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    Walkthrough by MMoeller

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    Operation Stealth (Delphine)     Solution by Mario Moeller, 1991
    Examing newspaper box, examing coin return slot, use coin on coin slot.
    Examing newspaper, noting which country is making peace talks
    (Germany), enter bathroom. Enter stall, operate briefcase, take
    American passport, examine American passport, take currency (in
    passport), take pen, examing calculator, take unused passport, use
    unused passport on opening of passport falsifier, select nationality on
    falsifier to Germany. Operate enter button, operate briefcase, return
    to lobby, use new passport on customs official.
    Once in the mens' toilet, operate soldier, take army boots, examine
    boots and grab the laces. Use laces on soldier. Take napkin and use it
    on the soldier. Take clothes, examine sink, and take glass. Exit room,
    go left and down, enter the room in the centre. Operate all drawers and
    examine them. You will find a blank stamp and some more laces. Use
    laces on John. Exit the room, and go right. Now enter the room in the
    middle. Examine clothes, take mission instructions. Use glass on
    fountain, operate garbage dump. You will find a lifeboat. Exit room, go
    right and up, go up the screen and left until you come to the room in
    which you tied up the soldier. Enter the room on the right.
    When you get into this room, there will be an officer. If you look
    carefully, you will see a stamp on his desk. Stand next to it. Use
    glass on officer. When his back is turned, take the stamp on his desk
    and exit the room.  Now go to the room where you found the lifeboat and
    mission instructions. Now examine around the armchair until you find an
    inkpad. Use stamp on inkpad. Now use the inkpad on the mission
    instructions. Operate cigarette case. Examine all cigarettes in the
    case. Operate the blue one. You will be just left with the paper. Now
    use the cig paper on glass. You will now get a fingerprint. Now exit
    the room and go up to the point where you were asked to fetch a glass
    of water. Use fingerprint in fingerprint ID. The door will open when
    you walk in front of it.
    Now go right through the door, on the next screen use the authorised
    mission on the mailbox. The electric barrier will now go. Go through
    the door, and also go through the next door. Go to the trashcan, use
    electric cable on the electric socket. Operate razor. Use the razor on
    the trashcan, at this point examine the cigarettes and make sure you
    know which one is the red one. Go through the door.
    Once you're inside the evil doctor's computer room, try and find the CD
    player using the crosshairs. Once the diversion is created by the
    razor, fire the red missile cigarette at the computer, which is once
    again located using the crosshairs. Now attack Otto. Use the CD player
    with the CD before following the doctor out the top left door. Once in
    the helicopter scene, attach the elastic to the bomb release

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