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    Companions of Xanth: The Complete Walk-Thru
    First off, I'd like to thank Piers Anthony and the Legend staff for a great 
    game. Now, for all you whiners out there, if you think this will ruin the game for you...
    DON'T READ IT!!!!! Otherwise, enjoy!!!! 
    Bedroom (Opening Scene)
    Take the envelope, then open it. Look at the letter. Go northwest to get to 
    the front hall.
    Front Hall
    Turn on the light switch (next to the door), then go west into the kitchen.
    Answer the ringing phone. (If it isn't ringing yet, do something else until 
    it does.) Say "Hi, Edsel," then follow dialogue path 1, 2, 2, 3. (He'll send 
    the computer game via courier.) Take the teabag from the table. Open the 
    icebox and take the mustard.
    Front Hall
    Open and close the front door. Open the door again, take the package, and 
    close the door. Open the package, then open the game box that's inside. Go 
    southeast, back to your computer.
    Load the Game
    Flip the power switch on the right side of the computer. Put the game disk in 
    the floppy drive, then close the drive.
    Choosing a Companion
    Look at the computer screen. Talk to the tiny man (Grundy Golem). Ask him 
    everything you can about the game, its rules, Xanth, companions, et cetera. 
    Choose Nada Naga as your companion.
    Welcome to Xanth!
    The Cavern
    Wear the 3-D glasses. Wait a few turns until Nada opens the coffin-shaped 
    door. Go north through it. (Don't worry about being a screen. It'll pass.) Go 
    northeast to the crossroads.
    The Crossroads and the Village
    Go east, then southeast to the village gate. Take the rock on the ground. 
    Take both lamp covers. Talk to the headsman at the gate. Agree to help rid 
    the town of the censorship. He'll give you a key; click on the gate, unlock 
    it with the key, then open it. Go north to the pier.
    Take the scrap of sailcloth. Ask Nada to get the rope for you. She'll get the 
    anchor too. Now go south, northwest, then west to the crossroads.
    Click on the anchor, then pry the log with the anchor.
    Beyond the Pail
    Making a Catapult
    Go east, then southeast to the village gate. Talk to the headsman; ask him to 
    make a thin flat board. Wait a turn or two. He'll return with the board. Now 
    go east one screen, and put the board on the boulder, put the rock on the 
    board. Talk to Nada and ask her to whack the catapult with her tail. Go 
    northeast. Take the pail. Go northeast twice more, to the screen door.
    The Eye Scream
    Talk to the eye on the screen door. Keep talking until you can ask to see 
    Fairy Nuff. After the eye closes, open the screen, then the door. Go north, 
    then take the tee. Go north, then take the egg. Go northeast to the booth of 
    the Fairy Nuff.
    Fairy Nuff
    Talk to Fairy Nuff. Tell him about the problem in Isthmus Village. When he 
    asks about the number of censors on the ship, tell him, "Two." Read the 
    solution recipe. Note: Use the pail to collect ingredients for the solution. 
    Go back to the dark misty forest just northwest of the village. (If you 
    haven't taken the egg, the pail, or the lamp covers yet, you should grab 
    these items on the way back to the forest.)
    Fairy Nuff's Solution
    Cough Drops
    Talk to Nada, ask about the bush, then ask her to get a cough drop. Wait. Ask 
    Nada to get another one. (You need two cough drops.) Put the drops in the 
    Pail. Go west to the crossroads.
    Crossroads Ingredients
    Put the pail in the brook three times to get three pints (six cups) of fresh 
    water. Take a buttercup and empty it to get butter. Put the butter in the 
    pail. Click on the empty sticky buttercup, then on the fireflies to catch 
    one. Put the firefly into the pail. Now go back to the "eye screen" doorway.
    Eye Screams
    Take the eye scream nearest you on the right side of the path and put it in 
    the pail. Repeat. (You need two dashes of eye scream.) Finally, put both the 
    egg and the scrap of sailcloth (from the pier) into the pail. The solution is 
    ready. Take it to Fairy Nuff.
    Use the Solution
    Talk to Fairy Nuff. If you've taken the two lamp covers from the village, 
    he'll divide the solution into two equal portions. Go back to the censor ship 
    and put one portion of the solution on each censor.
    The Fairy's "Shortcut"
    After the cut-scene, go back to the village headsman. He'll give you a sword. 
    Then return to Fairy Nuff. Talk to him to find the shortcut through the 
    regions. Then take the path to the northwest.
    The Void
    Click repeatedly on any direction in the compass rose. Watch the picture 
    closely- a shimmering door will appear, then disappear. Every time it does, 
    talk to Nada and strongly affirm that you saw it. After several appearances, 
    the door will appear permanently. Open the door and enter.
    The Region of Earth
    Metria the Demoness
    Walk southeast past the barrow. Keep talking to Metria and turning down her 
    offers to drink from the pool; if she avoids conversation, just keep looking 
    at the pool. Eventually she'll give up in disgust and open the door to the 
    barrow. Go northwest, then north to the barrow door.
    The Barrow
    Open the barrow door and enter the darkness. (Explore using your map screen; 
    switch back to picture mode whenever something interesting is indicated by 
    the text window.) When the lights go out, Nada will disappear for a moment. 
    Wait a few turns. When she returns and the lights come back on, she'll drag 
    you to the spring.
    Back to the Spring
    Refuse to drink; Nada is actually Metria in disguise! When Metria finally 
    admits her trickery, she'll give you a "finder" to help locate Nada. Her 
    instructions are bogus- actually, the lower the reading, the closer you are 
    to finding Nada. Be sure to turn on the finder. Go back into the barrow maze 
    and start exploring.
    The Maze (Lower Level)
    In this level of the maze you'll find a stone pestle, a mirror room, a plaque 
    room, a switch room, and a metal pad room. You can get to the upper level of 
    the maze through the metal pad room (find out how below). 
    Mirror Room
    Look into the mirror to see how Kim's doing.
    Plaque Room
    Click on the plaque, then touch it. Flatten the paper you've been carrying 
    around; put the paper on the plaque.
    Switch Room
    Click the metal switch, then flip it. Keep flipping each new switch that 
    appears (16 in all). Then flip all of the switches off. When the big glowing 
    reddish button appears, push it. A descending staircase will appear.
    Metal Pad Room (Passage)
    Click on the pad. Then get onto it. It will zap you to another level of the 
    maze. You'll find the stone mortar and the "door ajar" on this level.
    The Maze (Upper Level)
    In this level you'll need to find a stone mortar and a room with a door that 
    is ajar.
    "Door Ajar" Room
    Take the door. (It reverts to its real form- a jar.) Take the jar. You can't 
    get past the ironwood tree unless you have some blue agony moss. You'll find 
    that in the Dungeon (reached via the Switch Room).
    Go to the Switch Room and go down the staircase. (If you haven't opened the 
    passage yet, see "Switch Room" above.) Select only dialogue choices that keep 
    you looking away from Nada. Then talk to the manacles. After Nada is free, 
    open the jar (see "'Door Ajar' Room," above). Put some of the blue agony moss 
    (on the wall just left of Nada) in the jar. Now go back to the "Door Ajar" 
    Room and put the moss on the ironwood tree. Exit north.
    The Region of Fire
    Molten Lake
    Click on the tunnel end, then go to it. Go southeast to the room with the hot 
    dog and the fireman. Talk to Nada, tell her she looks uncomfortable, and 
    convince her to put her hair up in a bun. She'll do so and give it to you. 
    Open the mustard (from your refrigerator back home) and squirt it on the bun. 
    When the dog disappears, go northeast.
    Wall of Fire
    Take the charcoal on the path. Now you must return all the way to the Plaque 
    Room, in the lower level of the barrow maze.
    Back to the Barrow: Plaque Room
    Click on the paper you put over the plaque, click on Rub, then click on the 
    charcoal. Take the paper and look at it. Return to the room with the fireman.
    Firecracker Mix
    You can talk to the fire man if you want, but if you try to put lava in your 
    jar, the fireman will give you a wineskin full of firewater. Put the buttercup 
    into the mortar. Put the firewater into the mortar. (If the fireman takes away 
    the wineskin, don't worry- he'll give it back soon enough.) Then use the 
    pestle with the mortar. Put the mortar into the opening of the rock (a 
    natural oven) at the left. Look at the mortar. When the dough has risen and 
    is golden brown, take the mortar, it will yield Mack's cracker. Now go 
    northeast to the firewall.
    Blast the Firewall
    Throw the firecracker at the wall. Wait a few turns until it blows up. Go 
    north to the opening in the ceiling.
    The Opening
    Now tie the rope to the anchor. Throw the resulting grappling hook into the 
    opening. Now go up.
    Region of Water
    Troll Bridge
    Go north toward the bridge. Be respectful to the troll and agree to perform a 
    free service for him. Go north across the bridge to the three-pronged fork in 
    the road.
    Fork in the Road
    Close the hydrant, then take the hose that's connected to the faucet at the 
    left. Go south, back over the bridge, then go down into the troll's living 
    Troll's House
    Go west into the troll's lab. Put the hose in the sink on the right. Push the 
    middle blue button on the back wall, left of the metal locker. Turn on the 
    faucet and enter the well to retrieve the troll's key. Go east into the living 
    room and tell the troll you have the key.
    Troll's Puzzle
    Take any of the three puzzles. If you try a puzzle and fail three times, the 
    troll will let you go. Go up, then cross the troll bridge. At the fork, go 
    northeast to the cave entrance.
    Com-Pewter's Lair
    Go east to enter the evil machine's cave. You'll have to play Com-Pewter's 
    game. Whatever you do, DON'T RESIGN!
    Com-Pewter's Game: Round One
    To play, open the metal door on the cylinder at the right after each of 
    Com-Pewter's questions, then put the right letter in the cylinder and close 
    the metal door again. The answers to the first round of the game are:
    s to make the word spears
    d to make the word dates
    p to make the word pecans
    e to make the word steer
    a to make the word lamia
    Com-Pewter's Game: Round Two
    Same rules as Round One. The answers are:
    o to make the word moose
    b to make the word cobra
    f to make the word fleas
    e to make the word panties
    t to make the word tangles
    Of course, you don't have a t in your tray. But you can use one of two other 
    "T"s you've picked up in the game- either the golf tee from the fairway or 
    the teabag from your kitchen table.
    Disabling Com-Pewter
    Open the metal door again. Put the virus you got from Grundy into the 
    cylinder. Close the metal door. After the various cut-scenes, exit to the 
    The Region of Air
    Ma Anathe's Shack
    Enter the shack and talk to Ma Anathe. Take the windsock from the wall at the 
    upper left. Exit to the west. Go southeast to the ogress.
    Ogress & Son
    After your dialogue with the ogress, go northeast to the Ogre Boy. Put the 
    windsock on the vent. The grateful (but ugly) Ogre Boy is now one of your 
    companions. (His face will appear beneath Nada's.) Go northwest to the long 
    and winding road.
    Long and Winding Road
    Take the windbag lying on the road. Go southwest to the shack.
    Fix the Cart
    Now that Ogre Boy is helping, attach the cartwheel to the broken cart. Click 
    on the cart, then select Push. Take the Sail and go northeast, then north 
    into the strange cave.
    Put the sail on the boat, open the windbag, then untie the line.
    Guardian of the Mountain
    The answers, in order, are: error, airedale, window, air conditioning, errand, 
    windbag, airplane, airbag, windmill, breeze. Go northeast to the bottom of the 
    staircase, then go up three times until you come to the "Mountain Closed" 
    sign. Take the sign and retrace your route back to Ma Anathe's shack.
    Good, Bad, and Ugly
    Give the sign to Ma. After she gives you the ugly potion, exit the shack and 
    go southeast to the ogress. Give the ogress the potion. She'll let you pass 
    to the southeast now.
    The Gap Chasm
    Gap Animals
    Just keep talking, and eventually you'll end up at the Chasm, where you'll be 
    forced to switch companions. Go with the flow; you'll now have Jenny Elf and 
    Sammy Cat.
    Gap Dragon
    Talk to the cloud, Cumulo Fracto Nimbus. If you insult him enough, he'll dump 
    snow on you and Stanley Steamer, making the dragon harmless.
    Outside Humfrey's Castle
    Front Gate
    After the cut-scene and the dialogue with Jenny, move your cursor up the wall 
    directly above where Sammy scratches the ground until you find the loose 
    brick. Press the brick and flip the switch. Go north to the moat.
    Click on the bridge, then select Draw and click on the moat. Keep this up 
    until the bridge is completely drawn over the moat. Go north to the front 
    Front Door
    Knock. Talk to the eye, then exit south. Go northwest to the moat serpent's 
    Loc Pic Monster
    Click on the jar in your inventory, then select Fill and click on the cricket 
    (the tiny black + hopping around near the serpent's snout). When the serpent 
    falls asleep, go east to its tail. Go northwest to cross the moat on the 
    serpent's coils. Then use the crowbar (from the troll) on the grate and go 
    In the Tunnel
    Click on the end of the tunnel, then select Go to. Remember the clue from the 
    voice at the front door? (He said, "For one to gain entrance...") Push (in 
    this order) the switches numbered four, one, and two. (Get it?)
    Inside the Gourd
    After your conversation with the wizard, look at the hypnogourd he gives you. 
    Then go northeast to the mansion.
    You can't get past the zombie. Go northwest to the cellar door. Click on the 
    door, select Unlock, then click on the lok pic (from the serpent). Open the 
    doors and go down into the cellar. Move your cursor around until you find the 
    key, and the twine. Take them both. Then look for the door, click on it, 
    select Unlock, and click on the key. Open the door and go north through it.
    Sliding Stairs
    Tie the twine to the lever. Go north up the stairs.
    Top of Stairs
    Push the red button on the left wall.
    Skeleton's Study
    Take the bottle of pills by the chair. Look at the third book from the left 
    on the mantle.
    Get the Cane
    Use the Pain-B-Gone on the pane of glass. Take the cane. Now go upstairs, and 
    use the cane on the hook in the ceiling trapdoor. Go north through the 
    Click on the sword, then move the cursor to the prize goblet and click again. 
    You'll throw the sword at the goblet.
    After the cut-scene, answer the telephone.
    Congratulations!!! You've beaten the Game!!!

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