Review by Desert Scorpio

"You've fried them, squished them, and stepped on them. Now, you can be them."

The Story

Eh... you're an ant. What the heck am I supposed to say? ... hm.
... no summary, really. You assume the role of a worker ant, which can be changed(we'll discuss that later), and try to infiltrate a human household, starting from the hazardous backyard. Yep, that pretty much sums it all up.

Okay, I said we'd discuss the role-changing thing later. This is later, now. I'll explain how this is one awesome feature in this game. You start off as the new queen of a soon-to-be-born ant nest. After you make the nest, the first ant hatchling is you, a mere worker ant. As the nest expands and you find the different surface hazards, like the spider, you'll find that you can actually assume the role of some hazards... well, only one. The notorious spider, eater of ants everywhere. Being the spider himself can heavily affect the outcome of this ant war, balancing it immensely in your favour, as you can eat the entire army of your enemy, the red ants. :)

The gameplay is very creative, since you can be one bad hell-raiser in the human household once you get there, and the different surface hazards make this game even more challenging. Things like getting sucked into the whirring blades of a lawnmower(ouch) or served for dinner to a maggot(also ouch), just to name two.

It's very easy to catch on and understand how to basically play the game, but it may take a bit more practice to balance the various tables and charts to customize the game's outcome to your favour.

The graphics are indescribably... bad. Yeah, I know, give it a break, it's an older game. But I'm writing this review and if I want to point out that the graphics are bad, then I will, so there. :P

The audio is sickening, to put it very mildly. It sounds worse than the audio on a very old Sega Genesis game...

The gameplay is very, very... VERY, VERY... *gets slapped* ... sorry. The gameplay is very repetitive. Find food. Bring to nest. ... you're good at this, aren't you?
The Bottom Line

You're probably wondering how I could give this game a four out of ten with only three small cons, but these three small cons make the whole game just a bit too boring for my tastes, and perhaps yours as well. Perhaps it would be best for you to stay far, far away from this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 06/25/02, Updated 06/25/02

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