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"Less manly than Larry Laffer, who knew it would be possible?"

Story: 6/10

So you play a lesser version than the recent games "Leisure Suite Larry" Sierra produced. A loser himself, Les Manley thinks he can please his boss at the station to find The King, and goes out to do so. You start out in New York and need to travel to Las Vegas and then to the Mansion. How you get there is not as obvious, and missing out an item from the previous area will get you stuck in a second. While the story may not be a strong point, it still keeps you interested for a long time, providing you don't get stuck. Replaying a large part of the game is not fun. One problem I find is that while it comes across Les is a lowly employee at first, he seems to come across like a cool guy towards the end of the game, even though he didn't do much to change.

Gameplay: 6/10

Pretty dull and often things don't make sense. I loved the Larry 2 game engine and this comes pretty close but it is much slower and the parser is awkward. Often you would miss out on solving a puzzle because of tiny words that were missing.

Graphics: 8/10

For 1990, very good. It's obviously a Larry rip-off and even the main character shows. But the scenes are cute and well animated, everything is pretty clear to see and there are a few really well done female close-ups you ought to check out.

Sound: 3/10

Horrible. Very annoying almost from the get-go. You will most definitely have this off within minutes and only return the sound by mistake (unfortunately it loads with every new game you start up) or if you want to know what kind of music it plays when you get to a new area. Well 3 out of 10 is almost being nice if you ask me.

Overall: 6/10

Nice little game that you can finish within a few days, that's more than you can say about many modern games. Main problems are sound and weird puzzles, but great graphics, humour and a somewhat-interesting story will keep you playing through the game. If only they would have worked on the point system some more it would at least be worth having it. Look out for the sequel which is better in my opinion.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 05/06/06

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