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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Snow Dragon

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/08/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                              C O M M A N D E R   K E E N
                             |                           |
                             |___     ___     ___     ___|
                                 |   |   |   |   |   |
                                 |   |   |   |   |   |
                                 |   |   |   |   |   |
                                 |   |   |   |   |   |
                                 |   |   |   |   |   |
                                 |   |    \   \ /   /
                              ___|   |_____\   ¯   /_____
                             |                           |
                        S e c r e t   o f   t h e   O r a c l e
                                 FAQ/Walkthrough, v1.0
                             Written by Snow Dragon © 2004
                                  All rights reserved
       = | =================
       = | =================
       1  Introduction
       2  The Story So Far
       3  Menus
         3a  Keen's Wristwatch
            3a-1  Game Files
            3a-2  Configuration
            3a-3  Miscellaneous Stuff
         3b  Vital Statistics
       4  Controls
         4a  Basic
         4b  Advanced
       5  Items
         5a  Trinkets
         5b  Power-ups
       6  Bestiary
       7  Walkthrough
         7a  Border Village
         7b  Slug Village
         7c  The Perilous Pit*
         7d  Hillville
         7e  Miragia
         7f  Lifewater Oasis*
         7g  Sand Yego
         7h  Crystalus*
         7i  Chasm of Chills
         7j  Cave of Descendents*
         7k  Isle of Tar
         7l  Isle of Fire*
         7m  The Wishing Well*
         7n  Pyramid of the Moons
         7o  Pyramid of the Gnosticene Ancients*
         7p  Pyramid of Shadows*
         7q  Epilogue
         7r  Pyramid of the Forbidden^
       8  Credits, Legal Junk, Etc.
       * Indicates that there is a Councilman to be saved in that level.
       ^ Sort of a council member. Not really. You'll see.
       = | ============
       = | ============
    Hello everyone, and welcome to my 39th FAQ, an encyclopedically thorough run-
    down of Commander Keen IV: Secret of the Oracle. SotO is the first of two games
    in the Goodbye Galaxy! saga, the other one being Commander Keen V: The
    Armageddon Machine. Hopefully, with this walkthrough, you can track down all
    eight of the councilmen needed to activate the Oracle machine and race to the
    Shikadi planet in time to save the galaxy from total annihilation and
    I'm finally glad to be covering this game, as this is one of my favorite old-
    school PC series, and with luck I covered all my bases. If I didn't, however,
    you can e-mail me any time at [eubanks1084@hotmail.com] to correct my follies
    or even just give me a pat on the back for a job well done. I appreciate both
    types of messages. Just make sure, however, that you do the following before
    sending an e-mail my way:
    > put the name of the game you're addressing in the subject line
    > triple-check to make sure that what you're contributing isn't already in the
    > be literate, and don't sound like an idiot
    That's all for that, so let's have fun playing Commander Keen IV!
       = | ================
       2 | THE STORY SO FAR
       = | ================
    Commander Keen IV: Secret of the Oracle opens immediately after the conclusion
    of the three-part "Marooned on Mars" series, in which a younger, blockier Billy
    Blaze (aka the Keen we know and love) thwarted the happiness-threatening plans
    of the evil Dr. Mortimer McMire. After saving the universe, Billy goes home,
    does homework, eats mashed potatoes, and mows the lawn, all the while shutting
    himself away in his laboratory so that he can be ready for when the Next Big
    Thing strikes.
    Sooner than you can say "Bean-and-Bacon Megarocket," the Next Big Thing appears
    on the scene. Keen has invented a type of radio (it has a name, but it throws
    around a lot of science jargon and is easily forgettable) that picks up signals
    from all over the galaxy. One night, one of these signals happens to be a
    distress beacon from the far-away planet of Gnosticus IV. Heeding the call,
    Keen puts on his brother's football helmet and runs full speed ahead into
    action, not knowing what obstacles lie ahead.
    Will Commander Keen save the galaxy? Will he figure out the eponymous secret of
    the Oracle? And the most pressing question of all: will he get grounded when
    his parents discover that he's gone? Oh, it's no life for a child! But surely
    we must beat the game to find out the answers to these brain-busting queries!
       = | =====
       3 | MENUS
       = | =====
    There are two main menus to keep abreast of as you proceed throughout the game:
    the one found on Keen's wristwatch, and his vital statistics menu.
       -- | -----------------
       3a | Keen's Wristwatch
       -- | -----------------
    Most of the commands on this small menu can fit into one of two categories -
    those relating to saved game files and those relating to the way you configure
    the game. What doesn't fit gets to go in its own fun but mysteriously vague
    "miscellaneous" category. What fun!
       ---- | ----------
       3a-1 | Game Files
       ---- | ----------
    Starts a new adventure. You can choose to play in one of three difficulty
    modes: Easy, Normal, or Hard. This walkthrough is based on the Normal setting.
    You can load a game at any time from this option on the wristwatch. If you are
    currently in the middle of a game, you will be reminded as such, and then
    forced to choose whether or not you want to load the game. Press Y to accept
    and anything else to decline.
    Commander Keen IV is almost like its own little emulator. You can save anywhere
    you want, and you'll maintain the same amount of lives, ammo, etc. each time
    you start back up! This makes the game a little too easy in this regard, but
    you should nonetheless remember that any time you enter a sticky situation, it
    is a good idea to save that you don't lose a truck load of progress!
    When you save a game, you will be asked to name your save file. Basically
    anything that fits in the field is acceptable. Save games can be renamed any
    time you save.
    You can close out any game at any time in order to start a new one or attend to
    business out in the real world (pssh!). Once you choose "End Game," you must
    load a saved game or start a new one to play again.
       ---- | -------------
       3a-2 | Configuration
       ---- | -------------
    Choosing this opens up a world of options, the most relevant of which are
    listed as bulleted items below:
    > Choose the type of sound and music you want. Older systems were much better
      at handling sound capabilities; I pretty much played the game mute.
    Under the Options menu, we have a variety of .... options .... to choose from.
    > Toggle the score box in the upper left-hand corner.
    > Turn two-button firing on and off. I highly recommend leaving this feature
      off, because two-button firing requires you to shoot using the Ctrl and Alt
      keys, which are the same keys you need to execute the super pogo jump. This
      is a necessary move to pull off at some points in the game, so leave those
      keys available for that handy-dandy trick and just use the Spacebar for
      shooting the ray gun.
    > Toggle an option that makes the game fix jerky motion (not a problem on newer
    > Make the game compatible with an SVGA monitor (now obsolete).
    You can also choose the object you will control Keen with. If nothing is
    plugged in, you'll have to use the keyboard by default. Keen IV supports the
    Gravis Gamepad, which is about as good as PC peripheral controllers come. If
    you have one, I recommend using that instead of the keyboard. A joystick is
    just plain unwieldy.
       ---- | -------------------
       3a-3 | Miscellaneous Stuff
       ---- | -------------------
    Where the stuff that didn't fit anywhere else goes.
    Allows you to watch a fun demo of Keen strutting his stuff in Border Village.
    If you wait long enough, you'll get to read the game's storyline, which is
    presented in a Star Wars-spoofing manner.
    What a cool kid. Keen actually has Pong on his wristwatch! It's even more
    accurate than the old 70's Atari game in that it goes all the way up to the
    regulation score of 21 instead of 9 like that old relic did. If you're tired of
    the hustle and bustle of boring humdrum monster killing and universe-saving,
    use this mini-game as a diversion to get away from it all.
    HINT: The CPU paddle is susceptible to the ball being hit at a very sharp
          angle. You can often score two points in a row if you hit it hard enough.
    Quit the game.
       -- | ----------------
       3b | Vital Statistics
       -- | ----------------
    For your viewing pleasure, a crude ASCII diagram showing the menu that appears
    when you press Enter during a level or on the world map:
                                      |      |
                                      |      |
                      |\ __________________________________ /|
                      | |                                  | |
                      | |             LOCATION             | |
                      | |  |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|  | |
                      | |  |____________________________|  | |
                      | |        SCORE         EXTRA       | |
                      | |   |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|   | |
                      | |    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    | |
                      | |       RESCUED        LEVEL       | |
                      | |   |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|   | |
                      | |    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    | |
                      | |   KEYS  |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|  AMMO |¯¯¯¯|   | |
                      | |          ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯         ¯¯¯¯    | |
                      | |   KEENS  |¯¯¯¯|   DROPS |¯¯¯¯|   | |
                      | |           ¯¯¯¯           ¯¯¯¯    | |
                      | |  |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| PRESS A KEY    | |
                      | |   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                 | |
                      | |__________________________________| |
                      |/                                    \|
    And now, because I'm so nice, an explanation of what all this gobbledygook
    means follows.
    LOCATION: Where you currently are at the moment. You don't have to be a
              geography major to know this.
    SCORE: Your current score.
    EXTRA: The score you need to attain to earn an extra life. Each time you get
           another life, the amount needed will increase by the next power of 2.
           For example, once you get the extra life at 20,000 points, you'll have
           to get 40,000 for the next, then 80,000, then 160,000, etc.
    RESCUED: Little councilman icons go here. The number of them that you see in
             this box indicates how many (out of eight) that you have saved.
    LEVEL: The difficulty level you're playing the game on (Easy, Normal, or Hard).
    KEYS: Shows you which color keys you have (out of red, yellow, blue, and green)
    AMMO: Gives you the most accurate count of how many blaster shots you have. The
          score box in the corner of the screen only displays up to 99 shots, but
          you can in reality hold many more rounds than that.
    KEENS: How many lives you have currently.
    DROPS: You've probably seen these around, floating or ostentatiously hanging
           from ceilings posing as dewdrops. Well, if you collect 100, you'll get
           an extra Keen. These can also be found in the form of Lifewater bottles,
           which is the equivalent of getting 100 drops at once (i.e. a 1-up).
    ???: You won't know what goes here at the start of the game, but once you get
         the scuba diving outfit from the Miragia level in the desert, the word
         "Wetsuit" will appear in that box. You can't go in water without the
         diving equipment, but you need it to save two of the game's eight council
       = | ========
       4 | CONTROLS
       = | ========
    Like any good hero, Commander Keen has a variety of useful moves at his
    disposal. Unlike most heroes, he's a little more believable on account of his
    radiant youth.
       -- | ----------------
       4a | Basic Techniques
       -- | ----------------
    Left & Right
    > Walk.
    > Control the paddle in the Paddle War mini-game.
    > Scroll through pages in the help file.
    Up & Down
    > Press Up to turn switches (the panels on the walls with red and green
    > Enter through doors (up).
    > If you are hanging on the edge of a platform, press Up to pull yourself up.
    > Hold either direction to get a peek at territory out of your line of sight.
    > Hold either direction to point your ray gun that way.
    > Climb poles or slide down them.
    > Navigate the menus.
    Ctrl Key
    > The default key for jumping.
    > Hold down Ctrl to increase the height of your jumps while on the pogo stick.
    Alt Key
    > The default key that activates Keen's pogo stick. Press it once to whip it
      out, and again to put it away.
    > The default key for firing your ray gun.
       -- | -------------------
       4b | Advanced Techniques
       -- | -------------------
    Ctrl + Alt
    Super Pogo Leap
    Press Ctrl and Alt at the same time in order to perform a pogo leap that has
    far more height and range than the normal one. This allows you to grab things
    that are out of your reach even when you hold Ctrl to enhance your pogo leaps.
    Ctrl, then Alt
    Controllable pogo jump
    The pogo stick is a rather chaotic item in terms of control, but if you jump
    and then press Alt, you stand a better chance of landing where you intend to
    when you use the pogo.
    Ctrl, then hold Up or Down and press Spacebar
    Midair shot
    You can fire your gun in the air as well as on the ground, and you can fire it
    up or down while in the air. Just hold the direction in which you want to fire
    the gun in the middle of your jump, then press the spacebar to shoot it. This
    is good when you're in quite the awkward fix.
    Hold Up, press Ctrl
    Faster pole climbing
    This combination of key presses allows you to climb poles faster via a series
    of repeated jumps.
    Hold Down, press Ctrl
    Drop through ledges
    If you are on the right type of terrain, Keen can drop through the ledge to the
    one below by using the key combination listed above. This is very handy for
    getting to certain items and secrets.
       = | =====
       5 | ITEMS
       = | =====
    Commander Keen has about as many items to collect as he does vegetables that he
    hates. His mission would certainly be a chore if all there was to collect was
    broccoli and alfalfa sprouts, but fortunately the Shadowlands are littered with
    yummy candy to pick up, as well as a few other useful power-ups. Read what said
    items are in further detail below.
       -- | --------
       5a | Trinkets
       -- | --------
    Basically, to fall under the category of a trinket, an item really doesn't do
    much else other than raising Keen's score. That's still somewhat important, as
    you can gain extra lives if you earn enough points, but they don't do anything
    to really increase his status. Other items that have a greater impact on Keen,
    like ray gun charges and the pogo stick, are listed in another section below.
    Here are all the little things, mostly types of dime-store candy and whatnot,
    that slowly build upon Commander Keen's score like mildew on shower tiles:
       ITEM               POINTS
       soda                  100
       gum                   200
       chocolate bar         500
       jawbreaker           1000
       donut                2000
       ice cream cone       5000
    Another trinket to be on the lookout for is the droplet, which usually gather
    in great crowds or are spaced fairly evenly apart. You can see how many drops
    you've collected on the pause menu (press Enter to access it). 100 drops later,
    you'll have an extra life! That's pretty nifty!
       -- | ---------
       5b | Power-ups
       -- | ---------
    Keen's main weapon of choice is a blaster, which is good for him because he's
    not yet at the age where overdosing on caffeine causes shaky hands and
    withdrawal migraines. Ammunition for the gun looks like the gun itself: a small
    green, kind of rounded device. You'll know when you get it; you'll hear a short
    trumpet fanfare.
    This common children's toy is essential for getting up to spots that even a
    precocious pre-adolescent boy can't hop up to. Press Alt to start hopping on it
    and to stop, and hold Ctrl to get very high boosts out of it. There are even a
    couple more interesting moves you can do with it if you're good enough.
    Along the way, you'll find colored jewels that are used to open locked doors in
    certain areas. There are little placeholders in front of or near such doors,
    and to unlock the door, you will have to place the gem in the holder whose
    color corresponds with the holder. Got that? Don't worry if you don't, you'll
    soon find out how they work. Gems come in four different colors (red, green,
    yellow, and blue).
    Grabbing one of these is the equivalent of getting one hundred drops, resulting
    in an instant 1-up. Not only are such things rare, but they're often put in
    very hard-to-reach spots, so if you're able to track one down and obtain it,
    consider yourself quite the platforming genius!
       = | ========
       6 | BESTIARY
       = | ========
    Keen will meet a number of enemies in his quest to save the universe before
    bedtime (I swear I'll try to keep obligatory kid-saves-the-world jokes to a
    minimum). Bearing that in mind, let's meet some of the varied cast right now.
    Unlike in the help files provided with the game, these enemies are listed in
    their order of appearance (more or less - this is a rather nonlinear game) as
    you meet them throughout the game. There are also some enemies here that you
    won't find listed in the help files, so be on the lookout!
                                         * * *
    Poison Slug
    WHERE FOUND: Practically everywhere in the game.
    ATTACKS: Pooping.
    DESCRIPTION: A little yellow slug who does little aside from crawl along the
                 ground. Occasionally he will freeze, contort his face, and leave a
                 sticky green present on the ground. Don't touch the slug poop at
                 any cost - it can kill you! It doesn't stay forever. If you're
                 just THAT afraid of jumping over, you can wait for it to fade out
                 of existence before moving on.
    WHERE FOUND: Hard to say, really - usually in places where there are trinkets
                 or power-ups way out of your reach (because you can stand on him
                 and get them).
    ATTACKS: None, but sometimes you get unlucky and he kills you through some
             funky glitch.
    DESCRIPTION: This red ball grins constantly and bounces along the ground of his
                 own free will. It's kind of hard to get on him because he usually
                 moves away at the last minute, but if you land on him, he's sort
                 of under your control (he'll bounce in whatever direction you're
                 facing). Although he won't attack you, he can be put out of
                 commission with a single ray gun blast.
    WHERE FOUND: In spots where he's really hard to kill.
    ATTACKS: When he gets near you, he shoots fire at you.
    DESCRIPTION: Looks like a demon-possessed hackysack with a constipation issue.
                 He hops around in really random patterns that don't make a lot of
                 sense. The best way to kill him is to employ the services of the
                 midair shot. He'll never see it coming.
    WHERE FOUND: Along the ground and all about the air.
    ATTACKS: Divebombing you. He's a kamikaze bug.
    DESCRIPTION: These little bugs, which might as well have just been referred to
                 as mosquitoes, the similarities are so evident, are among the most
                 annoying enemies in the game. Their fancy flights include barrel
                 rolls and nosedives aimed right at our hero. Stay well away from
                 them at all costs. If you feel the urge to kill him, wait until
                 he's on the ground, then squash him with your pogo stick. Really.
    Mad Mushroom
    WHERE FOUND: Almost every level.
    ATTACKS: None. If you feel like dying at the hands of a Mad Mushroom, run into
    DESCRIPTION: A rabidly stupid mushroom that does nothing but bounce up and
                 down, usually serving the purpose of poorly blocking your passage
                 to some important area. That look on its face is truly psychotic.
                 Every third bounce it makes will be a really high one, so use that
                 time to move deftly under it.
    WHERE FOUND: Mostly in pyramids and woodsy areas.
    ATTACKS: If being so darn cute counts as an attack, then he scored a hit on me!
    DESCRIPTION: These small yellow worms are utterly harmless. However, one way to
                 have some fun with them is to find a ledge where a bunch of them
                 are and let a horde of them gather around your feet. Isn't that
                 cute the way they eat your shoes? Awww!
                 There's more to these little boogers than meets the eye though.
                 Particularly in the Pyramid of Moons *wink* *wink*
    WHERE FOUND: Cruising slightly above ground in various locales.
    ATTACKS: Pops out of the ground to bite you.
    DESCRIPTION: You might barely notice it cruising around the ground as a tiny
                 green dot, but you don't want to be near it, or else it will pop
                 up and take a chunk out of your fragile, boyish complexion.
    Fake Rocks
    WHERE FOUND: Most any cave stage.
    ATTACKS: Sneaks up on you and jumps awkwardly and lopsidedly at you.
    DESCRIPTION: These rocks look just like a background object, but will try to
                 sneak up on you and catch you unawares. If you see it coming near
                 you, get out of its way immediately.
    Angry Clouds
    WHERE FOUND: Roaming the skies along with other, nicer clouds.
    ATTACKS: When it gets near you, it will unleash a comical spray of lightning.
    DESCRIPTION: Upon approaching this cloud, it "wakes up" and starts hovering
                 near you. If Keen stands under when it rains lightning down on
                 him, you'll have some Kentucky-fried Keen on your hands. Simply
                 stay away from it, as there's no way to stun it into submission.
    Big Bad Bird
    WHERE FOUND: Crystalus.
    ATTACKS: Finding you and beating up on you with its big bird muscles.
    DESCRIPTION: If you see a blue bird with its fists clenched walking at you,
                 then don't just stand there! RUN, you fool! It's not too happy
                 about having its slumber disturbed. Shooting it with your blaster
                 will buy you some time, but unlike most enemies, the big bad bird
                 doesn't stay out of it forever. Run while the running's good!
    WHERE FOUND: The Isle of Fire.
    ATTACKS: Being fiery, throwing fire at you.
    DESCRIPTION: These flaming entities have a tendency to hover near you, so avoid
                 them at all costs. They can't be destroyed with your gun either,
                 so that makes these baddies doubly dangerous! If you must be near
                 one at any time, get away from it fast!
    WHERE FOUND: The Wishing Well.
    ATTACKS: None. Totally harmless.
    DESCRIPTION: Sort of like the watery version of the Inchworms, these fish will
                 give Commander Keen a loyal following if he floats near them. They
                 don't attack him, so they're kind of nice to have around.
    WHERE FOUND: The Wishing Well.
    ATTACKS: Firing electricity from his dangerous trident.
    DESCRIPTION: This hoary mischievous imp roams the seas waiting for Keen to swim
                 down and eat the bolts that come out of his trident. The grin on
                 his face is most certainly not to be trusted.
    WHERE FOUND: The Wishing Well.
    ATTACKS: Eating you whole.
    DESCRIPTION: The Dopefish means well, so I wouldn't exactly consider him an
                 enemy. He's just a big dumb lug who needs a bite to eat, and it
                 just so happens that you're the meal that will satiate his
                 appetite. You might be kind of rubbery like calamari in the
                 wetsuit, but what does that matter to a giant buck-toothed marine
                 being? Since your blaster is rendered useless in water, you'll
                 have to find a way around him. No small task indeed!
    Some Big Fat Red Thing Whose Name I Am Not Aware Of
    WHERE FOUND: The Pyramid of the Gnosticene Ancients.
    ATTACKS: Being a goofball, running into you.
    DESCRIPTION: This oddly grinning monstrosity has a tendency to disappear into
                 thin air when you approach it, so it's best to shoot it on sight
                 to keep it from trying anything funny. There's no telling where it
                 will run off to if you don't catch up with it, so go ahead and
                 eliminate the threat while you can!
       = | ===========
       7 | WALKTHROUGH
       = | ===========
    Keen begins his mission in the Shadowlands, where he has two options: he can
    explore his Bean-and-Bacon Megarocket to no avail (it's not like he's going to
    retreat the second he sees the joint), or he can go on ahead and explore the
    fort just ahead of him - a little spot called Border Village. That's probably a
    wiser choice. Let's go there first.
    Before we dive in, note that this walkthrough is based on the NORMAL difficulty
    of the game. There are much fewer enemies on the Easy mode, and while there
    aren't really more on Hard, they just have a tendency to be more aggressive and
    require more ammo to take out. So, bearing that in mind, let's hit Border
       -- | --------------
       7a | Border Village
       -- | --------------
    Walk in the first house and grab the sodas suspended up in the corner, then
    leave and go in the next one to the left. Among the various confections and ray
    gun charges you'll see a pole. Slide down it and take the path to the left.
    What we have here is apparently some sort of King Slug worship shrine flanked
    by pools of dangerous acid. Use the pogo stick to grab the candy and head left
    to the other pole. When you exit through that door, you will be placed squarely
    at the stage exit. Leave and go to Slug Village.
       -- | ------------
       7b | Slug Village
       -- | ------------
    If you want some cool candy for points, drop into the first narrow pit you see
    and hang a couple of rights to go through the wall twice. Among other things,
    you'll get some ray gun ammo and an ice cream cone - the most valuable of all
    the sweet treats in the game. Continue left after raiding the hidden booty to
    a thin hole with two chocolate bars in it. There is another segment of hidden
    wall to the right of it. Follow the trail down and left to get a lot of charges
    for your blaster.
    After climbing up the flagpole, you'll be more or less where you would be if
    you hadn't taken the low road through here. There are a lot of treats to the
    left, which I'll tell you how to get if you want them. If you don't, head up
    the slope to the right, jump out, and start going left. Skip the next paragraph
    and we'll meet up with you after it.
    The platform to the left that's cruising over the fire has majorly stunted
    movement. Flick the switch by the fire pit by pressing Up on the keypad while
    standing in front of it. It will start coming over near you. Jump to it and
    ride it over. You'll have to blast a hopping Lick to get to the donuts and the
    bit of ammo, but he's easy. Once you have all this loot, head out of the pit
    and return to the surface world, where you'll meet some nasty Skypests (really
    just mosquitoes).
    Skypests can only be shot while they're in the air, and they're such tiny
    targets that it's not worth it to waste your guns on them. Instead, run away to
    the left to the level's exit. If you want to ride the Bounders to grab the
    droplets, be my guest. Watch out for the Lick along the way.
       -- | ----------------
       7c | The Perilous Pit
       -- | ----------------
    Head in the first stone house for some candy and such, then drop into the giant
    pit and hang a hard right. You should cling to a ledge with some ray gun shots
    on it. Drop down to the next one with a pole and climb to the middle of the
    pole, then jump off to the right to go through a wall for more ammo. Leave the
    small alcove and head all the way left to a pole which leads up to a blue gem.
    These gems act as keys to doors, and you'll need this one to save the first of
    eight council members you need in order to beat the game.
    With the blue gem in your inventory, head back to the far right and slide down
    that pole to come to an area where a Mad Mushroom is guarding the red gem. Grab
    it and return to the top, then fall in the hole to the left to find a small
    gem holder. This one is red, and thus requires the corresponding jewel to open
    the door in front of it. Once inside, you'll have to deal with a Lick below the
    assortment of poles hanging from the ceiling. Kill it, then hop up the steps to
    the left and use an enhanced pogo bounce to get to the switch. Flick it to
    Upon returning to the central portion of the pit, you'll find that the platform
    that before sat still now moves up and down. Hitch a lift on it and jump to the
    left where a bunch of raindrops and a Mad Mushroom lie in wait. Behind the Mad
    Mushroom is a large door. Enter and place the blue gem in its holder (Keen will
    do this automatically). Run into the councilman to talk to him in outdated 90's
    jargon, and you'll have beaten the level.
       -- | ---------
       7d | Hillville
       -- | ---------
    With Slug Village conquered, the whole world is now open to you, beatable in
    any order you see fit. Because it's closest, let's make a quick stop in the
    quaint village of Hillville.
    At the top of the level's highest hill, you'll meet Princess Lindsey, who tells
    you of some swimming equipment found in Miragia that will allow you to swim in
    the lake. As you noticed if you tried to step in the waters south of the
    Perilous Pit, Keen told you he can't swim. He needs this equipment to go for a
    dip in the lake, and so this is advice well taken. We'll head to Miragia next.
    As for right now, slide down the pole below where Princess Lindsey was floating
    and flip the switch you find to make a ledge move up and down outside. From
    there, ride along the series of moving platforms over the lake of fire and the
    spikes flanking it. You'll eventually touch down near the level's exit. Beware
    the rock that looks like a background object but actually comes to life and
    sneaks up on you. If it gets close enough, it will attempt to jump and ram you
    in the head. Run away to the exit.
       -- | -------
       7e | Miragia
       -- | -------
    From Hillville, walk left and through the mountain pass to the desert. Miragia
    may not be there at first, but you'll see it appearing and disappearing in the
    desert. Enter when it is visible; you can't otherwise.
    There's not a set exit to this level, really. We're just here for the scuba
    diving stuff, and it's a short trip. Start by riding the lift up and then
    climbing on the appearing and disappearing ledges to the top of the tall dome.
    Jump from the dome into the pit to the right, which is lined with sodas and
    rain droplets. Slide down the pole and head right, blasting the two Poison
    Slugs in your path.
    The route leading up is plagued with slugs who have apparently eaten out of a
    huge vat of beans, because they like squirting their special juice all over the
    ground. For each ledge that you have to jump up to, hold Up and press the
    spacebar for a clear shot at them. Subsequent ledges require you to use the
    pogo stick's high jump to get up to them. At the top, there is one of those
    platforms that fades in and out of existence. When it's solid, hop up to it and
    jump up to the top. You'll find your swimwear there; grab it to beat the level.
       -- | ---------------
       7f | Lifewater Oasis
       -- | ---------------
    Here's a level near Miragia that requires you to save one of the bearded,
    red-robed councilmen, and it's mercifully short if you don't decide to explore
    the bottom half, where countless objects can be found to enhance your score and
    possibly life count (lots of droplets, and as you know, 100 of those yield a
    1-up). If you feel like exploring the way bottom of the level, do that, then
    shimmy up the pole to the upper cavern area. There is a switch up that you need
    to flip. It will activate a ledge outside to the far right of the stage.
    Ride that ledge that drops when you stand on it up and kill the Poison Slug at
    the top. A series of moving platforms will lead you to a high-up plateau, on
    which there is a single pole for you to slide down. Head down before the angry
    cloud sends a stream of lightning down on your head, which contrary to popular
    opinion will NOT absorb that bolt, but will kill. Go in the majestic door you
    see there.
    As you can see, the councilman here is not immediately within your reach. You
    will have to get the green gem first, and you can find it by standing on the
    first black platform there. It will drop, taking you to the green jewel and a
    switch that will activate a way for you to get back up. Unlock the green door
    and go ledge-hopping to the councilman.
       -- | ---------
       7g | Sand Yego
       -- | ---------
    (Get it?)
    Sand Yego (a play on San Diego, in case you didn't GET IT) is due south of the
    Lifewater Oasis. Enter it and find the many secrets of the hidden walls in the
    first area before you move on. Head to the right to an area where several fake
    rocks sit atop raised plateaus. Pogo into each of the gaps to get the trinkets;
    the rocks won't detect you. At the last of these, use the pogo to get to the
    ledge above you and to the right, at the top of which is a green jewel-key.
    With that in hand, slide down the pole just below you to the right and walk in
    the narrow door.
    If any of the Poison Slugs drop their lethal slug doots in here, you'll have to
    wait for them to be magically Febrezed by that invisible source before you pass
    through. Place the green gem in the jewel-holder to open the door, then shimmy
    up the pole. Drop down the gap next to the Mad Mushroom, where you'll see a
    different type of switch which looks more like a lever. Pull it and watch the
    blue floor disappear before your very eyes! Plunge into the new hole and pull
    both switches in there, then ride the black platform to the left out of here.
    Take the low road where the path forks to the right. There are a number of
    Skypest mosquitoes located in here to bug the crap out of you (no pun intended)
    and generally cause mischief. The minute you see one, run away, then come back
    and take it out with the business end of your pogo stick while it sits on the
    ground licking its lips. Ride the platform to the top (being careful to avoid
    the nasty fake rock), then follow the linear path to the exit.
       -- | ---------
       7h | Crystalus
       -- | ---------
    After conquering the desert, head north to the icy region of the Shadowlands.
    Crystalus is the level with the markedly ice-covered gate. Go inside and let's
    net our third councilman. (This isn't the NES game either, mind you!)
    Shoot the Poison Slug, the Lick, and the other Poison Slug in that order, then
    prepare to begin the maddening journey upward. There are a lot of gems to get
    in this level, and we're going to have to backtrack a lot to accomplish
    everything we need to.
    When the ground slopes up, jump to the thin ledge above and head left to a
    vertically moving black platform. Both ledges at the top have a slug on them;
    get off to the left and make your way up. At the very top you'll see a door
    requiring a yellow gem blocking the way to a red diamond. A green gem (!) is
    just to the right, in the middle of a narrow but long chasm. Hang a hard right
    to get it, then return to that door with the yellow gem-holder. This time, make
    a curved jump to the top of the ledge above the door.
    Here you'll locate some very small ledges that require precision jumps to get
    to. Do a high pogo jump to the first of these, and a super pogo jump (Ctrl and
    Alt at the same time, remember?) to the second. At the last one, above which
    you'll see two jawbreakers and two ammo rations. Jump from there to the right,
    making the biggest longest jump that you can. If you succeed, you'll end up
    on a ledge in a sort of short tunnel. Drop down to the right to get the yellow
    gem. If you don't make it, keep trying until you do. Only perseverance will
    help you!
    With the yellow gem in your possession, return to the yellow jewel-holder/lock
    and place it in. Get the red gem and fall down the long narrow pit to the right
    there. From there, head right still until you meet up with a Mad Mushroom,
    whose lofty bounce will take him to the next ledge up. You can go either left
    or right from here, but we choose to go right, because eventually the path
    upward will yield the valuable blue gem key - the final one in our exhaustive
    With that blue gem (which you had to use your red gem and kill a Lick to get,
    as you undoubtedly discovered), drop all the way to the bottom of the level.
    What, you say? All the way back? Yes, to where you blasted those two Poison
    Slugs and that single Lick. Go to the right and prepare to meet the rather
    nasty bird that pops out of the egg. He will chase you without mercy, but you
    can stun him temporarily with a well-placed blaster shot. While he is stunned,
    you'll have ample opportunity to unlock the blue gem door and go in the door
    that indicates that there is a councilman behind it.
    Enter that door and blast the Lick on the other side of the short wall. There
    is now a series of horizontal moving ledges above a small but surprisingly
    hazardless section of floor (unless you count the slugs as hazards, but their
    poop is deadlier than they are). The reason to stay off the floor is because of
    the egg at the end of the line. If you're foolish enough to sock it with a ray
    gun shot, a bird will pop out and will be none too happy to find his incubation
    coming to a premature halt.
    Instead, it's wisest to ignore the egg totally and save the councilman, which
    brings your total to three.
    Three down, five to go.
       -- | ---------------
       7i | Chasm of Chills
       -- | ---------------
    This is the cave just to the left of Crystalus, and it's a fairly short level
    that doesn't offer too much challenge. The main thing is staying atop the high
    road, although there's nothing much in your way on the low path either. Ahh,
    I'm confusing you, let's make sense of all this rambling hash.
    The first few platforms can be gotten to with a regular jump, but for almost
    all the others along this road, you'll need to make repeated use of the super
    pogo jump. (If you don't know how to do it, refer to the Advanced part of the
    Controls section.) Keep super pogo jumping until you see a Lick at the top of
    the canyon along with (gasp!) the light of day. Aim up and kill the Lick, then
    do a super pogo jump to the open air.
    There are a few rewards up here, but the biggest deal is the return appearance
    of Princess Lindsey, who has even better advice for you to heed. This tip is in
    regard to the Pyramid of the Forbidden, which is the one you may have seen with
    the red hand on it. It's closed off, so you can't exactly walk to it, but she
    tells you that the key to making it there is in the Pyramid of Moons. To find
    her, locate the cloud that you can step on (there is a black platform hidden in
    it). Pogo on the hidden black platform to reach her. The full scoop on how to
    get to the Pyramid of the Forbidden is located in the walkthrough for the
    Pyramid of Moons, located in subsection 7n of the document.
    After listening to Princess Lindsey, go to the far right and drop down to the
    rock ledge, then fall off and hang a hard right to reach the exit.
       -- | -------------------
       7j | Cave of Descendents
       -- | -------------------
    Over in the corner of the polar area, you'll find the Cave of Descendents. Save
    the old bearded councildude here and you'll be halfway done with the game. Yes!
    Walk down the hills and all the way until you see a narrow hole to drop into.
    Plummet down it to get to a black platform with highly inhibited up-and-down
    movement. There are some rewards to the left if you feel like squashing a very
    finicky Skypest and toying with death. Not recommended. Instead, grab the red
    key and turn the switch to give the platform just to your right the full range
    of its movements. Get out of the pit and head to the far right edge of the
    level, but not up the path that leads back to the beginning. Take the low road,
    where the path will fork once again. The high road leads to a red gem-holder,
    and since you have that item, place it in and grab the yellow key.
    With the yellow key, make the long trek to the far LEFT side of the level. (A
    lot of walking, I know - it'll all end soon.) There, you will find the familiar
    door that tells you that a councilman of the Oracle is inside. Enter. The final
    room of the stage is an easy exercise in platform-hopping and avoiding a slew
    of Mad Mushrooms. Leap to the top and save the fourth councilman.
       -- | -----------
       7k | Isle of Tar
       -- | -----------
    You have the swimming equipment, but maybe you haven't explored the full
    possibilities that said scuba gear has to offer yet. In that case, let's travel
    to the lake south of the Perilous Pit and discover some of the landmarks
    within. The first of these shall be the Isle of Tar, the island with all the
    goopy black puddles all over it.
    The first house you see has some ammo in it. Collect, then go outside and shoot
    your way through a line of Poison Slugs until you come to a gaping pit. Jump
    into it and hang right, then use the super pogo jump to get up to a plateau
    that contains a pyramid structure of raindrops. I don't recommend going any
    farther right from here, so go back in the pit and fall to the removable floor
    Don't turn the removable floor switch just yet, but remember this place,
    because you'll be returning to it shortly. Head left and kill the two slugs on
    the slope, then use the stationary ledge hanging in the air to get to the step
    formation to the left. Pogo up to a small corridor peppered with tar puddles
    and maneuver through them. When you fall off to the right, hang right and pull
    yourself up to the small alcove containing a switch. This activates a thing to
    the left that allows you to get to the red gem.
    Return left and hop to the ledge with the door and the patrolling Wormouth.
    When it reaches up to bite you, shoot in the face and continue left. Wait for a
    platform that moves up and down to come down to you. Hop on it and ride up to a
    wide open room housing the red gem and a pesky Skypest.
    Squash the Skypest and grab the red diamond, then hold Down and press Ctrl to
    drop through it. Keep to the right and you'll land on the ledge where you
    killed the Wormouth. Return to the removable floor, and this time pull the
    switch to make it disappear. Fall through to an area with black ledges situated
    dangerously above a bubbling tar pit. You don't want to become an Earthling
    fossil, do you? I thought not. So jump to each ledge going to the right before
    one dips down under young Keen's weight and kills him. At the last one, pogo up
    to the pole and climb it.
    Turn the switch you see to green and ride the platform that now services you
    all the way to the top. Behind the red door is a yellow key. Grab then, then
    fall down one ledge, shoot the slug, and climb the very long pole to the right.
    This will take you full circle back to the removable floor. Walk down the slope
    where you stunned the two Poison Slugs to find the door that requires the
    yellow key. Follow the linear path downward to find a switch that will take
    away the floor in another part of the level. But just where is that?
    A hidden wall to the right will take you down a little bit. Hop over the small
    hump to the right and either shoot the Wormouth when he goes to eat you or
    avoid him entirely. When you enter the next room, you'll discover that the
    floor that was here is now gone. Drop down and kill the TWO Wormouths that
    appear here, and to the right you'll find the blue gem/key hanging high over
    what you'll soon discover is familiar ground. That's right: it's the ledges
    hanging over the lake of tar. Make your way back to the right, back up the two
    poles, and you'll be back at the area with the first removable floor. However,
    this time, go right to discover the blue gem-holder. This will lead to the
    stage's final sequences.
    Ride the platform up to the rock house near the exit. Inside the rock house,
    you can get a 1-up if you're good enough with the pogo stick. To get it, stand
    on the falling black ledge. As it falls, walk to the left of the ledge and do a
    well-placed super pogo jump from the edge to get it. Once you have this rare
    valuable extra life, exit the rock house and leave the level.
       -- | ------------
       7l | Isle of Fire
       -- | ------------
    Hike up the hill salted with fire to the top, where there are two poles which
    essentially take you to the same spot. Slide down either one and head left
    through a swarm of fake rocks (face them to get them to calm down). Scoot
    slowly left until you find the yellow key and a switch that needs turning. If
    you jump somewhere in here, you'll also find a tunnel leading to several
    valuables, such as ammo and a 1-up.
    From the place where you found the key and flipped the switch, head all the way
    to the right to a pole leading down a short distance (watch out for slugs and
    their feces). Blast your way through until you find two ledges leading up. Pogo
    to each and then climb up the pole, then walk through the winding corridor that
    leads to the surface. From there, hop over the small brushfire and drop
    straight down.
    To the right is a pole, but you can't just slide down it willy-nilly. There's
    a fiery Berkeloid at the bottom waiting to sample his wares on your face.
    Luckily, the blue jewel-slash-key lies in wait at the bottom of the pole. If
    necessary, lure the Berkeloid away from the pole by staying at the top and
    adjusting your vision to look down (hold Down). When the time is right, go down
    the pole and swiftly climb back up it before the fiery demon can get to you.
    Afterward, simply drop down and make your way to the right. The councilman is
    just behind the locked door.
       -- | ----------------
       7m | The Wishing Well
       -- | ----------------
    Just a few notes before entering the Wishing Well: you're in your wetsuit
    swimming around as opposed to walking, and you can't use your blaster, so it's
    going to take some fancy movement to get around all the obstacles and save the
    councilman located here. However, this isn't a difficult level. Watch and
    Swim down, avoiding the spiked mine that moves back and forth; it will blow up
    and take you with it if you touch it. Stay far left of the floating Sprite (the
    little imp with the electrified pitchfork) and swim down past his lethal bolts
    to a Lifewater bottle which provides an extra life. This essentially gives you
    infinite tries to beat this level, as it's always there whenever you die so you
    can retrieve it once again.
    After getting the 1-up, swim down to the bottom of the well to find a forking
    path. (No remarks about watching my language, please.) At this split, take the
    road to the right until you see a large Dopefish waiting for you at the end of
    the tunnel. You'll know him by his green skin and pronounced overbite, and he's
    certainly a force to be reckoned with. You can avoid him by waiting until he
    turns his back momentarily, then making a quick getaway by going up past the
    single spiked mine. Once you're past that bomb, he's basically off your back.
    Continue up.
    You'll soon pass through a line of three pointy ball-bombs and a Sprite before
    coming face-to-face with yet another Dopefish. This one is a little harder to
    get around, but fortunately, he's the only thing standing between you and the
    councilman, who apparently possesses quite the breath-holding ability. To get
    by this Dopefish, sit on one of the steps in front of him. Move up and to the
    left so that he turns left and starts going that way. In that small space of
    time, dive straight down into his territory, but stay against the wall. What
    will most likely happen is that he will try to eat you, but will miss. There is
    a short space of time during which he will face the camera and burp, giving you
    ample time to make an escape if he fails to eat you. With that small time space
    you need to go even lower, to the lowest alcove of this room, and stay in it.
    Here, the Dopefish will try to eat you, but will repeatedly come up short.
    While he's lollygagging around burping up bubbles and such, make your getaway
    up and to the left, but not too far up.
    I say "not too far up" because you have YET ANOTHER Dopefish that requires
    dealing with before you can save ye olde bearded one. You hopefully won't have
    to see much of him though, because you'll be taking a short way around to the
    councilman. After the first Dopefish attempts to eat you, make your way up and
    "feel" around the wall, but not too slowly, or the second Dopefish will close
    in and have you for a snack. This requires a combination of skill and luck, as
    it is likely that the Dopefish will have you anyway. If you can somehow fool it
    into moving outward a little bit, you can probably make it, but if you're
    having too much trouble, it's best to save your game in a spot where that first
    Dopefish can't get you (preferably the low low alcove) and keep loading your
    game until you make it in. Once you're in the gate where the council member
    resides, you're safe.
       -- | --------------------
       7n | Pyramid of the Moons
       -- | --------------------
    Now we move on to the final section of the game: the pyramids. There are four
    of these to conquer, one of which you won't even have to do unless you feel
    like being severely challenged. The first one we'll tackle is the Pyramid of
    Moons. However, there are two ways out of it, one of which leads to that
    totally optional (and hidden, I might add) level. I'll list both solutions
    separately for your convenience.
    There are two doors here in this first room, each of which leads to a separate
    area. Go to the one on the right and enter through it. Once in the other room,
    walk to the right to find a yellow gem key surrounded by soda bottles. Grab it
    and jump off the ledge to the right, then run in that direction to the exit
    before the two-headed Arachnut can kill you. If it starts scrambling after you,
    shoot it to stun it temporarily - it can't be permanently killed, but dazing it
    will buy you plenty of time.
    Go through the steps leading to the regular way out all the way up to getting
    the yellow jewel. When you get, backtrack through the door to the first room
    and go to the room on the left. You'll find yourself surrounded by a few
    harmless inchworms. Harmless though they may be, they are your key to finding
    the secret exit.
    Head right, but make sure the three inchworms you met initially stay hovering
    at or near your feet. Continue right to find more worms and another door that
    requires a yellow key. Open it to discover a room with a few more crawly
    critters and a switch that activates the floor over on the far left side of
    this long chamber. You should have roughly seven worms following in your
    footsteps now.
    Drag them all over with to the other side of the level, making sure to watch
    out for Licks and shoot any that you see on sight as you have been. When you
    cross the floor that was not there before, three more will cross over to meet
    the pile of worms currently following you. When these ten worms all meet in one
    place, they will turn into a giant white foot. Hop on this foot for a free ride
    to the Pyramid of the Forbidden, a level which cannot be abandoned until you
    beat it.
    Upon arriving, get ready for some of the fiercest challenge you've faced yet ;)
       -- | ----------------------------------
       7o | Pyramid of the Gnosticene Ancients
       -- | ----------------------------------
    Start by walking downhill and killing both the slug and the mysterious red
    creature who disappears if you don't shoot him fast enough. Whether you shoot
    him or he poofs away to some unknown location, get him out of your way and make
    a sharp U-turn in the air with your pogo stick. Find a pole to the left and
    climb it, turning on the switch to activate the platform next to you.
    The platform leads up to another pole for you to climb. Scale it and go down
    the hole to the right, into the lair of yet more Poison Slugs (do those things
    ever go away?). Fall in and turn the lever to get rid of some nearby floor,
    which you'll find open once you leave this winding pit and walk to the right.
    Continue dropping through pits to the right and turning levers until you fall
    down a very long one, where you must jump up THROUGH where the floor was to
    find the last of such switches. This one opens up the floor where you found the
    slug and the fat red guy at the beginning. (Hopefully you showed some foresight
    and also turned the switch to make the platform move up and down while you were
    You'll find two slopes parallel to each other; walk the bottom one to find a
    red gem/key, which you'll need later on. Return to the beginning of the level
    and drop down into the area that was once blockaded by a garish cyan floor.
    Head right and hop along a series of wide rock blocks to get to the final floor
    switch, then return and start trekking left all the way up a wide slope to the
    door that the red jewel opens. Look down as you travel to the depths below; it
    would be bad to fall blindly into a new area only to find that there was an
    enemy waiting at the bottom and you now have to start all over because of him.
    Anyway, walk in the majestic door that indicates the presence of a High
    Councilman and grab the green gem. Flick the switch to the green position and
    wait for about a minute for the platform to come back (Keen will likely start
    reading a thick book if you stand still). When it comes back, jump to each
    ledge along the route so as not to get pushed into the oily lake of tar below.
    The Licks are nothing to worry about, as they leap straight into the tar
    without so much as a thought in their brains. Unlock the door at the end and
    save the seventh Councilman.
    Only one left....
       -- | ------------------
       7p | Pyramid of Shadows
       -- | ------------------
    Climb up the pole right at the beginning and start treading the slope up, up,
    and even more up, squishing any Skypests and shooting any Poison Slugs that
    harass you until you get to the top of the hill. At that point, slide down the
    purple pole and head right for a few power-ups, then left to get to where you
    REALLY need to go.
    Head down and right, making sure not to take a hit from the arrows that the
    wall decorations shoot at you. The bottom hallway is the longest, and
    eventually leads you to a lone ray gun charge hidden at the end of the line.
    You probably noticed that the path forked up and offered more roads to the
    right; these are a decidedly more constructive use of your time, particularly
    the second. Follow the path it provides to a floor-making lever, which you
    should turn before going through the door.
    That door is kind enough to drop you directly in the spot where the floor
    appeared, above a nasty tub of carbolic acid which would surely melt our hero's
    fair prepubescent skin. Walk over the bridge to a door leading to the final
    Jump to the ledge that falls when the spear is in the ceiling (it's okay to
    touch it when it's there, it can't hurt you there). Bust out your pogo stick
    and bounce to the ledge above. Kill the slug and turn the switch, then go back
    down and start moving right. This is an easy platforming exercise that won't
    require any pogoing at all, just light jumping. Let the final platform fall and
    it will take you to a door leading to a very imposing tar pit. Turn the switch
    to make it move out, then jump when the arrows don't pose a threat. Enter the
    councilman's chamber.
    Walk down the slope to find the blue key at the bottom. As you walk up the
    other half, remember to watch out for one of those nasty Licks. Shoot it either
    before or after you open the door (doing it after makes it a bit easier), then
    drop into the candy-filled chamber where the eighth and final Councilman rests.
    Now sit back and watch/read the ending sequence.
       -- | --------
       7q | Epilogue
       -- | --------
    WARNING: SPOILERS   I hope that's ample warning.
    If you still feel like reading, however, here's what
    Enough already, we get the idea!
    Anyway, you'll see all the councilmen you rescued gather around the Oracle
    machine. A vortex will open, showing you what's currently going on - namely,
    that the Shikadi are on the other side of the galaxy building their Armageddon
    machine that will destroy the galaxy so that they can reshape it to suit their
    needs. No telling what that encompasses, but it's probably not very pretty!
    You'll then see a taste of what's going on back on Earth, and Keen will see
    what these mysterious Shikadi chumps look like (but you won't!), and he will
    speed off to the Omegamatic machine to stop these heinous aliens' plans from
    going through, leaving the Goodbye Galaxy! saga....
    Congratulations on beating Commander Keen IV! 
    Oh, and if you wanted to know what the Pyramid of the Forbidden holds in store
    for you, the answers are below.
       -- | ------------------------
       7r | Pyramid of the Forbidden
       -- | ------------------------
    So you decided to have a go at the baddest pyramid in all the land, did you? I
    don't think you're ready for it. But if you really think you are, who am I to
    stop you? Let's get on with it.
    The first major challenge here is dealing with a barrage of Licks as they rain
    down on you from the steps above. For each set of Licks that bounces down at
    you, stay against the wall on the right and face left to blast them when they
    come down. It's a foolproof method that will allow you to survive the entire
    way up, where you'll be rewarded with a bottle of extra life-giving Lifewater.
    Just like at the Wishing Well, this will be available to you every time you die
    so that you have limitless chances to beat the level. After passing the first
    of such trials, fall down the pit, but hang a left so that you don't eat spikes
    when you land. Grab the red gem and open the door to the next, even harder test
    of your abilities.
    You'll now have to be very light on your feet in order to grab the yellow gem
    that's guarded by two craftily placed arrow shooters. Head over and down the
    slope to the left to remove the floor. Come back, hop over to the right, and
    look down so you have an idea of just what you're getting yourself into. Here's
    what you have to do in one solid flourish:
    + drop down when there's an opening
    + kill the slug and make sure there's no poop lining the ground
    + jump over the arrows and get the yellow gem
    + walk in front of one of the arrow shooting machines and open the yellow door
    + head right and jump over any crossfire that comes at you from behind
    + jump over a small wall and kill another slug before heading in the door
    All this must be done just to get to the next room. If necessary, save and load
    as if the game were an emulator with save states. Isn't that beautiful?
    Once safely in the next area, fall on the horizontal platform when it comes by
    or you'll land in a tar pool. Once on it, duck and then drop to the narrow
    corridor below, shooting both slugs. Don't think that the long shaft to the
    left is safe; just as sure as you turn the switch, two Licks will come down
    from an unseen area and lay the smack down on you. Go near the switch to lure
    them down, but run to the right and then turn around to shoot them from a safe
    distance. After stunning them, flick the switch. Watch as the platform that
    took you safely over the tar pit moves past the wall. Pogo onto it and move up.
    You'll soon encounter a room packed to the hilt with Skypests. There are
    roughly eight of them crammed into a small area which you shouldn't dare to
    walk arbitrarily into. Go down one ledge to lure out at least one or two, and
    then squish those that come out with the pogo stick until you've cleared out
    enough of them to move down into the area below.
    In the next room, you'll find yourself flanked by spears that come out of the
    ceiling every now and then to stab you to death. Move your vision down and wait
    for a platform to come by moving right. It will cross under the rock ledge and
    then turn left; when it starts moving left, run past the spears and drop down
    onto it. Ride it until you see an area you can jump up into. You'll want to go
    to the left for the green key, and then right for the path that leads to the
    green door, behind which is the red key. After getting the red key, ride the
    platform all the way at the bottom back to where you started in this room (in
    front of the door). From that starting point, go up and to the left and place
    the red gem in the holder. This will open a door to the right of where you
    started. Flip the switch that you find here while you're at it.
    The switch allows the platform at the bottom, situated right over the tar pit
    you've ridden over a couple of times now, to move the full length of the room.
    Board it once again and take it all the way to the right to find the blue key,
    which you need to move on in this level, but make sure to duck so that you
    don't get pushed off the platform. With that final gem in hand, hop up to the
    right through the door you opened with the red key. Follow the single path
    around to another door.
    You'll fall to an area below in which you'll have to make complicated use of
    the platforms provided. Use the pogo to get up to the first one, then let that
    one fall under your weight. It won't dip into the tar, so that will put you in
    a good position to super-pogo to the next one. Keep the pogo out and bounce
    until you have a clear shot at the next one, and the one after and so on, etc.
    Let go of the pogo after you see a rock ledge to cling to, then ride up and go
    through the top half of the room along horizontal platforms. Watch out for the
    Skypests, then drop to the second moving platform when the two cross paths.
    At the rock ledge, squash the Skypests and shoot the three slugs before anyone
    can do anything threatening.
    Once through the next door, you'll be back in the familiar red clay room from
    the beginning of the game. This room is not overly difficult since the only
    enemies to deal with are the easily downtrodden Licks and Poison Slugs. Just
    turn each floor-removing switch that you come to, and find the piece of floor
    that the corresponding lever took away. It's fairly easy to find each piece, so
    I won't go into detail because this is already an exhaustive enough level as it
    is. When you get through the entire slightly confusing maze, you'll see a door.
    It's as if .... there's a council member here!
    And there is .... kind of. He's not really a council member, even though he's
    dressed like one. He's really just the janitor for the High Council. They
    really need to learn the importance of distinguishing uniforms, don't they? So
    your trip through the Pyramid of the Forbidden has really been nothing but a
    colossal joke. I know I laugh heartily when I've just sweated bullets trying to
    get through a hard level only to find out that it's all been someone's comedy
    act. Oh well.
    You do get some compensation, though - a 1-up at the end of the trail, and the
    familiar sight of that comical white foot. And so, thus ends your journey
    through the extremely taxing Pyramid of the Forbidden. We hope you've had a
    nice stay.
    See you in Episode V!
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    We're at the end of another FAQ, which means doing a lot of stuff I don't want
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    > My parents, who are so very proud of my award-winning work and encourage me
      to do more as long as it doesn't get in the way of school and job.
    > My brother, whose laptop I write on while my desktop comp is currently
    > Dr Pepper and Red Fusion. There was a long span where I went without them
      during my writing, and I got a massive migraine. I'll never ignore you guys
    > Myself, because I rule. I don't have to explain myself to anyone.
    > Anyone else I'm forgetting who instilled the importance of good English and
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