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"Keen Re-invented and fully playable!"

Commander Keen returns in Episode 4. The improvements make the game worth while to play as id Software addressed the annoying unplayable flaws found in the first three games.

For those that haven't played the past three games, Commander Keen is a platformer where each episode he sets off on a mission with different objectives, he explores areas and battles aliens as he completes them. The past few games were plagued with unclear direction, hard to figure out puzzles and unpredictable and cheap enemies, which make the game unfair.

Episode 4 is here to change all of that and for good reason, you may forget about the first three games because this game fixes makes the game worthwhile.

The story sets Keen to find members of a space council, in which Keen must resuce before setting out and continuing his adventure. The game story telling and diagoue is humourous and will keep you engaged from time to time. As you play the game, you'll find it all makes sense despite it's toonish looks.

The biggest change is the graphics of the platforming. The world map and levels have loads more detail and loaded with personality. You'll never get bored looking at the levels. It's a great improvement. Many of the areas, such as the wood, cavelands and icelands is featured in the game, just to name a few.

The underwater segment is a bit tacked on and doesn't well so well in the game, but at least there's one of these levels throughtout the entire game.

The graphics also maintains a good old 90s art design thoughtout, so if anyone misses the 90s and the wacky toon design, it's here and you'll feel right at home.

The enemies are worth the challenge this time. Knowing that they have a route and know how to react toward the player. It sometimes takes a few shots to take some enemies out and some have to work with strategy as some aren't as easy as they look.

Unlike the last episodes. Even if you do mess up, the game is nice enough to save and load mid-game! This makes a easier to complete the levels as you can complete them by trial and error and quickly reload instead of starting again!

The game is a bit too short as it's a day walkthrough even thou it had replay value!

This is a must play for it's time and still playable today! You can fetch a copy from Steam for a really low and affordable price! Many technical aspects of the game followed itself into the later games like the Doom and Quake series.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/09/12

Game Release: Commander Keen Episode IV: Secret of the Oracle (US, 08/03/07)

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