Review by Katlover97

Reviewed: 05/28/04

Lighting cannon fuses with a laser that simultaniously blows a mouse into the jaws of an aligator? Sounds like The Incredible Machine

In this wacked-out puzzle game it's B.Y.O.B. or bring your own bombs.
In the very beginning, there is an interesting person who introduces himself to you as Professor Tim (TIM as in The Incredible Machine?). After that, you can click any one of a number of areas including "Puzzle Play" and "Workshop". If you click on "Workshop", you will be taken to an area with three large screens. The "Play field is the one that you put parts on. You can use wood, or golden metal pipes or a number of other things for the border and platforms in the machine.
It has dozens of pieces that you can use to blow a person named Mel Schleming off the screen, or to start a can opener to feed Curee Cat. It Has three different colored lasers that are supposed to be the primary colors (one of them isn't) and color mixers. Another thing, on set holidays like Halloween and Christmas, it has a new object (these go away the next day). And I still haven't described or even mentioned all of the other pieces

The graphics for this game are actually pretty good. All of the pieces have their own little animations, and react differently to every other piece. Although it is in 2-d, my littler brother finds some of these quite comical.

Graphics 8/10

Sound and music
The sounds that all of these pieces have are unique to that piece. The bombs sound like explosions (obviously) and if you drop Mel, He screams (wouldn't you?). There are number (about 8) of music selections including, but not limited to, the theme song (called TIM), Pictures in an exhibition (I was surprised to find that one), 60 's rock, and a hip-hop style song.
You can turn on or off the music or the sounds if they start to give you a headache.

Sound and music 7/10


There are A-LOT of puzzles and you can do them. After you finish them, you can make your own, or have your friends make some and you try to solve them. When you're making it, just go to puzzle play and open it by clicking on that pile of toys in the upper right-hand corner and select home-made and click your puzzle.

Replay-ability 5/10

Buy or rent?
I don't know if you can rent it.
If you like messing with machines, buy it. I would rent it first anyway to see if you like it.

OVER ALL 20/30 = 6/10

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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