Forge your own empire in this D&D™ game - the first to feature a computer DUNGEON MASTER™ who mediates all elements of game play. Thanks to advanced technology, superior animation, 256-color VGA display and digital sound effects, the DM™ virtually comes to life on the screen.
Designed for up to five players, this exciting game lets you face one to four adversaries - either human or chosen from among 20 computer-controlled opponents. Interact with fantastic races, including humans, elves, orcs, dwarves, humanoids, and the undead. Command dozens of troop types. Deploy special forces. Send your heroes on quests and construct a variety of buldings and fortifications.
Extensive character interaction, utilizing advanced AI and Neural Network technology throughout the game, provides for diplomatic tactics. When combat occurs, the screen switches from strategic map to a tactical display that shows real-time action in one of the most spectacular overhead perspectives yet!

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