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    Walkthrough by Anonymous

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    Hugo House of Horrors
    Complements of JMG, MJP, and lots of people....
    1. Kick Pumpkin
    2. get key
    3. open door
    arrow keys to walk inside
    arrow keys to go upstairs
    go to first room
    4. open door
    arrow keys to walk inside, go to closet
    5. open door
    6. get mask
    arrow keys out of the room to next room (bathroom)
    7. open door
    arrow keys to mirror area
    8. look at mirror  (note that it says 333)
    arrow keys out of bathroom to next room 
    arrow keys to go inside machine as asked
    arrow keys to leave machine after being shrunk
    arrow keys to behind glass doors to table
    9. look
    10. get bung
    arrow keys back into machine
    11. igor press red button
    arrow keys out of machine, go to door
    12. open door
    if it says "you are unable in your present condition", re-enter the machine and repeat steps 11 and 12 until you get out of the room.
    at door, stop and 
    13. get mask
    arrow keys down the stairs
    14. put on mask
    arrow keys into the room on the right, when the butler asks you if you would like a "chop", 
    15. yes
    arrow keys out of the room
    16. take off mask
    arrow keys to little door under the stairs
    17. look under stairs
    18. get knife
    19. get whistle
    arrow keys to the little table
    20. get candle
    arrow keys through door at rear of room 
    arrow keys through door ar rear of kitchen
    arrow keys down path to shed door
    21. open door
    22. 333
    arrow keys into the shed
    23. look
    24. get oil can
    arrow keys out of the shed
    arrow keys back into the house
    arrow keys into the kitchen, go to door at left side, but don't go through door yet.
    ***  At this point it would be wise to 'save the game', see F1 for instructions. ****
    25. throw chop  (do not press [enter] yet)
    arrow keys through door, press the [enter] key as soon as the next room appears on the screen.  This will keep the dog from eating you.  
    ***  restore the saved game if the dog ate you ***
    arrow keys to the right side of the rug
    26. lift rug
    27. oil bolt
    28. unlock bolt
    29. open trap door
    you are in the basement
    ***  save game at this point ***
    30. blow whistle (do not press enter yet)
    arrow keys through gap between two big rocks on right
    ***as soon as next screen appears, press the [enter] key ***
    arrow keys past the bats, do not touch any bats or you are dead.
    arrow keys through passage at rear of cave
    *** as soon as next screen appears, arrow keys to left side of left rock as quickly as possible, mummy will come very quickly but will position on right side of rock and wait ***
    ****  save game at this point ! ****
    arrow key towards back wall, as soon as Mummy starts after you, reverse direction and head towards front of cave, if all goes well, the Mummy will get stuck.  If all doesn't go well GOTCHA.  If Mummy gets you, restore last saved game and try again.
    arrow keys to the gold
    31. get gold
    arrow keys through coffin, the Mummy will start chasing you, be quick.
    you are in the lake room
    arrow keys to the boat
    32. cut rope
    33. look
    34. plug hole with bung
    35. get in boat
    36. push
    you are at the old man
    **** save the game at this point ! ****
    37. talk to man
    He asks many difficult questions, answers are:
    38. bilbo
    39. narnia
    40. bram stoker
    41. c
    42. man
    43. bullet
    44. yes
    45. get out of boat
    arrow keys through passage to the right
    arrow keys to guard
    46. give guard money
    arrow keys into the jail
    You have saved Penelope!!!
    ‹‚                 The End

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