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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ASchultz

    Version: 1.0.0 | Updated: 02/04/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Dark Heart of Uukrul FAQ/Walkthrough(Apple/PC)
    Version 1.0.0
    by Andrew Schultz schultz.andrew@sbcglobal.net
    Please do not reproduce for profit without my consent. You won't be getting 
    much profit anyway, but that's not the point. This took time and effort, and 
    I just wanted to save a memory of an old game and the odd solutions any way I 
    could. Please send me an email referring to me and this guide by name if 
    you'd like to post it on your site.
    This walkthrough is accompanied by maps I sent to GameFAQs.com. It assumes 
    you have access to them. You can have one browser/text editor open with this 
    FAQ and another browser/MSPaint open with the PNG of the current area you are 
    DHoU is a nontrivial game, and as such, some walkthroughs may work better 
    than others. Mine focuses on character building and I just show the how and 
    not the why. So I encourage you to look around to understand the game more 
    deeply. Lee Beng Hai has a good one at gamefaqs, and in addition to Beng 
    Hai's walkthrough, I also recommend the walkthrough at
    Great references that helped me:
        1-1. APPLE VERSION
        1-2. PC VERSION
        2-1. MOVING AROUND
        2-2. COMBAT
      4. BASIC MAP
        5-1. INTRO
        5-2. SHOPS
        5-3. CAVES
        5-4. TEMPLE
        5-5. ARCHIVES
          5-6-1. SIDE TRIPS
          5-6-2. MAIN LINE
          5-6-3. BIG CAVERNS, BIG MONEY, I LOVE IT
        5-7. QUEER MAZE
        5-8. RHOMBUS(KAURI)
        5-9. URN MAZE
        5-10. PYRAMID
        5-11. HAMMER
        5-12. CUBE
        5-13. URQASTUR
        5-14. PALACE
        5-15. CHAOS
      5. GAME TEXT
      6. CHEATS
      7. VERSIONS
      8. CREDITS
    Dark Heart of Uukrul(DHoU) is certainly a challenging game! Perhaps it throws 
    too much at you at once. You need to be efficient with improving your party 
    and some of the puzzles are real mindbenders. Worse yet, the PC doesn't let 
    you edit the save-game file, although it does, a lot, without you knowing it. 
    So if you know emulation I recommend the Apple version, where the graphics 
    aren't quite as good and there are a few other bugs, but overall it's easier 
    to work through, especially since you can crank up the speed.
        1-1. APPLE VERSION
    ftp.apple.asimov.net/pub/apple_II/images/games/rpg has the images. Use 
    7zip(freeware) to decompress.
    http://applewin.berlios.de has the AppleWin application, which includes save 
    states. Save states seem necessary if you want to cheat. The boot disk and 
    character/archive disks can get corrupted if you byte edit but if you have a 
    save state, just copy/decompress the originals back to your disks and keep 
        1-2. PC VERSION
    www.the-underdogs.info had the PC version. Now abandonia does.
    http://dosbox.sourceforge.net has DosBox, which allows you to play the game 
    in a window. Unfortunately you can't speed it up. You can set the delay to 
    zero in combat.
    One thing to note about creating characters and parties is that they go to a 
    file named XXX.IMG and its backup XXX.GMI. You can specify a game to play by 
    uukrul PartyName
    And, of course, you can copy the IMG and GMI files so that you have permanent 
    backups of critical areas.
      2. CONTROLS
    Nothing fancy here. Arrows turn or let you go forward.
    Sanctuaries automatically level you up, though to make 2 levels in a row 
    (which is nearly impossible without cheating) you need to exit and return.
        2-2. COMBAT
    The game saves every time you start a combat. It saves the group type but not 
    the group. It also saves if someone gets killed in combat, so if you're 
    getting whomped, then cut out.
    You can restart the game a few times to get a good deal. Examples are:
    1) by an exit if you're weak(you'll be kicked back a square--if you don't see 
    any text when combat starts, it's random. If you do, it probably isn't. 
    Fleeing is easy-- (R) when next to a door)
    2) wizard/priest behind, fighter/paladin in front, with enemies all on one 
    3) how your party is ordered in a box
    Combat is in two parts: moving and attacking. In moving, everyone in your 
    party can move one square. Enemies may move more than one. You can hit the 
    space bar to move between players. Having a back-rank player move can force 
    the enemies' hand, but it's pretty random who moves when. Enemies themselves 
    seem to move randomly, and although they probably have the initiative, they 
    don't take full advantage of it.
    The key against a non-magic enemy is forming a "bucket" or tight diamond when 
    you have more players than your enemy and backing against a wall when you 
    have fewer. I got psyched out by thinking you were able to attack diagonally 
    since you could move that way.
    Obviously when an enemy is a spell caster, you need to attack him right away, 
    and in this case, the bucket is not so effective--it is still not necessarily 
    best to move so someone is attacking him, because you can and should take 
    risks in combat.
    Some tips:
    --when identical enemies move/cast spells, watch which bar matches with which 
    --protect a weak spellcaster if he's damaged. Weak fighter? You're probably 
    --give kill experience to whoever needs it if it's a big fight
    Here's what I used. It's not critical but you want a pious priest, smart 
    and strong fighter and paladin. I don't know if this is optimal.
    Fighter 1-1-2-1
    Paladin 1-2-2-2
    Priest 1-2-1-2
    Mage 4-2-3-4
    You need to be reasonably efficient finding things as food can slip away 
    quickly. So you want to backup-save in the sanctuaries ASAP. You may even 
    want to run through an area twice to begin.
        3-2. EXPERIENCE
    The level chart holds for all classes.
    Lvl|    Exp
    2  |    500
    3  |   1800
    4  |   4500
    5  |   9000
    6  |  17000
    7  |  28000
    8  |  45000
    9  |  70000
    10 | 110000
    11 | 150000
    12 | 200000
    13 | 260000
    14 | 330000
    15 | 430000
    There's no strict formula for how much is needed til the next level. You 
    cannot advance past level 15. Experience for fights decreases as you get 
    better, a sort of double whammy, but experience is also based on who does how 
    much. But there are always critical fights you can recycle. You can also go 
    non-magic for more experience, as how long the fight is affects experience, 
    One thing to realize is that just finding stuff gives experience. In fact, 
    the game gives extra experience to anyone when gold is just lying around. 
    Also there's experience for getting a heart or putting it in the urn, or for 
    other quests.
    I'm not sure how max magic points are calculated but at level 13 my priest 
    had 98 and at 14 my wizard had 144. So call it 7x and 10x.
        3-3. MAGIC WITH LEVEL
     9 gold fire, gold knowledge, gold frost
    10 platinum heal
    11 platinum knowledge, gold protection
    12 platinum fire
    13 platinum frost, crystal knowledge
    14 platinum protection
        3-4. PRIEST WITH LEVEL
     9 Ufthu platinum
    10 Drutho gold
    11 Fsofth gold
    12 crystal Ufthu, platinum Golthur
      (also, club of holy power)
    13 Drutho platinum
        4-1. MAP BASED ON FILES
    Map based on the files (*=heart here) that relates to game progress and not 
    the details of moving:
      - mzintro(urtas)
        >urlasar                       priest +          magician +
      - mzshops(borasal)* detour > mzcross(boramis) > mzcircle(alariq)
      - mzcaves (sagaris) detour > mzcircle*
        > urlusam
      - mzcavrn1/2
        > urran
      - mzqueer* detour > melas(medal of return)
                 detour > kiriya's heart
        > urshas
      - mzkauri, the rhombus*
        > ureal
      - mzurn: get to the urn
        > urtehln
      - mzpyramid*
        > urzhut
      - mzhammer 2/1
        > urqol
      - mzcube*
        > urqastur
      - mzlegion*
        > urloqamn
      - mzpalac 1-2-3 *
        > urksazel
      - mzchaos
        > chaos
        > beacon
        4-2. BIG EVENTS
    --pass the intro
    --visit west of shops for gold
    --pass the shops
    --get the keys in the caves and beat the thieves for gold, the spies for 
    experience. Get to urlusam portal, before the caverns.
    --go from shops to temple at level 4. Visit all gods. Visit Boramis portal
    --visit Alariq portal. see archives for mage promotion.
    --take path from shops to cross to crypt. Get iron key and chrome key. Use 
    iron key in crypt for heart#1.
    --use chrome key by shops for heart #2.
    --visit the caverns. Get the iron key then chrome key, get great weapons, and 
    make it to the queer maze. Beat up on the wizard with the chrome key.
        5-1. INTRO
    First off, note it's not too tough to get to level 2. You get experience 
    points for doing the small things like finding a secret door, keys, gold and 
    so forth--the guy who performs the actions gets the most points. These add up 
    quickly to the 500 needed for level 1. However, you may also want to pile on 
    as much as you can at the start before visiting the first sanctuary. Each 
    first-time visit to a sanctuary heals your party. Obviously you don't want to 
    rely on this too much, but it's nice to have, and early on you should not 
    take too much damage. You may wish to save before entering the sanctuary in 
    case you fluff the codes.
    Go forward, trace the door with the staff, then go N* W 3N E and search south 
    for the secret door. Get the key inside it. Then go 2N W 4S 5W. There is a 
    grate to the north. You can open it with your key and go to the west where 
    you find another key after fighting some rats. Search the DL corner of the UL 
    room as well. If a room on the map doesn't have anything useful, it isn't. 
    Use the other key south of the first grate to find more treasure.
    You can drop the keys once you use them, and you know which you've used 
    because it won't have a ? by it. Also, the game tells you dropping critical 
    items would not be a wise idea. In general you don't want a lot of inventory 
    since it adds weight, and in fact, useless items like chalk, cloth and bones 
    should not be taken after fights.
    Back in the center, try the teleporter as well. It is in the NW corner and 
    gets you some free ointment, which is good in a pinch to heal after a battle, 
    and you can still sell it just before it runs out. You should be able to 
    clear this area without taking much damage. In the northeast there is also a 
    room with treasure and a well leading to a fight. Explore down there too.
    There is a sanctuary to the south, on the east walls. Enter it to heal. Go 
    south to the teleporter and type its name in. Do this every time you hit a 
    sanctuary and/or see a teleporter. You can't teleport to a teleporter til you 
    used it, but fortunately you can use it to go to itself.
    East of the sanctuary is a big room with six doors. Each is worth looking 
    through, though some loop to each other.
    The NW is pretty much a trade of food for 1 copper and some experience. Why 
    The SW door leads to a fight, but you'll come back here after you go through 
    the SE-S anyway.
    The NE holds some good fights and treasure. Take the north door and go along 
    and after the bats fight , E S and search west. Save before entering each 
    room but at the end you have some nice treasure. Exit along the west walls 
    and maybe you'll get a few more fights to help pump up your experience. Don't 
    hang around, though.
    The SE-S door has a fight, E S E and get the treasure. Then exit to a 
    corridor. You'll hit spinners now, but they're less tricky than the Bard's 
    Tale kind. They only spin you around once. So use the compass to find the way 
    you want to go, in this case W 2S(spinner--rotate til you see the long 
    hallway) 2W (spinner--with a wall 1 ahead, turn left) 2N and search the east 
    wall. Get the treasure and go back out as you came but take the door to 
    leave. You'll come up through the SW.
    The SE-E door leads to a stair and a door. Behind the next there is a wolf. 
    Save the game and back up your save file! This fight can be lethal. Be sure 
    to have your party stay back so you can use AMRAS a lot. RALKOR may 
    boomerang. Get the boodle in the SE and to the west and continue on the 
    passage. Mara will greet you, and eventually you will walk into another 
    sanctuary. You may be close to level 2 right now and in fact there is a fight 
    just beyond--answer 2) and you have a winnable lucrative fight with stairs to 
    Your party should be level 2, and if one member isn't, pick off fights below 
    when someone passes 500. It's worthwhile to come back to a sanctuary after 
    gaining a level, as your advanced character is automatically healed and 
    Note that if anyone gets weak, you may wish to retreat to a sanctuary and 
        5-2. SHOPS
    My rules for buying items is to wait until the best ones are available. 
    You'll be finding treasure you can sell, and you haven't met Sagaris yet, so 
    you can't identify a lot. However, you can definitely get started.
    After the second sanctuary the path forks right(west) and left (east.) If you 
    need to fix an item--though your fighters should have backup items--go 
    left/east and E 3N from the big room, there's a forge. It'll repair broken 
    Go west and follow until you go N W S and see stairs to the left. They may 
    make your map look odd, since the squares to the east have been mapped. 
    That'll happen a lot in this game. Take time to stare at my maps.
    Take the stairs and go straight. N 3E S E* stopping short of the third door. 
    There may be random fights but they should not be too bad. N and search for a 
    door and look for a lever. Get the gem behind it.
    Now go back to the start but go right. The forge is in the west of the center 
    building. Fix what items you can. Sell items on the east. Keep your food 
    above 200, but if and when you are able to, buy greaves, steel boots and iron 
    gauntlets for your guys in front. Unfortunately not much of this will trickle 
    down to your priest and wizard. The mage cap helps regenerate spell points.
    In general, check your gold and get the best of any one armor type once it's 
    available. You'll be coming back here for food a lot. Also, 4E 2N from the NE 
    to hit the teleportal.
    Go back 1S W 3N 3W 2S 2W for gold then E S 2W 2N 2E N W for more. Now you 
    have a tough but useful fight if you go to the north bit and back down--surly 
    villagers. Use all your spells because a sanctuary is next.
    Retreat S of the teleportal and go E* N*(the hospice may be useful but back 
    up your save files so the guild/mausoleum aren't) and go east. Cast SHUM when 
    needed to go S* E* N 2W(you'll take damage) and get an item and go E* S W* N* 
    which leads to another sanctuary and free healing.
    Now, there are a few exits I haven't covered, as one leads to the cross area. 
    You're not ready for that, so it's best to go to the caves. This is a tricky 
    area but it has the first repetitive fight that you can milk to get your 
    players good.
        5-3. CAVES
          5-3-1. BRASS KEY FIGHT
    You'll take some damage chasing a spy--no big deal there. Go east for another 
    message from Mara. W/S is a fight with bats, but that's no big deal. You will 
    be concerned with one big important fight that can keep popping up. N W 3N 5E 
    N* E N W* S* W. Two guys. They don't have magic attacks and more importantly 
    they don't coordinate. Surround one at a time and then force the other into a 
    corner and beat him down. Use AMRAS a lot. Remember to kill the fight if it 
    doesn't work out.
    On winning, you will see a brass key. Don't take it. If you don't, the fight 
    reappears. You cannot drop the key later to get the fight back. The key opens 
    a gate to a spell book which is not critical early on.
    Return to the sanctuary and buy food from the shops as necessary(and items--
    start with the best ones and move down, since the game lets you know what you 
    can use) until you hit level 4 for your fighters. As experience goes down, 
    money doesn't, but unfortunately when you get to level 4, the enemies aren't 
    worth much. You'll also want to poke around the caves if you get bored of the 
    enemies. The ointments work very well to heal and continue, so you don't have 
    to waste food.
    So let's look into the rest of the caves.
          5-3-2. THE REST OF THE CAVES
    From the shops teleportal, E* 6S 5E N W 3N E* N 3E and it branches.
    E* 2S E 3N W leads to a big fight with a worm. Keep away and RALKOR and 
    AMRAS. Then 2W 3N for treasure. 3S 3E 3S 2W and you can go N 2W S 2W S for a 
    fight withrats, or 2S W search-S 3S.
    From the branch S* 3E 3S E* S W S W 4S. You may fight some thieves on your 
    way to the center. This little maze is in the shape of a key. E* and choose 
    option 3--search for the handle--to get a chrome key. The others kick you to 
    a pit, and you can't choose the right option next time.
    From the brass key fight, E N 2W N* W S* climb down N W climb up W* S and 
    open the gate with a chrome key. 3S and you may fight enemies.
    Now you need to buy ointment, unless you have some left over, as you will 
    have brusing fights with thieves. You may even want to reshuffle to leave 
    your spellcasters at the back. S* E* N and a big fight, then 2W 2E and heal 
    up. Another big fight outside the door.
    Here you may finally want to get the brass key, and you probably want to get 
    your priest to level 4 for the next bit, so do some last minute fighting. 
    There'll be better combats later, but the gold is good in a pinch.
    But to get the treasure, E N W* climb, use brass key, climb down, and get the 
    book. This may cause you to take damage, so save before.
    After this, you should be able to work through fights to get to the SAGARIS 
    teleportal. Sagaris is the old man you should trust at the end of this trek.
          5-3-3. CAVERNS DETOUR
    2N 2W 3S 2E 2S W* S* for treasure. 2N W N 3W 2S for more. N W 2N E 2N W S W 
    and save. Jump over the hole. W* S* for treasure. 2N E* for more. Don't worry 
    if you're injured/poisoned. You can hold out. N* E* S* E N E N 2E 2N 2W 2S E 
    to the new sanctuary. 2S and type URLUSAM to register it and then type 
          5-3-4. THE REST OF IT
    N* 3E S W S* 2W S* 3E 3S 2E 2S W* N* 2E N E N E S* leads to the "circle" 
    area. 4S 2E N 2E 3S W 2S W* 2S E* and you are at a teleportal. You've 
    completed the caves area. Now say BORASAL to get back to the shops area.
        5-4. TEMPLE
    From the BORASAL teleporter S W 3N(we'll get to that grate later) 2W S E 2S 
    W* 3N 2E N (the map tells which god is where) 2E 3S. This leads to a cross 
    area. The temples of the four gods are here. At level 4 you should have 
    enough for your priest to get a better ring from each one.
    Take the first passage south and Fsofth is west, Drutho east, Ufthu north and 
    Golthur south. Touch base with these gods to improve your priest. After 
    visiting Golthur go N W S and go east to activate the Boramis teleportal. 
    Then back west. The path winds S W S E and you will enter the archives.
    Note there is a secret door behind Fsofth's and Ufthu's altars. They need 3 
    and 4 HOYAMOQs, respectively. The second has a good fight beyond your means 
    right now. You can't get past the secret doors yet, so don't worry.
        5-5. ARCHIVES
    On a passage north, a door west leads to teleport Alariq. Activate it. Then W 
    S E* to the Archives. Keep entering until you don't get a ring. Check the 
    passages north and south. The east one has a secret door you need the 
    powerful BELAMOQ(??) to open. If you don't have 44 charisma, don't worry. 
    It'll be there later.
    Now when you gain a level you can find where to advance fairly quickly. 
    ALARIQ gets you your mage's new levels, and BORAMIS gets you your priest's.
          5-5-1. REDUX FOR HEARTS
    Teleport to BORAMIS to save time and go W N at the first turn, then east 
    after you pass the cross. Follow the passage. Stay in a corner and turn-
    undead with the fights that come up. When someone senses great evil, save the 
    game. Go on, and there is a spinner. Face west, go west and open the secret 
    door for treasure. Face south to get more treasure, then go north. 1W is 
    another spinner where all views look identical no matter which way you 
    turn...except for the doorknobs. The left of the two with the knob on the 
    left faces north. Spin around until you get where you want.
    South leads you to some treasure. So does west. Go north, then west on the 
    spinner. There'll be dots like so:
     .      .
    Then N W 2S W. A fight is N for the iron key, then 2S E(secret door, search 
    and force) 3N E S E brings you back.
    Face S then go W S E S 2W 3S for the Chrome Key. Back to the spinner, N 2E 2S 
    and face S. 2S E. Use the iron key. E 2N and search E. HOYAMOQ/BELAMOQ 
    work(use the less expensive one--less power used overall) and E S to get the 
    first stone heart. You need six of them.
    Retreat to the BORAMIS teleport, use BORASOL and S 2W 3N and use the chrome 
    key. Drop it and the iron key. Go past the door in the corridor, and when you 
    have space to the left, save the game. Search north. HOYAMOQ 4 times again 
    works, and behind there you have another heart. You can leave these guys in 
    the chambers so that they don't take up weight in your inventory. Just 
    remember where you left them--you can use the "drop" command.
    Your grunt work in the shops is complete but you can return after every level 
    you gain(less encumbrance, better armor) and after finding some good weapons 
    or getting them broken. You should never get low on money, either. Treasure 
    should always be around.
        5-6. THE CAVERNS
          5-6-1. BULKING UP
    Teleport to URLUSAM and go east from the sanctuary. N* W* 3S W 2N W N W N* 
    and fight the giant spider. Back up and use magic on it. An iron key is 1N. 
    4W N and use the key on the door. The map shows two squares--E S E and search 
    north and force your way through for money, N E. Exit. Return to the opening 
    N* E N E* and go east when you can, nudging S/N when necessary. Eventually 
    you will need to go W, then 2E 2S E* S 2E S (door to the second area) E 2S 
    leads to a fight. This is one where you can keep beating the enemy til you 
    get tired of it and pump up your gold. The wizard may cast spells, but he is 
    easier to pin down, so you can beat him more quickly. He has a chrome key. 
    Once you take it, go S 3E 3S 2E from the main hall, search north, climb and 
    use the chrome key for magic chain.
    Climb down, S 2E S 3E 4N 2W 3N 4E 2N for a fight, with a longsword just 
    beyond. It's a good weapon, so it's worth it.
    Stop by the shops for a sacred targe here. There's not much more magic stuff 
    to buy, as your party can't carry the weight for it.
    Random fights also pay off well here, so running out of food/money is not a 
    huge deal.
          5-6-2. RUNNING THROUGH
    You should be able to run across without TOO much trouble, though you may 
    wish for your party to be fully healed first. Having the chain helps too. 
    There are some useful places with treasure. You can save and backup files, or 
    just blast enemies that come across you.
    S 9E N* is a secret door. 5E of there is another you need to force open. Keep 
    pushing east through another door, then S* E* at a wall. A bronze key is 
    behind a fight. Retreat and go NE. Go through the north door. N E N E S E S 
    2E fight E N and get a shield. Retreat through two doors. S E* S E* to a new 
    area. This is Urran.
    E* 2N W 2N E* to a sanctuary. See the URRAS/URRAN teleportal, and now you can 
    return and go through the first part again.
          5-6-3. GETTING SAGARIS'S WAND
    From the first door in the caverns, S E S E S E S E 3S W S 2W N W 2S 3E S 4W 
    N (secret door you should find a latch to) W to a teleportal.
    Technically you don't have to find a key to win this. However, it's useful...
    C A D C
    2S 2E (key) W S W (secret door) W 2N W* 3S
    Apple: E S E and answer FAITH.
    PC: say FAITH at the door to enter. E S E
    Reach into the pool and walk west. Sagaris's wand is 1N.
    Back to the teleportal, ? B C puts you back to 1, though you can go ? D back 
    to 4 and open the grates if you want. That's how you'd see everything.
    The wand allows you to see translations immediately. Very useful--but do 
    forget to save after using it. It has limited uses.
          5-6-4. MISCELLANY IN CAVERNS
    Turn the tap counterclockwise 2W1S of the door just before the chrome key.
        5-7. URRAN/QUEER MAZE
    This is pretty noxious even with a maze. The first 5x5 room has some nasty 
    traps. Do not go in the SE doors. They are a trap and an infinite loop. The 
    NW doors make an infinite passage, but you can retreat from them.
    From the sanctuary, E into a big room. 2E 2N(if you're worried about losing 
    direction walk along the side) and 3N. A spinner. Face north and enter the 
    elevator. Use it, exit, 2S 4W and return.
    Now it is critical for later to visit the Melas portal to have a way out of 
    sticky situations. Approach that from the E door in the NE. Follow the 
    passage NE, W, SW. You will enter a room with mines. Clue maps in the area 
    show where some but not all mines are. Overlap them and here is the maze:
    .*  *
    Stray from the path and get zapped. But if you go through okay, exit south 
    and go SW and get a medal in the west of the room. It lets you return here. 
    Say URRAN from the Melas portal to go back to the start. Then floor it east--
    though you can take a detour to the rooms 1N for a good experience fight and 
    some items.
    East from the center leads to another 5x5 room but this one is simpler. Most 
    doors flip you to the other side ofthis room. But take the S passage and go 
    E* for an Ornate Key. Return to the room and in the NW go W N E. Oh goody, 
    another room. 2N W* for money then E* for a good item. N* from the center and 
    use the ornate key to get Kiriya's mirror. Any option should wake the 
    sleeper. ??
    Return to the center of the room and floor it 50 or so squares east. That 
    gets you to the next area.
    This is a mirrored area with many recurring fights and a couple one-shot 
    deals that will boost you. A six-square room gives continual two-spider 
    fights that can give an emergency cash injection. Once you can win this 
    regularly, you have a middle-class respectability of sorts.
    Follow the past east, then north. A book is in the first room back west, 
    money the second. West through the door then N 2W N W 2S gets you a fight 
    with a Moa. These guys are tough, but it's best to hit them with NO magic as 
    long as possible. They give tons of experience. I got 2727/1515/1515/3333.
    You can get pretty high levels by just fighting spiders in the next room 
    over, too. Exit and return, and so do they. You can get to a new level--you 
    may need to heal a lot til your mage gets to level 7, because of all the 
    poison. Once he gets to level 7, you can cure poison.
    The next tricky part is jumping across. It's possible to walk through with 
    minimal damage. W 2N W N W N 2W 2N W N 2W 2N. Now you can walk around the 
    Kretakor. You do not want to attack it physically, because it crumbles your 
    weapons. Thankfully, it's rather stupid and slow. It generally casts spells 
    to heal itself.
    W 2S W* 2S 2W S E S W 2S (spider fight) E 2S W S 2W 2N W and follow the path. 
    The first door has gold, but W* N* 2E N E* but go S at the door in the 2x2 
    room, then E. You are at the UREAL sanctuary.
    Now you can either return to URSHAS, or backtrack for another Moa fight: S 2E 
    S E 2N. Again, tTry winning without magic for extra experience. S E gives 
    more spider fights. You can go NE to the top of the pyramid for more 
    Other recurring fights are at the extremes. You have four fights at the top 
    and bottom of the rhombus in rooms shaped
    You've already faced the Kretakor in the NE, but the Salamander in the NW and 
    SE, and another Kretakor in the SW, are useful. To beat the Kretakor, pray 
    with ?? and hit him with AMRASAKIM or better/worse. This obviously only works 
    if you have 50+ spell points, but he's good risk-free experience once you do. 
    However, it's also mage-heavy. Not that that's bad. Having an experienced 
    mage is great. But it's better just to fight a few salamanders, heal as 
    necessary (ointment is handy and you still get cash for each fight) and 
    This isn't critical to do too often. You will want to get to at least level 7 
    so you are comfortable with it. I got up to level 8 but didn't realize what 
    was around the corner in the Urn Maze after UREAL. It has some better fights, 
    and also, you will get 2500 experience for each stone heart you get rid of. 
    Through all this you want to make sure you've bought a mage cap (recharges 
    spell points) and a gold cross (zaps undead) along with lots of other good 
    stuff. Better items should pop up in the stores, too, as you work through 
    more of the game.
          5-8-2. GETTING THROUGH
    You want to go to the northern tip and when seeing the vision, cast KUURAOTH. 
    Note--this might not be possible yet, until level ??. So maybe come back to 
    it later.
    You also want to go to the southern tip past the salamander. S* in the 
    hallway and type 1 2 1 1 1 2 2 1 2. The room to the left/east holds a heart, 
    and the one to the right/west has a fight with a dragon. It's a tough one. I 
    recommend using the kill sword, which you can go back to Borasal to buy, and 
    if that doesn't work or if you used it already, wait for a few levels.
        5-9. URN MAZE
    Actually, I'm going to cheat here and just reveal the quick way through. From 
    UREAL, push forward. You'll go north from the east exit, then west past an 
    eyeball. North, then west, then north through a door. Go W N*. Search the 
    wall. Say "word" to advance. N 2W 2N W* 2S. Flip 1, 3, 4, 5, 8. E 2S 2E 2N W 
    N 2E S 2E. Insert four stone hearts. This gets ~2500 a heart on the apple but 
    ~4000 on the PC. 2W 2S W S to leave.
    3W 5S W N* (here on the Apple you switch disks, meaning you're halfway 
    through) 2E. The URTEHLN sanctuary. You probably got a few levels, too, so go 
    to ALARIQ and BORAMIS and all that.
        5-10. PYRAMID
    Public service announcement: the Melas medal is critical here, so if you 
    don't have it, backtrack to URRAN and get a medal. It's also useful in 
    fights, but you won't be trapped anywhere else in the course of solving the 
    Here the object is to find a bunch of cards. Each one you find lets you 
    ascend one more floor when you touch a copper hoop. The cards need to be with 
    your magician. By each copper hoop is a mapping puzzle that unlocks a card.
    For the first card, head east from Urtehln and look for a secret door. You 
    may want to save at the door so you can cast ALTIS. BELAMOQ/HOYAMOQ doesn't 
    work and I had trouble finding things.
    For the second card, exit east from the 3x3 room--N and W weaken a player. 
    There is a 3x3 set of small rooms in this big one. Go to the south one and 
    push 2-2 for card #2. You're stuck, but use a medal and get another one in 
    the enclave west of MELAS. Don't give the card to your magician yet. Teleport 
    back to URTEHLN and go up the shaft.
    Go back to the big room and push the following buttons to get four keys:
    E room 2-1
    N 2-1
    N 1-1
    E 1-2
    Give the card to your magician. Go in any direction from the hoop and 
    activate. Run in a 2-wide square loop to break open all the grates, then go 
    around the edges. To the north just be compassionate and the guy will give 
    you another stone heart. Choices don't seem to matter at all. There are cards 
    on the west and east edges. Get both of them and enter the hoop. Remember, 
    you didn't get one below.
    This next level is pretty silly. They've all been symmetrical and this 
    doesn't look it--but wait, there's a secret door that makes the top level a 
    small cross! The final card behind there gets you out of this. Use the ALTIS 
    spell three times.
    You may wish to be fully healed for the next bit, as there's a big fight for 
    a blood globe you don't specifically need, then the Urzhut sanctuary. It's 
    even worth retreating to the URTEHLN sanctuary to drop in a heart to boost a 
    level, to make sure.
    The globe reappears if you don't take it, but the fight with the six robed 
    men is tough. One is a Master Monk. I've gotten 6000 per player for this 
    fight. That got me to level 10 pretty easily. KUNLAZAR is very useful here. 
    Be sure to save and backup-save after each fight, which is pretty easy, since 
    the fight is 2W of the URZHUT sanctuary. You may wish to pile up potions for 
    mage energy here or, failing that, save before unlocking doors.
    After that is a pretty clear path. 2E 2N 4W 2N 3E 2N E 2N 2E N (detour NW and 
    looping is not really worth it) E 2S E S E N 2E N 2E S 2E and a fight.
    3E for gold, then if you want, S 2E for a fight. 2W N 2W 2N E* N E* to the 
    Hammer area.
        5-11. HAMMER
          5-11-1. GETTING THROUGH
    Not much of a puzzle here but the trek sure sucks. However, there's something 
    nice at the end...
    There'll be a fight in the first room. It's not too bad. E 2S E* N E* and 
    another fight. 2E S E~ E* 2N E~ through a room, passage and room. 2E 2S E S 
    and E~ again. I refer you to the maps here. There'll be a room like so:
    Go east. That leads to the main hammer area through a door. N 2E S E* N E N* 
    and you should be able to find a secret latch to the north but if not, ALTIS. 
    Get the key. S E 2N for $. 2S W 3S E S 3E N 2E S 2E 3S E S 3E N 2E S 2E.
    N, turn A off, 2S, turn C on. N 2W S 2W N 3W S W 3S E 2S W S "Striya" and now 
    go north til you see a dead end.
    1E. Cast TALIS to detect the door and ALTISx3 (or 2) to open it. Go east and 
    now you have a series of teleports.
    There are 5 teleportals and button X kicks you to teleport X.
    1 > 1,2
    2 > 1,2,3,4
    3 > 3,4
    4 > 3,4,5
    5 > 3,4
    Once you go to 3/4/5 it is a 1 way trip.
    2,4 gets you to the Hammer area. Make the long walk to Urqol. Beware of a 
    dragon fight (fire drake actually) just at the end. After that, you will want 
    to visit Melas for later. In fact, a clever finesse is to hoard spells energy 
    and such, then go attack the demon several times before taking the hammer.
          5-11-2. THE HAMMER
    Now return to Urzhut and go through it all again--minus some nasty fights, 
    thankfully. (Incidentally, the halls with the undead are great for building 
    up your priest specifically. They're very low risk and give ~700 experience 
    per at level 11. Just exit and reenter the rooms. Or try for more later...)
    NOTE: This fight can wait til after the cube.
    2 4 5 gets you to the Hammer area. W* and down. S E over the hole, E* D. E 
    for $, W, S* down. E down, E down, and knock on the door. Say "DARNUTH" and 
    win a whomping big fight. I routed this guy with fighters at level 11 and bet 
    you can too.
    ...but here's what's neat. Don't take the hammer. You can beat the 
    demon...WITHOUT spells! So you can pile up 3000 experience at one pop. Just 
    be sure to save often and have a medal. You can come back later to get the 
    hammer (again) after advancing and he'll be even easier. He's dumb with his 
    spells and not a great attacker.
          5-11-3. ONE MORE SIDE DEAL
    You have one more thing you can do here. From Urzhut, go east as before, but 
    this time in the branching room, go east instead of north. The major golems 
    can be tricky but you can beat them regularly if you're level 11-12. Use 
    spells in emergency or to heal someone. Bring along ointment to heal your 
    wizard if need be.
        5-12. CUBE
    This is a clever little pain in the ass, a 7x7x7 cube. You need to get a key 
    and a grate to get to Urqastur. You may slip a lot but no serious damage will 
    be done.
    I really enjoyed working through it--well, because I had a map. You should, 
    too. There are three areas with fights. None is TOO tricky, but be healed 
    just in case. Go to the rhombus and beat up on spiders or salamanders or 
    something while you wait. Also, bring some rope for near the end. The last 
    few up/downs are tricky, and it'll save some damage. You can buy rope in the 
    maze, but it's a nuisance.
    Go east. At the wall, 3S 2W 2N E S U.
    On level 2, 3E (jumping counts 2E) 4N and pull the lever. The damage from the 
    fall is insignificant.
    On level 1, N E and push the panel. This sends you to the top level, level 7. 
    3E and down.
    On level 6, 2E 5N 2W and push 2-1-3 to activate  a trap door.
    On level 5, N 3E D
    On level 4, W for the heart fight--use offensive spells-and make sure you 
    have some spell points before E U 2W S 2E D.
    Back on level 4, 4S leads to a fight with a giant. He has a key. I critical-
    hit him, but he doesn't seem to do much damage. 2N D.
    On level 3, 2W and you fight a flame spirit/morszutu. It sprays annoyingly so 
    you may have to restart to get a good attack. Use offensive spells and heal 
    up. 2N E S for treasure afterwards, then 2N E D.
    On level 2, 3W D.
    On level 1, 3E and push to go to level 7. You've been here before but now use 
    the gate to get out.
    On level 7, 3E D.
    On level 6, 2E 5N 2W 2S 3E D.
    On level 5, 3S U. Use the rope here.
    On level 6, 2N U. Use rope again.
    On level 7, 4N (key opens grate) 3W 3S 2E U and you're out. Walk to Urqastur.
    You can actually pass by the nasty puzzles, since you've got six hearts, but 
    it's neat, and it's not too tough, really.
    Go east from Urqastur. Climb down the hole. Walk through the wall. Then E* 
    and N. You'll hit a teleport. It won't be there next time, but it kicks you 
    to another corridor. Go east, take the heart, and beat the devil. Open the 
    grate with the key you got and go E S E S E. Push Z.
    W N W N* W* and push Z, then Y. This kicks you to the center of the area, by 
    a cross. N 3W S W* 2S 2E--you need to face east to hit the teleport.
    You may want to rest up here before each fight. Also, energy potions will 
    make things easier here. I feel silly I forgot to check if you can hit the 
    teleport and come back. I think you can. But you can reload the fights once 
    they start. Also, you can walk back and forth until you gain points back. 
    Secret doors are always to the east. There are four doors and the heart is 
    behind the fourth.
    For fight #1, cast Altis x4 at the secret door, and then amrastel on the 
    malign shadow/wraith. Then altis x5 and open the next door. The mighty 
    creature/Titan gives 6500 experience and you can cast altis x5 to get to the 
    next part--but it is one more fight, and the final guy is tough. Hit him with 
    all the spells you can. ??
    Get the heart and go back west. The Hearthall teleport can lead you back to 
    From Urqastur, go back east, down and east. N E* into a room where you fight 
    undeads. Hit them with all the magic you have. E* 2N 2E N 2E and you will go 
    to Urloqamn.
        5-14. PALACE
    Here it is. Be sure you have the hammer and the glass heart. E* and there's a 
    secret door in the east. 2E and whip the mages/necromancers. Magic is a good 
    idea. S 2W and cast TALIS and look for a device--ALTIS does not work. W 3S 
    and push 3 2 3 2 3 2 3 2 3 2. This should light up the squares in the 
    previous room.
    Step on square #5 and (U)se the die from the necromancer fight, then (C)ast 
    it on the ground. That leads to a new nasty puzzle area, but you have this 
    EENSWNEE is the way through, where the number on the floor tells how many 
    squares you go in direction X. Move a to i.
    3E N and set the beacon:
    Now retreat to the room, and go W N E and search for the door. ALTIS to the 
    secret door to the east, but you may have to force the door. N W* and search 
    south. More TALIS and ALTIS or force the door. S W* and you're back in the 
    control room for th eelevators.
    Now this part can be skipped, but you can go to floor 3--E* N from the secret 
    door and cast the die. E*-1 2N and say SAGARIS to open the secret door to the 
    north. N E* N E* S E* S to hit the SURAQIS teleportal. Now the portal marked 
    as (1) on my map is not so useful, so just go back to Uroqlamn.
    Then with your mage's spell points charged, go to floor 4--E* S. Cast the die 
    three times. 2N 2E N E and answer the puzzles. UUKRUL/ADRON/I WILL RULE. Be 
    sure to save here, and also, give your fighter the Obsidian Hammer and your 
    paladin the glass heart. 2E and you hit Uukrul.
    He's pretty wretched to fight as he runs a lot and casts a lot of stun 
    spells. If he stuns your whole party, it's easier to start over. On the first 
    turn, use the glass heart. Now he must stay and fight.
    Corner Uukrul--some trial and error is necessary here but he's a coward. He 
    can waver in and out, so trap him like so:
    * +
    Then move in when you can. It's not important to have a lot of people hitting 
    Uukrul as the AMRASTEL spell can knock him down a bit, and when he's at 1/8 
    strength, lay off that spell and just hack at Uukrul. You may need to cast 
    LUQMAR if your fighter gets stunned, as well.
    On beating Uukrul, 2N E* 3N 3E 2N W 2N 2E to Urksazel. Go to the east for 
    your last chat. then back to Urksazel. The next part has no monsters but 
    plenty of annoyance.
        5-15. CHAOS
    The map here really is irrelevant except for if you find the notes. Basically 
    you must find a teleporter and the rest seems trial and error.
    Go west twice. That kicks you to west of a teleporter. 2E. Push 3 and then go 
    2E for card 6. 2S and turn W. 4W 4N 2N 2W 1S 2S 5E 1E 1N (thanks to the 
    anonymous walkthrough!) Mara's cage is open. Trade all cards from your 
    magician. 4S. Go 2W and talk to Mara. Take the amulet and then call her name. 
    Give the cards to the magician and 2E and you get to by the teleporer. Push 3 
    and go south. Use the CHAOS teleporter to go to BEACON.
    Now you need to type the last line:
    Wur qanar wur stilor wur kas.
    worked for me, but wur 2&3 may be replaed by qur according to Beng Hai's FAQ.
      6. CHEATS
    --Brass key in the caverns
    --Behind emu in the rhombus, the spiders (minor)
    --urn maze has an eyeball at the start
    --kretakor and salamander in N/S rhombus
    --major golems in the tunnels just past Urzhut
    --undead in the tunnels before Hammer after Urzhut
    --the demon holding the hammer
        6-2. TECHNICAL STUFF
    You will want to use the Apple if you wish to cheat through the game. The PC 
    version seems to have some sort of checksum for save files. However, you can 
    edit the map files as you wish. They are arranged as follows:
    (0,15) ..... (0,0) < 2 bytes for each, walls then square
    (1,15) ..... etc
    25,15 to 31,0 does not actually hold dungeon wall info. Dungeons are 25x16. 
    But the maze is skewed.
    See the map section for what maps do which. The maps actually have a lot of 
    teleports from the original compressed form, so they can be tricky to look 
    But you can meddle with them to get past annoying enemies, if you are 
    0x9afa = where to look in the AppleWin save file.
    0x5341 has the answer for the amulets, for you to recharge.
    0x97de = food(lo byte first)
    0x97e0 = gold(decimalized, lo byte first, can go 6 digits)
    0x985b starts your character data. Each character gets 0x60 bytes
    00-0a = name
    11-12 = cur HP(negative if in critical condition)
    13-14 = max HP
    1d dexterity
    1f piety
    21 intelligence
    23 vitality
    25 strength
    Magician/Priest doesn't use GAUNTLETS
    OSERO/WYTUR are 2 possible words
    End of FAQ proper
      7. VERSIONS
    0.2.0 sent to GameFAQs 9/5/2007, easy-area walkthroughs done
    1.0.0 sent to GameFAQs 2/4/2010, complete but missing details
      8. CREDITS
    ftp.apple.asimov.net for having the disk image of this old fun game.
    the-underdogs.info for having the Windows version.
    Lee Beng Hai for the original map and the writer of the anonymous solutions 
    as well.
    Thanks to the usual GameFAQs gang, current and emeritus. They know who they 
    are, and you should, too, because they get/got some SERIOUS writing done. 
    Good people too--bloomer, falsehead, Sashanan, Masters, Retro, Snow 
    Dragon/Brui5ed Ego, ZoopSoul, War Doc, Brian Sulpher, AdamL, odino, JDog, 
    honestgamer and others I forgot. OK, even Hydrophant in his current not-yet-
    banned message board incarnation. I am not part of his gang, but I want him 
    to be part of mine.
    ??who can use which items
    --no gate W of cavern maps
    --color code keys with gates?!
    --relabel 0-1-2-3-4-5 in caverns
    --$$ NW of 2nd
    --label all teleports
    --need to force door 5E of +1 boots in cavern. +1 boots in 2nd part, 1st 
    treasure. Magic chain in portal-o, shield near end, staff in SE
    --key W 2S (on Apple at any rate)
    --bronze key (in caverns) opens 2nd grate in teleportals, brass (5th level) 
    --se of URSHAS has treasure. So does NW.
    --SAGARIS=the sage

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