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    Death FAQ by TNagaoka

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    +-+-+-+-+-Deaths of Robin Hood Conquest of the Long Bow For P.C.-+-+-+-+-+
                                                             Version 2.5
    This Death F.A.Q. was mainly written for comical purposes, me and my friend
    thought it very entertaining to have Robin Hood die in the game. Hence this
    Death F.A.Q. was created. In this Death F.A.Q. I have written the quotes
    leading up to each Robin Hood death, some are quite humurous. If you would
    like to use this Death Guide on your website then please just ask me and i'll
    give you permission. This Death Guide can only appear at GameFaqs. This guide
    is copyright Tyler Nagaoka it was completely written by me some inspiration
    came from my friend Ryan who introduced me to these Sierra Adventure Games.
    Anyway on with the Death Guide. This is my 2nd f.a.q. by the way I plan on
    more maybe if I ever get a break from homework.
    2-Version Info:
    -1.0 Written July 20th (one of my friends Birthday as I found out)
    Well this is the basic structure for now, i've included my favorite deaths.
    I have an outline which I will fill with more quotes but for now this is what
    I have. There may be even a few deaths I could have missed as well.
    -1.1 Written July 23rd
    I added a few more deaths and a few more quotes. I've decided once I get all
    the pre-death quotes i'll get the quotes of Robin Hood's men after as well.
    But that might be a while considering it's already taking me some time to
    just get finished with the pre-death quotes.
    -2.0 Written August 27th
    It's been a month since i've updated only because I didn't realize my f.a.q.
    was posted until today...oh well rest assured this f.a.q. will now be updated
    full force from now on.
    -2.5 Written August 30th
    I've decided to make this not only a death guide but a indepth f.a.q. this
    leave no questions left over on what to do in the game.
    3-Contact Information:
    If you have the need to contact me about an error in my F.A.Q. or just
    to contribute then feel free to e-mail me at GrandDragonRyu@aol.com same for
    4-The Walkthrough
    DAY 1:
    -Start off by grabbing your horn off the wall and pennies from the bowl, then
    outside your cave and talk to your men.
    -Click about 3/4 of the way up the street (the brown path) then walk right if
    you're not on the over look go back to the path and try another spot until you
    reach the overlook.
    -Once you reach the overlook wait there for a sherrif's man and a woman to walk
    up the path. Then click your hand icon on one of them and he'll walk down to
    **Choice Time**
    -You can do one of 4 things here, one will lead to your own demise however. You
    A.Walk to the right or left and that's that you'll lose 100 points I believe
    hear that the woman killed herself from little John later.
    B.Shoot your bow at the Sherrif's man killing him gaining you 100 points,
    the woman in the process (how nice).
    C.Walk down and up from the path 3 times and you'll be killed remember to save
    before this however.
    D.Walk up to the woman 3 times, ignoring the warnings of the sherrif's man.
    -To finish off the day go back to your camp and walk two screen's north to get
    to the shooting range then go back to the camp and the day will end.
    *=*Something Fun*=*
    For some more fun blow your horn 3 times to get Will angry.
    DAY 2:
    -Start off by going to the widow's house.
    -Next walk around the forest a bit and you'll eventually come upon Marian being
    attacked by a Fen's monk.
    **Choice Time**
    -You can do 3 things here one will lead to instant death, one will lead you to
    death the next day and the 3rd is what you're supposed to do. Save before doing
    plans A&C!! Especially "C" do not save after Marian dies because you're stuck
    you do!
    A.Walk up to the fens monk and get clubbed, and that's that you die, game over.
    B.Shoot the monk with your bow and he's dead...you get Marian's slipper because
    she gives it to you.
    C.Wait until Marian is eventually killed you'll get Marian's slipper..which
    from her dead body, end of the day and soon the end of Robin's life. (save
    DAY 3:
    -Today's goal is to get a pair of clothes to sneak into Nottingham. So head to
    outlook and wait until a beggar appears upon the street click on him to walk up
    **Choice Time**
    -Alright none of the choices will lead to death just a matter of points, and
    the outcome of the game overall.
    A.Threaten the beggar for his clothes to lose 100 points.
    B.Offer money for his clothes to gain 100 points.
    C.Give him Marian's emerald (I don't suggest doing this if you want Robin to
    NOT hang at the end, Marian WILL die if you give him the Emerald or anybody
    for that matter!)
    D.You can just walk off the screen and Little John will get the clothes for
    i'm unsure if you lose points this way...
    -Now with your new beggar clothes head to Nottingham and click on the house
    picture in Nottingham. This would be the Cobbler's place.
    *--*Effect of Day 2*--*
    -If you didn't save Marian then prepare to die because upon giving Lobb the
    he'll have a few question for Robin, then he'll procede to kill him.
    -If you saved Marian no worries, after giving him the slipper they'll both sit
    for what looks like an arm wrestling contest. But really they talk business
    King Richard.
    -After your little talk head back to camp and the day is over.
    *=*Something Fun*=*
    -Give the comb you receive from Lobb to the guard at the castle, you'll die but
    I find it pretty funny.
    DAY 4:
    -Go to the map and go to the tree looking shape not the one on the left but the
    one by your bandit camp (right side).
    -Give Marian the comb, if you want more points give her the Emerald as well.
    -Next head to the overlook and wait for a Poacher and guard to walk down the
    **Choice Time**
    -You can do basically everything you could do on Day 1 with the Woman and
    A.Shoot the guard dead, save the girl, gain 100 points.
    B.Walk down a screen and back up 2 times to be shot DEAD.
    C.Walk left or right and get told that the Poacher got hung later by Little
    D.Walk up to the poacher 3 times to have him die, and lose 100 points.
    -Days over head back to camp.
    Day 5:
    -Head to the overlook and wait for both a Fen's monk and a Abbey Monk to walk
    path. You can click either one I suggest the Abbey's monk first since he's at
    bottom of the screen, if you want to do Fen's monk first go to Day 6 and read
    **Choice Time**
    -When you reach the brown Abbey Monk he'll be very timid, there's a few things
    you can do.
    A.Offer him money for his robe to gain some points.
    B.Threaten him with your bow for his robe to lose some points.
    C.Walk off the screen to the right or left and head back to camp to hear John
    say he got the clothes from the monk, you then lose some points.
    -0-You don't have to do anything further if you don't want to, just walk around
    a bit in the forest and enter/leave various places in town like the Cobbler's
    head back to the camp eventually Tuck will be there and say that the men
    took off to save the boys themselves. You not only lose points you lose 3
    this way, it's still funny though.
    ....Otherwise do this to gain points....
    -Go to the castle and pursuade the guard with money to let you in and give
    to the 3 boys of the widdow.
    -Head to the chappel looking building in Nottingham knock on the door to be
    welcomed in by the other monks.
    -Head to the laundry room and take the 3 robes hanging.
    -Go into where the Abbey is (left bottom area) and grab the empty cask.
    -Go to the pub, you can give the cask to the bartender to get it filled but
    leave yet because you must win a chunk of Amethyst from the poor looking man on
    right of the screen.
    -I have no hints to give except that to win you must take all but 2 of his
    by ligning up 3 of your pieces in a straight line, this will allow you to take
    of his pieces, you must repeat this process several times.
    -After you win the Amethyst (or not) click on the metal door in the top of the
    to go the secret way back to the monastary.
    **A Flurry of Deaths!**
    -You can do alot of things here you can die alot of ways too, once inside the
    cellar click the talk icon on the bars and you'll be killed after doing it 3
    -Walk up when you reach a fork and open the door, and you'll die that way too.
    -If you didn't get the Amethyst and you accept the Abott's drinking contest
    -Don't accept the Abbots drinking contest and come back to the room 3 times and
    will die.
    >>>>Back to the Story and What You are Supposed to Do<<<<
    -Go to the Abbot and accept his drinking contest (that would be a right at the
    don't go up and open the door unless you want to die) put the Amethyst in the
    before you take a 3rd drink or else you'll die it will prevent you from getting
    -Head to the Abbey's room and grab the Puzzle Box from behind the pillow, then
    DO NOT attempt to open it while in the monastary unless you want to die.
    -Head back through the tapestry to the fork in the cave. Go up like I said not
    to do earlier. Put the eye cursor on the whole on the wall, the guards will
    both leave, place a few pennies (or just a quarter penny, it doesn't matter).
    -The guards will come back then leave with the money on the table, go back in
    and open the trap door on the floor, then click the robes on the whole in the
    -End of the day, head back to camp.
    ##Days 6-13 Coming Soon! ##
    5-The Way To Read This Guide:
    Alright this part of the guide may get a little bit confusing the Astericked
    lines are the ways for the death to occur. The stuff in the parenthesis is not
    the game text it's just an action that you must take or happens automatically.
    6-Deaths In The Game:
    --Can Happen Most Days--
    ****Shoot The Sacred Oak****
    (Robin Hood takes aim and fires an arrow at the sacred tree, the green man
    comes out)
    Green Man: Rootless fleshling vermin, how dare you treat me like some common
    (Robin turns into a tree)
    Green Man: Sink deep roots, soak of sun and rain. and never be a man agane!
    ^^You can't do this after you receive the green man's blessing on day 7.^^
    ****Blow the Horn at the Fen's Monastary and Come Back****
    Robin: My men have good ears but there's no way they could hear me winding
    the horn from here....curse my foolishness the monks have sounded the alarm
    I best leave here at once.
    (Robin Hood comes back and goes to the shore)
    Monk: An outlaw!
    Monk 2: Slay him!
    (The monk clubs Robin over the head with his staff)
    Monk: A bit of a fool coming back here after sounding the alarm isn't he?
    Monk: Aye' we don't carry these big sticks around just to look wise.
    ****Go To The Bar And Have 6 Drinks, Any Costume****
    ****Give Water/Fire Ring to Guard At Castle Gate****
    --Day 1--
    ****Go down the path and Come Back Twice with Guard and woman****
    (Robin hood leaves down the road then comes back)
    Robin Hood: We Have unfinished business villain!
    Knight: Phagh! Make your move outlaw, I grow tired of such childish games!
    (Robin hood leaves once again and comes back)
    Robin: Stand fast and--
    (Robin hood gets shot by a sneaky guard hiding behind a bush)
    Knight 2: It's a good thing I came down the road, do you know who that was?
    Some sortof outlaw?
    Knight: No it was Robin Hood!
    --Day 2--
    ****Walk towards the monk attacking Marian****
    (Robin Hood advances towards the monk attacking Marian, the monk clubs him
    with the stick then Marian)
    Monk: Foolish outlaw had you fired your deadly long bow you and the lady might
    still be alive!
    ****Wait while the Fens Monk kills Marian****
    (Marian is killed by the fens monk)
    Monk: Not much of an outlaw are you?
    (On day 3 robin arrives at the cobbler's and hands him the slipper)
    Lobb: This..this slipper..how did you come by it?
    Robin: It fell from Marian's foot..she was attacked by a fens monk and--i'm
    sorry lobb she's dead..
    Lobb: Y..you were there?! and DID NOT SAVE HER?! Let this be your just
    punishement you coward!!
    (Lobb strikes Robin Hood in the head with a cobbler's hammer)
    --Day 3--
    ****Give the silver comb to the castle guard as the beggar****
    --Day 4--
    ****Walk back and forth twice to the Poacher under arrest****
    --Day 5--
    ****Battle the Fens Monk with the Quarterstaff and Lose****
    Fen's Monk: Robin Hood is dead! Death to all outlaws!
    Little John: By all that is holy I will avenge my master this day!
    --Day 5 as Fens Monk--
    ****Touch the monk twice at the gate****
    Monk: Touch me again and you're a dead man!
    (The monk uses his stick to knock Robin over the head)
    Monk: Some people never listen.
    ****Click the Boat Twice With the Hand Icon****
    Monk: What posseses you brother? I just brought you here. Get out!
    (Robin get's back in the boat once more, the monk rows out a bit then knocks
    him over the head)
    Monk: Some people never learn.
    ****Click the Boat Twice with the Walk Icon****
     ****Click the Walk Icon On The Boat Twice****
    (The first time it does nothing but the second time, the monk rows out to
    shore a little and hits Robin over the head)
    Monk 2 (by gate): Good work brother I knew he was acting too strangely to
    be one of us!
    ****Talk to the monk on the boat three times while it's in Motion****
    Monk: Shh I must concentrate...
    (Robin tries to talk to him again)
    Monk: I must find my way by sound and feel, speak to me again and you'll be
    sleeping at the bottom of the fens this day!
    (Robin tries one more time and is clubbed off the boat)
    Monk: Some people never learn.
    ****Blow the Flute Twice While In Motion on The Boat****
    Monk: Stop that you fool! I won't warn you again!
    (Robin blows the reed one more time)
    Monk: That does it!
    (The Monk clubs robin over the head with the oar)
    Monk: I can't allow clodpates!
    ****After Freeing Faulk Walk Anywhere in the Fens Monastary****
    Prior: There's the impostor, who freed the dwarf capture him!
    --Day 6 As Abbey Monk--
    ****Give the Water Ring to the Abbey****
    ****Work the Puzzle Box in the Monastary****
    (Robin begins to work on the puzzle box against his better judgement)
    Monk: You there! What are you doing with that?! Monks sound the alarm i've
    caught a thief!
    ****Wear The Water Ring When You Grab The Empty Cask****
    Abbey: Hey, what's that ring you're wearing? So you're the knave the prior
    wants! Monks send for the Sheriff immediatley!
    ****Accept the Drinking Contest but Don't Put the Amethyst in the Glass****
    ****Come in and out 3 Times without even grabbing the Cask****
    ****Wear the Ring when You Bring the Ale to the Abbey****
    Abbey: Hey I didn't notice that ring on your finger before...So you're the
    the prior wants! Monks send for the Sheriff immediatley!
    ****Have One Too Many Drinks in the Bar****
    ****Go through the secret passage to the castle while Giles and Roger are
    still there****
    ****Go back to the abbey after freeing the boys****
    ****Don't give a blessing to the sherrif****
    ****Yell to the innkeeper to let you out twice****
    Robin: I could yell to the inkeeper but I might alert the sheriff's men that
    walked in, maybe I should think about it...
    (try again)
    Robin: INNKEEPER!
    Inkeeper: Are you a complete dolt? Do you want every sheriff's man to be
    called here?
    (one more time, yell)
    Robin: INNKEEPER!
    Roger: Hey inkeeper you have a monk locked in your cellar, come and let him
    out...wait on there's something odd about you Monk. Giles! Come take a look
    at this Monk.
    ****Don't accept the drinking challenge of the Abbey then come back twice****
    Robin: Nay if it pleases your grace.
    Abbey: No it does not please me at all! You're an arrogant insulting nave
    now get out of my sight!
    (Robin hood comes back)
    Abbey: You again? If I see you again then i'll have you taken outside and
    (Robin comes back once more)
    Abbey: That's it i've had enough of seeing your face, Monks take this man
    outside and defrock him!
    ****Don't Grab The Cask and Come Back 3 Times****
    Abbey: Well? Where's my ale?
    Robin: I decided to take the empty cask with me afterall
    Abbey: You nedget! Your head is as empty as the cask....
    --Day 7--
    ****Get the Green Man's Riddles Wrong****
    --Day 8--
    ****Try to Shoot the Yeomen With Your Bow****
    ****Call Your Men While In Front of the Yeomen****
    ****Correctly identify the Crest Robin Needs to a Fake Seller****
    Literatus: I believe you're the man we're looking for afterall! Sieze that man!
    Guard: Look he's got a good eye under this patch...I know that face! It's
    Guard 2: To the gallows with him!
    ****Talk to the Literatus (Fake scholar) 2 times****
    Robin: That's a heavy book you carry.
    Literatus: Ah knowledge is a weighty matter, whom do I have the honor of
    Robin: Puck of barnesdale is my name do you have the coat of (insert name
    Literatus: are you a seeker of knowledge good friend?
    Robin: Ah, forshooth I am.
    Literatus: Perhaps I do...is this it?
    (say nay 3 times)
    Litaratus: You're not doing so well my friend.
    Robin: Are you sure you don't have the coat?
    Literatus: Let me look again is this it?
    (say nay 3 times)
    Literatus: There's something odd about you master puck...
    Robin: If you're a scholar, i'm the queen of spain!
    Literatus: I believe you're a bloody fool spy! Sieze him!
    ****Pay the Guards To Enter the Contest Then Leave and Come Back 3 Times****
    Guard: Here now, if you leave the tournament now don't come back! And don't
    expect your fee back neither!
    (come back again)
    Guard: Leave the grounds or we'll throw you out!
    (Robin Hood looks around)
    Guard: Move on Knave!
    (Come back once more)
    Guard: Alright i've had enough, grab that man!
    Guard2: Hey look he's got a good eye under this patch! I know this face...IT'S
    ****Enter the Fair Grounds Dressed As a Fens Monk****
    ****Enter the Fair Grounds Dressed As a Abbey Monk****
    --Day 9--
    ****Change Your Beard Color To Red After Seeing the Guard****
    Guard: You there! Stand fast!
    Robin: There's no need for such orders my friend
    Guard: I mean to know why your beard has changed color!
    Robin: Oh that, it's just a trick of light happens all the time!
    Guard: Roger, Giles, Sieze this man! We'll find out soon enough what the trick
    ****Change Your Beard Color Back to Blonde After Seeing the Guard With a Red
    Guard: You again? I say what happened to your beard?
    Robin: Ah...my beard?
    Guard: Don't try to fool me your beard was red before.
    Robin: No it was just a little dirty I washed it out...
    Guard: It makes you look somewhat familiar...GILES, ROGER SIEZE THIS MAN!!
    ****Go To The Sherrif with a Blonde Beard After The Previous Day of Winning
    the Archery Tournament as Puck****
    --Day 10--
    ****Don't Make It To Marian In Time****
    Abbot: Light the pyre, let the witch burn!
    Robin: I am too late!! Marian! MARIAN!!
    ****Get To The Place Where Marian Is and Don't Put On The Fire Ring****
    ****Don't make a plan and go into where Marian is being burned****
    ****Walk Outside the Monastary During the Day****
    (There is no quote for this one you just die)
    ****Go Through The Secret Passage to the Castle****
    --Day 12--
    ****Try the bring the knight down from his horse****
    ****Try to blow the horn while in front of the knight****
    ****Talk to the knight twice and do nothing****
    --Day 13--
    ****Climb Up the Tower and Talk to the Monk****
    Robin: Excuse me, could you lend me a hand? You see i'm nearly safe but I
    to do something truly foolish and get myself killed.
    Monk: Aye, brother bring the rocks there's an intruder!
    (A monk brings a rock over and drops it upon Robin)
    ****Row The Wrong Direction****
    --End Of The Game-
    In a very special event if you do REALLY bad then you can have Robin Hood
    charged guilty for his crimes. To achieve this you must do all of the
    -Threaten everybody you can with your bow, that's basically all the people
    you need disguises from.
    -On 5/6 when you're dressed as the abbey's monk waste time until Robin Hoods
    men go ahead and rescue the 3 widows sons.
    -Choose Little John's plan to raid the carriage of Prince John's money (make
    you have 20 men or the plan will work and you'll gain the money)
    -Lose the Golden Arrow tournament
    -You can lose 50 points each time you go to where Faulk is being held and
    not letting him down from the torture machine.
    -On day 9 visit the sherrif but then leave before talking to him.
    -Choose Much's plan for saving Marian
    Well if you liked this F.A.Q. then you should watch out for some future
    F.A.Q.'s I plan on writing which include death guides maybe to other Sierra
    made games. And a regular mission f.a.q. for Armored Core 2: Another Age.

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