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    Who Framed Roger Rabbit
    Formats Available:  IBM (CGA, EGA)
    		    C64 (1 revision)
    		    Apple II
    		    Amiga (1 revision)
    Amiga Hard Disk Installation Instructions
    Who Framed Roger Rabbit will run faster once installed onto your hard disk.  
    You must have at least 1.8MB available on your hard disk to install the game.
    To install Who Framed Roger Rabbit onto your hard disk, follow these steps:
    1. Boot your computer with a Workbench disk and open a CLI Window (consult 
       the section on Accessing CLI in your Amiga manual if you need more 
       information on how to do this).  After opening a CLI window, type the 
       following two CLI commands:
         CD dh0:
         MAKEDIR Roger
    2. Insert Who Framed Roger Rabbit Disk 1 into your floppy disk drive and
         COPY Disk1: dh0:Roger /ALL
    3. After Disk 1 has finished copying, remove it from your floppy disk drive 
       and insert Disk 2.  Next, enter the following commands:
         COPY Disk2: dh0:Roger /ALL
    A complete copy of Who Framed Roger Rabbit is now on your hard disk drive.
    Please put your Who Framed Roger Rabbit disks away into a safe place.  They
    should NOT be in the floppy disk drive when you are running the program from
    your hard drive.
    Each time you wish to run Who Framed Roger Rabbit from your hard disk, open 
    a CLI window and enter the following commands:
         ASSIGN Disk1: dho:Roger
         ASSIGN Disk2:dh0:Roger
         CD dh0:Roger
    You may also wish to use the ED screen editor to create a text file named 
    PLAYROGER that contains these last four commands so that you can simply 
    type EXECUTE PLAYROGER each time you wish to play Who Framed Roger Rabbit.  
    For details on the ED screen editor and the execute command, consult your 
    Amiga manual.
    Who Framed Roger Rabbit Upgrade Information
    Amiga:  If you would like to receive the upgrade for your copy of Who 
    	Framed Roger Rabbit, just complete and return the warranty card 
    	and you will automatically be mailed information on how to receive 
    	the upgraded disks.
    C64:    If you would like to receive the upgrade for your copy of Who 
    	Framed Roger Rabbit, just complete and return the warranty card 
    	and you will automatically be mailed information on how to receive 
    	the upgraded disks.
    IBM:    If you would like to receive the EGA version of Who Framed Roger 
    	Rabbit, just complete the upgrade coupon included with the game 
    	materials and mail it along with your original disk(s) to the 
    	address on the card.  Please do not mail it to Disney Software's 
    	Burbank, CA address as this will only delay the delivery of your 
    There is no upgrade for the Apple II version of the program.
    If you are missing any of the materials necessary to receive the appropriate 
    upgrade, please call us at (818) 841-3326 and speak to one of  our Customer 
    Service Representatives.  Office hours are 8:00am to 5:00pm Pacific Standard
    Time, Monday through Friday.
    Game Synopsis:  In Who Framed Roger Rabbit, the object is for the player to 
    		help Roger Rabbit race through the streets of Los Angeles to 
    		find the will that leaves Toontown to all those lovable 
    		toons.  Roger must dodge "dip" puddles, scurry through the 
    		Ink and Paint Club gathering almost everything in sight, and 
    		then race again to the Gag Factory where he must get past 
    		Judge Doom's weasel henchmen to save Jessica from the Dip-
    Game Sequence:  Benny-the-Cab - Roger and Benny race against the Toon Patrol
    		through the streets of Los Angeles dodging oncoming traffic, 
    		dip puddles, and street cars.  Benny has the unique ability 
    		to jump over cars, puddles, street cars, and even to ride 
    		over buildings.
    Ink and Paint Club - In this scene Roger runs from table to table desperately
    searching for Marvin Acme's Will.  Since Roger is not sure where it can be, 
    he grabs all the napkins in the place.  The ever efficient Penguins that work
    in the club will constantly be re-setting the tables with napkins, so Roger 
    has to move VERY quickly.  Also, remember how Roger reacts to alcohol?  Well,
    if you've forgotten, this will remind you.  Don't let Roger grab a bottle or
    you will lose precious time.  Finally, don't get to close to the bouncer-
    gorilla.  If he gets his paws on you you lose a "life".
    Benny-the-Cab - Once again Benny and Roger team up to thwart Judge Doom.  
    Get through the streets as quickly as you can.  The faster you go, the more 
    time you will have in the Gag Factory.
    Gag Factory - In the Gag Factory Roger must move through ten screens 
    maneuvering past all five of Judge Doom's weasels to rescue the fair 
    Jessica.  Roger must use various gags found throughout the factory to 
    make the weasels laugh themselves into oblivion.  If the player accomplishes 
    this, they have defeated Judge Doom and saved Toontown from destruction.  A 
    few reward screens follow.
    Benny-the-Cab - The trick here is to stay ahead of the black Toon Patrol 
    truck.  The following should help you accomplish this:
    1. Use the Up-Arrow-Jump combination to get onto the rooftops of the 
       buildings.  This keeps you away from dip puddles and other vehicles, 
       but at the expense of not being able to grab valuable objects hanging 
       from the side of the buildings.  You must then negotiate the changing 
       level of the buildings.
    2. On the IBM CGA and EGA versions there is a definite pattern for the cars, 
       dip puddles, objects, and street cars.  Discovering this pattern will help
       anticipate what is coming next.
    3. The objects hanging from the fronts of the buildings help you as follows:
       Diamonds remove a dip bucket from your total provided you have at least 
       one.  Wheels protect Benny for a short period of time from dip puddles.
       On the IBM EGA, C64, and Amiga versions Benny changes color while he is 
       "protected".  Finally, the Boxing Gloves will give Benny a temporary boost 
       of energy enabling him to go faster.
    Ink and Paint Club - The trick here is to gather up all the napkins on the 
    tables while avoiding the gorilla who haunts the lowest two tables and not 
    grabbing any bottles.  This is an extremely difficult task.  Most players 
    are unable to do this.  Failing to clear all the tables within the allotted 
    time (approximately 3 minutes), costs the player an additional dip bucket 
    being added to their total.  However, if you have cleared off most of the 
    tables, Baby Herman will get mad at you but tell you to go to the Gag 
    Factory anyway.  The following suggestions should help you find Marvin's 
    1. Never go to the lower tables while the gorilla is headed towards you; 
       he's faster than you think!
    2. If this section ends up being too "expensive" in terms of getting too 
       many dip buckets, you may want to just let Roger run around the center 
       table the whole time and let the song end.  This will cost you one dip 
       bucket, but some skillful driving in the following Benny-the-Cab section 
       can reclaim that for you.
    Gag Factory - This sub-game pits you against Judge Doom's weasel henchmen.
    The following should not only help you survive in the Gag Factory, but the 
    following are outright solves to the tricky portions of the game, so don't 
    read past this point if you haven't been to the Gag Factory yet:
    1. In the IBM CGA version  of the game you can use a single gag repeatedly 
       to eliminate a weasel.  In all other versions you must use at least 2 
       gags alternately to dispose of each weasel.  Also, you must be quick 
       about it -- if you wait too long to use the next gag or exit to another 
       screen, the weasel won't be laughing anymore so you'll have to start all 
       over again with him.
    2. From the screen where the columns are lettered "A-B-C", have Roger go up 
       the elevator by positioning him in front of it and either pushing the 
       joystick forward or pressing the up-arrow key.  You will see Roger go up 
       to the second floor.  The far left crates have portable holes in them.  
       Have Roger grab a hole by pushing the joystick forward or pushing the 
       up-arrow.  You should see an icon appear in the lower left corner 
       representing a portable hole.  Despite the appearance of the icon -- 
       it looks like two holes -- you have only one portable hole.  Have Roger 
       walk  to the right until he's in the center of the next screen, the "D-E" 
       screen.  Once he's there, use the portable hole by pressing the fire 
       button or the space bar to drop to the first floor.  This is an example 
       of how gags are used and how Roger can make his way through the factory.
    3. To get past this part of the game, you have to do the following:  On the 
       "K-L-M" screen, go to the first floor and use the pogo stick to help Roger
       bounce back to the "A-B-C" screen.  Get off the pogo stick and go up the 
       elevator.  Just to the left is a crate full of magnets.  Take one and go 
       all the way back to the "K-L-M" screen -- not the screen with the bomb!
       One screen over.  Before you get the pogo stick, you might want to dispose 
       of this weasel first, instead of using the vanishing cream to get past him.
       Remember, you can only carry one gag at a time, so you'll lose the magnet
       when you grab the vanishing cream.  Get on the second floor of the "K-L-M"
       screen and push the button.  Use the magnet to attach Roger to the swinging 
       hook on the right.  This will take you to the second half of the gag 
    4. Roger now starts the second half of the Gag Factory on screen "N-O-P".  
       Have Roger grab a portable hole from right behind him and then use it 
       immediately to drop to the first floor.  Then walk Roger all the way to 
       the right, picking up a bottle of invisibility potion along the way.  
       Once Roger is on the "Q-R" screen, use the invisibility potion to walk 
       fast the first weasel.  While Roger is invisible you must have him jump 
       over the puddle of dip on the right and then go up the elevator and past 
       the next weasel on the next screen.  This may sound tricky, but that's 
       only because it is; yet with a little practice you should be able to do 
       this pretty well.  You may want to try to get rid of the first weasel 
       before resulting to this marathon inviso-run, but this works every time 
       once you master the timing.
    5. To win the game, you have to get past all the weasels; this should put 
       you on the "Y-Z" screen.  Having picked up a portable hole from the last 
       set of crates on the first floor of the "V-W-X" screen, walk Roger up the 
       elevator all the way to the far right on the second floor.  Use the hole 
       to drop to the first floor.  Get a pogo stick from the crates and bounce 
       back over the dip.  Get another portable hole from the crates on the 
       previous screen and go back up the elevator on the "Y-Z" screen.  Have 
       Roger fall through the first hole you made then throw the hole over the 
       "X" on the floor on the first floor.  You should see a tiny Roger Rabbit 
       jump onto the dip-mobile and save Jessica as he does away with Judge 
       Doom.  Following this are some reward screens and the game is over.

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