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"Yet another brilliant game by Bullfrog!"

Magic Carpet Plus is a one of the best and possibly the last MS-DOS games of all time. The control, graphics, music and challenge all make for a wonderful game.

Graphics: 10 Today these graphics may be a bit old by back in 1995 they were nothing but the best possible. The 100 game levels and wonderful spell animation and effects is still brilliant to play with. The enemies were nicely done and the frame rate is excellent. This game pushed the limits of the 2D graphics card. You might even say the game was ahead of its time.

Sound/Music: 10 The music is combined with beautiful ambient sounds. Excellent voice acting. When combined together the music and sound effects make you fell as if you were really there.

Game Play: 10 All these beautiful graphics and sound would mean nothing without incredible game play. This game provides wonderful FPS and RPG elements that go well with the primitive engine used to run the game. There are 3 different speeds in case you feel the game is too slow for you. Usually your objective is to collect a certain amount of mana by killing you enemies, flying to certain places on the map and defeating bosses and other wizards. This is nothing new by today's standards but this game did liven up the tiring FPS genre. The magic system is also excellent. Destroying enemies with spells creates Mana, which can then be possessed by your character to provide the necessary energy to cast spells. Building a castle provides a storage place for the mana and a safe area.

Control: 10 The controls here are excellent and very easy to use learn. I myself prefer the mouse and keyboard combination but you may use joysticks as well. The mouse control you direction in which you are facing and the keyboard arrows control how you move. Clicking the mouse will use your spells.

Challenge: 10 This game is extremely challenging and will last a very long time. The early later scenarios are easy and introduce you to the game but as you progress they get MUCH more difficult. Thankfully you cannot cheat in this game because all cheating does is make the game last a couple days and there is no more of a challenge.

Storyline: 9 Another great aspect of this game is the good storyline. There are a couple flaws but they are hardly noticed. You are trying to restore the 100 worlds that have be shattered apart and infested by monstrous creatures.

Overall: 10 An outstanding game that's worth buying or downloading the demo off the internet. This game will keep you playing it for years to come. I got this game in 1996 and I'm still playing it today.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/30/03, Updated 03/30/03

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