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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Jefferson Davis

    Version: .11 | Updated: 08/12/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Commander Keen Episode 4: Secret of the Oracle FAQ/Walkthrough
    For the PC (Dos/Windows)
    Written by mosquito_breath at joshinspokane@paxway.com
    Copyright 2005 Josh Phillips. All Rights Reserved.
    Version .11
    Welcome! This FAQ is a guide for Commander Keen Episode 4: Secret of the
    Oracle. And if you have any questions, corrections, or comments, please email
    them to me at joshinspokane@paxway.com. Once any questions are asked, I will
    make an Asked Questions section.
    Also, this FAQ is protected by copyright. You cannot sell this, put this FAQ
    onto your website without my permission, or any other violation of copyright
    laws. You can, however, save this file onto your computer and print it out too
    for LEGAL use only, please.
    Table of Contents
    1. Update History
    2. Controls
    3. Enemies
    4. Items
    5. Friends
    6. Walkthrough
    7. Credits
    1. Update History
    Version .11, August 12, 2005: Completed everything outside the walkthrough and
    completed levels 1-2 in my walkthrough. Also did my credits section at the end
    of the FAQ.
    2. Controls
    Keyboard Controls
    Note that these keys for the keyboard are in default mode.
    CTRL: Jump
    ALT: Activate pogo stick or stop pogo stick
    Up arrow: Look up
    Down arrow: Look down
    Left arrow: Go left
    Right arrow: Go right
    Spacebar: Fire
    Enter: View status
    Esc: View main menu
    Mouse controls will be coming soon.
    Joystick controls will be coming soon, also.
    Main Menu Controls
    When you are at the main menu for Commander Keen 4, there are several things
    you can do on the menu. First, I will give the controls for the menu; then I
    will give the options you can do in the section below.
    Up arrow: Scroll up
    Down arrow: Scroll down
    Enter: Enter an option
    Esc: Exit an option or quit game
    Main Menu Options
    Here are the options you can do in the main menu screen.
    New Game - Do a new game which means you start a game from scratch.
     Begin Easy Game - Easy game
     Begin Normal Game - Normal game
     Begin Hard Game - Hard and difficult game
    Load Game - If you save at a previous spot in a level you can access that saved
    game through this option.
    Save Game - You can save a game through this option.
    Configure - Changes the settings for Keen.
     Sound - Changes the sounds for Keen.
      No Sound Effects - Have the game with no sound at all; what deaf people hear.
      PC Speaker - Access sound from the PC sound card. Not a great option.
      Adlib/Soundblaster - Best option. If you have speakers, choose this option.
      Quiet Adlib/Soundblaster - A little quieter than the other option.
    Music - Good job Bobby Prince for making such great music. Choose this option
    to change the settings of music from Keen.
    No Music - Robert Prince is mad if you choose this option. No music in the
      Adlib/Soundblaster - Happy Robert; choose this option for great music.
     Options - Allows you to change what you see on the screen for Keen.
    Score Box (On/Off) This is the option that turns the score box during
    gameplay either on or off. Usually on.
    Two-Button Firing (On/Off) (Usually Off) Two-Button Firing is using CTRL and
    ALT together to fire your Neural Stunner.
    Fix Jerky Motion (On/Off) I'm not really sure what this option does. Email me
    if you know.
    SVGA Compatibility (On/Off) I'm not sure about this one, either. Email me if
    you know what it does, please.
     Use Keyboard - This option configures the controls for the keyboard.
      Movement - Changes how you move in the game.
      Buttons - Allows you to change the configuration buttons for Keen.
     Use Joystick #1 - Coming soon.
     Use Joystick #2 - Coming soon.
     Use Gravis Gamepad (On/Off) Coming soon.
    Return to Demo - Allows you to view some demos from Commander Keen.
    End Game - Allows you to end your current game immediately (GAME OVER!)
    Paddle War - You can play Paddle War on Keen! The object of the game is to
    bounce the ball onto the top screen before the opponent knocks the ball into
    the bottom part of the screen. Just think of it like tennis, okay?... Except an
    older version. I will include a separate section for Paddle War below.
    Quit Game - Allows you to quit the game. Check either yes or no.
    Paddle War
    This game is traditionally what Commander Keen plays when he is on his long
    voyages through space. To play Paddle War, just access it through the main menu
    (second to last option.) Once you are in Paddle War, the game immediately
    begins. You are competing against the computer itself (it doesn't cheat, I
    think...) You are given one small elevated platform that moves from left to
    right. The computer gets one, too. Yours is on the bottom. The computers' is on
    the top. The controls for your elevated platform are just the left and right
    arrows on your keyboard. There is a small ball that is placed in the playing
    field that moves in distinct directions throughout the screen. Try to make sure
    the ball does NOT fall onto your side of the screen (the bottom) because then
    the computer gets one point if it passes beyond your boundary which is the
    elevated platform and goes off screen. Just hit the ball upward by letting the
    elevated platform hit it. The computer will attempt to hit it back to you. If
    he fails, YOU get one point. It will repeat the process over and over again.
    The first one to reach a total amount of 21 points wins. It's pretty
    challenging at first, but once you've gotten the hang of doing this (bouncing
    the ball back and forth) then it will be a sinch. Just hit ESC to exit the game
    of Paddle War when you are bored of the game or you give up!
    "F" Functions (F1, F4, F6)
    F1: View the Help menu with several different screens.
    F2: View the Main Menu (only works during gameplay.)
    F3: Main Menu
    F4: Main Menu
    F5: Main Menu
    F6: Main Menu
    F7: Main Menu
    F9: Terminate Game Immediately
    F1 Options
    First, we will discuss the movement to move around in the F1 option screen:
    Up arrow: Scroll up
    Down arrow: Scroll down
    Enter: Enter an option
    Esc: Exit out of option or quit help menu
    Right arrow: Progress through option screen
    Left arrow: Go back to previous option screen
    Now we'll discuss the options themselves:
    Computer Wrist - Allows you to view the main menu options for Commander Keen.
    The Game - Allows you to view controls, items, and enemies.
    The Story - Allows you to view the great story for Commander Keen Episode 4.
    Order Info - Allows you to view the ordering options for more great games.
    About ID - Allows you to view what ID Software is all about.
    3. Enemies
    Arachnut: These guys are green with a white marking on their chests with two
    white claws with sharp teeth on them sticking out of their head. They cannot
    ever die but they can be stunned for a short time allowing you to escape their
    wrath before they wake back up.
    Berkeloid: These guys are dressed in orange fire and throw fireballs at you for
    attacking. These guys cannot be killed OR stunned so avoid these whenever you
    have the chance.
    Dopefish: This is basically the boss for the game. He is a big green fish with
    dull-looking teeth and burps every time he tries to bite you. He can't die so
    try to avoid them as possibly as you can.
    Lick: These guys are blue balls that fire out fire at you for attacking when
    you come near them. Finally, there is something that can be killed. One shot
    and they're dead.
    Mad Mushroom: These guys are giant mushrooms on steroids. They hop in one
    destination and can crush you if you are under them. Wait for three bounces and
    then run under them to avoid being crushed by these insane killer mushrooms.
    Poison Slug: These guys will lay crap everywhere so don't step in it. And, of
    course, don't touch their body. Just one zap from the gun and they are dead.
    Skypest: These guys are giant flies that fly around and can kill you if they
    can touch you in mid-air. When they land, just pogo on them to squash them
    dead. Note that you can't shoot them dead. They make a good sound when they die.
    Sprite: Found in the last level, these guys just stand there and will shoot you
    when you cross their path. He is invulnerable to anything so don't waste your
    shots to try to kill him.
    Wormouth: These guys are little when they are not close up to you. When they
    ARE close up, these guys look 10x bigger. That's your chance to shoot them dead
    before they bite you in half!
    4. Items
    This section WILL describe the items and will also give point values for them.
    Shikadi Soda: These are red bottled sodas worth 100 points.
    Three-Tooth Gum: These are gold and red together worth 200 points.
    Shickkers Candy Bar: Nothing like a dark chocolate candy bar worth 500 points.
    Jawbreaker: These are red blobs worth 1000 points.
    Doughnut: These are powdered doughnuts worth 2000 points.
    Ice Cream Cone: Worth 5000 points, these are the ultimate items.
    Neural Stunner: These green guns will add ammo to your gun.
    Gems: Comes in 4 colors, red, yellow, green, and blue, they will open up locked
    doors with the same colored marking as the gem next to the locked doors.
    Lifewater Flask: The shape of a milkbottle, these will add 1 life to your
    collection of lives.
    Raindrops: Collect 100 of these and you will receive an extra life. These look
    like ordinary traditional raindrops that fall from the sky.
    5. Friends
    Commander Keen doesn't have just enemies but he also has some friends. Here is
    the list of friends he has with a description of each.
    Bounder: These are red-faced bouncy balls that can help you reach high places
    that you normally couldn't reach. Just stand on their heads and lead them to a
    place with a high ledge or points by standing on the very fine edge of their
    heads. Then pogo or jump to reach the ledges or points when the ball is at its
    highest point.
    Council Member: You must find and rescue these guys in the levels. These guys
    are red-clothed people with white beards and look like a wise man. And you
    can't kill them either. To rescue them, just walk up to them to rescue them.
    There are 8 of these guys total hidden deep in the levels of the Shadowlands.
    With my guide, I will show them all to you in a step-by-step matter and format.
    Enough said :)
    Inchworm: These are yellow worms that crawl around on the ground. They may look
    like they serve no purpose but they do. Find 12 of them together in ONE group
    and in ONE level and they will take you to a secret level. With my guide, I
    will show you where all 12 of them are!
    Princess Lindsey: There are only 2 Princess Lindsey's found in the game. Look
    carefully for them as they will give you valuable information. They are usually
    hidden out of sight so keep your eyes peeled. They are dressed in a blue-green
    clothing and float in the air with a wand in their hand.
    Schoolfish: These are only found in the last level of the game, Well of Wishes.
    They are 100x smaller than the dopefish and like to follow you everywhere you
    go. They serve absolutely no purpose whatsoever. Although I don't think so...
    6. Walkthrough
    Before you begin starting a new game, you must choose the difficulty setting
    for the game to begin. Choose Easy to make the game easier. Choose Normal to
    make the game a little bit more difficult and challenging. Choose Hard to make
    the game unbelievably difficult and challenging. In Hard mode, the pogo and
    jump keys don't make Keen to jump as high as he could in Easy and Normal Modes.
    There are a ton more enemies out there in Hard Mode. With that said, let's
    NOTE that the walkthrough setting is set on Hard Mode which means that the
    walkthrough will describe enemies as if they are in Hard Mode (which they are)
    so if I tell you to kill an enemy and the enemy is not there then you are
    playing a low skill level. This walkthrough was written for HARD mode setting.
    "Your Score Box"
    | A 0000000000000000000 |
    | B    03   | C    05   |
    "A": Your Personal Score
    "B": How many lives you have left to spare
    "C": How many shots you have left to spare
    Level 1: Border Village
    At the start of this level, collect the raindrops and three-tooth gum to your
    left. Go past the Bounder and enter the first silver dune. Get the sodas and
    exit the dune. Kill the slug and enter the second dune. Get the guns and gum
    then slide down the pole (press down when you are on the pole to go down and up
    to go up on the pole) and collect the chocolate bars on the right. Go back up
    the pole and exit the dune.
    Hop over the spike pits while getting the raindrops and kill the lick and slug
    on the other side. Now go left some more and enter the third dune, get the gun,
    and exit the dune. Go left and get the gum and raindrops. Use the Bounder Ball
    if you need help reaching them.
    Kill the lick and slug to the left, get the raindrops, and go in the fourth
    dune. In here, get the sodas and go down the pole. Go right from there to two
    toxic pits with points over them. Get them. Go back to the first toxic pit.
    Stand on the left edge of the left pit. Do you see on the left sloped ceiling a
    little etching that is bigger than the others? Pogo up there to a huge secret.
    It may take several tries. But once there, use the elevator to get the 7
    lifewater flasks above it. Use Pogo to get them. You get only five tries on the
    elevator and then it's gone.
    To finish the level, just go back to the right and enter the black dune to
    Level 2: *Slug Village
    *You got that right!
    At the start of this level, kill the lick and slug and get the drops. Go in the
    pit and get the jawbreaker. Jump into a secret room with 2 bars on the right
    wall. Beneath this secret is a second one with points and a gun. Exit, then go
    left, kill the lick, and enter the second pit. Kill the two Wormouths then get
    the points around the Mad Mushroom on steroids. Go back out the second pit.
    Get the 2 gums above you then drop in the third pit for 2 bars. On the right
    wall is a secret. Follow it to the right then to the left and out the other
    side for some massive points. Exit the third pit and go left.
    Get the gums and kill the wormouth and then get the sodas above. Now return
    back out of the first pit at the beginning of the level. Go left from there,
    kill the slugs and lick, and collect all the drops until you reach two passages
    to take. Take the under passage, kill the enemies, collect the items, and use
    the Bounder Ball to reach the highest raindrop down there by a fire pit.
    Press the button to activate the elevator, get on it, get the gums, and ride it
    to the other side. Get the points, kill the wormouths and lick, then get the
    points. On the ceiling towards the points is a little secret alcove with 2
    jawbreakers inside. Go back to the area with the two passages.
    There are three hidden raindrops way up there; use a Bounder to get them. Go
    left on the top passage, killing anything that gets in your way, until you
    reach a place with several raindrops, a bounder, and an ice cream cone at the
    very top. It's seems impossible to see the top of it. Use the slanted part of
    the hill to the left of them to see the ice cream cone while on the bounder
    ball. Use the bounder to reach it; it may take dozens of tries to reach it; it
    is possible to get it, though.
    Then go left, kill a couple of slugs, and get the raindrops. Finally, go left
    and finish the level.
    Level 3: The Perilous Pit
    *WALKTHROUGH is coming soon.... I promise you that for a fact!
    7. Credits
    Here is the credits section of the guide. ENJOY!
    These are the people and companies that I would like to congradulate for making
    this guide possible. Without them, there would have been no guide or game to
    Mosquito_Breath: Of course, me, mosquito_breath for making this guide. He spent
    a lot of time and effort making this guide and he should get the proper thanks
    for making the guide.
    GameFAQs: For posting this FAQ on their wonderful site! It's my favorite site
    and I finally joined after so many months.
    ID Software: For making this great game. If they didn't make this game, there
    would have been no game to FAQ with. So thanks ID Software very, very much.
    Robert Prince: I mentioned your name in the guide; thanks for the music, dude!
    You did a 100% excellent job making it.
    You: Finally, you made the guide possible because you are the one reading it
    and I hope that this guide helped you get through the game in an easier way
    than you had before. Does anyone have a violin I can play for this section?

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