The explosive sequel to GATEWAY TO THE SAVAGE FRONTIER is here at last - and it's ready to test your mettle!

TREASURES OF THE SAVAGE FRONTIER is volume II in SSI's spectacular new ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS computer fantasy epic!


Your mission is truly daunting: save the Savage Frontier from a cataclysmic war, free Llorkh from its evil captors, and regain a powerful magical item lost since ancient times!

This big, bold adventure will leave you reeling! The award-winning game system used throughout SSI's famous gold-box series continues to evolve - new features abound! Movement and combat are now subject to the unpredictable effects of weather. Players can no interact with NPCs - they can even have romances! Plus, in some situations, combat reinforcement can give you extra help when you need it most. And with the Savage Frontier teething on the brink of an all-out war, this feature will be put to good use!

Transfer from GATEWAY TO THE SAVAGE FRONTIER or create new 5TH level ones. You'll fine much more to explore - and the freedom to explore it the way you want - as the Heroes of Ascore attempt the impossible yet again!

Meet a beautiful maiden who is sure to steal your heart away.

Enemy reinforcements turn easy victory into a battle for your life.

Beware of the effects of Autumn weather during your travels.

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