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    Walkthrough by Anonymous

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    KGB Walk-Thru
    Chapter 1
    -Wait until 16:05. The phone rings. It is Volvov who orders you to his office
    -Talk to Volvov. He will tell you about your current assignment.
    -Go to Golitsin's office. Tell the guard you are Rukov, KGB. Show him your ID
    -Enter the office. Inspect everything and take what you find. Inspect the 
     drawer. Go back out and ask the guard for the key. Return to the office and 
     use the key on the drawer. Inspect the drawer and take the recorder.
    -When you have inspected everything or when you leave, Golitsin's sister will 
     arrive. Interview her nicely. Then tell her to go and she will give you a 
    -Use the batteries you found on the recorder and then use the micro-cassette 
     on the recorder and listen to tape.
    -Leave the office. Give the key back to the guard and go to Uncle Vanya's. Go 
     to your room and get the American Dollars. Return to Department P.
    -Talk to Volvov and tell him that you have listened to the cassette. Tell him 
     the codename is Hollywood.
    -Talk to Galushkin. 
    -Go to Kursk St. Enter the Bar. Talk to the barman. Ask about the Enthusiastic 
     Progressive Club. Say you heard it was a good place to talk business. Say 
     maybe a little of both.
    -If you ask about Hollywood, you will be told about the apartments aournd to 
     the back.
    -Go to the left side of the building. Enter the door. Go upstairs. Use the 
     matches to see. Inspect the room. Take the clipboard. Return to the street.
    -Go to the apartments. Inspect the sign. Go to apartment 7. Knock on door to 
     apartment 7. Ask girl if she can answer some questions. Say they are about 
     the opposite the sex.
    -Once inside, admit that you are not really doing a poll. Say that you are 
     looking for murderers and that maybe they can help. Say that you couldn't 
     talk in the hallway. Avoid being insulting or heavy-handed. Zhanna will then 
     point you to Belussov in apartment 5.
    -Go to apartment 5. Talk to Belussov about Lefortov Prison. He will point you 
     to Ryumin in apartment 4.
    -Go to apartment 4. Talk to Ryumin. Ask about people in the building. He will 
     tell you about Sytenko and the meatshop. This will give you enough 
     information to want to break into the meatshop.
    -Return the clipboard to where you found it. Go back to the upstairs apartment 
     landing and enter the Club.
    -Pay the manager 30 dollars to remain. Talk to Video. Buy his video cassette.
    -Go back to the main room. Wait for punk to enter and exit the bathroom. 
     Enter bathroom. Turn on light. Inspect trashcan. Take the cocaine and flush 
     it down the toilet.
    -Exit the bathroom. Talk to Petka and Lyonka. Go with them. Once outside, 
     attack Lyonka. Examine body and take the lockpick. Put the body in a nearby 
    -Go to the meat shop's side door. Use the lockpick on the door. Enter the 
     meatshop. Go through the first room into the shop.
    -Use the matches to see. Inspect the counter and switch on the red diode. Go 
     into the cold room, turn on the light and inspect the carcasses. Turn off 
     the light. Exit the coldroom. Inspect the counter and turn off the diode. 
     Exit the meat shop.
    -Go to apartment 6. Tell Sytenko you have inspected his meat shop. Talk to 
     Sytenko about the men. He will tell you about Chevchenkov in apartment 8.
    -Wait for Chevchenkov to leave. Use the lockpick on the door to apartment 8 
     to get inside. Go to the studio. Inspect the drawer and take the tapes. Use 
     tapes on the VCR. Inspect the room and take everything. You will be caught 
     and put in a room.
    -Inspect the table. Take the bug and destroy it. Wait for Rita to come in. 
     Don't give her any important information. Talk with her until the American 
     comes in. Avoid harming her. When you hear muffled voices in the next room, 
     listen at the door.
    -Show the destroyed bug to the American. Inspect the alarm. Tell the American 
     that it is an alarm to the meat shop and encourage him to set it off.
    -When Verto leaves, call to Rita. Tell her that you have the Cocaine. When 
     she lets you out, attack her. Let the American go (you don't really have a 
    -Inspect the living room and take everything. Use the camera on the blank 
     piece of paper and return the paper to the drawer.
    -Wait for Verto to return and hide behind the door. Fight Verto when he comes 
     through the door. Inspect Verto and take everything. Use the camera on the 
     blue paper and return the paper to Verto.
    -Return to Department P. Talk to Volvov. Talk to Galushkin. Tell Galushkin 
     that you have to go to Leningrad to Ladoga Park at 3pm on August 16, 1991.
    KGB Walk-Thru
    Chapter 2
    -Go through you room door and the phone will ring. Answer it. 
    -Go to the bathroom. Switch the light on. Inspect the neon. Inspect the sheet 
     of paper.
    -Exit bathroom. Phone Guzenko, Moscow KGB. He will give you the translation.
    -Switch light on and off 3 times. Use the phone and dial 37452. 
    -Exit the hotel and go to the Department 7. Leave all of your objects on the 
     street except for your papers.
    -Enter the building through the small door. Show your papers to the 
     receptionist and tell him you are expected at the Department 7 by Kusnetsov. 
     He will give you a pass.
    -Show the pass to the guard. You will then be escorted to Department 7.
    -The guard asks you for your pass. Tell him 'Naturally'. You will enter 
     Kusnetsnov's office. 
    -Talk to Kusnetsov and Agabekov. Note Agabekov's phone number. Go to the 
     vacant office. Call Agabekov on an outside line. Say that you have 
     information concerning a Moscow visitor. Tell him that you will meet in the 
     street in 3 minutes.
    -Go back to Agabekov's office. Inspect the trash can. Inspect the cigar butt. 
     Exit KGB. Take your objects.
    -Go to Ladoga Park for you meeting at 3:00pm. Use the recorder and press 
     Record. Take the microphone and put it on the bench. Hide behind the tree.
    -Wait until 2:55pm and Savchenko will arrive. Wait until 3:05pm and Romeo will 
     arrive. Wait until Savchenko leaves. Take your microphone and follow 
     Savchenko into the subway.
    -Wait until Chapkin arrives. Wait and follow Savchenko (Romeo's contact).
    -At the warehouse, Take your camera and look at Savchenko. You will see the 
    -Wait. Savchenko will enter the warehouse, come back out and enter the bar.
    -Use the keypad and enter the code 14C9A. Enter the warehouse. Go to the back 
     storeroom. Put your recorder on the boxes. Go to the office and put your 
     microphone on the desk.
    -Go to the loft and unlock the skylight. Go down and exit the warehouse. Go 
     to the bar. Go to the back room. Go up and unlock the skylight. 
    -Go through the skylight and enter the other skylight. go down in the loft of 
     the warehouse. Go down and hide yourself behind the boxes in the back 
    -Wait until 16:12pm, Savchenko and Mechulaiev will arrive.
    -Wait until 16:30pm, Obukov will arrive. Wait until Obukov leaves. Go to the 
     bar (through the skylights) and exit the bar. You will see Obukov.
    -Follow him when he goes to the subway. Follow Obukov to the Hotel Syevyernaya 
     Zvyezda. You will see him talking to Agabekov. Follow him until he goes back 
     to the warehouse.
    -Go to the back storeroom (through the bar and the skylights) and hide behind 
     the boxes. Wait until Obukov leaves. Take the recorder. Use the headphones 
     on the recorder. Use the recorder. Press STOP, REWIND the tape and PLAY all 
     the records. Press RECORD and put the recorder back on the boxes. Exit the 
     warehouse via the skylights, You know the way.
    -Go to the Hotel Gostinitsa. Go to the alley. Wait untill 7:00pm and Cut-
     throat will arrive. Show him your ID card and answer his questions as 
     follows: Cigar, Mechulaiev and Savchenko, Yakuchev, Victor Matsnev, Crack 
     and Agabekov. Talk to Cut-throat. 
    -Go to your room and wait until 7:30pm when Savinkov will arrive. Inspect the 
     body and take the objects. Put the hat and the raincoat on yourself. Move the 
     body through the bathroom door. Phone the number you found on the body. Say 
     'Yes, Come up, Come up.'
    -Switch the light off and wait until the man arrives. Tell him to enter the 
     room. Savinkov will knock him out.
    -When Savinkov leaves, go to the bathroom, inspect yourself and take the hat 
     and the raincoat off. Put the hat and the raincoat on the body. Move the body 
     through the door, through the landing door and through the door of room 8. 
     Switch the light ON (in room 8) and inspect the bed, take the bottle and USE 
     the bottle on the body. Put the bottle back in your pocket and go to the 
     sidestreet. Give the bottle to the drunks, go back to room 8, move the body 
     through the window. Go to the hotel entrance and tell the receptionist 
     someone is making noise upstairs. When he goes up, take the wheelchair and 
     go to the sidestreet. Use the wheelchair on the body and move the body to 
     the canal. The Militia will come and leave. Move the body into the water. Go 
     to your room and wait for Savinkov.
    -Go to the hotel Syevyernaya Zvyezda, talk to Natasha. Ask about room 304. 
     Tamara will arrive. Talk to her. Greenberg arrives. Talk to him. Follow 
     Wallace to the entrance. Talk to her and ask her for money. Talk to 
     Greenberg. Say Savinkov, Ladoga Park, Never Heard.
    -Talk to Tamara and show her your money. Follow her to her room. Give her $50. 
     Ask her for the number of the other room she uses (give her another $50) and 
     she will say 416.
    -Go to room 416, give $10 to the hostess. In room 416, Inspect the mirror and 
     the table. Take the ashtray and USE it on the mirror. The mirror will break. 
     Go to the spy-room, take the polaroid snapshot and exit the hotel. Go to the 
     warehouse and TAKE your recorder. Play the new records.
    -Go to your room at the hotel Gostinitsa, switch the recorder to 'voice-
     activated playback', remove the headphones and put it on the bed. Use the 
     bed. At 6:30am, Chapkin arrives. Follow him to the bathroom. Tell him the 
     sentence with the word talk. When the recorder plays, fight Chapkin. Inspect 
     the body and take the objects. Use the syringe on the body. Talk to Chapkin.
    -Wait until 7:00pm and Savinkov arrives. Tell him all you know. Give him the 
     gun. When he leaves you will sleep.
    -Go to the alley and wait until the drunk arrives (about 10:30am). Ask him for 
     his newspaper and give him your camera. Inspect the newspaper.
    -Go to the front of the hotel and wait until 11:15am. The phonebooth will 
     ring. Answer it and say Cut-throat. Talk to Cut-throat. Go to Ladoga Park and 
     wait until 12:00pm when Greenberg will arrive. Talk to him. When he leaves 
     you will automatically go to Chapter 3.
    KGB Walk-Thru
    Chapter 3
    -Dive into the Sea
    -Go aboard the Viktor Mastnev Boat. Hide behing the fish boxes.
    -Go down into the radio room. Go into the rest room. Inspect the room and take 
     everything under the lower bunk. Go to the upper deck.
    -Throw the rum bottle into the water on the left side of the boat.
    -When the man dives into the water, go to the stern deck and go down into the 
     engine room.
    -Hide in the closet.
    -Wait until the mechanic goes down.
    -Wait until Savinkov goes down.
    -Wait until the captain goes down and that the Viktor Mastnev gets under way.
    -Wait until Kapiton (the mechanic) falls asleep.
    -Use the belt on the engine to repair the engine.
    -Hide again in the closet until 9:30pm. The night will have fallen.
    -Come up on deck.
    -Go to the forward deck.
    -Hide behind the fish boxes.
    -Wait until 12:00pm.
    -Everyone will come up on deck.
    -Wallace will show up.
    -Follow the men who go down to the radio room.
    -Listen to the door of the rest room.
    -Go back up on deck. Hide behind fish boxes.
    -Wait until 5:00am. Everyone will come up on deck.
    -Wallace will leave.
    -Go to the stern deck. Hide behind fish boxes.
    -Wait until day breaks at 6:46am.
    -Wait until 7:30am when the Viktor Mastnev comes into port. Dive into the sea.
    KGB Walk-Thru
    Chapter 4
    -Go to Department 7.
    -Wait until 9:15am in front of the KGB building. Agabekov will drive out of 
     the garage.
    -Hail a cab and follow Agabekov.
    -Go into the Psychiatric Institute. Say you are Rukov and show your ID to the 
    -You will be taken to see the director of the Institute, Litvinov. Ask to tell 
     all he knows.
    -Go to room 3. Go to the Green room. Wait.
    -Tell professor Talbulenko you are Rukov, Agabekov's colleague. Go into 
     professor's Lab.
    -Tell the professor you aren't Agabekov's colleague. The professor goes into 
     the green room.
    -Press the button on the right side of the bench to lock the doors. 
     Talbulenko is now locked inside the green room.
    -Wait several times until Talbulenko cracks up and says ''I'll tell you 
    -Talk to the microphone and ask Talbulenko several questions about the nurse 
     Saneyeva, Protopopov, Agabekov and about the patients of the rooms 1,2 and 3.
    -Go into the cabinet.
    -Press the button to unlock the doors.
    -Go to room 3.
    -Talk to Golvbev and say ''Saliva''.
    -Go out of the Rogov Institute.
    -Go to the Hotel Gostinitsa. The down-and-out will give you Yakuchev's address 
    -Go to Gorki Street
    -Go to Yakuchev's
    -Ask Greenberg if he knows a place called ''the motherland'' and if ''Memory's 
     Bible'' or ''the book of death'' are familliar to him.
    -Inspect the book mark Greenberg has found. It has the address of the gallery.
    -Go out and go to the Great Patriotic War Street.
    -Go in the gallery. Wait for the manageress to go to the back of gallery. 
     Hide in the closet.
    -Wait for the two women to go out. Switch off the light on the paintings using 
     the light switch on the left.
    -Go to the far room. Take the sword from the statue. Take the letter opener 
     from the desk and put it in the statue. The painting will then slide to one 
    -Go into the secret passage. Inspect the fake Gorbachev. Savinkov and Vovlov 
     will arrive.
    -Vovlov kills Savinkov. Don't obey Vovlov who wants you to kill Protopopov 
     (the fake Gorbachev). Vanya and Vegor will arrive. Yegor will knock out 
     Vovlov. Take the gun on the floor and shoot Vovlov. The fake Gorbachev will 
     then make a speech and that is the end.

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