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"A Final Salute to a Lasting Legacy"


He has defined a generation of DOS games that will remain with some of us forever. This is his review.

Alright. This is a review for Commander Keen: Aliens Ate My Babysitter! for DOS. Only obtainable through either shareware or official disks.


This game continues the story of Billy Blazes, the genius boy who saves the world 3 times over. This time though, the battle is personal. The Bloogs, an evil alien race, kidnaps his babysitter, Molly, and it's up to him to get her back.

Game Play:

This game handles like a Ferrari. It's controls are flawless, and it's very easy to pick up. There's no surprises here if you've played another Keen game. Although one hit kills you, the difficulty modes are appropriate, allowing for easy, medium, or hard, which determines the amount of enemies in the level. It's mainly platformer, but in a way that is actually compelling. Although they haven't improved anything is this category since Keen 4. I give this a:

Nine out of Ten.


The Bloogs have captures your babysitter? So? Well the game also implies that although she's twice your age, you still have a chance to score. Way to go Billy! It is an interesting story line, only lacking in ending, it's very anti-climactic, as all Keen games are. I give this a:

Nine out of Ten.


Remember, this game was made in the early 90's. That means 2-D. Which it pulls off amazingly. It has no major improvement over 4 and 5, other than level backgrounds and overall smoothness. The sound is, in my opinion, better than all other Keen games ( except from the secret level in 5 which played bagpipe music). This is one of the reasons why Keen has done so well, it doesn't try to get too fancy, it stays in it's genre. Perfection. I give this a:

Ten out of Ten.


This game usually takes about 3-5 hours to beat, but it can change depending on the difficulty. That's not too bad for it's era. Because of the number of easter eggs in this game, such as a cipher for a hidden language which you can use to translate signs and messages, it has a great number of replay. I give this a:

Nine out of Ten.

Final Recommendation:

This game has so much to offer, yet demands so little. It is the 6th in it's series, and the last of the story. It's ending makes you cry not because of the ending itself, but because of the ominous message that has haunted me since I beat this game. See you in December 91'! This hasn't happened as the company is no longer in business, so don't look for it. I enjoy this more than most games today. It's one of those games you pull out and play every year.This is a fitting end to the legend of Keen.


A Ten out of Ten.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/10/06

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