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    Bad Ending Walkthrough by Thauros

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    Robin Hood: Conquests of the Longbow
    Bad Ending Walkthrough version 1.1 by Anra Devadoris
    August 20th, 2004
    Conquests of the Longbow is probably my favorite Sierra graphic adventure due
    to the large amount of choices you can make that impact the ending of the
    game. After completing a sucessful playthrough, I decided to try to do as
    badly as possible without dying. This may seem simple, but I found this to
    be much more challenging than the optimal solution. This guide is a complete
    walkthough that will give you a basic step by step solution that will allow
    you to finish the game in as worse condition as possible. I would only
    recommend reading this guide if you have already completed this game and
    received a sucessful ending. If you're looking for a normal walkthrough,
    another one would better suit your needs.
    This walkthtorugh is currently available on the following sites:
    Any questions concerning the walkthrough or requests to post it on another
    website should be sent to konesaar@gmail.com .
    Day 1
    Start the day off as you normally would. After waking up, take the horn and 
    the money from the small chest on the left side of the screen. After talking 
    with Friar Tuck and the Bard, walk to the shooting range which is one screen
    east and one screen north from the camp. Speak with Will and Simon and then
    go to the Widow's Cottage via the map and talk to the people there. Go 
    back to the camp and find the Overlook by walking a few screens to the left. 
    Tuck will start a short conversation and then depart. A Sheriff's man will 
    soon walk down the street escorting a peasant woman. This is your first chance
    to choose an action which will have negative repercussions. There are two 
    equally effective ways of botching this encounter. The first method is to walk
     towards the officer three times, which will cause him to slay the woman. 
    The second is to run away to the forest on either side of the road. The day 
    will now end, and the conversation will vary slightly depending on whether you
    ran or the woman was murdered in front of your eyes. 
    Day 2
    This day will proceed very similar to a normal playthrough. Wander the forest 
    until you encounter a Fens Monk assaulting Marian. You MUST kill the monk to
    finish the game. Lobb will kill you on Day 3 if you allow her to die. Leave
    the screen to end the day after shooting the monk.  While it will not impact
    the ending, calling your men or picking up the slipper yourself will only give
    you more points.
    Day 3
    Head to the overlook and you will soon encounter a beggar walking down Watling
    Street. Walk down and threaten him with your bow to leave the beggar with a
    negative impression of you and to lose points. Change clothes and head to the
    Cobbler's shop in Nottingham. Give Lobb the slipper and watch the following
    cutscene. The day will end after you leave town.
    Day 4
    Head to the Willow Grove and give the silver comb to Marian. Leave directly
    after this without showing her the emerald heart. Go back to the Overlook
    and you'll find a another Sheriff's Man escorting a poacher. You have the same
    two choices of dealing with this encounter as you did on Day 1. I personally
    prefer running away from this one since it results in a more negative campfire
    conversation at the end of the day.
    Day 5
    Head to the Widow's Cottage and learn the news about her three sons. Go to the
    Overlook and you'll soon see a Fens monk and an Abbey monk crossing Watling
    Street from opposite directions. You can stop either monk on this day and the
    one you miss will be at the Overlook on Day 6. I decided to encounter the Fens
    monk first for the purposes of this walkthrough. Threaten him with the bow and
    decline his challenge to a fair fight. Change clothes and go to the Monastery
    using the map. Walk down to the Fens and blow the whistle to summon a boat.
    When you reach the gate hand the gatekeeper the whistle and gembag in that 
    order. You will then have to solve a three question quiz on gemstone lore. If
    you lost the manual as I did years ago or never had it to begin with you'll
    to save often and get through it by trial and error.
    Head to the refractory and meet the Prior. Give the emerald heart to
    one of the monks and lose a decent amount of points in the 
    process. Head to the torture room in the upper left hand corner. You can rack
    up as many negative points as you want by repeatedly entering and leaving the
    room without freeing the dwarven jester. When you're ready, release the jester
    from the strappado by using the ropes on the right side of the tower. Head to
    the library in the northeast tower. Use the hand icon on the goblet to spill
    the wine and cause the Prior to leave. Take Fulk's scroll from the desk and
    the Hand scroll, which is near the bottom right side of the scrollcase. Return
    to the torture room and give Fulk his scroll back. He will them take you to a
    secret gate. To escape, touch the wise gargoyle, the hungry gargoyle, and the
    foolish gargoyle in order. The escape scene is automated and day 5 will come
    to an end. I have not found any way to fail to retrieve the scrolls or rescue
    Fulk and still be able to complete the game.
    Day 6
    Head over to the Overlook and meet the Abbey monk. Threaten him with the bow
    to lose points. Head to any Nottingham building and then back to the
    camp three times. Your men will decide to attack the castle on their own,
    which will lead to the deaths of 7 outlaws and fail to gain you any points.
    Day 7
    Visit the Widow and talk to her to obtain the Golden Net. Head to the willow
    grove and give Marian the scroll. Write down the hand code on a piece of paper
    since you will need to use it several times. Go one screen south and one
    screen west. Wait until you hear the music, then throw the net in the 
    direction the pixie is running in. This may take a few times. 
    When you manage to catch him he will lead you to the Oak tree to speak 
    to the Green Man. You will need to answer three riddles to gain 
    the Green Man's protection. The riddles are fairly simple 
    if you think about them logically. If you need help, the answers can be found
    in other walkthroughs on www.gamefaqs.com. 
    Day 8
    Head to the overlook again and meet the Yeoman when he walks down the street.
    If you threaten him with the bow you'll end up dead. The best solution is to 
    simply walk towards him. This will cause him to pull his bow on you and force 
    you to wait until he can walk down the road safely. 
    Head back to camp and John willgive you the Yeoman's clothes which he obtained
    by himself. Go to the Fair and find the Scholar wearing grey and tan clothing.
    The correct coat of arms is always the second one regardless of the specific 
    design Marian told you towatch for. Give him the hand scroll. It makes no
    difference whether you accepthis money or not.
    Day 9
    Head to the Oak Tree inhabited by the Green Man. Walk around the area until
    your character automatically starts to run instead of walk. Go back to the
    tree and spell out DUIR using the hand code. After the soldiers pass by, go to
    the Overlook yet again. Threaten the jeweler with your bow to lose points and
    make him your enemy. Use the jeweler's rouge on yourself to complete the
    disguise. Go to the castle and present the fake jewelry to the guard to gain
    admittance. The quickest way to end the day on a down note from here is to
    simply try to walk out. This will cause the Sheriff to become enraged at your
    lack of manners and he'll proceed to you out, which will end the day. Marian
    will visit your camp tonight and give you a treasure box, which is very
    Day 10
    Before leaving the cave, read the poetry Fulk wrote. Write down the first
    letters of each of the Latin tree names in the poem. The letters spell out
    the code you need to open the puzzle box. Open the box and wear the ring
    that's inside. When you leave the cave, Little John will inform you that
    Marian's kidnapping. Blow your horn to summon your men. The "best" advice to
    take is Much's, which will lead to the death of seven more outlaws and only
    gain 50 points. Simply wait a few minutes for Marian to pass away. 
    Day 11
    Friar Tuck will deliver the news to you that the treasure is about to arrive
    down Watling Street. Blow your horn in order to receive advice from your men.
    If you've followed this walkthrough you should be down to only 20 outlaws,
    which means you have two options. Any choice besides Tuck's will lead to the
    loss of the treasure due to the lack of men able to fight. Alan's will lead to
    the deaths of eight men but you'll still gain 100 points. Much's will only 
    cause one casualty and no points gained or lost. Both choices will lead to the 
    sameconclusion at the end of the game. I'd personally pick Alan's since it 
    feels like a worse choice and leads to a more depressing campfire conversation 
    that night.
    Day 12
    Avoid the Sheriff's men using the same method as detailed in the beginning of
    Day 9. After you transform back into a human, go to the willow grove. Use the
    Hand Code and type SAILLE. The willows will contact the spirit of Marian and
    tell you the password you need to give the Queen's Knight. Go to the Overlook
    and you'll immediately see your men detaining an impostor posing as the
    Queen's Knight.Shoot the knight. I've tried to give the ransom money to the
    false knight, but it doesn't seem to be possible.
    Day 13
    Remove the Fire Ring and put on the Water Ring. Go to the Monastery and walk 
    down to the fens. Talk to the Will O' Wisps and they'll retrieve a boat for
    you. Paddle across the fens while following the wisps carefully. When you 
    reach the end, stand up and use the hand code to spell GORT to strengthen the
    ivy. Climb up the ivy into the window. Use the hand code again to give the
    random password you learned on day 12 to the real Knight. A short arcade
    sequence will follow (which for this playthrough I'd skip by setting the
    arcade setting down to the bottom) and the game will then end. Have fun
    watching the endgame cutscenes, it should be quite different from your normal
    playthrough if you followed everything in this walkthrough.
    copyright (c) 2004 by Matt Plittman. All rights reserved.

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