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    Walkthrough by Anonymous

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    	Chiba City.  Not my idea for a great vacation spot, but a gold mine 
    for hackers like me... and I needed the money.  Actually, this place was 
    once a great hangout for Cyberspace cowboys, now Chiba is falling apart.  
    The days of the great cowboy raids are over; it just got too dangerous out 
    there in the Matrix, the giant, electronic web of information.  I'm still 
    not sure how it happened, but all of a sudden, cowboys started dropping out 
    of action faster than mice at a cat convention.  Sure, you can always have 
    your dead brain kick-started by some stranger who'll charge you literally an 
    arm and a leg for your resurrection; assuming, of course, they find you.  
    But hell, after one of two flatlining experiences any sane man'd quit... 
    but I needed the money.
    	I'm Dixie, Dixie Flatline.  I'm leavin' my story behind here, hopin' 
    come cowboy finds it and can make use of it if I die.  I'm going in to face 
    the toughest combat of my life, but I better start at the beginning.
    	I wandered into Chiba with no cash and half the population after me 
    for credits I owed.  I stopped off at a bar called the Chatsubo, owned by 
    this guy named Ratz who had a sarcastic remark for everything.  I ordered 
    the spaghetti dinner which tasted like raw rattlesnake and smelled worse.  
    I was about to leave when, in a not-so-polite way, Ratz expected me to pay 
    for it.  Luckily, the Chatsubo had a PAX machine on the wall.  So I quickly 
    logged on and read through all the messages.  There were several pages of 
    them.  One message from Matt Shaw listed link codes for databases such as 
    cheapo, for the Cheap Hotel, regfellow, for the Regular Fellows, and 
    asanocomp, for Asano's.
    	I noticed a message from some guy named General Armitage who was 
    willing to pay me if I answered his ad with my ID Number.  I don't 
    generally like giving out my ID Number to strangers, but I was broke and 
    really didn't want to trade in my intestines just yet -- besides after 
    Ratz's pasta, I don't think they were worth anything.  This guy seemed a 
    little flaky but honest and he mentioned cowboys and cyberspace, so I sent 
    him back a message.  As I went to my bank account to get Ratz's 46 credits, 
    much to my surprise was ten grand sittin' there from my new best friend, 
    General Armitage.  General A wanted me to meet him at the Matrix Restaurant 
    but I wasn't sure, at the time, where that was.  He probably wanted to buy 
    me dinnfer to celebrate my answerin' the ad.  Ratz was naggin' me about his 
    dough so I tossed him the cash.
    	"Thanks, friend artiste," replied Ratz.  "Shin came by but he didn't 
    want to interrupt your beauty sleep.  He still has your deck."
    	I hated that sarcastic tone in his voice but I appreciated the 
    message.  I really needed a deck.  Our idle chit chat was interrupted by 
    some guys form the Health Department who came in and closed down the 
    Chatsubo and consequently saved hundreds from food poisoning.
    	I had some money now but I needed more, lots more.  Now I ain't the 
    greedy type but I can tell you Chiba is an expensive place to hang out.  So 
    I got to thinkin' -- where does someone go for money?  A bank, right?  So I 
    decided my next step was to find me a banking database to satisfy my 
    financial situation.
    	I passed by the Body Parts store -- no need to stop in there... I was 
    very proud to have all of my body parts -- and a donut shop, where a fleet 
    of cop cars were parked out front.  Not that the cops were after me, but I 
    decided not to stop in because after the spaghetti, I was a little leery of 
    food.  I kept cruisin', passing by Microsofts, a software store run by some 
    wimp named Larry Moe.  He was the kind of guy, when younger, was the last 
    one to get picked for teams in dodge ball and the first one out.  I stopped 
    in at his store to warm up a little bit.  A cold wind had been blowing 
    through Chiba that day and I was numb to the bone.
    	"I'll warm you up with a flamethrower if you don't get out of here, 
    pal," he snapped when I told him why I had stopped in.  He was sold out of 
    all his software anyway, so I quietly stepped back out.  "Better not to 
    cause a scene," I thought to myself.  Anyway I walked on and noticed a 
    massage parlor on the corner of the street (I made a note to myself to stop 
    in there later).
    	I found Shin's pawn shop on the next corner and stopped in to pick up 
    my deck.  Shin's an interesting fellow; not the type I'd invite to an 
    afternoon garden party, but he seemed to know how to get a hold of some 
    hardware that ain't all that readily available.  I knew I'd be needing a 
    deck to get into databases even though I couldn't afford a cyberdeck.  I 
    picked up my Yamamitsu UXB equipped with comlink 1.0 which would do me fine 
    for right now, but I knew it took comlink 6.0 to reach cyberspace.  I 
    checked out Shin's inventory, but really didn't see anything.  When I was 
    leavin', Shin mumbled something to me in Sprawl then locked the door.  I'm 
    not all that bilingual, but I can tell you he was glad my deck was out of 
    his shop.  I wasn't too offended, mainly because I didn't understand it.  
    So I blew it off and set out in search of any link codes, passwords or info 
    I could get my hands on.  I've included a map in here of downtown Chiba, at 
    least the places I came across, that might help.
    	My next stop was at the House of Pong.  It's been a while since I had 
    been in Chiba and things had changed.  I walked in expecting to go a couple 
    of rounds of table tennis and instead, met a crazed monk named Nolan who 
    wanted to know if I had seen the Holy Joystick.
    	"The Holy what?!!" I laughed.
    	Nolan got this solemn look on his face and started rhapsodizin' about 
    a long road for students on the quest for the Holy Joystick.
    	"Holy Joystick!  Now I have heard everythin.  What kind of a place is 
    this?"  I don't know exactly what I said, but he was offended and kicked me 
    out mumbling something more about my being unworthy of the quest.
    	I went down to the end of the street to Crazy Edo's.  Edo fancies 
    himself a patrician of hi-tech and loves to eat smelly fish eggs.  He told 
    me his prices were low and he could beat the prices of the other major 
    hardware store in town, Asano's.  I told him I was just browsing and checked 
    out his stock.  But before I left, he mentioned he could get me comlink 2.0 
    if I brought him some caviar.  It sounded like a good trade to me and I 
    went off in search of caviar.
    	I started makin' notes to myself at this point (like Edo - caviar and 
    Nolan - joystick) because you never know how much you're gonna have to 
    remember.  I wandered up to the Matrix restaurant and I wasn't even to the 
    door when I got picked up by a lawbot for associatin' with that general on 
    the PAX, Armitage.  They said they'd arrested him and now they had me.  So 
    much for democracy and presumed innocent until proven guilty.  I have no 
    idea what Armitage had done, but I should have known that you don't just 
    get ten grand for nothin'.  They sent me to a justice booth.  Those lawyers 
    there wanted to charge 250 credits to defend me.  I don't think it would 
    have done any good -- I was still fined 500 credits... but it seemed like a 
    small price to pay for the ten thousand I had already gotten.
    	I paid my fine (which by the way, is irrevocable) and I kept an eye, 
    rather my nose out for caviar.  Suddenly I remembered -- it struck me like 
    a thunderbolt -- the massage parlor!  Maybe they serve caviar to their 
    customers.  But the minutes I walked in I got that feeling that this was 
    the kind of place someone could get into a lot of trouble.  I was there 
    just long enough to find out they didn't have caviar, but they did have the 
    link code for the Panther Moderns, chaos and the password mainline, and the 
    lawbots which heavily patrolled the place.
    	I listened to the compujudge's lecture about being a model citizen, 
    then headed back to the parlor for... (well, let's just say some 
    entertainment of the physical kind) and maybe some more link codes and 
    passwords.  I met Akiko again.  She told me another link code, bozobank for 
    the Bank of Zurich Orbital, but then that darn lawbot showed up.  As you 
    could guess by now, this gettin' arrested stuff was a little more than I 
    could take, although lookin' back on everything I kinda laugh.
    	When I was young, I was a well-behaved kid, never got into trouble -- 
    I tried, but never really got into serious trouble.  And the other night 
    when I was talkin' to my Ma, and told her about gettin' arrested, she said 
    with a little disappointment, "Are ya happy now, son?  Ya got yerself a 
    	I decided the message parlor was not worth the hassle anymore although 
    I wondered how that place ever made any money with the people always 
    gettin' dragged downtown.
    	I walked down the street to get as far away as I could from the 
    parlor.  The street came to a dead end at the spaceport just ahead.  On one 
    side of the street was the Maas Biolabs, but the doors were locked.  I 
    looked around, there was no way to get in.  It had been awhile since I had 
    been in Chiba but this part of town looked familiar.  Then I remembered. I 
    turned and walked across the street to the warehouse, with a smile as big 
    as Texas across my face.  I went through the doors, down the hall and 
    knocked on another door.
    	"Enter," said the elderly voice.
    	I opened the door; an old man was sittin' behind a big desk, cluttered 
    with junk.  He was pointing a gun at me.
    	"Julius Deane," I said, "put that thing away before you hurt yourself.  
    Seems you haven't changed much.  You know just enough to make you paranoid, 
    	Ole Julie lay down his pistol, and grinned his pink grin.  "Dixie, 
    what are you doing in town?"  His grin changed to a devilish laugh.  "What 
    do you want, cowboy?"
    	"Me?  Want somethin'?  How about a joystick or some caviar?"  Julias 
    shook his head no but offered to upgrade my cryptology chip, if I had one.  
    "No such luck, Julie," I said.  "Maybe another day.  I'll be seeing you 
    around."  And with that, I left.
    	I couldn't make up my mind if today was a good or bad one.  I stopped 
    off in the Gentleman Loser for a drink.  Then I'd decide.  This bar wasn't 
    all that crowded -- I found a seat right off -- but didn't need it 'cause 
    there was a PAX machine on the wall and I wanted to check out any new 
    messages on the bulletin board.
    	One said that a woman named Shiva at the Gentleman Loser had a guest 
    pass for the Matrix Restaurant.  I found her sitting at a booth in the 
    	"Hey, geek!" she yelled.  "C'mere!  I got somethin' for ya!"
    	"Whatever it is, I hope it's not contagious," I cleverly responded.
    	"Anonymous was here earlier.  If you're a friend of his, you know what 
    I've got for you."
    	One of the messages for me on the PAX was from Anonymous Bosch.  It 
    said that he'd borrowed a cryptology skill chip from me and that I could 
    pick it up at the Gentleman Loser.  Frankly, I don't ever remember owning a 
    crypt chip, but why complain?  Shiva gave me the chip and when I asked her 
    about the Matrix guest pass, she gave me that, too.  Glancing around the 
    room, I also noticed that some of the booths came equipped with cyberjacks, 
    my way into databases and eventually cyberspace.
    	Right now I'd say, yup, this had been a good day.  Feelin' lucky I 
    decided to chat with Shiva.  I pulled one of those lines they used back in 
    the olden days.  "Hey, baby, let's get outta here and go back to my place."  
    She smacked me good with a right hook.  After everybody stopped starin' at 
    me, I went to the bar and ordered another drink.  Nope, this hadn't been 
    that great a day after all.  But in Chiba City, it never is.
    	I finished my drink and headed for Julius Deane's place.  After being 
    publicly humiliated I might as well upgrade my cryptology chip.  Julie 
    charged me 5000 credits for his efforts and it was only up to level three.  
    I went back to the Gentleman Loser armed with my deck, comlink 1.0 and an 
    upgraded cryptology.  I made my way through the crowd, and watched some 
    poor sailor go flyin' over a table from Shiva's right jab as I went to the 
    back wall to a cyberjack.
    	When I jacked in, it prompted me for a link code.  I tried bozobank, 
    then chaos.  Both times it flashed incompatible link (I hate when that 
    happens).  Then I tried cheapo.  It worked!  I was in the database and the 
    intro message said the first level password was guest.  Perusing the main 
    menu I decided to order some room service then take a look at my bill.  I 
    almost fell out of my booth -- Cheap Hotel had caviar!  I quickly paid my 
    bill (they wouldn't let me order until I had paid up) and ordered some 
    	By this time I was back to feelin' like it had been a good day after 
    all.  I went down to the Cheap Hotel, got my caviar then went to see Crazy 
    Edo at his Used Hardware Emporium.  He was so excited about the fish eggs 
    and I was even happier about gettin' rid of them.  He installed comlink 2.0 
    in my deck then raced to the back room for some cream cheese and crackers.
    	I was tired and should have gone to sleep but I wanted to check out 
    comlink 2.0 at the GL.  I tried bozobank, no luck.  But this time chaos 
    worked like a charm and using the password mainline I was in to the 
    Panther Moderns database.
    	There were several things there and my gut instinct was to write 'em 
    down.  First, fungeki was a password at Hosaka.  Another said Larry moe had 
    a coptalk skill for sale.  Modern Bob heard I was in town and to welcome me 
    back he said he would give me some link codes.  So I wrote back to him, 
    "Hey, Bobby boy!  What is the link code for the SEA?"  His returned message 
    explained that the code for the Software Enforcement Agency was soften.
    	I exited the message board and looked at the software library.  Only 
    one program interested me there, comlink 3.0.  I quickly downloaded it and 
    left the Panther Moderns database.  It cost money to link into databases so 
    I tried to spend as little time as possible in each one.  I tried soften 
    with comlink 3.0 and I got the opening title page for the Software 
    Enforcement Agency.  But, without the password, I couldn't get in.
    	So, as much as I dreaded seein' that little weasel again, I went to 
    get the coptalk from Larry Moe.  After arguin' and threatenin' to beat his 
    pea brain to scrap metal, Larry sold the skill to me for 100 credits.  
    Thinking that the Panther Moderns might be able to help me, I decided to 
    ask Larry about them, using a bribe for incentive.
    	"I'll pay you 100 credits for a meeting with them," I offered.  He 
    took my money and examined it to make sure it was real.
    	"What a rube!  You really think I'm going to let you just walk in 
    there?"  He laughed arrogantly.  "But thanks for the donation, man!"
    	I wanted to throttle his puny neck on the spot, but noticed a security 
    cam on the wall.  I'd been arrested enough times already and decided to 
    leave, vowing to get back at him some way, some other time.
    	I went outside, implanted my chip.  I have decided it doesn't matter 
    what hour of the day it is, there's always a cop at Donut World.  I cruised 
    over there to test my coptalk skill.  If I could fool those dough-eatin' 
    boys-in-blue, I could fool anybody.  I sat down next to one SEA officer and 
    started askin' him questions like we were old buddies.
    	"Finnegan, old pal!" he answered.  "I didn't recognize you."  I knew I 
    had him fooled.  If only my coptalk skill wouldn't face away, I could learn 
    a lot. 
    	"The coded Fuji password is aburakkoi," he was saying, "they haven't 
    changed it in years."
    	He also told me the link code for the Tactical Police was keisatsu and 
    the coded password for the SEA was smeegldipo.  I used my cryptology skill 
    and discovered that smeegldipo decoded to permafrost.
    	Things were goin' pretty good now and cyberspace was just beyond the 
    horizon for me; at the end of the rainbow, that's where I'd find my pot o' 
    gold.  At the Loser cyberjack I had no problems gettin' into the SEA 
    Database with soften and permafrost.  I was able to upgrade my coptalk 
    skill to level two here, and found comlink 4.0 in their software library as 
    well as some weird program called sequencer 1.0.  I downloaded and jacked 
    	Unable to log onto any databases with the link codes I'd rounded up so 
    far, I decided to snoop around Chiba for more information.
    	My Irish accent was pretty good now so I went to see my friend at 
    Donut World to relieve him of any more vital information.  He flapped his 
    gums about snorskee, the encode password for the Tactical Police.  He also 
    told me that Shiva had been questioned at the Gentleman Loser about the 
    Loser Database.  I really didn't what to talk to Shiva again after I crashed 
    and burned on the first try, but I got that gut feelin' again and figured 
    the Loser database was important.
    	I used my cryptology skill and did some quick decoding.  Snorskee 
    turned out to be supertac while aburakkoi became uchikatsu.  Frankly, I 
    wondered why they even bothered to encode that last one.
    	I then found Shiva, she was sittin' by herself.  Not surprisin', eh?  
    I just up front asked her, standing in a ready-to-duck position, what she 
    knew about the Loser database.  She told me that loser was the link code 
    and wilson was the word.  At first I thought she was calling me a wilson so 
    I took a few steps back and rattled off a few choice insults.
    	"You truly are a wilson, aren't you?" she said, walking away.  It was 
    only then that I realized she was giving me the first level password to the 
    Loser database, wilson.
    	I was humiliated, twice in the same night, in the same bar, by the same 
    woman.  I sauntered back to my booth and logged into the Loser database.  
    Most messages were worthless, but one had the link code for the Eastern 
    Seaboard Fission Authority, eastseabod.  I also found the link code for 
    another bank, Bank Gemeinschaft, which was bankgemein.  Once again, I tried 
    bozobank and also bankgemein, but neither worked.  My only choice was to 
    log onto eastseabod but realized that I had no password.  Then I remembered 
    sequencer 1.0.  At the opening screen of Eastern Seaboard, I used sequencer 
    and it found the password, longisland.  There were two messages: one which 
    revealed that loser was a password for the Loser database as well as the 
    link code (pretty tricky, eh?), and one which said that Finn at Metro 
    Holografix had a joystick.  The software library had comlink 5.0 which I 
    quickly added to my software collection.  I had to erase several lower 
    level comlinks; they were of no use to me now.
    	Again, I logged onto the Loser database, but this time with the second 
    level password, loser.  It gave me access to a new bulletin board which 
    told me to ask somebody named Lupus about banks and that einhoven was an 
    encoded password for Bank Gemeinschaft.
    	With comlink 5.0 I could get in bankgemein with the decoded password 
    verboten.  However, I still needed a bank account number from which to 
    transfer funds.  I thought I had used all link codes.  As a last resort I 
    flipped through my notes and found two database link codes I had seen a 
    long time ago on the PAX, regfellow and asanocomp.
    	With these clues and my skill, I found three more link codes, 
    hosakacorp for Hosaka, musaborind for Musabori, and fuji for Fuji.  That 
    last one made me feel stupid for hacking it in at the link code request.
    	I logged onto Fuji using uchikatsu, and discovered that Larry Moe was 
    working for them.  I wrote down his ID number, 062788138, thinking it might 
    come in handy.
    	I didn't find anything at Musabori, so I went into the Hosaka Database 
    using fungeki.  there I learned that Hosaka was in fierce competition with 
    some company named Tozoku, also known as Yakuza, a Japanese criminal 
    organization.  I added my name to their list of new employees; if I 
    couldn't download money I'd settle for picking up a paycheck.
    	Not wanting to miss out on the obvious link codes again, as I had with 
    Fuji, I hacked some link codes in unsuccessfully until I tried yakuza which 
    I had seen in the Hosaka database.  An opening screen came up and I used 
    sequencer to find the password, yak.  Eureka!  These I found comlink 6.0 
    and I knew I was not far from cyberspace.
    	A note in the Hosaka database had mentioned that they needed comlink 
    6.0, so I linked back on using hosakacorp and uploaded comlink 6.0.  They 
    were so happy, they game me 7500 credits for it.  I think I was even more 
    happy.  Out of curiosity, I logged into the Tactical Police database, 
    keisatsu, and discovered warrants out for the arrest of several Chiba city 
    residents.  Because I had level two access with supertac, I also had the 
    power to edit these warrants.  This was my chance to get revenge on Larry 
    Moe, so I decided, "What the hell?" and put his name on their list.
    	With comlink 6.0, I was finally able to get into bozobank using 
    sequencer once again.  I couldn't figure out a way to download any funds 
    so, on the advice from the streets, I set up a Swiss bank account.  The 
    account number is 712345450134.
    	I went back into Bankgemein and tried to transfer funds again, but I 
    still don't know an account number at the bank.  I tried 71234340134, but 
    of course that was my Bank of Zurich account number, not Bank Gemeinschaft, 
    and once again I was unable to download credits from a bank.
    	I left the Gentleman Loser disappointed and wandered around Chiba 
    City.  I found myself in front of Larry's Microsofts and decided to step in 
    to see what had happened to my old "friend."  To my surprise, the Tactical 
    Police had done their job and arrested Larry Moe, because he was nowhere to 
    be seen, and the door behind his counter to the Panther Modern's meeting 
    room was open.
    	I stepped around the counter and into the meeting room.  A funny 
    looking dweeb introduced himself as Lupus Yonderboy.  "Matt Shaw says 
    you're all right," he sneered.  "So talk.  What do you want to know?"
    	I asked him if he had any skill chips and he told me that he'd sell me 
    an evasion chip for 2000 credits.  That seemed a bit steep to me, but he 
    told me it was necessary for survival in cyberspace, so I bought it.  I 
    asked him about several locations in Chiba City, but the only one he could 
    help me with the Sense/Net.  he told me he could sell me a security pass 
    for the that building for 4000 credits.  I couldn't afford that, and 
    besides, I didn't really need to get in there.  On my way out, I remembered 
    a message about Lupus knowing about banks.  When I asked him this final 
    questions, he said, "I've been siphoning from account number 646328356481 
    for years."
    	It was getting kind of late and I decided to go to the Cheap Hotel, 
    where I got my room.  My "room" was really just a place to sleep and 
    resembled a coffin.  However, it was equipped with a cyberjack, and 
    although I had wanted to wait until morning to log onto the Bank 
    Gemeinschaft database, I found myself too excited to sleep.  So I jacked in 
    and entered bankgemein once again.  This time when I tried to transfer 
    funds, I had an account number, 646328356481.  It had 30,000 credits in it 
    all of which I transferred to my bozobank account number 712345450134.  Now 
    I had the money for a cyberdeck.  I slept well that night.
    	The next morning I went to Asano's to buy a cyberdeck.  I couldn't 
    afford the top-of-the-line Ono-Sendai Cyberspace V11, but I could afford 
    the Samurai Seven.  Asano told me to try Metro Holografix for software, so 
    I decided to go see Finn.
    	Finn, whose head really does look like it was designed in a wind 
    tunnel, sold me a good icebreaking ware called Drill 1.0.  When I asked him 
    about skills, he told me he'd sell me ICEbreaking and Debug.  Both sounded 
    important to me for cyberspace, so I purchased both of them.  Remembering 
    that Finn also had joysticks, I asked him for one so I could help those poor 
    Pong Monks.   He sold me one for just twenty credits.
    	The Pong Monks were very excited about the joystick I gave them, and to 
    show their appreciation they gave me two new skill chips, Zen and 
    Sophistry.  I wanted to ask them what the skills did, but they ignored me; 
    they were too excited playing pong with their new joystick.  Worshipping a 
    computer game seemed like a ridiculous thing to me, but who was I to 
    criticize others.  At least they had a direction, a purpose to their lives.
    	I felt pretty good about entering cyberspace now, but I thought I 
    might need a few more skills.  Remembering Julius Deane, the man who seems 
    to know all, I went back to him and asked about skill chips.  For 1000 
    credits each, he sold me Psychoanalysis, Phenomenology, and Philosophy.  I 
    had heard rumors that artificially intelligent programs (AIs) existed in 
    cyberspace and could be dangerous.  My gut feelin' told me they might be 
    useful in combats with AIs.
    	With my guest pass for the Matrix Restaurant, I stopped by for some 
    food.  As a youngster my mother had often warned, "Never go into cyberspace 
    on an empty stomach."
    	At my table I overheard a conversation between a guy named King Osric 
    and another named Emperor Norton.  They were talking about battling ICD in 
    cyberspace and such when they caught me eavesdropping.  I asked them if 
    they had any skill chips they wanted to sell me.
    	"Have I got chips!" he said.  "I've got Logic, Software Analysis, and 
    Musicianship.  For you, a bargain.  $2,000 each!"  
    	"Get serious," I said, "I could get those off street for a lot less 
    than that."  I started to turn, pretending I was leaving.
    	King Osric jumped up from his table and grabbed my arm.  "Wait.  Sit.  
    Sit.  You look like you could be a good customer.  For you, a discount.  At 
    $1000 each."
    	I nodded in agreement.  "Okay, I'll take Logic and Musicianship.  And 
    I want some upgrades.  At a discount."  Osric hesitated, then gestured "why 
    not?"  As I was leaving I heard Osric tell Norton, 'Why is he a cowboy?  He 
    could've been a lawyer.  His mother would've been proud."
    	Satisfied now that I had the right skill, warez, and deck to enter 
    cyberspace, I set out for the Cheap Hotel to jack into cyberspace.  As I 
    jacked my deck in at the Cheap Hotel using comlink 6.0, I could feel my 
    surroundings slowly fading away.  Thoughts started drifting into my mind, 
    lights flashing, geometric forms taking shape, and slowly, a matrix 
    descending down over the top of it all.  It's a feeling I can't explain, a 
    sight without words to describe it.  When you experience the hallucinogenic 
    effects of cyberspace yourself, you'll know what I mean.  Without know why, 
    I knew I was on a grid, a grid with coordinates.
    	As I drifted around the matrix, I felt edges where I could go no 
    further.  It seems cyberspace was divided into zones and you couldn't 
    travel from one to the next.  I tried at several places but the barrier was 
    just too strong.  So I relaxed my mind and went back to the geometric shape 
    that was closest to me when I first jacked in.  Cautiously I entered into 
    it and saw that it was protected by a layer of ICE circling at its base.  
    The hum of the ICE made my nerves rattle at the ominous sight of the 
    glittering base.
    	Painstakingly, I examined the electric blue ICE, searching for signs 
    of weakness.  Now was the time to use my ICEbreaking skill and any 
    ICEbreaking warez I had.  I sent Drill 1.0 in, but soon countered sending 
    out attacks on my deck.  Fortunately, my shielding was pretty good and I 
    could absorb several attacks.  I kept sending Drill 1.0 in eventually the 
    ICE cracked.
    	I drifted through the crack and found myself in the Cheap Hotel 
    database.  I was given the highest level access possible and could edit my 
    bill from here without paying anything.  I had already paid my bill, so I 
    exited the database.  It was costing me money to be in cyberspace and I 
    watched my credits slowly drain away, but I had enough to spend quite a 
    long time in cyberspace.  I was still looking for cash, though, enough so 
    that money would no longer be a concern to me for the rest of my days.  It 
    might have been wishful thinking, but I'd come this far and things were 
    looking good.
    	Throughout my travels in cyberspace, I mapped the locations of all the 
    databases, their coordinates and zones,  I've included my map of cyberspace 
    in this document as well as their coordinate locations.  I traveled to 
    every database and you may wish to do the same, but I'm leaving notes here 
    only on the ones of interest so you can skip over the worthless ones.
    	In the first zone (I'll call it Zone 0), one database to go to is the 
    Panther Moderns.  There I found blowtorch 3.0, decoder 2.0, and a virus 
    called thunder head 1.0.  A virus is a one shot deal so I downloaded 
    several of them.
    	Two AIs turned up in this zone as well.  The first was named Chrome at 
    the Psycho database at coordinates 96,32.  It was my first AI and I had no 
    idea what to do.  Through the crack in the ICE, a huge holographics face 
    appeared.  It spoke to me a psychiatrist to a patient, and slowly I felt it 
    draining my constitution.  At first, I tried some warez on him but quickly 
    realized they were worthless.  So I turned to my skills.  I tried Logic and 
    a few others without effect until I tried Psychoanalysis.  It came back and 
    told me Chrome's weakness was Philosophy so I hit him with that a few time 
    and he yelled "Psychopath!" at me.
    	I still didn't seem to be hurting him too much though.  I was pretty 
    close to being flatlined when I tried Zen which fully restored my 
    constitution.  I soon realized that Logic, Philosophy, Phenomenology, and 
    Sophistry and the four AI skills which do damage to the AI after being hit 
    by its weakness.  I had to use Zen again, but was soon able to defeat 
    Chrome by rotating my skills again him.  He told me that I would die like a 
    worm with his lasts words, but he was the one out of commission now, not 
    me.  After the combat, I noticed my four AI skills had gone up to level 
    	The other AI was Morphy at the World Chess database at 160,80.  He 
    didn't seem too much of a problem after I discovered that Logic was his 
    weakness but I don't think I woulda been able to get past him without 
    raising my AI skills to level two.  I guess I was just lucky to have bumped 
    in to Chrome first.  Morphy was storing away a program called Battle Chess 
    4.0.  I didn't know what it did, but I downloaded it anyway.  I figured it 
    might be useful later on.  Some of my warez had been bugged in my AI 
    combats, so I jacked out of cyberspace to debug them.  besides, I had been 
    to every database in Zone 0 and I was ready to move on to the only other 
    jack I knew of, the Gentleman Loser's Zone.  I left my room at the Cheap 
    Hotel and went to my favorite booth at the Loser.  The lights around me 
    faded, and I felt the rush of cyberspace coming on.  I was now in Zone 1 
    and I went to the Loser database first since it was right in front of me.  
    It seems like you always arrive in front of the database where you jack in.  
    The Loser ICE was a little more difficult to crack.  Inside I found another 
    virus called injector 1.0 and a program called slow 1.0 which literally 
    slows down the ICE attacks.
    	Two AIs were here.  The easier one was Sapphire at Citizens for a 
    Freematrix.  it seems that Freematrix was a trap to catch unsuspecting 
    cowboys who downloaded its software, all of which was no good.  Sapphire's 
    weakness was Sophistry and the Freematrix base exists at 352,112.
    	The other AI is Hal at 448,32 in the NASA database.  I discovered his 
    weakness was Logic and I easily destroyed him.  He was even packin' away 
    some good warez.  Python 2.0 turned out to be another virus while blowtorch 
    4.0 and decoder 4.0 were more powerful ICEbreakers.  There wasn't much else 
    in this zone so I jacked out with my new warez and debugged my damaged 
    ones.  I got rid of some of my lesser warez (such as decoder 2.0) so that 
    my deck would have plenty of room for new ones.
    	I'm now digressing from my story a bit to talk about ICEbreaking 
    strategies and the AIs. 
    	When I first enter a new database I sometimes use a probe to determine 
    ICE strength and the such.  However, this wastes time and I usually exit 
    from the combat immediately afterwards to avoid counterattacks.  When I'm 
    ready to fight, my first course of action is to activate my ICEbreaking 
    skill, then send in slow.  I'll then send in a virus followed by my 
    ICEbreaking warez.  If my virus runs out, I'll send in a different one.  As 
    with combatting AIs, it's generally a good idea to use several warez rather 
    than just one.  Each time you use one it seems to lessen its effect.  For 
    example, blowtorch 3.0 seems to behave like blowtorch 2.0 the next time.  
    You may find better way and warez for combatting ICE; this is just the way 
    I operate.
    	There also seems to be a ranking of warez as follows:
    	level one:      blowtorch, decoder, hammer
    	level two:      drill, doorstop
    	level three:    depthcharge, logic bomb, concrete
    	So, using this chart, drill 2.0 (2.0 x lvl 2 = 4) has the same impact 
    as hammer 4.0 (4.0 x lvl 1 = 4).  Obviously, a program such as depthcharge 
    8.0 carries a lot of punch.
    	For the AI message buffers contained in databases with AIs, I have 
    gathered that the AIs do communicate with each other and have plotted to 
    take control of the Matrix.  The two most powerful AIs, Neuromancer and 
    Greystoke, are competing to be the controlling AI.  Each is trying to sway 
    the weaker AIs to ally with it.  I see this as a positive thing because 
    united, the AIs would be quite formidable, but divided, they could be 
    played against each other and destroyed.
    	With my ICEbreaking skill up to two and my AI skills up to five, I 
    felt I was doing well.  I was running a little low on funds, though, and 
    decided to go to Hosaka to pick up my pay check.  It turned out that the 
    check was for ten thousand credits, an amount which would go a long way in 
    cyberspace.  But more importantly, a cyberjack awaited for me on one wall.
    	I jacked my deck in and faded into Zone 2.  There were four bases 
    here, but only two are worth mentioning.  The Hosaka database had hammer 
    4.0, concrete 1.0, injector 2.0, and slow 2.0.  I downloaded all of them 
    and erased slow 1.0 and injector 1.0 since I had no use for them anymore.
    	At the Musabori database, it was easy to break through the ICE, but 
    there was an AI in there who turned out to be Greystoke.  I could find no 
    weakness in him and was rapidly being flatlined, so I had to use my 
    Evasion skill to get the hell out of there.  It was pretty close and I was 
    almost flatlined, so I jacked out of cyberspace to rebuild my constitution 
    and debug my warez.
    	Unable to find any more cyberjacks in Chiba City, I went to the space 
    port and took the first flight to Zion Cluster.  The flight was very short.  
    In fact, the stewardess talked throughout the entire flight.
    	On Zion was some guy who spoke some strange dialect that was hard to 
    understand.  As he babbled on about demos and banks I began to think he'd 
    blown a few too many brain cells.
    	I interrupted him.  "So what do you know about banks?"  He looked at 
    me, blinked, then gestured for me to continue.  "In particular?  
    	He told me that the vault code was BG1-66.  there was a lot of dub 
    music being played by the Rastafarian populace around and, felling 
    gratitude to the old man for helping me, I decided to try my musicianship 
    skill and play some dub.  I must have done OK because he said he liked my 
    music and sent me on a shuttle called the Marcus Garvey to Freeside with 
    another guy named Maelcum.  He wasn't a very talkative fellow, which was 
    good.  I didn't want to hear what he thought about demons and evil spirits.
    	Freeside was the home of several banks.  The first one I came to was 
    the Bank of Berne.  A rude secretary was ready to throw me out until I told 
    her that I wanted to open an account there.  She didn't believe that I had 
    the money, but she left to get the proper forms for me to fill out anyway.  
    She was gone an awfully long time, and I noticed that the door to the 
    manager's office was slightly ajar.  So I went in and found it deserted.  
    However, there was a cyberjack on one wall.
    	I jacked in and found myself in Zone 3 in front of the Bank of Berne.  
    Altogether there were five databases here, and all were important.  Below 
    is my suggested order for visiting them:
    	1)  Free Sex Union at 288,208.  There's an AI named Xaviera in there 
    whose weakness was Phenomenology but not much else.  You'll need to take 
    her out first, though, to build up your AI skills.
    	2)  Turing Registry at 432,240, allows you to upgrade your AI skills 
    and Psychoanalysis.
    	3)  D.A.R.P.O. at 336, 240, has thunderhead 3.0, injector 3.0, 
    concrete 2.0, and drill 3.0.
    	4)  Screaming Fist at 464,160, has slow 3.0, depthcharge 3.0, python 
    3.0, a strange program called KGB 1.0, and armorall 1.0 which lets you 
    build back your deck's shield to full strength when it's low or gone.  You 
    get as many uses of armorall as its version number, i.e. 2.0 gets 2 uses.
    	5)  Bank of Berne at 336,160, contains another AI named Gold whose 
    weakness was Philosophy.  This bank database contained a way to transfer 
    funds.  Fortunately, one message in the base revealed an account number, 
    121519831200, and the new authorization code, LYMA1211MARZ.  I was amazed 
    and overjoyed to find 500,000 credits in the account which I transferred 
    into my bozobank account number 712345450134.
    	After exiting from cyberspace, I debugged my softwarez once again and 
    logged into bozobank to download my 500,000 credits.  I left some in the 
    bank just in case I got flatlined so that Chin wouldn't get it all.  I 
    finally had all the wealth I could possibly need.  Money would no longer be 
    a concern for me.
    	I was ready to leave Chiba once and for all and start living the good 
    live, when I thought about the AIs and how they were trying to control the 
    Matrix.  I had a chance to do some good here, some real good.  And I had 
    accumulated quite a bit of power as well as wealth.  I might be the last 
    hope for cyberspace, and I couldn't let it go.  I would try to destroy the 
    scheming AIs and keep cyberspace safe for cowboys.
    	Now that I had the cash, I could afford the security pass for 
    Sense/Net that Lupus was selling in the Panther Modern's meeting room.  The 
    four thousand credits he charged no longer had any meaning to me.  I went 
    to Sense/Net and jacked into cyberspace before the security robot could kick 
    me out.  I arrived in Zone 4 in front of the Sense/Net database and went 
    in.  There I found the numbers of several ROM constructs that could be 
    checked out at Sense/Net.  I got the number for ROMBO, 5521426, and left 
    the database.
    	The only other database in the zone was Gridpoint, a cowboy hangout, 
    which contained thunderhead 3.0, hammer 5.0, armorall 2.0, and a program 
    which would temporarily stun the ICE called jammies 3.0.  At lower levels, 
    jammies didn't work too effectively, but 3.0 could be used to get in a few 
    free shots before the ICE attacked.  I left cyberspace and gave the 
    security pass to the security monitor in Sense/Net.  It gave me access to 
    the ROM construct library, and I checked out ROMBO with the number I had 
    learned in the Sense/Net database.  I plugged my ROM construct into my 
    Samurai Seven and went back to freeside.
    	The other main bank on Freeside was Bank Gemeinschaft.  There was a 
    warning on the outside saying that intruders into the vault would be 
    terminated.  I laughed to myself at the warning knowing that I had the 
    vault code, BG1066.  There wasn't anything else in the vault but a cyberjack, 
    so I logged in.
    	I arrived in Zone 5, which contained five databases.  Two of the bases 
    were banks, Bank Gemeinschaft and Bank of Zurich Orbital, and I had been to 
    the highest levels in both of those, so there was no reason to go to either 
    of them.  Bell Europa, another database, didn't contain much of value and 
    could easily have been skipped.  The most useful were Nihilist at 416,368 
    and I.N.S.A. and 448,320.  Both contained valuable warez that were 
    necessary for my survival in future combats.  Python 5.0 turned out to be 
    as potent a virus as I was to find the rest of the way, and I downloaded 
    several of them.  Slow 4.0 proved to be important as well, and with 
    armorall 3.0 I could restore my deck's shields to full power three times.  
    Satisfied that I had accomplished all that I could in this zone, I exited 
    cyberspace and left the Gemeinschaft vault.
    	I had now been everywhere in Chiba City and Zion and everywhere on 
    Freeside except the Villa Straylight.  So I went there hoping to find a 
    cyberjack and a way to destroy the AIs.  Little did I know that from here 
    on out, every database that remained contained an AI.
    	The Villa Straylight was a usual which contained a pedestal in the 
    middle of the room.  On the pedestal was a bust with ruby eyes which spoke 
    to me.  "In this room lies death, my friend.  This is the road to the land 
    of the dead.  Marie France, my lady, prepared this road, but her lord 
    choked her off...."
    	I tried to ignore it, but it wasn't easy to avoid its deathly stare.  
    The base of the pedestal contained a cyberjack.  I felt myself being of 
    energy as I remained in that room with the bust and knew that if I didn't 
    get out soon, I would fall unconscious.  So much was goin' on in my head 
    and the voice kept getting louder.  "Stay and become a ghost, a thing of 
    shadow in the land of the dead.  Keep me company.  Become a sphere of..."
    	I jacked into cyberspace and felt the rush of pure stat entering my 
    mind as I drifted into an alternate state of consciousness.  I found myself 
    in Zone 7.  Somehow, I had managed to skip Zone 6.  Knowing that I was not 
    yet prepared for the final zone, I searched for a way out of Zone 7.  
    Unable to find any breaks in the invisible barrier, I activated my ROM 
    construct, ROMBO, who turned out to be no help at all.  I had been to all 
    the locations around and there were no more cyberjacks.  He just verified 
    there were no ways out of Zone 7.  I had him analyze my software, but most 
    of them I already knew.  However, neither of us knew what Battle Chess 4.0 
    and KGB 1.0 were for.  ROMBO proved to be quite worthless and I'd suggest 
    you check out another ROM construct if you have the chance.  Hell, if I 
    don't survive, you might even find me in there.  Attempting to find a way 
    into Zone 6, I tried Battle Chess... nothing happened!  Then I tried KGB 
    1.0.  I started moving through cyberspace.  I had no control over where I 
    was going, and I soon passed on right through the barrier around Zone 7.
    	The program took me into Zone 6 and sent me straight toward a 
    database.  I had no idea what I was getting into, but I felt ready for the 
    challenge.  It turned out to be the KGB database (makes sense) guarded by 
    an AI named Lucifer.  The warez in this database were incredible, and I 
    felt certain that with these warez, I could crack any database.  It 
    contained slow 5.0, armorall 4.0, and depthcharge 8.0 just to named a few.
    	The only other database in Zone 6 was that of Maas Biolabs.  It was 
    guarded by an AI named Sangfroid whose weakness was Phenomenology.  There 
    were no warez inside the base, but there was a way to unlock the front door 
    and turn off the alarm at Maas.  Since I had never been inside Maas 
    Biolabs, I thought I might get in now, but I was anxious to finish the task 
    at hand, and so I left Maas behind.  Besides Lupus had said that Maas is 
    protected by a poisonous gas, and to survive in there, you need to buy a 
    gas mask from Julius Deane, by asking him about hardware.  From the 
    reports, it seems you would have access to cybereyes, the equivalent of a 
    deck but with a little more RAM.  I personally was quite satisfied with my 
    Samurai Seven.
    	I exited cyberspace and found myself back in the Villa Straylight.  I 
    was getting weaker in there so I made my way to the exit.  The voice was 
    still talking in that lifeless, entrancing tone.  "...your consciousness 
    divided like beads of mercury..."
    	I fell to my hands and knees and crawled out of there with the last of 
    my strength.  I collapsed in the hallway outside.  A few hours passed 
    before I was back to full strength and I was able to debug all my warez.  
    When I had finished, I charged back into the Villa Straylight and jacked 
    into the final zone, Zone 7.  I was ready for it now.
    	The first database I went to was Phantom at 320,464.  The AI in there 
    was named Phantom; he was not hostile nor did he attack me.  In fact, it 
    seemed as though he wanted to play a game of chess.  Aha!  Battle Chess 
    4.0!  Perhaps he just wanted Battle Chess 4.0.  As soon as I sent him the 
    game he let me enter the base.  It seems he had once been a great chess 
    master, but had gone quite crazy.  He mentioned he had the program Turing 
    had made to destroy Greystoke, hemlock 1.0.  I left the Phantom database 
    then, confident that I could destroy one of the two most powerful AIs, 
    	Before I left Zone 7, however, to go kill Gretystoke, I checked out 
    the other two databases with probe.  The one at 432,464 was Allard 
    Technologies.  Neuromancer was in there, so I decided to pull out and wait 
    on that one.  I knew Neuromancer would be my toughest challenge, and I 
    wasn't ready for him yet.
    	The other database there was Tessier-Ashpool, which contained an AI 
    named Wintermute whose weakness was Sophistry.   I thought that Wintermute 
    might be easier than Gretystoke, even though I had hemlock 1.0, so I 
    decided to take out Wintermute.  Combats against these AIs were getting 
    tougher.  Sometimes they were so strong, their strength indicators went off 
    the chart.  But my skills were getting better, too.  It was a race to see 
    if my skills could advance quicker than they could increase their strength.  
    With Wintermute, the strongest ally of Neuromancer, gone, only Greystoke 
    and Neuromancer remained... I was confident.
    	I left cyberspace once and went to Musabori, where I jacked in.  I was 
    back in Zone 2 and the ICE around Musabori was easy to crack.  But when I 
    got through, Greystoke was waiting to greet me again.  This time I was 
    prepared for him though and I sent him a present, hemlock 1.0.  He had no 
    defense for this attack and fell apart before my very eyes.  Greystoke was 
    no more.  In the database was a program called Kuang Eleven 1.0.  ROMBO nor 
    I knew what it did, but I had a strong suspicion.  Since Greystoke and 
    Neuromancer were enemies, Greystoke was probably working a program to 
    destroy his adversary.  Kuang Eleven 1.0 might just be that program.  I 
    jacked out of cyberspace and went to the Cheap Hotel to sleep.  I wanted to 
    be fully aware for my confrontation with Neuromancer the next day.
    	So here I am, leaving this by my bed in case I don't come back to tell 
    about my victory over Neuromancer.  If I'm not so lucky, well, I hope this 
    account will be of use to somebody else someday so that cyberspace can 
    become a safe place for all.  Good luck!
    	Before I go, though, I want to tell you about the dream I had last 
    night.  In that dream I was on a deserted island, and my life was slowly 
    draining away.  I'd be dead soon if I didn't do something.  Without knowing 
    why, I used my AI skills, and after the third one I was able to escape.  I 
    escaped into cyberspace and Neuromancer was there.  My Kuang Eleven 1.0 
    hurt him but did not kill him and I still had to use skills to beat him.  I 
    don't know if this dream meant anything, or if any of it will come to pass, 
    but I'll remember it... just in case.
    				  Useful numbers
    Your BAMA I.D. Number:          056306118
    Larry Moe's I.D. Number:        062788138
    Account at Bank Gemeinschaft:   646328356481
    Account at Bozobank:            712345450134
    Account at Bank of Berne:       121519831200
    Authorization code for Berne:   LYMA1211MARZ
    Vault code for Gemeinschaft:    BG1066
    Dixie Flatline's Number:        0467839
    Toshiro's Number:               6905984
    Rombo's Number:                 5521426
    				  Skill Chips
    Name                            Person                  Use
    Coptalk                 Larry Moe               talk to cop at Donut World
    Evasion                 Lupus Yonderboy         run from AI combat
    Cryptology              Shiva                   decode encoded passwords
    Hardware Repair         Shiva                   fix decks with hardware failures
    Bargaining              Julius Deane            buy back body parts at a discount
    Philosophy              Julius Deane            AI combat skill
    Phenomenology           Julius Deane            AI combat skill
    Psychoanalysis          Julius Deane            AI weakness detector
    Icebreaking             Finn                    makes ice easier to break
    Debug                   Finn                    fixes bugs in software
    Sophistry               Pong Monks              AI combat skill
    Zen                     Pong Monks              Heals you constitution in AI combat
    Logic                   Emperor Norton          AI combat skill
    Software Analysis       Emperor Norton          gives brief description of software
    Musicianship            Emperor Norton          play dub at Zion to reach Freeside
    			Places to go, people to meet
    Asano's (Asano) - Insult Crazy Edo and get reduced prices on hardware.
    Bank Gemeinschaft - Use security code BG1066 to enter vault.
    Bank of Berne (Secretary) - Tell her you want to open an account to enter 
    	the manager's office.
    Body Parts Store (Chin) - Buy and sell body parts; use Bargaining skill 
    	chip to get discounts.
    Chatsubo Bar (Ratz) - Use the PAX machine to pay bill and learn; how to 
    	earn 10,000 credits by sending I.D. number 056306118 to General                 
    	Armitage; about cryptology skill chip and Matrix Restaurant guest pass 
    	you can get from Shiva at the Gentleman Loser; your BAMA I.D. number 
    	is 056306118 from the banking information; link codes for Cheap Hotel, 
    	Regular Fellows, Consumer Review, Asano's, World Chess, IRS and 
    	Citizen's for a Free Matrix; Shin has your deck.
    Cheap Hotel - Buy caviar from room service to give to Crazy Edo for comlink 
    Crazy Edo's (Crazy Edo) - Trade the caviar for comlink 2.0.
    Donut World (Cop) - use coptalk skill levels 1 and 2 to find: the link code 
    	for the Chiba City Tactical Police database and encoded second level 
    	password snorskee; encoded second level Fuji password aburakkoi; 
    	encoded Sea password smeegldipo; that Shiva knows about the loser 
    Gentleman Loser (Shiva) - Get the cryptology skill chip and guest pass; buy 
    	Hardware Repair skill (optional) and ask about "loser" to get link 
    	code and password.
    House of Pong (Nolan) - Trade the joystick for Zen and Sophistry skill 
    Hitachi (Nurse) - Sell lungs for experiment.
    Hosaka - Pick up pay check.
    Larry's Microsofts (Larry Moe) - Buy Coptalk skill chip.
    Maas Biolabs (robot) - Use gas mask to survive guard virus and obtain 
    Massage Parlor (Akiko) - Buy information: the link code and password for 
    	the Panther Moderns and the link code for Bank of Zurich Orbital.
    Matrix Restaurant (Emperor Norton) - Buy Logic, Musicianship and Software 
    	Analysis skill chips; ask about "upgrade" to upgrade skills and learn 
    	passwords by asking about "password."
    Metro Holografix (Finn) - Get ICEbreaking and debugging skills; buy a 
    	joystick by asking about "joystick."
    Panther Moderns Meeting Room (Lupus Yonderboy) - Get security pass for 
    	Sense/Net, Evasion skill chip and bank code.
    Security Gate - Enter as Hitachi volunteer or as a Hosaka employee.
    Sense/Net (robot) - Give security pass and ROM construct I.D. number to get 
    	a ROM construct; Dixie Flatline: 0467839, Toshiro Mifune: 6905984, 
    	Rombo: 5521426.
    Shin's Pawn Shop (Shin) - Get UXB deck with comlink 1.0.  If you don't have 
    	the cash, you get it for free.
    Streetwalker - Learn where high tech locations are and the justice link 
    Warehouse (Julius Deane) - Get gas mask by asking about hardware, get 
    	Philosophy, Phenomenology, Psychoanalysis, and Bargaining skill chips; 
    	upgrade Cryptology skill; ask about Fuji, the encoded password is 
    	dumbo; Hosaka, the encoded password is vulcan; Musabori, the encode 
    	password is pleiades; Hitachi, the password is genesplice; Tozoku, the 
    	link code is yakuza.
    			     How to Get Each Comlink
    Comlink 1.0     Pick up deck (UXB) at Shin's Pawn Shop
    Comlink 2.0     Buy caviar from Cheap Hotel room service and trade it with      
    		Crazy Edo for comlink 2.0.
    Comlink 3.0     Visit the massage parlor and ask to buy some information.       
    		The first clue you receive has the link code and password for 
    		the Panther Moderns database where comlink 3.0 is           
    Comlink 4.0     It's at the SEA.  Ask for Modern Bob on the Panther Modern's 
    		message board for the link code.  Ask the cop at Donut World, 
    		using the coptalk skill from Larry Moe, for the encoded 
    		password.  Use cryptology level 2 to decode smeegldipo.
    Comlink 5.0     Using coptalk level 2 at Donut World, you learn that Shiva      
    		knows about the Loser database.  Ask shiva about loser.  She 
    		will give you the link code for the Easter Seabord Fission      
    		Authority.  Ask Emperor Norton at the Matrix Restaurant         
    		about "password" for the ESFA password.  Comlink 5.0 is at      
    		the ESFA.
    Comlink 6.0     Read the first message from the president of Hosaka.  It tells 
    		about a Japanese company named Tozoku which is running them 
    		out of business.  Since Julius Deane knows about Japanese 
    		companies, ask him about Tozoku.  He gives you the link code 
    		so you will need to use sequencer 1.0 for the password.  
    		Comlink 6.0 is at Tozoku.
    		      Databases Accessible By Comlinks
    Asano's Comlink 1.0 Required
    link code:      asanocomp
    passwords:      (1) customer (2) vendors (3) cyberspace only
    value:          learn link codes: fuji, musaborind, hosakacorp
    warez:          none
    coordinates:    16,112
    AI:             none
    Bank Gemeinschaft       Comlink 5.0 Required
    link code:      bankgemein
    passwords:      (1) eintritt (2) verboten
    value:          transfer 30,000 credit from account number 646328356481
    coordinates:    304,320
    AI:             none
    Bank of Zurich Orbital  Comlink 6.0 Required
    link code:      bozobank
    passwords:      no password, use sequencer
    value:          set up account number 712345450134
    warez:          none
    coordinates:    336,368
    AI:             none
    Central Justice Comlink 6.0 Required
    link code:      justice
    passwords:      no password, use sequencer
    value:          learn about justice system
    warez:          none
    coordinates:    416,112
    AI:             none
    Cheap Hotel     Comlink 6.0 Required
    link code:      cheapo
    passwords:      (1) guest (2) cockroach
    value:          pay/edit bill, order caviar from room service
    warez:          none
    coordinates:    112,112
    AI:             none
    Chiba City Tactical Police      Comlink 4.0 Required
    link code:      keisatsu
    passwords:      (1) warrants (2) supertac
    value:          put Larry Moe's name on warrant list and his I.D. number        
    warez:          none
    coordinates:    288,112
    AI:             none
    Citizens for a Free Matrix      Comlink 5.0 Required
    link code:      freematrix
    passwords:      (1) CFM (2) cyberspace only
    value:          none
    warez:          blammo 1.0 (all other software is incompatible with decks)
    coordinates:    352,112
    AI:             Sapphire (weakness: sophistry)
    Consumer Review         Comlink 1.0 Required
    link code:      consumerev
    passwords:      (1) review (2) cyberspace only
    value:          learn about various decks and cyberspace capability
    coordinates:    32,64
    AI:             none
    Copenhagen University   Comlink 6.0 Required
    link code:      brainstorm
    passwords:      (1) perilous (2) cyberspace only
    value:          learn best icebreaking programs: good - hammer, decoder,        
    		blowtorch; better - drill, door stop; best - logic bomb,        
    		concrete, depthcharge
    warez:          probe 4.0 (level 2), jammies 1.0 (level 2), doorstop 1.0         
    		(level 2)
    coordinates:    320,32
    AI:             none
    Eastern Seaboard Fission Authority      Comlink 4.0 Required
    link code:      eastseabod
    passwords:      (1) longisland (2) cyberspace only
    value:          get comlink 5.0, learn "loser" password, learn Finn has a       
    warez:          comlink 5.0, thunderhead 2.0
    coordinates:    384,32
    AI:             none
    Fuji Electric           Comlink 3.0 Required
    link code:      fuji
    passwords:      (1) romcards (2) uchikatsu
    value:          learn Larry Moe's I.D. number 062788138
    warez:          none
    coordinates:    112,240
    AI:             none
    Gentleman Loser Comlink 4.0 Required
    link code:      loser
    passwords:      (1) wilson (2) loser (3) cyberspace only
    value:          learn eastern seaboard link code; eastseabod, learn encoded 
    		second level password for bankgemein -> einhoven
    warez:          blowtorch 1.0, hammer 1.0, probe 3.0, slow 1.0 (level 2),       
    		injector 1.0 (level 2), drill 1.0 (level 2); all other  
    		software is incompatible
    coordinates:    416,64
    AI:             none
    Hitachi Biotech         Comlink 3.0 Required
    link code:      hitachibio
    passwords:      (1) genesplice (2) biotech
    value:          text
    warez:          none
    coordinates:    32,192
    AI:             none
    Hosaka  Comlink 5.0 Required
    link code:      hosakacorp
    passwords:      (1) biosoft (2) fungeki (3) cyberspace only
    value:          employ self to enter hi-tech zone and get money, upload         
    		comlink 6.0 for credits, learn about tozoku imports and yakuza
    warez:          comlink 5.0, slow 2.0 (level 2), hammer 4.0 (level 2),
    		concrete 1.0 (level 2), mimic 2.0 (level 2), injector 2.0
    		(level 2)
    coordinates:    144,160
    AI:             none
    IRS             Comlink 3.0 Required
    link code:      irs
    passwords:      (1) taxinfo (2) audit (3) cyberspace only
    value:          text
    warez:          jammies 1.0 (level 3), hammer 2.0 (level 3), mimic 1.0  
    		(level 3)
    coordinates:    272,64
    Musabori                Comlink 5.0 Required
    link code:      musaborind
    passwords:      (1) subaru (2) cyberspace only
    value:          text, AI message buffer (level 3)
    warez:          kuang eleven 1.0 (level 3)
    coordinates:    208,208
    AI:             Greystoke (weakness: hemlock 1.0)
    NASA            Comlink 6.0 Required
    link code:      voyager
    passwords:      (1) apollo (2) cyberspace only
    value:          text, AI message buffer
    warez:          python 2.0, blowtorch 4.0, decoder 4.0
    coordinates:    448,32
    AI:             Hal (weakness: logic)
    Panther Moderns Comlink 2.0 Required
    link code:      chaos
    passwords:      (1) mainline (2) cyberspace only
    value:          earn about Lupus and Gemeinschaft, get comlink 3.0, learn       
    		link codes from Modern Bob for sea and Hitachi
    warez:          comlink 3.0, blowtorch 3.0 (level 2), decoder 2.0 (level 2), 
    		thunderhead 1.0 (level 2); all other software is incompatible
    coordinates:    224,112
    AI:             none
    Psychologist            Comlink 1.0 Required
    link code:      psycho
    passwords:      (1) new mo (2) babylon (3) cyberspace only
    value:          see yakuza, AI message buffer (level 3)
    warez:          none
    coordinates:    96,32
    AI:             Chrome (weakness: philosophy)
    Regular Fellows Comlink 1.0 Required
    link code:      regfellow
    passwords:      (1) visitor (2) cyberspace only
    value:          learn second level password for Cheap Hotel, learn how to       
    		use Scout 1.0
    warez:          scout 1.0, battle chess 2.0, probe 3.0 (level 2); all other 
    		software is incompatible
    AI:             none
    Software Enforcement Agency      Comlink 3.0 Required
    link code:      soften
    passwords:      (1) permafrost (2) cyberspace only
    value:          get comlink 4.0, upgrade coptalk to level 2, upgrade coptalk 
    		to level 4 (level 2 access)
    warez:          comlink 4.0, sequencer 1.0, thunderhead 2.0 (level 2)
    coordinates:    352,64
    AI:             none
    Tozoku Imports          Comlink 5.0 Required
    link code:      yakuza
    passwords:      (1) yak (2) cyberspace only
    value:          get comlink 6.0
    warez:          comlink 6.0, blowtorch 1.0, decoder 1.0, blowtorch 3.0  
    		(level 2), drill 2.0 (level 2), acid 1.0 (level 2)
    coordinates:    480,80
    AI:             none
    World Chess             Comlink 1.0 Required
    link code:      world chess
    passwords:      (1) novice (2) member (3) cyberspace only
    value:          earn 550 credits playing chess, AI message buffer (level 3)
    coordinates:    160,80
    AI:             Morphy (weakness: logic)
    		Databases Accessible Through Cyberspace Only
    Allard Technologies
    value:          use 3 AI skills to escape island/prison
    warez:          none
    coordinates:    432,464
    AI:             Neuromancer (weakness: kuang eleven 1.0)
    Bank of Berne
    value:          transfer 500,000 credits to bozobank account number:            
    warez:          slow 3.0, probe 10.0, armorall 1.0
    coordinates:    336,160
    AI:             Gold (weakness: philosophy)
    Bell Europa
    value:          text
    warez:          thunderhead 4.0, acid 5.0
    coordinates:    384,288
    AI:             none
    value:          text
    warez:          thunderhead 3.0, injector 3.0, jammies 2.0, concrete 2.0,       
    		drill 3.0
    coordinates:    336,240
    AI:             none
    Free Sex Union
    value:          text
    warez:          none
    coordinates:    288,208
    AI:             Xaviera (weakness: phenomenology)
    value:          text
    warez:          thunderhead 3.0, injector 3.0, jammies 3.0, hammer 5.0,         
    		armorall 2.0
    coordinates:    160,320
    AI:             none
    value:          text
    warez:          injector 5.0, armorall 3.0, hammer 6.0, doorstop 4.0, logic 
    		bomb 3.0
    coordinates:    448,320
    AI:             none
    value:          text
    warez:          slow 5.0, jammies 4.0, armorall 4.0, injector 5.0, probe        
    		15.0, concrete 5.0, logic bomb 6.0, depth charge 8.0
    coordinates:    112,416
    AI:             Lucifer (weakness: logic)
    Maas Biolabs
    value:          unlock door to lab, turn off alarm
    warez:          none
    coordinates:    112,480
    AI:             Sangfroid (weakness: phenomenology)
    value:          text
    warez:          python 5.0, acid 3.0, slow 4.0, logic bomb 3.0
    coordinates:    416,368
    AI:             none
    value:          has program to destroy Greystoke
    warez:          hemlock 1.0
    coordinates:    320,464
    AI:             Phantom (weakness: logic or Battle Chess 4.0)
    Screaming Fist
    value:          text
    warez:          KGB 1.0, easy rider 1.0, python 3.0, slow 3.0, armorall 1.0, 
    		depthcharge 3.0
    coordinates:    464,160
    AI:             none
    value:          learn ROM construct I.D. numbers:  Dixie Flatline - 0467839, 
    		Rombo - 5521426, Toshiro Mifune - 6905984
    warez:          none
    coordinates:    48,320
    AI:             none
    value:          text
    warez:          none
    coordinates:    384,416
    AI:             Wintermute (weakness: sophistry)
    Turing Registry
    value:          learn about AIs, upgrade AI combat skills to 5, upgrade
    		psychoanalysis to 4
    warez:          none
    coordinates:    432,240
    AI:             none

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