhmb again.
    Using a joystick
    Press  `j` on the keyboard to change to joystick control mode.  This will
    override both mouse and keyboard controls.
    To move Brad, simply push the joystick in the direction you wish him to move.
    To bring up the icon bar when using joystick press the firebutton, or
    alternatively  press the `esc` key.  To cancel the icon bar press the `esc` key
    Using the keyboard
    Press `k` on the keyboard to change to keyboard control mode.
    To  move Brad in the desired direction, use the cursor keys (up, down, left,
    right) it is possible to press 2 keys simultaneously to move diagonally.
    To  bring  up  the  icon  bar  when using keyboard press the `esc` key.  To
    cancel, again press the `esc` key.
    The cursor
    Normally the cursor is depicted as a hand with a pointing finger. However, when
    you click on the icon bar the definition of the cursor changes.  A `thumbs up`
    means that you were successful or have done something correctly.   A  `thumbs
    down` means you were not or you have done something
    wrong.  An `open hand` informs you there is nothing more to do, or see.
    There are 10 icons, which are....
    1.	inventory                 [bag icon]
    2.	pick up/take              [hand icon]
    3.	manipulate/use            [open hand icon]
    4.	look                      [eye icon]
    5.	talk                      [bubble icon]
    6.	fight                     [man sword icon]
    7.	jump                      [man arms extended icon]
    8.	disk functions            [disk icon]
    9.	sound                     [piano icon]
    10.	info                      [scroll with an `i` icon]
    1.	Inventory 		  [bag icon]
    When you click on this icon a new icon bar will appear.  This will contain
    pictures of all items you are currently carrying.
    2.	Pick up/take		  [hand icon]
    Click on this icon and a new icon will appear.  If there is anything which can
    be picked up at your present location, this will be shown as a picture in the
    icon bar.  To pick up an item simply click on the required picture and  it will
    be added to your inventory.  It is possible to carry a maximum of 10 items. 
    When an item is used correctly it is automatically discarded from your
    inventory.   So the situation should rarely arise where an item cannot be
    picked up.
    3.	Manipulate/use		  [open hand icon]
    When you click on this icon another icon bar appears containing 8 icons.
    These 8 icons are as follows...
    a.	unlock
    b.	insert	
    c.	push/pull		
    d.	eat/drink		
    e.	wear			
    f.	throw		
    g.	give		
    h.	attach/tie
    a.	Unlock     [key in lock icon]
    To unlock an item follow these steps...
    Click on the manipulate/use icon [open hand icon]
    Click on the unlock icon [key/keyhole icon]
    Click on the inventory icon [bag icon]
    Click on the item to unlock with
    Click on the item to be unlocked
    b.	Insert [card in slot icon]
    To insert an item follow these steps...
    Click on the manipulate/use icon [open hand icon]
    Click on the insert icon [card in slot icon]
    Click on the inventory icon [bag icon]
    Click on the item to be inserted
    Click on the to insert into
    c.	Push/pull  [two hands icon]
    To push/pull follow these steps...
    Click on the manipulate/use icon
    Click on the push/pull icon [two hands icon]
    Click on the item to push or pull icon
    d.	Eat/drink [spoon in mouth icon]
    To eat or drink an item click on this icon and then on the item you wish to
    Eat/drink from the items being carried.   If an item is inedible or undrinkable
    then you will be told so, and the `thumbs down` icon will appear
    e.	Wear [putting on jacket icon]
    To wear an item click on the manipulate/use icon.  Click on the wear icon and
    click on the item you wish to wear from your current inventory.  If an item
    cannot be worn you will be told so, and `thumbs down` icon will appear
    f.	Throw [hand throwing ball icon]
    To throw an item click on the manipulate/use icon.  Click on the throw icon and
    select the item you wish to throw.  If an item cannot be thrown the thumbs down
    icon will appear
    g.	Give [hand and arrow icon]
    To give an item to someone click on the manipulate/use icon.  Click on the give
    icon.   Select the item you wish to give and click on who you wish to give it
    to.  If an item cannot be given the thumbs down icon will appear
    h. Attach/Combine [two coloured bricks icon]
    To attach/tie two items together click on the manipulate/use icon. Click on
    attach/tie icon and then select the first item you wish to attach. Then select
    the second item.
    It is only possible to join two items together at any one time.  You can join
    subsequent items later by the same method.  eg.. join stick to string, then
    attach a weight to the stick/string combination.
    4.	Look			  [eye icon]
    When you click on this icon a new icon bar will appear.  This will contain
    pictures of any items that you can currently see.  Sometimes it is possible to
    look more closely at an item by clicking on its picture.
    5.	Talk			  [bubble icon]
    When you click on the talk icon.  New bar icon appears containing words
    currently in your vocabulary. To say one of these words click on the relevant
    6.	Attack			  [man with sword icon]
    When you click on the attack icon all of the items in your current inventory
    will be displayed.  Click on the item you wish to attack with.
    If you have a suitable weapon you will then attack whoever is in your immediate
    7.	Jump			  [man arms extended icon]
    Click on the jump icon, and then an inventory of all objects in the vicinity
    will be displayed.  Click on the item you wish to jump over or onto.
    When you click on the disk icon a new bar icon will appear containing the
    following icons...
    a.	Load
    Click on this icon and a list of previously saved games will appear.  Click on
    the name of the game you wish to load.  Once the saved game has loaded you will
    be able to carry on from the point where the game was saved.
    b.	Save
    When you click on this a grid of letters and numbers appear in the centre of
    the screen.  Type in the name you wish to call your game by clicking on
    individual letters.  When you have finished the name click on `end` and the
    game will be saved.
    c.	Delete
    Click on this icon and a list of saved games will appear.  Click on the name of
    the saved game you wish to delete and it will be removed from the file dir.
    Note: when saving a game it is a good idea to give it an easily recognisable
    name, so you can see at a glance when the game was saved.  For example a good
    way to save the game as `July 4`.  When you see the files dir, simply delete
    the oldest files.
    d.	Directory
    Click on this and a directory of your current saved game disk will be shown.
    e.	Format
    When you click on this icon a message appears asking you to insert a new disk
    into  df0:  once you have inserted a new disk.  Click on `format` and the disk
    will be formatted ready for you to save a game on.
    9.	Sound [piano icon]
    Click on this to select between the various sound options
    10.	Info			  [scroll with `i` icon]
    When you click on the info icon your current score will be displayed in the
    centre of the screen along with the credits and general info about c-o-e.
    [Information in this section reproduced from the Curse of Enchantia game manual
    posted at www.the-underdogs.org]
    Many of you may be playing this on the legal Amiga Emulation System known as
    WinUAE.  Like many old Amiga games this one is now available as freeware and
    can be enjoyed along with many other great Amiga games. However this is a multi
    "disk" game and can be quite complicated for the less clued up WinUAE user to
    load up.
    The Curse of Enchantia ROM is made up usually of six .adf (Amiga Disk Files). 
    When you start WinUAE up make sure you load the first Enchantia ADF in to the
    emulated floppy drive DF0. After it loads up you'll get the choice to start or
    load game.
    If you wish to start a new game click on start, it will then prompt you to put
    disk 1 into drive DF0.  Press F12 to bring up the WinUAE interface and actually
    you need to "eject" Enchantia adf file 1 and "load" Enchantia adf file 2.  Now
    press A and the game should begin.  As the game progresses, keep loading in the
    next adf files as prompted.
    If you wish to save your position in the game you need to create a "blank"
    floppy or adf file.  Use the WinUAE interface to create a "floppy" and name it
    something like Enchantia save file then press F12 to insert it in drive DF0. 
    When the games asks if you want to format the disk, let it do so.  Then after
    saving from the in game menu, "reinsert" the adf file you were last using and
    carry on.
    To load a saved game, start the game up as normal and when prompted to load,
    bring up the WinUAE interface and insert your save disk in drive DF0.  When its
    loaded it will prompt you to reinsert a game disk, you'll have to reinsert the
    first disk, then insert the next and so on until you get to the one you were
    playing on.
    You can't die in this game.  But a score is kept as you go.  Picking up objects
    like gold coins and all the rocks in the caves add to you score.  Getting
    burned, hit, squished by rocks etc will decrease your score.
    Sometimes it illogical what you must do with some items.   Have tried to make
    it as clear as possible but the biggest problem tends to be the attach/combine
    command.  When you select the first item to combine it will knock you back out
    of you inventory so return and combine the other item there.
    If you are trying to do something but failing, even if you are following the
    guide, make sure you have all the important items needed.  The game refuses to
    allow you to move onto the next stage if you are minus a vital object, as you
    can't go back.
    ************************** 3) WALKTHROUGH *******************************
    [Introduction to the game as printed in the Manual]
    Long ago in a land far from our own in time, space and dimension, there lived
    some of the most wicked and evil witches that the universe had ever known. They
    ruled the now forgotten land of Enchantia and committed the most terrible deeds
    without cause or reason.   The inhabitants of Enchantia prayed for the day when
    the evil hold over them would be vanquished and they could finally live in
    One of witches outshone the others in her malevolence and depravity; she had
    found a spell that would ensure her constant youth. However she was finding it
    difficult to obtain all the ingredients she needed.  The main ingredient was a
    live male child and although she knew where she could get her hands on one, she
    did not know how.  Male children lived in another dimension, another time, and
    another world. The witch would need a portal and more magic than she possessed.
    She was not to be discouraged and set about her master plan. By persuading two
    other witches to visit mediaeval earth on the promise of destruction, holocaust
    and mayhem she believed she could solve the portal problem.  The two witches
    agreed to this dangerous task as they were led to believe they would have the
    power to get there and back. However when they arrived in the new world the
    task of opening the portal totally drained their power. The evil witch from
    Enchantia sent a "disperse and claim" spell through the portal and hit the two
    witches who had no more power with which to protect themselves. The spell
    consumed them and dispersed their essence and souls over the fields in which
    they were standing. From Enchantia the evil witch was heard to say, "from this
    day forth there will always be communication between this field and Enchantia"
    With one task complete, the evil witch needed more power to enable her to
    recant the rejuvenation spell once she had obtained the ingredients. To do this
    she needed power from all the other witches in Enchantia. She needed to trick
    each of them in turn into lending her their power so she could make each one
    young again. Of course each witch gave in to their vanity and lent her their
    power. She now had enough to invoke the rejuvenation spell.
    In the few years that passed in Enchantia many hundred passed in our world.
    During this time a great city had been built in the possessed field. The field
    had never been built upon as all the local people could relate strange
    happenings and experiences there. However local children often played baseball
    on the field.
    On one particular day our hero, brad was playing baseball with his sister
    Jenny. Back in Enchantia the evil witch is looking at the field through the
    portal.  Hungrily and excitedly she incants a summoning spell. Back in the
    field Jenny pitches a ball towards Brad, he swings the bat in a wide arc
    When Brad awakes he finds himself hung up high above the floor in what looks
    like the dungeon of the castle wearing some strange mediaeval clothing. It is
    now up to you to help brad escape from this mysterious land and back to his
    home.  As his journey to Enchantia was some what unexpected  Brad  is  hardly
    prepared for his journey through these strange and  unknown  lands.  At least
    he managed to grab his trusty backpack before leaving the field.
    Brads quest is made all the more difficult with the fact that a myriad of
    puzzles will have to be solved if he wants to make it in one piece to the lair
    of the evil witch equipped to do battle.  Some of these puzzles are logical
    whilst some are a little more obscure
    Obviously Brad's first priority is to stop hanging around and get out of his
    chains as quickly as possible. With a little bit of help you should find  it
    quite easy to obtain a key but will this enable you to escape this damp and
    crumbling dungeon...?
    [The rest of this walkthrough is designed to be as spoiler free as possible]
    OK now we are in control of Brad and its time to make tracks! First call for
    help (using the speech bubble icon) and a guard will run in.  He'll have a
    massive fit, yell at you and run off again handily leaving a key on the floor. 
    It's within reach so pick it up and use it on the chains to set yourself free.
    Walk to the pillar on the right of the screen and examine a patch of wall to
    the left of it.  You can push the wall to reveal a small space.  Inside the
    space is a paper clip, so pick it up and take it to the main door.  Use it on
    the lock to get out of the cell.  Check the right hand side of the next area
    for a goldfish bowl, which you should take.  Now run across the screen to the
    left avoiding the statues with hammers and pursuing guards (actually its
    appears to be impossible to avoid being whacked with a hammer, but the guards
    are so slow you won't be caught!).
    Open the door on the left and go through it. You'll plummet over the edge, but
    you'll land safely (kind of) in some water.
    Now you should quickly wear the goldfish bowl.  For some reason this will let
    you breathe underwater.  Now check behind you to the right and you'll see a sad
    blue fish behind some bars.  Set the little beggar free and then search the
    bottom right behind a rock to find a gold coin.  Now head right until you see a
    patch of sand that stands out from the background.  Search it to find a worm.
    Carry on right until you find Mr. Fish.  Give him the worm and he'll rather
    nicely top up your air supply for you.  Now carry on right towards some
    electric eels.  As you get closer the blue fish you saved fish will drop a
    shell, which you should pick up and give to the turtle when he gets close. 
    He'll return the favour by carrying you safely past the electric eels.
    Now examine some weed carefully and you'll find a cattle prod.  Pick it up and
    carry on left.  Yikes, now a big shark will start swimming towards you.  When
    it has got about halfway onto the screen attack it with the cattle prod.  This
    will shock him for a few moments allowing you to walk a bit further.  Keep
    shocking the sharks until you have made it past, it might take about four or
    five prods.
    You'll then be on the right of a giant clam, wait until it has closed and then
    jump over it.  Keep moving left until you reach a giant plug.  Stick the cattle
    prod in it (using the Insert Command} to lever it open and it will suck you
    down into the next part of the adventure.
    Magnet +
      |_______________________ _ _ _ Rockfall ____ EXIT
      |           |
      |           |         Twigs
      |       ____|__________|              Wishing Well
      |      |                                   |
      |   Monitor                      __________|___________ START
      |                               |
      |                               |                            Rock Basher
                           Gold Coin *        Loops <---- Mud Monster
    Now you are in a cave area.  Go to the bottom right of the pool area until Brad
    disappears.  Now you can collect some seaweed, then go and examine the lightish
    area on the back wall to see a button.  Push it to open a secret door.  Now you
    are in the main caves area, the map above should be of some help. Pick up as
    many rocks as you can carry and find the room with a little old guy bashing two
    rocks together is (there are some mud beasts outside).  Give all your rocks to
    the man, he appears to need around three of each size rock. The poster at the
    back will tell you which size rocks he still needs.  Keep giving him rocks and
    when the last one disappears from the poster he gives you a piece of string.
    Look around for a room that has a hole in the wall and a monitor on the floor. 
    Pick up the monitor and head to the room with a large rock and a plank on the
    floor.  Put the plank on the large rock using the combine command (ie, combine
    the plank and rock). Now throw the monitor and Brad will automatically be
    catapulted onto the ledge where you can collect the magnet.  Now go back to the
    room you got the monitor from.  Combine the magnet to the string and use the
    throw command to get it down the hole.  You'll immediately get some wire in
    your inventory.
    Stand outside the Rock Bashing man Room.  Combine the wire onto the loops where
    the monster ends his run at you.  Collect the mud on the loops, and then go to
    the room with about four holes in the walls. Examine all the holes until a
    little beastie jumps out of the far right-hand hole. Now when you examine it,
    you should see some twigs. Pick the twigs then return to the rockfall. Go down
    the exit just before it (at the bottom of the screen) and look left as you go
    into the next area.  You should see something glinting on a rock to the left of
    the entrance/exit, it's a Gold Coin, so collect it then move on to the Wishing
    Well.  Throw the Gold Coin down it (it seems you can't do this before you have
    done everything else, if it still won't work, try making the mask now), and a
    man will appear and offer you a choice of three things: Cash, Sexy Lady or a
    Safety Helmet.  Sadly you must take the Helmet or you can't get out of the
    caves (use the Pick-up command to choose).
    Make your way to the section where rocks are falling from the ceiling, wear the
    Helmet to cross safely. Go into the room with the bucket in it. Tie the seaweed
    to the mud, and then add on the twigs to create a mask, which you should then
    put on.  Finally to get out of these caves, climb in the bucket to be hauled
    You'll find a monster is pulling you out who thinks you look beautiful with
    your mask on.  When it falls off though he'll dive down into the shaft to
    escape your ugly face (charming!).  Once he is out of the way, go to the top of
    the screen and start heading towards the town in the distance.
    As you amble along you'll be attacked by a mugger.  However he will trip over
    his feet and drop his sword.  Pick it up and kill him (muahahah!) and collect
    any cash he leaves behind. Then carry on towards Dragons Pass.  After you enter
    the town, two Guards will spring up to block the path back. When you reach
    Franks Shop say "Hi" and use some of the cash from the mugger to buy some food
    and eat it right away.
    Go towards the Fountain and the straight on to the Shop of Wonders.  Inside is
    a kindly mage who if you give him some gold will transport you to The Edge of
    The World...
    Well he wasn't kidding; it's definitely an edge!  And falling off can be easier
    than you think, although if you do, a kindly blue bird will fly you back up
    again. Keep walking right until you see and alcove, inside are some Red Rubber
    Gloves.  Pick them up and then carry on until you reach a large rock blocking
    the way.  Push it so it falls into the gap behind then jump from it to reach
    the ledge to the right. Carry on until you see some buttons on the wall and
    press them in this order 1 - 3 - 4 - 3 - 2
    Walk over the bridge that appears and pick up the rope that is on the other
    side.  Walk up to the Electric Man and wear the rubber gloves.  When you reach
    him you will automatically push him off the edge.  You'll then approach a
    rockfall.  Wait for it to stop and run into the first alcove. Wait for the
    rocks to fall and when they stop go to the second alcove and pick up the sweet
    inside.  When the rocks pause again carry on right.
    You'll be in a section with a large rock suspended over a gap and a small rock
    that keeps falling on your head. Wear the sweet and the small rock will fall on
    you and stick.  Now throw it at the big rock and it will fall and block the
    gap. Walk to the edge of the ledge and throw out the rope.  Jump onto it and
    use it to cross the chasm.  Examine the wall nearby to see the words "Open
    Sesame". Walk up to the end of the ledge and say those words to open a
    Inside is a wise er.. Parrot.  Say "Hi" to him and he will tell you to find a
    fire extinguisher and a fan.  Then he will transport you back to town (as a
    frog!).  Go back to the Mage and give him cash in return for a disguise.  Go
    past Madame See'all's Shop and the Guard will now let you past.
    Now things get a bit strange! First go left and pick up some hair behind the
    bush.  Go back to the where the Slugs are playing and go south.  You'll see a
    guy with a Tape Player on his shoulder, say "Hi" to him to find he wants some
    music. When you see a dinosaur skeleton, keep going right until you reach a
    monster with a huge nose.  Use the Insert command to put the hair into his nose
    and he will sneeze off the screen.
    Pick up a pen and stamp from the first pile (looks like a pile of pens) the
    collect the sock behind the other pile.  Now drop down the steps and collect
    the remote control from a pile of them and then head up towards the ship.  Turn
    left at the ship and collect a cassette tape from the pile nearby.  Then carry
    on left to get back where the Slugs are playing.
    Insert the tape into the control deck then use push on the remote to get a
    recording.  You'll take the tape out automatically.  Now head left past the
    pile of hair to a post box and pile of letters.  Look for the single letter at
    the bottom of the pile and pick it up.  Combine the letter and stamp, and then
    insert the letter into the Post Box.  Just go left to where a volcano is
    erupting and pick up the metal tray on the ground.  Now head back south and
    give the tape to the Ghetto-blaster guy.
    He'll hand over the letter you had posted, which will automatically be opened
    and you'll find a pass card now in the inventory.  Now walk into the cave he
    just moved away from and shout, "Help!"  Some rocks will fall to reveal a
    bottle of detergent.  Pick it up then carry on back to the grounded ship.
    Go to the huge pile of gold on the right and combine the sock with a gold coin.
     Now go to the robot guard and attack him with the lethal coin/sock combo!  Now
    you can enter the ship.  Pick up the first plank and look for a small cross on
    the floor near the middle of the screen.  Stand thereabouts and use the push
    command to drop the plank horizontally.  Now pick up the second plank and stand
    in the middle of the first plank and use push to drop it vertically to make a
    bridge.  Cross the bridge and pick up the cloth.
    Go back to the place the Slugs are playing in and use the passcard on the door
    to their right.  You'll drop onto a cloud with a bag of marbles on it.  Keep
    moving left and right to get the wind to blow you further in either direction. 
    Once momentum takes you to the bag, pick it up and you'll drop down.  Now go
    south to the area with the dinosaur skeleton.  Walk past the skeleton and a
    door will drop down and open.  Go through it.
    Throw the detergent at the way then use the push command to clean it with the
    cloth.  This reveals a button, which you should then push.  This lifts the
    bars, but you can't cross yet.  Throw the marbles then the tray onto the floor
    and you'll automatically ride over.  Now just collect the fan and use the
    unlock command to open the door with the paperclip.
    You'll be back on the road to Dragons Pass Town.  Head back there and go left
    at the fountain to Benn's Costume Shop.  Give the man with the fez some cash
    and he'll offer a dress.  Pick it up and take it left to the changing room.
    Wear it and it will appear then disappear from Brad and a door left will swing
    open.  Leave via the new door to the next part of the adventure.
    [Trivia Note:  This being a UK game some people may not get the joke here.  But
    this is from a classic UK cartoon called "Mr Ben" a normal man who would visit
    a costume shop run by a mystery man in a fez.  When he gave Mr Ben a costume
    and sent him to the changing rooms he would change with the exact pose Brad
    pulls and then exit to have a crazy adventure!]
    Mow poor Brad is in a freezing wasteland of ice.  Collect the nearby plank and
    then go south.  Head left to a hole where a fish is jumping.  Stand close to
    the hole and use the throw command to lay the plank over the hole.  Now pick up
    the fish.  Head south then right and pick up the can of deodorant.  Wear it now
    (the Eskimo will pass out from your stench if you don't) and then go up and
    right and give the Eskimo the fish.  He'll make tracks leaving you free to pick
    up the Fishing Rod!
    Go south and right until you reach a gigantic walrus, say "Hi" make him yawn. 
    Now head all the way right and then up to find a creature trapped in some ice. 
    Select Attack and the fishing rod and Brad will snap the rod and make a fire
    which will release the odd green creature.  Pick up the ashes left behind and
    then go back to where the Walrus was.  On the way pick up and throw two
    snowballs at the large blue creature and he'll puke up another weird creature.
    Head north until you find the sleeping Walrus.  Walk over its back to the ledge
    and call for "Help".  Your green buddies will cut a hole and pull your through.
     When you reappear you'll be by a lake.  Throw the ashes in the lake and a
    great big sea monster will rise up and very kindly take you to the Ice Palace.
    Once you get to the door, look right of it to see four icicle. Use the push
    command on them in this order (from left to right) 2 - 3 - 1 - 4.  The doors
    will then open up and in Brad goes.
    In this room is a broom on the left, which you should pick up.  On the table
    are some dice.  Pick them up then throw them.  Each time you throw a different
    door will open up in the room beyond.  There are three doors on the right and
    three on the left.  Make sure you enter each room and collect the following: a
    Jack, Magnifying Glass, Ice Cube, Loud Hailer Gun and Icicle (need to ATTACK
    the icicle with broom and ATTACK the ledge with the gun on it).
    Once you have all those items return to the beginning of the hallway with the
    pulley system in it.  Examine the left hand side of the pulley to see one item
    is a gun holster.  Insert the gun into the holster to drop down the items on
    the right.  Pick up the sun tan oil and glass shard from the right hand pulley.
    Now walk all the way up to the end of the hallway and pick up the whistle (if
    you examine the window you'll see another of your green buddies waving for
    Attach the whistle to the Loud Hailer to the Whistle and then use the attack
    command on the window with the megaphone/whistle combo. This will smash it and
    allow you to exit through via jumping.
    In the next room you'll see a green laser coming down from the ceiling.  Use
    the combine command to combine the hole the laser goes through with the
    magnifying glass.  The beam shoots left so use the Ice cube on the next part,
    then the Icicle and finally the bit of glass.  This should fire the laser back
    up and destroy it.  Finally insert the jack under the bars to leave the room.
    Now you meet the evil Queen/Witch. She fires cold missiles at you.  You job is
    to get up to the throne and sit on it. If she hits you, you will be knocked
    back so you need to jump.  Wait until she has turned greenish grey then jump. 
    Once you have got to the throne you'll sit on it and be catapulted away.
    In the room you find yourself in, as soon as you move and big hand will grab
    you and hold you tight.  Wear the sun tan lotion to slip out of its grasp and
    though the door.  In the couple of rooms you should find a box of matches you
    should pick up.  Keep going until you reach the guardroom. Hide behind the
    pillar until the big green monster in a skirt (!) falls asleep.
    Now use the combine command to attach a match to his toe, and then attack him
    with the matchbox to set his foot on fire.  He'll shoot off up through the
    ceiling.  Collect the Fire Extinguisher and then the Fez man from Benns Shop
    will appear and take you back to Dragons Pass Town.  Once back, head to the
    fountain and back up to the Mage. Give him some cash and he will send you to
    the next part of the adventure.. the Graveyard.
    You arrive trapped in a coffin, so pick up the bone in with you and attack with
    it to dig your way out.  You're in a dark and scary place now, so pick up the
    nearby shovel for protection.  A vampire will rush you, so walk behind the
    empty grave and he will fall in.  Walk right across the graveyard (try not to
    fall in any graves or get pulled in by hands), collect on your way: Cymbals,
    Cross, Tray and Hoover/Vacuum cleaner.  Now go back to the area you started
    from and attack the vampire blocking the way from behind with the shovel.
    Attack the next Vampire by pushing the stone in front of him.  Go back left to
    the grave that has Brad written on it and collect the Garlic and Bread that
    have appeared there, then head on right again. Attack the next Vampire by
    eating the garlic bread.  Attack the next with the Cross and the last one
    should be attacked with the cymbals.  Now when you reach the gate, a fleeing
    vampire will leave it open for you.
    Go through the scary wood upwards.  You'll come to a large iron gate.  Use the
    push/pull command to open it and walk through.  As you cross the bridge it will
    collapse behind you.  So you have no other choice but to continue on into the
    Witches Castle.
    This is it, time to get Brad out of this mad place and back home!  So first of
    all walk over to the steps a little hidden to the left and in the room you
    enter you should pick up the ring, which is under the window in roughly the
    centre of the screen.   Go back out and go right into the library.  Stand
    between the first and second bookcases (from left to right).  Examine the back
    bookcase until you see a green book.  Now use push/pull to open up a hidden
    passage.  Enter it to meet the witch in the final battle.
    First she will cast a ghost on you.  When it is halfway to you, attack with the
    vacuum cleaner to suck it up.  She will then power up a flame type attack. 
    Before she can power one up, use the push/pull command on the fire extinguisher
    to put her out.  Finally she will launch a fireball at you.  As soon as it's on
    its way, attack with the fan to blow it back and she will collapse.  Walk up to
    her and use the attach/combine command to put the ring on her.  She will fizzle
    away and Brad will be dropped back down in the baseball field he started off
    Feel free to email me about any aspect of this guide, any contributions you
    would like to make will be fully credited if used and are more than welcome. 
    Please inform me of any errors, typos etc so I can rectify them immediately
    My email is falsehead@aol.com
    (Blatant plug: check out my games website at www.kungfuhamster.cjb.net for
    loads of info on Martial Arts, Beat 'em Ups, Kung Fu Movies and Pokemon!)
    Big Thanks to CjayC, the cool bloke who runs GameFAQs.  You've given me the
    opportunity to reach more people with my stuff than I ever could have alone!
    Special thanks go out to: BillyKane, Magus747, Andy787, totalstuff and Pat
    Uhler for being such a laugh, and giving me the push to actually start
    contributing my own work back in the good old days of the DC board.
    Thanks also to my homies in the Review and FAQ boards for continuing support
    and being all round awesome dudes! Adrenaline, bloomer, sashanan, ASchultz,
    MaxH, Vegita, Masters, krustster and Bobo The Clown Love yah all guys!
    ***************************** THE END *********************************

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