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"The best game in the series..."

In Commander Keen IV: The Secret of the Oracle, you play as 8 year old Billy Blaze.
You end up on a far away planet with your spaceship trying to stop the alien's evil plans. You will adventure through many levels trying to save the galaxy with catchy music, nice controls, and crisp graphics for a DOS game.

Gameplay: This game has very fun and very easy to learn gameplay. Basically you can jump, run, jump on your pogo stick, and fire your blaster pistol. Every enemy is one hit kill. Although most enemies don't have many ranged attacks. So you will really only die if you touch an enemy. There are scattered items such as chocolate bars, soda bottles, donuts, ice cream cones and many more which will raise your score for the game. The controls feel very good. Using only the Up key, Down key, Left key, Right key Space, Ctrl, and Alt. This is a very nice feel because you don't have to use a mouse. There are also 3 difficulty modes: Easy, Medium, and Hard. And obviously, Hard is pretty hard! Objects such as spike pits, fire, oil, and other objects will result in a death.

Graphics: The graphics aren't actually that bad for a DOS game. Everything is very colorful. To the smiling faced trees to the Slugs that poop green stuff. The frame rate is very solid too. I have never gotten a bad slowdown, probably because a lot of stuff isn't going on at once. Every character and enemy is nicely colored except Keen. I really don't like his all white face. Graphics are very pretty for a game that came out a long time ago.

Sound/Music: Like I said, the music is awesome. I could listen to it all day. It sounds very happy and fits the levels nicely. The sound effects aren't as great though. They really could've put some better sound effects.

Overall: I really recommend this game. I had some good times with this game a long time ago. I actually still sometimes play it to this day. I have put hundreds of hours into this game and it's one of my favorite games of all time. I'm sure if you play it too you will love it as much as me and other Commander Keen fans.

Rent or Buy: Well, download it because it's shareware!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/14/06

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