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    Walkthrough by KGifford

    Updated: 03/31/96 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

       --  Deja Vu .. A nightmare comes true .. ---
     walkthru by: tsr (K. Gifford) [tsrken@voicenet.com] 31 March 1996
    "You are waking from a stupor that feels like a chronic headache after a week
    in Vegas. You notice your right palm is covered with dried blood, but you can
    neither see nor feel any wounds. You feel a sharp pain on your left forearm.
    Rolling up the sleeve, you find a tiny puncture on your arm. 'Has a doctor
    injected me with a medicine?' Then you realize you can't remember who you
    are!! You have no idea where you are and why you're here. You have no
    memory... whatsoever!!"
    This walkthrough was made using the NES version of Deja Vu but it should be
    applicable to all versions.
    Stepwise solution:
    - Take the coat and open the pocket and take all the stuff inside. Hey, who's
      this J.S. person and why do you have his lighter and handkerchief? Open the
      wallet and take the key (Key 1), card and $20 bill. Take the gun (Gun 1) on
      the wall.
    - Open the door and leave. Look in the mirror. "You again realize with horror
      that you can't remember who you are!!" Open the door and leave the bathroom.
    - You can go to the ladies room if you wish but it's not necessary; we'll find
      out about the puddle later. Open the right-hand door and leave the hall.
    - Open the door next to the stairs. Go up the stairs. Look at the picture on
      the right-hand wall. Hey, that's you.. I think.. Open the door and enter.
    - Open the desk drawer and take the envelope (Envel.1). Open the envelope,
      take the bill and read it to get the Sherman St. address. Open the door
      with Key 1, and enter.
    - Wow, it's a dead guy! Search (open) him and take the key (Key 2). Open the
      desk that the guy is slumped on and take the pencil and key (Key 3). Open
      the window and leave the room. Are you beginning to see what's going on?
      We'll deal with the wall safe later.
    - Move north one step to go to the other side of the fire escape. Open the
      window and enter. Yikes! Search (open) the wastebasket and take the
      capsules. Look at those medicine bottles; it seems that you've been
      drugged with either sodium pentothal or diethanol trimene.
    - Push the elevator button and enter. Push the second button from the bottom,
      and leave the elevator when it opens. Go down.
    - Wow, a casino..! You'll need more money than you have for cab-riding
      purposes, so use those coins you have on the slot machines. Hopefully you
      know the routine; save when you win lots of money, and so on. Stop when you
      have around 30-35 coins (usually takes about two wins).
    - Leave the way you came, and go to the elevator. Push the second button from
      the top. Hmm, interesting; the elevator door disappears from the wall..
      Leave the dead guy's office, leave the secretary's office, and go down the
      stairs and into Joe's Bar.
    - Enter the door to the right of the staircase. Examine the wine bottles, and
      hit the one on the right side that's not dusty, opening a secret passageway
      that doesn't really have any effect on our walkthrough but is still neet
      too see. :P Leave the room and go back to the bar.
    - Open the right-hand door with Key 3, and leave the bar.
    - Every now and then when you're walking around in the outdoor scenes a mugger
      comes up and tries to rob you. The first three times you encounter him you
      can just hit him and he'll run off. If you run into him a fourth time then
      give him your twenty dollar bill.
    - Open the car's door with Key 2, and enter. If you try to start the car or
      pop the hood, the car will explode, for reasons that we will find out later.
      Open the glove compartment and take all the stuff inside. Examine the note
      (Note 2) to get Siegel's address. Examine the map to get the address for
      Joe's Bar (that's where you are now). Hey, what's all this stuff about
      kidnapping Mrs. Sternwood written on the map?!? Well, we'll see..
    - Leave the car. Go right, and you'll run into a prostitute (well, in the NES
      version she's just a 'woman', but.. :) named Sugar Shack. This woman, who
      by the way is a bit bonkers, has wired the car out front with explosives
      for god knows what reason. Hit her (or else she'll shoot you). If you want
      you can search her purse when she's unconscious and take stuff but it's not
      necessary. Go back left.
    - Go left twice (ignore the bum if you run into him) and enter the gun shop.
      Buy two .38 caliber bullets. Leave and go left one more time. You can buy
      the gun in the gun shop if you want to but it's unnecessary.
    - Enter the blue cab. Talk to the driver, and go to the West End address. Pay
      the driver.
    - Open the door to the apartment complex and enter. Use the card on the
      elevator slot and it'll open. Enter and use the card on the little slot you
      see. You'll go to the penthouse apartment.
    - OK, you're now in Siegel's (the dead man) apartment. Take the photograph on
      the fireplace. There's an address on the other side! Wow! Anyway, leave the
      apartment and go back to the cab.
    - Go to the address you just found (Kedzie). Leave the cab. Now you're in
      front of the bungalow of Vickers, Siegel's secretary. The door is locked,
      but that's no problem; just use your gun on the lock and it'll open.
    - Note those earrings on the table; we'll see those again sometime. Take the
      papers on the table (that's the combination to the wallsafe in Siegel's
      office..!). Open the table drawer and take the key (Key 5) and the diary.
      Open the diary and read it (don't take the bookmark!!). Interesting; 
      it seems that Vickers has a rather severe hatred for Siegel and wishes that
      Mr. Sternwood would divorce his wife. You'd better keep that diary; that's
    - Leave the bungalow and enter the cab. Go to the Sherman address; it's time
      to do something about your memory loss.
    - Open the door and enter the building at Sherman. Go right, then open the
      pharmacy with Key 5.
    - Here we are at the pharmacy. We really need to do something about the
      memory loss. Open the file cabinet. What, you can't? Well, shoot the lock
      open! Examine all of the files, especially File 4. Yep, we were right; you
      were drugged with diethanol trimene. You'd better find that antidote quick!
    - Take all three bottles of bisodiumitis (Medic.6) from the shelf. Put one of
      the Medic.6's in the capsules, and use the capsules on yourself. Repeat
      this procedure two more times.
      "Another memory starts rolling in. It's Taco, your pet dog. Say 'woof',
      Taco!! Want to play? Taco sends you to the hospital for stitches."
    - All right! If you did everything right, you get all your memory back. You're
      Ace Harding, private eye and stuff. Yeeeeeeeeehaw. Take a bottle of
      sodium pentothal (Medic.1) before you leave the pharmacy. You'll use them
      on someone else later.
    - Take a second here to reload your gun. Use your two bullets on your gun.
      Now you're ready to go on a shooting spree!
    - Leave the pharmacy, go to the hall, and go up the stairs. Hey, it's your
      office.. and there's someone in it! Better not take any chances; take out
      your gun and shoot the guy through the door! Now, open the door with Key 5
      and enter.
    - Open up your desk and take the ammunition if you want. Open your file
      cabinet and read all the files, especially noting File 5. Yikes, you don't
      remember getting into any kidnapping scheme like this.. Take File 5 along
      with you and leave the office.
    - Go back to the cab and go back to Joe's Bar (Peoria address).
    - Go into the bar and go to Siegel's office. Check out the boxing poster
      again along the way; now that you have your memory back, you know that
      Siegel used to be your manager during your boxing days, and that you
      never really liked each other.
    - In Siegel's office, open the wallsafe with Note 3. Take the box and folder
      and close the safe. Open the folder and take the note (Note 1). Open the
      box and take the key (Key 4). Read Note 1. Yikes, another piece of evidence
      against you that you don't remember ever writing before! As we will soon
      see, something odd is going on..
    - Go back to outside Joe's Bar. Go to the exit leading to the trunk of the
      Mercedes. Use Key 4 on the trunk. It's Mrs. Sternwood, the woman in the
      photograph in the glove box, and the woman that you were supposedly kid-
    - Take the gag off her mouth. Use the sodium pentothal (Medic.1) on the
      capsules. Use the capsules on Mrs. Sternwood. She regains consciousness
      for just enough time to give you her address! Yes! Run back to the cab
      and go to the address she gave (Auburn Road).
    - When you get to the house, open the mailbox and take the envelope; open the
      envelope and get the letter (Letter 1). It's a ransom note for Mrs.
      Sternwood!! Better keep that; that's evidence!
    - Go to the door and use the knocker. Hit the butler when he shows up. You
      can go to the kitchen if you want but it's unnecessary. Go upstairs.
    - If you want to, open the right-hand door and check out Mr. Sternwood
      sleeping. Enter the left-hand room. There's a woman sleeping in this guest
      room.. it's Vickers!! Open the dresser and take the memo.
    - Go back outside (just to be safe) and use the pencil on the memo. You'll
      trace over the erased message on the memo. Now, read the memo.
    - Well, now everything is clear as black and white. (more or less :) The
      broken toilet in the ladies room is due to Mrs. Sternwood sitting on it.
      It seems that Mr. Sternwood and Vickers are going to frame you for the
      murder of Siegel and the kidnapping of Mrs. Sternwood!!! Fortunately, by
      this time, you're nearly prepared to go to the police to clear your name.
      Take the cab back to the Joe's Bar area.
    - In front of Joe's bar, open the manhole and go down twice. Enter the sewer
      proper, then down again. If you encounter an alligator, shoot it with your
    - You should now be in the deepest part of the sewer. Now, the idea here is
      to get rid of all the 'evidence' that Sternwood and Vickers planted so
      that the police doesn't see it. So, basically, just throw everything that
      the game will let you throw into the sewage.
      Planted evidence (things to throw in the sewer):
      Gun 1 (the murder weapon, with your fingerprints all over it)
      Handkerchief (initials JS on it)
      Lighter (initials JS on it)
      Map (written by Sternwood)
      Snapshot (Mrs. Sternwood's picture)
      File 5 (Sternwood's planted note to you about kidnapping)
      Note 1 (a faked IOU to Siegel)
      Incriminating evidence against Sternwood and Vickers:
      Diary (shows motive)
      Letter 1 (the ransom note)
      Memo (the timetable that blows open the whole scheme)
    - Anyway, once you've got your inventory in order, leave the sewer, and go
      right once to the police station. Enter the station. If you've thrown away
      all the planted evidence, and have the three pieces of incriminating
      evidence above, you've won the game!
    -tsr, 31 March - 1 April 1996

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