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    FAQ/Walkthrough by odino

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/03/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

          MMMMM   MM@MM  MMMM    M@@M  MMMMM      M@@MM MM@MM.   MMMMM  MWMM
          M@WMM   MMWMM  M@MM   rMW@M  MM.ZM      MMWMM MMM@MB  MMMMMM  M@@M
          MM2MM   MMWMM  M@@M   XM@@M  MMMMM      MM@MM MMWMM8  XMMMMM  MW@M
          MWMMM   MMWMM  MMMM   aM@@M  MMMMM      MM@MM MM@@MZ          MW@M
          M@MMM   MMBMM  M@aM   .M@MM  MM@@M      M@@MW MM@@M8          MM@MMMMM
          MMMMM   MM@MM  MMMM   0MaMM  MM@WM      M@MMW MM@@M0          MMWMMMMM
          M@BMMMMMMMMMM  M0ZM   BMMMM  MMM@M      M@@MB MMWMMZ          MWWM
          MMMM8MMMMMMM  ;  8M   MMMMM  MMM@M      MWWMM MMW@MZ          M@WM
          MXSMM       MZ MMMM   WMWMM  MMW@M      MM@MM MMB@Ma  MMMMMM  MW@M
          MS.   XMMMMM   MWSM   MM@MM  MMWWM      M@MMM MMB@M2  MM@WMM  M@WM
          MMWW  BBMMi    MMMM   @M@MM  MMMMM      MM@MM MM@@Mr  ZM@WMM  MWWM
          MW@0  8        M@WM   MMW@M  MM@@M      MM@MM MM@WMM  MMWWMM  MWWM
                   .   .
     .  .   MM8@M   MSSWM  MMMMM   MM0ZM  MMM@M     M@BWM   MB0WM    MMBWM
     . ;    MMWMM   MaMXM  MM0MM   MMMMM  MMMMM     MWW@M i MMMMM    MMWWM
            MM0@M   MM0MM  MMMMM   MMMMM  MMMMM     MMWWM@           MMMMM
            M@W@M   MM0MM  M@MMM   MMMMM  MMMMMMMM  MMMMMMMMB       ,M   M.
            MWW@M   M@@MM  MMMMM   M@WMM  MMMMMMMM    SMMMMMMMM2   ,  ..   `
            M@WMM   M@WMM  MW@MM   MMMMM  M@@@M          WMMM@MMM :  MMMMM :
            MWBMM   M@WMM  M@@MM   MWMMM  M@@@M             MB0MM :: M8MMM :
            MMBMM   MMWMM  M@@MM   MMMMM  MWMMM     MMMMM   MBBWM    MMMM :
            M@BMM   MWBMM  MWWMM   MMMMM  M@MMM     MWW@M 2 MBBWM iS MM;  
            MWBMM   MW@MM  M@@MM   M@@MM  MW@@M     MWWWM i MW0WM rS M  .M
            MMW@MM MM@BMM  M@MMM   M@MMM  M@@WM     MWWWM   MBB@M Xi : MM0...,
                 MMMM:                                           Xr  S
                   XMMMM                                        r. ,
                                       ##                    ,:i
                 ####       #######   ###
          ###########       # ##    ###
    ##########  #     #       ##  ###
    ###    ##  ##            ##  ###  #    #####  #### ##############   ## ###
          ##  ## #  ####   # ## ##  # #####  ## # #### ###  ### ##   ##  #####
         ##  ##  ##  ##   # ## ##  ##    #  ### #  ## #  ###### ## #### ## ###
      ## ##  ### # ##  ###   ##  ##   ###  ##     #   ##  ##  # #  #     #    #
      # ##  ### ## ######  ###  ### ##+ #####  ##### ## ### ##############   ######
      #### #    ##  #      ###               ###  ##               ####  #########
      ## #                                 ###
                                        ### #
    PC 1988
    Version:        1.0     released on the 3rd of June 2005
    Author:         odino   http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/47976.html
    This guide is EXCLUSIVELY available at GameFAQs.
    | .========================================================================. |
    | |                           TABLE OF CONTENTS                            | |
    | '========================================================================' |
    | 01.) Introduction                                              |   G0100   |
    | 02.) Basics                                                    |   G0200   |
    | 03.) Walkthrough                                               |   G0300   |
    | 04.) Point List                                                |   G0400   |
    | 05.) Items                                                     |   G0500   |
    | XX.) FAQ                                                       |   GXX00   |
    | YY.) Version History                                           |   GYY00   |
    | ZZ.) Credits & Thanks                                          |   GZZ00   |
    01.)                    INTRODUCTION                                 G0100
    Welcome to 'Police Quest 2: The Vengeance' for the PC, an adventure game by
    Sierra released in 1988. It is the direct sequel to Sierra's 'Police Quest'
    which should be played the finished before attempting this. Otherwise you may
    miss out on some story and lack an overall feel for the characters.
    The walkthrough for this game is complete and includes a point list. By
    following the walkthrough you will also get all points in the game. If you
    spot any errors or have suggestions please feel free to e-mail me about it.
    02.)                     BASICS                                      G0200
    Control your character with the arrow keys, Home, End, Page Up/Down or use
    the Numpad keys.
                           F2..................Sound On/Off
                           F8..............Draw/Holster Gun
                           F10.....................Fire Gun
    The walkthrough uses commands instead of shortcut keys for the gun. If you wish
    just replace them as you go. At the end it is even advised to use the shortcut
    instead of retype.
    The game doesn't care much for grammar and instead of "LOOK AT THE CAR" you can
    simply type "LOOK CAR". This guide uses working inputs but you can replace them
    with different words the game understands (e.g. 'get' instead of 'take'). If
    the game doesn't understand something it will tell you. Only at a few points
    during the game it is picky about the words you chose for an action. All
    commands in the guide are in CAPS. You might notice sometimes the guide also
    lacks grammar, this is intentional because the commands are also lacking them
    and it is easier to come across if ignored.
    The number in the ()s is the number of points you get during the game and the
    second number is the amount you should have at this point if you've been
    following this guide. All points are listed again in the point list for a quick
    03.)                    WALKTHROUGH                                  G0300
    First you need to enter the ID of the convicts. If you are too lazy to check
    simply use CTRL+M to bypass them quickly (this may not work on all versions of
    the game, you can probably find the IDs printed somewhere online these days).
    ___Lytton PD___
    You start in your car at the PD. TAKE KEY (1, 1), OPEN COMPARTMENT and TAKE
    CARD (1, 2). OPEN DOOR to get outside and OPEN DOOR to the station. Go into the
    locker room at the top, just left of the window. Your locker is the lowest on
    the west wall. OPEN LOCKER with '36', '4', '12' (5, 7) and TAKE GUN (1, 8),
    TAKE AMMO (1, 9) and TAKE CUFFS (1, 10). Now exit the room and go all the way
    right into the shooting range. ASK PROTECTORS (2, 12) at the counter and go
    through the sliding door to the empty spot. WEAR PROTECTORS and RAISE GUN if
    necessary. SHOOT at the target once and LOWER GUN. VIEW to get a close look at
    how you did. LOOK TARGET will reveal how much you need to ADJUST GUN. Use left,
    right, up and down for corrections and press Enter. REPLACE TARGET and BACK.
    RAISE GUN and SHOOT again. Continue this procedure until the shots are aligned
    (5, 17). Empty your current clip and leave the booth. ASK AMMO (2, 19) at the
    counter to refill your lost clips and LOAD GUN, do this if you ran out of ammo
    before adjusting your gun as well. When you have exited the shooting range,
    stand next to the box just where you are at and OPEN BIN. TAKE KIT (2, 21) and
    then walk into the upper door at the left hand side. After the captain has
    stopped talking to you, LOOK PAPERS (1, 22) on his desk to get some passwords
    you need soon. Go to the north wall memo board and LOOK BOARD (1, 23). TAKE KEY
    (1, 24) and walk to the file cabinet in the corner. OPEN CABINET and get the
    BAINS file. TAKE PICTURE (1, 25) and DROP FILE again. CLOSE CABINET and SIT at
    your desk in the middle of the room. LOOK BASKET (1, 26) and UNLOCK DRAWER.
    TAKE LETTER (1, 27) and TAKE WALLET (1, 28). STAND and go over to the computer.
    LOOK COMPUTER, then TURN ON the computer. CD and DIR will automatically ask you
    for a directory so no need to press enter. You need to press enter after you
    have inputted directory names and passwords however. So start with CD -
    directory: CRIMINAL. CD - directory: VICE password: MIAMI. (2, 30) CD -
    directory: PERSONNEL password: PISTACHIO. (2, 32) DIR gives you a listing so
    select the 'Pratt, Lloyd' file. EXIT and leave the office. Go inside the door
    just next to where you come from to get to the narcotics office. The guy in the
    bottom-left corner is Lloyds you just read about so you should be ASK
    INVESTIGATION (5, 37) for him to check into rehabilitation. Before you leave,
    check in with the Captain and then exit the station completely. OPEN TRUNK to
    the left car and DROP KIT into it. CLOSE TRUNK, walk over to the driver side
    and UNLOCK DOOR. OPEN DOOR to get in and Keith will come rushing out too. DRIVE
    TO JAIL.
    Note: If you still get a dispatch about the Captain being mad at you for
          leaving you didn't go to see him properly. Just walking into the room and
          him telling you something before you want to drive off to somewhere
          should be enough.
    ___County Jail___
    OPEN LOCKER at the left of the door and DROP GUN (3, 40). CLOES LOCKER and PUSH
    BUTTON at the right of the door. SHOW ID when prompted to get inside. Walk up
    to the jailer and ASK CAR (1, 41) and ASK SAXTON (1, 42). Saxton will come in
    at the left side so walk over to him. ASK ESCAPE (2, 44). Return to the jailer
    and ASK BAINS FILE. When he returns, TAKE PICTURE (2, 46) and DROP FILE. ASK
    PATE'S FILE (2, 48) and DROP FILE again. Leave and OPEN LOCKER to TAKE GUN
    back. OPEN DOOR to your car and DRIVE TO MALL.
    ___Oak Tree Mall___
    OPEN TRUNK to your car and TAKE KIT. CLOSE TRUNK and walk over to the sports
    life a finger print (3, 51) and finally OPEN COMPARTMENT. TAKE HOLSTER (1, 52)
    and TAKE BULLETS (1, 53). CLOSE DOOR to leave this view and a woman will come
    in with the police officer. ASK CAR (3, 56) and OPEN TRUNK to your car to DROP
    ___Cotton Cove___
    ASK BLOOD to the jogger (2, 61) and DRAW GUN. Walk left on screen and towards
    the middle. When Bains shoots, quickly SHOOT (4, 65) back and then lower your
    gun with F8. Go back to the first screen and OPEN DOOR to the car. PURSUE BAINS
    (2, 67). Soon you'll have to DRIVE COVE again. OPEN TRUNK, GET KIT and CLOSE
    TRUNK. Go left two screens and MOVE GARBAGE in the can. TAKE CLOTHES (1, 68)
    and LOOK TAG (2, 70). At the top-left corner is some blood on the floor - LOOK
    BLOOD (1, 71), USE CAMERA (1, 72), TAKE BLOOD (2, 74) and finally TAKE
    FOOTPRINT (2, 76). Go right and wait for the diving team to arrive. LOOK IN
    WALLET (2, 78) and tell the man to DIVE IN. Get inside the van and pick up
    TANK 1 and LOOK AT TANK. The tank should display 2200 (2, 80). If not, DROP
    TANK, TAKE TANK 2 and LOOK AT TANK etc. EXIT to dive into the river (6, 86).
    First TAKE BADGE (2, 88) which is next a rock in this screen, looks yellow.
    Swim left one screen and TAKE KNIFE (2, 90) in the middle, a longish gray
    stick. Swim all the way right, careful not to get caught in the current and
    MOVE ROCK at the side of the screen. LOOK BODY and TAKE BODY (5, 95). All done
    here so get back to your car, OPEN TRUNK, DROP KIT and CLOSE TRUNK. OPEN DOOR
    ___Lytton Airport___
    OPEN TRUNK, TAKE KIT and CLOSE TRUNK. Go over to the black car and LOOK CAR.
    OPEN DOOR at the lower passenger side, LOOK NUMBER (1, 98) and DUST MIRROR.
    TAKE PRINT (3, 101) and CLOSE DOOR again. OPEN DOOR to your car and USE RADIO
    (2, 103). EXIT. OPEN TRUNK at your car, DROP KIT and CLOSE TRUNK. Go north to
    the next screen. PUSH BUTTON (1, 104) at the left-hand side to get across
    safely. When the lady arrives BUY ROSE (3, 106) from her. Enter the terminal
    and go into the men's room at the west of the terminal. Inside, OPEN DOOR to
    the middle stall and OPEN TOILET. Now LOOK TANK and TAKE GUN (4, 110) out. EXIT
    this screen and walk over to the hand dryer. TURN ON DRYER and DRY GUN (2,
    112). Leave the men's room and exit the screen at the top-left corner. SHOW ID
    to the female employee at the car rental agency counter and SHOW PICTURE (1,
    113). ASK LIST (3, 116) and leave the way you came in. Talk to the woman at the
    ticket counter by SHOW ID. SHOW PICTURE (1, 117) and also ASK LIST (3, 120).
    Leave the airport terminal and PUSH BUTTON (1, 121) to get across the road once
    again. OPEN DOOR to the driver's side and USE RADIO (1, 122) to call in the
    gun. USE RADIO (2, 124) again to report the new car rental agreement. DRIVE
    ___Lytton PD___
    OPEN DOOR to the office and walk into the door at the top-left side. SIT at
    your disk and USE PHONE. Dial 555-4169 and say SONNY, then answer YES to the
    question (3, 127) ESC leaves this screen. STAND and leave the office while
    automatically dropping the unmarked car key. At the window in the center of the
    hall GIVE EVIDENCE (10, 137) when the officer has shown up. Leave the station
    and OPEN DOOR to the car you came in this morning. DRIVE ARNIES.
    ___Arnie's Restaurant___
    Enter Arnie's and SIT at the table with Marie. ORDER FOOD when the waiter has
    shown up. You can also type in one of the selection the waiter has given you.
    GIVE ROSE TO MARIE (3, 140) and KISS MARIE (2, 142). KISS MARIE (2, 144) again
    and wait for the waiter to bring the food. Once he finally does, EAT FOOD (1,
    145). PAY WAITER (2, 147) to end this day. You don't need to wait for the
    waiter to come back for the latter.
    The next day...
    ___Lytton PD___
    TAKE KEYS and EXIT. OPEN DOOR to the PD and go into your office. TAKE KEY from
    the memo board and SIT at your desk. USE PHONE to dial 407-555-3323. TALK and
    TALK ABOUT BAINS (4, 151). Now dial 407-555-2677 and TALK twice (4, 155). ESC
    to hang up and READ ENVELOPE (3, 158) before you STAND. Leave the station
    altogether and UNLOCK DOOR to the unmarked car. OPEN DOOR and DRIVE 160 WEST
    ___160 West Rose___
    OPEN TRUNK, TAKE KIT and CLOSE TRUNK. LOOK TRUNK of the green car and USE
    CAMERA (1, 159). LOOK FACE (1, 160), TAKE BLOOD (1, 161) and TAKE CORNER (2,
    163). When the coroner has arrived, TAKE BODY (2, 165) out of the trunk. LOOK
    TRUNK again and TAKE NOTE (2, 167). EXIT this view, OPEN TRUNK, DROP KIT and
    CLOSE TRUNK. OPEN DOOR to your vehicle and DRIVE 753 THIRD STREET.
    ___753 Third Street___
    Walk up to the manager's window and SHOW ID. SHOW PICTURE (3, 170). OPEN DOOR
    to the car and RADIO BACKUP (2, 172). RADIO WARRANT (2, 174) as well. EXIT and
    wait for the backup and warrant to arrive. ASK WARRANT from the officer and
    SHOW WARRANT to the manager. Now ASK KEY (3, 177) to room 108 which is at the
    right side of the ground floor.  First OPEN TRUNK, TAKE KIT and CLOSE TRUNK.
    Now stand beside the motel door and OPEN DOOR (3, 180). The gunshot will have
    missed you. Wait for the tear gas to clear and holster the gun. In the bathroom
    at the back, TAKE CARD (3, 183). At the top side of the bed, TAKE LIPSTICK (3,
    186). At the bottom side of the bed, OPEN DRAWER and TAKE ENVELOPE. READ
    ENVELOPE (2, 188). TAKE BLOOD (1, 189) at the corner of the bed and leave the
    ___222 West Peach Street___
    Walk up the door and TAKE NOTE. READ LETTER and READ WRITING (3, 192). OPEN
    DOOR to your home and TAKE PAPER (3, 195) at the right-hand side. Leave and
    OPEN DOOR to the car, then DRIVE STATION.
    ___Lytton PD___
    OPEN DOOR to enter an walk into the door to the ride of the window. Talk to the
    officer at the middle desk and ASK BURGLARY (2, 197). ASK PRINTS (2, 199) and
    leave the office. Go inside the shooting range and repeat the process you did
    on the first day until the gun is adjusted. Don't forget to load fresh ammo
    into your gun. GIVE EVIDENCE (6, 205) to the man at the window back in the main
    hall and leave the PD. OPEN DOOR to the unmarked car and DRIVE AIRPORT.
    Go up one screen, PUSH BUTTON to get across and enter the terminal. Walk up to
    the ticket desk and BUY TICKET TO STEELTON. After the short conversation with
    Keith BUY TICKET TO STEELTON (3, 208) again. Walk to the car rental screen and
    go up the escalator. Walk through the metal detector and SHOW BADGE (2, 210) to
    the lady when she asks for your metal objects. TALK MAN to Larry Laffer from
    LSL2 if you wish, a nice Easter egg. Walk through the tunnel at the left-hand
    side to get to the plane. Keith will follow shortly.
    SIT at your seat and FASTEN SEATBELT (1, 211) when asked to. After the plane
    has taken off, the flight attendance will come up and offer drinks. NO thank
    you. UNFASTEN SEATBELT and wait a while until two middle eastern men come
    barging in and one takes the flight attendance hostage. DRAW GUN and when she
    falls to the ground SHOOT the man and quickly SHOOT the other man coming
    through the door (9, 220). After this SEARCH POCKETS (3, 223) of the left guy
    and LOOK TURBAN (3, 226) of the other one. The paper has instructions of how to
    make a bomb so you need to do the opposite. Go south into the bathroom and OPEN
    DISPENSER (2, 228).
    EXIT and leave the bathroom. You'll soon land in Steelton.
    ___Steelton PD___
    Walk into the office and after the chat with the lieutenant TAKE RADIO (3, 249)
    and leave.
    ___Burton Park___
    Go north and west on screen. Wait for the man to appear and quickly USE RADIO
    (5, 254) to call Keith. When he comes back, TALK MAN (2, 256) and READ RIGHTS
    (2, 258). Go right two screens and LOOK COVER (1, 259) just as you enter. It's
    slightly hidden at the bottom part of the screen. MOVE COVER (2, 261) and CLIMB
    LADDER down into the sewers. Go east, east and south in this screen. You must
    be quick because it has methane gas which can kill you quickly. If you are fast
    enough you can make it but if you still have trouble you might consider finding
    an alternative route but you shouldn't need to. Save and try a few times, the
    controls aren't too friendly I guess. Anyway, go south and west. OPEN CABINET
    and TAKE MASK (4, 265). Go west one more screen and WEAR MASK. Walk south twice
    and east. Save before you walk past the hole in the wall, there is a
    possibility you get pushed into the sewers by a strong current. Perhaps it
    happens if you walk too closely. Either way you should end up at a door so
    enter it to find Marie tied to a chair (10, 275). CALM MARIE (5, 280) and UNTIE
    MARIE (5, 285). Walk over to the large pipe at the left-hand side and DRAW GUN.
    When Bains walks in, wait for him to see you and take a shot until you SHOOT at
    him until he dies (15, 300). I recommend using the F10 shortcut for this as you
    need to be fast and it takes 2-3 bullets to kill him. Also if you shoot first
    you have just violated the law and get the bad ending. If he shoots first it
    will count as self-defence.
    Watch the ending, the good one preferably.
    04.)                    POINT LIST                                   G0400
    |                                      Points:            Total:          |
    |                                      ```````            ``````          |
    | LYTTON PD:                                                              |
    | ``````````                                                              |
    | Take your car keys                      1                  1            |
    | Take the card from the glove box        1                  2            |
    | Open locker                             5                  7            |
    | Take the gun                            1                  8            |
    | Take ammo                               1                  9            |
    | Take handcuffs                          1                 10            |
    | Receive ear protectors                  2                 12            |
    | Align your gun                          5                 17            |
    | Receive more ammo                       2                 19            |
    | Take field kit                          2                 21            |
    | Check paper on Captain's desk           1                 22            |
    | Check memo board                        1                 23            |
    | Take keys from memo board               1                 24            |
    | Take picture of Bains' file             1                 25            |
    | Look into your basket                   1                 26            |
    | Take letter                             1                 27            |
    | Take wallet                             1                 28            |
    | Read vice file                          2                 30            |
    | Read personnel file                     2                 32            |
    | Tell Lloyd about the investigation      5                 37            |
    |                                                                         |
    | COUNTY JAIL:                                                            |
    | ````````````                                                            |
    | Place gun into locker                   3                 40            |
    | Ask jailer about the car                1                 41            |
    | Call Saxton                             1                 42            |
    | Ask Saxton about the escape             2                 44            |
    | Take picture of Bains' file             2                 46            |
    | Look at Pate's file                     2                 48            |
    |                                                                         |
    | OAK TREE MALL:                                                          |
    | ``````````````                                                          |
    | Life the finger print                   3                 51            |
    | Take the holster                        1                 52            |
    | Take the bullets                        1                 53            |
    | Ask woman about the car                 3                 56            |
    | Use the radio about car                 3                 59            |
    |                                                                         |
    | COTTON COVE:                                                            |
    | ````````````                                                            |
    | Ask about blood                         2                 61            |
    | Shoot at Bains                          4                 65            |
    | Pursue Bains                            2                 67            |
    | Take clothes from garbage               1                 68            |
    | Look at prison tag                      2                 70            |
    | Look at the blood                       1                 71            |
    | Make pictures with the camera           1                 72            |
    | Take blood samples                      2                 74            |
    | Make footprint                          2                 76            |
    | Check wallet for diving certificate     2                 78            |
    | Get air tank with 2200 supply           2                 80            |
    | Successfully dive into the river        6                 86            |
    | Take the badge                          2                 88            |
    | Take the knife                          2                 90            |
    | Remove the body                         5                 95            |
    | Inform the coroner                      2                 97            |
    |                                                                         |
    | AIRPORT:                                                                |
    | ````````                                                                |
    | Check the car number                    1                 98            |
    | Take the finger print in the car        3                101            |
    | Call in the vehicle #                   2                103            |
    | Push the button to get across           1                104            |
    | Buy flowers                             2                106            |
    | Pick up the gun from the toilet         4                110            |
    | Dry the gun                             2                112            |
    | Show picture to rental counter          1                113            |
    | Get car rental list                     3                116            |
    | Show picture to ticket counter          1                117            |
    | Get flight list                         3                120            |
    | Push the button to get across           1                121            |
    | Use radio to call in gun                1                122            |
    | Use radio to call in rental             2                124            |
    |                                                                         |
    | LYTTON PD:                                                              |
    | ``````````                                                              |
    | Call Marie                              3                127            |
    | Hand in evidence                       10                137            |
    |                                                                         |
    | ARNIE'S:                                                                |
    | ````````                                                                |
    | Give Rose to Marie                      3                140            |
    | Kiss Marie                              2                142            |
    | Kiss Marie                              2                144            |
    | Eat the food                            1                145            |
    | Pay the waiter                          2                147            |
    |                                                                         |
    | LYTTON PD:                                                              |
    | ``````````                                                              |
    | Call Colby about Bains                  4                151            |
    | Call Millera about Bains                4                155            |
    | Read envelope                           3                158            |
    |                                                                         |
    | 160 WEST ROSE:                                                          |
    | ``````````````                                                          |
    | Make photos                             1                159            |
    | Look at the face                        1                160            |
    | Take blood                              1                161            |
    | Take corner of envelope                 2                163            |
    | Move the body                           2                165            |
    | Take the note                           2                167            |
    |                                                                         |
    | 753 THIRD STREET:                                                       |
    | `````````````````                                                       |
    | Show picture to manager                 3                170            |
    | Call for backup                         2                172            |
    | Call for a warrant                      2                174            |
    | Receive the key to Room 108             3                177            |
    | Open the door to Room 108               3                180            |
    | Take the card from the bathroom         3                183            |
    | Take lipstick                           3                186            |
    | Read the envelope                       2                188            |
    | Take blood                              1                189            |
    |                                                                         |
    | 222 WEST PEACH STREET:                                                  |
    | ``````````````````````                                                  |
    | Look at note handwriting                3                192            |
    | Take paper from ashtray                 3                195            |
    |                                                                         |
    | LYTTON PD:                                                              |
    | ``````````                                                              |
    | Ask about burglary                      2                197            |
    | Ask about prints                        2                199            |
    | Hand over evidence                      6                205            |
    |                                                                         |
    | AIRPORT:                                                                |
    | ````````                                                                |
    | Buy ticket to Steelton                  3                208            |
    | Show badge to security                  2                210            |
    |                                                                         |
    | PLANE:                                                                  |
    | ``````                                                                  |
    | Fasten Seatbelt                         1                211            |
    | Shoot the terrorists                    9                220            |
    | Search the pockets of left man          3                223            |
    | Search the turban of right man          3                226            |
    | Open dispenser in bathroom              2                228            |
    | Disconnect Yellow Wire                  3                231            |
    | Disconnect Purple Wire                  3                234            |
    | Disconnect Blue Wire                    3                237            |
    | Connect Yellow Wire                     3                240            |
    | Disconnect White Wire                   3                243            |
    | Disconnect Yellow Wire                  3                246            |
    |                                                                         |
    | STEELTON PD:                                                            |
    | ````````````                                                            |
    | Take radios                             3                249            |
    |                                                                         |
    | BURTON PARK:                                                            |
    | ````````````                                                            |
    | Use radio                               5                254            |
    | Talk to the man                         2                256            |
    | Read him his rights                     2                258            |
    | Look at the manhole cover               1                259            |
    | Move the manhole cover                  2                261            |
    | Retrieve the mask                       4                265            |
    | Enter the sewer control room           10                275            |
    | Calm Marie down                         5                280            |
    | Untie Marie                             5                285            |
    | Shoot and kill Bains                   15                300            |
    |                                                                         |
    04.)                    ITEMS                                        G0400
    ITEM:              DESCRIPTION:
    AIR TANK           Found inside the van parked at the Cotton Cove. Part of the
                       diving suit.
    AMMO CLIPS         Ammo for your hand gun. Available in your locker at the
    BELT               Found inside the van parked at the Cotton Cove. Part of the
                       diving suit.
    BULLETS            In the compartment of the car outside the Oak Tree Mall.
                       Given to John as evidence.
                       In the sink of room 108 at the motel. Given to John as
    DIVING CERTIFICATE This is in your wallet, you need to show it to Moore before
                       taking a dive.
    EAR PROTECTORS     Used at the shooting range at the station. Given to you by
    EMPTY HOLSTER      In the compartment of the car outside the Oak Tree Mall.
                       Given to John as evidence.
    ENVELOPE           In a drawer of room 108 at the motel. Given to John as
    ENVELOPE CORNER    In the trunk of the car at 160 West Rose. Given to John as
    EYE DROPPER        Part of the field kit. It can be used to retrieve blood from
                       several locations in the game.
    FIELD KIT          This is obtained at the storage bin at the police station.
                       It contains several items used out in the field.
    FINGERPRINT        Dust the compartment of the blue car at the Oak Tree Mall to
                       retrieve a fingerprint. Given to John as evidence.
    FINGERPRINT BRUSH  Part of the field kit. Used alongside fingerprint powder to
                       collect prints.
    FINGERPRINT POWDER Part of the field kit. Used alongside fingerprint brush to
                       collect prints.
    FINGERPRINT TAPE   Part of the field kit. Lifts fingerprints after using the
                       powder and brush.
    FINS               Found inside the van parked at the Cotton Cove. Part of the
                       diving suit.
    GLASS VIAL         Part of the field kit. Retrieves blood from crimescenes in
                       the game.
    HAND GUN           Inside your locker at the police station. You will have to
                       load it and use to shoot people, believe it or not Mr.
    HANDCUFFS          These cuffs are inside your lock at the station but you
                       never actually make use of them. Good to be prepared I
    HIT LIST           Thrown into the ashtray in the house at 222 West Peach St.
                       Given to John as evidence.
    JAIL CLOTHES       These are found in the trash at Cotton Cove. Given to John
                       as evidence.
    JAILER'S REVOLVER  Found inside the tank of the toilet in the airport bathroom.
                       Given to John as evidence.
    KEY RING           These are the keys to your car, the station, the field kit
                       bin an the homicide office desk.
    LIPSTICK           Under the bed of room 108 at the motel.
    LOST BADGE         At the bottom of the river at Cotton Cove. Given to John as
    LPD BUSINESS CARD  Your card, inside the squad car. It contains the codes to
                       your locker. You have to show this to several people in the
                       game, including the jailer, the car rental clerk, the
                       airport clerk, the airport guard.
    MAKESHIFT KNIFE    Found at the bottom of the river at Cotton Cove. Given to
                       John as evidence.
    MASK               Found inside the van parked at the Cotton Cove. Part of the
                       diving suit.
    MASK               In a cabinet down in the sewers. You can walk through the
                       lethal gas with this.
    MOTEL KEY          The key to the motel room 108. It is given to you by the
                       manager if you have a warrant and show it to him.
    MONEY CLIP         You start out with this. You will need to spend money on
                       a rose and some food, nothing else.
    NEW MUG SHOT       It is a mug shot of Bains. You need to show this to the
                       car rental clerk, airport clerk, and motel manager.
    NOTE FROM BAINS    In the trunk of the car parked at 160 West Rose. It is, not
                       surprisingly, a note from Bains.
    NOTE               Stuck on the door of the residence at 222 West Peach St.
    OLD MUG SHOT       This is an older picture of Bains, which will be replaced
                       with with a new mug shot later.
    PLASTER CAST       Using the fingerprint powder and the footprint in the blood
                       at Cotton Cove, you can retrieve this plaster cast. Given to
                       John as evidence.
    ROSE               A woman at the airport sells these. You will give this to
                       Marie at the restaurant.
    SMALL CAMERA       Part of the field kit. Takes pictures of crime scenes around
                       the game.
    SUIT               Found inside the van parked at the Cotton Cove. Part of the
                       diving suit.
    THANK YOU LETTER   Inside the drawer of the homicide offic desk. Not used for
    THUMBPRINT         Dust the mirror of the airport car to retrieve this. Given
                       to John as evidence.
    UNMARKED CAR KEYS  Hanging on the board inside the homicide office. They drive
                       the unmarked car at the police station.
    VEST               Found inside the van parked at the Cotton Cove. Part of the
                       diving suit.
    VIAL OF BLOOD      Blood from Cotton Cove. Given to John as evidence.
                       Blood from the car at 160 West Rose. Given to John as
                       Blood from the room at 753 Third St. Given to John as
    WALKIE TALKIE      Inside Miller's office. Used to communicate when on a case
                       in Burt Park.
    WALLET             Inside the desk of the homicide office. Contains your
                       diving certificate to go, well, diving.
    WARRANT            Required to gain entry to hotel room 108. You have to radio
                       in the request to obtain it.
    XX.)                    FAQ                                          GXX00
    Q: Can I do anything with the car at the beginning of the game?
    A: As you start the game you are in your personal car and the keys are in the
       ignition. You can actually drive around town with this car until at one
       point a traffic cop pulls you over and sends you back to the station and
       placing you inside. You can almost drive anywhere in your car before
       starting the real game and the developers seemed to have this in mind.
    [contributed by Kevin Frushour]
    Q: Why does "Let's Roll" seem so familiar?
    A: Pre-9/11 you would not have heard about this term much and it is more of a
       coincidence it appears in the game. However, when the terrorists are
       threatening the plane you can pause the game and Keith smokes while it says
       that all cops need to take a break. At that point you can actually unpause
       the game with the button labeled "Let's Roll". Post-9/11 this can be seen
       as a battle cry like Todd Beamer used on Flight 93
       (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Let%27s_roll) when the terrorists had taken
       over the airplane.
    [contributed by Kevin Frushour]
    YY.)                    VERSION HISTORY                              GYY00
    v1.0     Complete (3rd of June 2005)
    ZZ.)                    CREDITS & THANKS                             GZZ00
    GameFAQs for hosting this.
    Sierra and the original creators for this game.
    Kevin Frushour for sending me some interesting trivia.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    This guide may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
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