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    FAQ/Walkthrough by flip

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    			For the Super Nintendo
    			Version 0.65
        This document was created by J.T.  It is for individual use only.  
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    1.  Introduction
    2.  Story (Very Long)
    3.  The Mines of Galadril
    4.  The Forest of Onehand 
    5.  The Wastelands of Thoros
    6.  The High Tower of Sarlac
    7.  Gracias
    1.  That's pretty weird.  This game looks, sounds and plays like Flashback.  It 
    probably IS Flashback, but under a different name and story with different 
    characters.  What were Interplay and Blizzard thinking?  Oh well it's ok I 
    guess, this is a little better than Flashback.  Less complicated in controls but 
    the story is more intricate.  Kyle Blackthorne is the name; recovering the Light 
    Stone is his game.  Bah humbug . . .
         Tuul had been a peaceful world. That was centuries ago--a time when only
    One race of people inhabited the planet. Their ruler was a great priest/shaman
    Who, as the legend goes, was blessed with all knowledge. The position was
    passed down from father to eldest son through hundreds of generations...until
    twin boys were born to Thoros, the ninety-ninth in the line of priests. The
    path of succession was dubious--exhaustive tests of intellect revealed that
    Neither boy was superior to the other.
         One day, the two would-be-rulers and their father ventured out into the
    Desert - now known as the Sands of Sorrow--to determine the next ruler of
    Tuul. The sons returned three days later, bearing with them two large gems:
    one light, one dark. Their father was dead, they announced. His body had
    transformed into the two gems they now held. His wisdom and knowledge were
    contained in those gems and each of the sons had chosen one for their own.
         The repercussions of this event would forever be felt throughout Tuul:
    From that day forward, Tuul consisted of two distinct populations. Some chose
    To follow the son who held the Light stone; north of the desert, they
    Established a kingdom that would become known as Androth. Others followed the
    Guardian of the Dark Stone, settling south of the desert in a region they
    Called Ka'dra'suul.
         Androth flourished--the people kept the revered Light Stone in a central
    Courtyard surrounded by gardens of exotic flora that flourished under the
    Stones vibrant energy.
         The Ka'dra'suul chose instead to bury their stone deep in the catacombs
    Beneath the central keep of their great castle. Although the Ka'dra'suul grew
    In strength and numbers, they suffered physical as well as psychological
    Mutations. Its people had neglected the Dark stone, and it responded by
    molding the Ka'dra'suul into a cruel race of beings. Fortunately, the two
    peoples were separated by the great desert and thus had little contact with
    one another.
         Eventually, the Ka'dra'suul's supply of Xandralite--the soft, energy-
    radiating metal used by both races for heat and light--was nearly exhausted.
    The vampire Dark Stone was effectively draining them of their life-giving fuel.
         A young warrior then arose among the people. Sarlac was his name and he
    preached against Androthi to the north, claiming that they enjoyed an unfair
    share of Tuul's blessed resources and that it was the duty of the Ka'dra'suul,
    to set right this wrong. Sarlac was soon swept into power, ruling a great
    Castle he called his Shadow Keep, and led his people against the Androthi in
    the north. Unprepared, the Androthi were quickly overrun and enslaved by
    Sarlac's hordes. They were forced to work their own Xandralite mines under
    Armed guard; the results of their labor was shipped south to Ka'dra'suul,
    Where it was used to feed the Dark stone.
         Two MPs dressed in olive drab uniforms strode across the dusty compound,
    An orderly in fatigues was following behind them. They headed for the isolated
    Concrete and steel bunker on the other side of the fenced-in camp where the
    Prisoner was currently held. The larger of the MP's--a sandy-haired, freckle
    Faced sergeant--offered some advice to the newly arrived MP corporal.
         "The prisoner must be kept under the restraint at all times," the
    Sergeant cautioned them. "Captain Blackthorne is an extremely dangerous man,
    Trained in all forms of armed and unarmed combat. Maximum caution must be
    Exercised at all times."
         The warning really wasn't necessary. The corporal already knew all about
    Blackthorne, despite the fact he'd been in the region only a couple days.
    Blackthorne had turned mercenary early in his military career after receiving a 
    medical discharge from the Corps. He had since fought in a dozen or more 
    different military actions all over the world. Cold, shrewd, and calculating,
    Blackthorne was said to be absolutely merciless. He was charged with the war
    crimes and scheduled to stand court martial tomorrow morning.
         "Some people say Captain Blackthorne is innocent," the corporal told the 
    Sergeant as they marched along. "They say he's been sold out--that the charges
    are false and all part of the peace agreement they're trying to hammer out of
         The Warlord Moswali was the last stumbling block in a peace agreement
    That the U.N. hoped to negotiate in this small, war-torn East African
    Country. By most accounts a thief and a cutthroat; Moswali had firm control of 
    the large territories and their populace. Without Moswali's cooperation,
    establishing a peace treaty that would finally bring stability to his ravaged
    country was nearly impossible. Moswali had a personal grudge with Blackthorne
    dating back several years and, along with other concessions, had demanded the
    Captain's court-martial.
         "I'm afraid that's not true corporal," the sergeant reprimanded the
    Corporal. "Blackthorne's guily--no doubt about it. He's a vicious savage. He
    should consider himself lucky we didn't turn him over to Moswali like he 
         Moswali had first insisted that Blackthorne be handed over to him for
    trial at the Warlord's hands: a demand that even the merciless U.N. commanders
    could not see fit to honor. The deal struck that Blackthorne would stand
    court-martial at the hands of his troops. His eventual conviction and a
    long sentence were nearly guaranteed.
         The corporal said no more. In the mere two days he'd been assigned to his
    post he'd already decided he didn't like this sergeant. Blackthorne was known
    as a rebel--a man the sergeant could not tolerate.
         Finally reaching the small, concrete bunker that served the prisoner's
    holding cell, the party halted. Without preamble, the sergeant beat his hammy
    fist on the heavy door.
         "Prisoner! To the door! Hands out!"
         A narrow opening was cut in the door about waste-height, used to pass
    food trays back and forth and kept sealed with a padlocked bar. At the nod
    from the sergeant, the corporal unlocked the bar and stepped back. A pair of
    hands emerged from the opening, fists clenched, wrists held together. The
    hands were large, strong, lined with cords and muscle.
         "Put the handcuffs on him corporal," ordered the Sergeant.
         Fumbling slightly with unfamiliar restraints, the corporal finally locked
    them around the extended wrists. Cuffs secured, the sergeant ordered the
    prisoner to move back to the rear of the cell while the door was unlocked and
    opened. Carefully, the corporal stepped inside the bunker, baton at ready.
         Moving toward the doorway, Kyle crouched in the opening, peering across
    the compound, the unfamiliar sunlight bright and painful to his eyes. The area
    seemed clear, only a few men were around. On the far side of the camp a
    helicopter prepared for take-off, the sound of its turning rotors
    chop-chopping across the camp.
         Without further hesitation, Blackthorne made his break. Out the door
    sprinting across the compound, he ignored the shouts behind him. Reaching the
    helicopter, he took the crewman out with a fist to the jaw that sent the man
    sprawling on the ground. A second crewman, aboard the craft near the open side
    door tried to make his move but Blackthorne already had his hands on him.
    Dragging him out of the chopper to throw him to the tarmac. Leaping aboard,
    Blackthorne slammed and latched the door then scrambled forward to the
         The craft's pilot, taken by surprise, stared wide-eyed at the intruder.
         "Captain Blackthorne?" he said, not really believing what he saw.
         "Out!" ordered Blackthorne.
         The chopper was amazingly swift and maneuverable in the capable hands of
    it's Captain. Blackthorne looked back in the distance as his enemies fired
    another rocket. It was a futile attempt and Blackthorne knew it. He and his
    craft were already out of range.
         Blackthorne landed the helicopter in an area obscured by brush, safely on
    the other side of the border. He was amazed at how weak he'd become. He
    checked himself for wounds but found none.
         What was wrong? He thought to himself.
         Slowly, he climbed out of the chopper. It took all his strength just to
    open the door and step outside. Once outside, he immediately fell to his knees.
         Running, running, running. The dream was the same one Blackthorne had
    experienced over and over since childhood. Kyle Blackthorne--a small
    boy--running in terror as fast as he could, racing through dark halls made of
    stone, vaulted ceilings rising overhead, walls decorated with hanging skulls
    and tapestries. Light poured from countless chandeliers, there hundreds of
    candles casting but feeble, yellow light--a light that seemed swallowed up by
    the great inky blackness surrounding all. In this dream he heard a voice--the
    same familiar voice he knew he could trust.
         "This way Kyle. Hurry! Follow me!"
         The voice sounded nearby and distant at the same time. In the dream he
    sought the source of the voice but he never saw the face. Always, though, he
    chased after it, obeying its commands knowing that his life depended on
    following its instructions.
         And again he found himself overlooking a large chamber where a man--tall
    gray-haired, dressed in a splendid robe--faced off against a giant, shadowy
    form. As Kyle watched, the two spoke for a moment, then the giant form stepped
    from out from out of the shadows--a huge man with powerful arms and shoulders.
    Laughing evilly, the stranger drew forth a great sword and, raising it over
    his head, struck the older man down. Kyle, paralyzed by the scene unfolding
    before his eyes, stood dumbstruck. But powerful hands took hold of his small
    shoulders and, without warning, lifted him off his feet and hurled him into
    the vast reaches of the darkness and could, tears pouring down his face as he
    thought of the man struck down in the chamber. He knew it was his father...
    Blackthorne awoke to find himself laying face down in the sand. His head
    throbbed and he was disoriented. Slowly coming to his senses, he realized he'd
    had the dream again--one of the many odd dreams that had haunted him all his
         He pulled himself to his feet and assessed his situation. It was getting
    dark. How long had he been unconscious? How much ground had the UN forces
    gained on him? He knew there was no chance that they would abandon their
    search for him. He had to find his friends and fast.
    Scrambling up to a nearby ridge, he saw the highway below that his allies had
    frequently used. Maybe they still did. He went back to the helicopter to grab 
    some gear along with a rifle he found under the seat. He must get to safety,
    Blackthorne thought to himself as he began the steep descent to the road
    below. The Androthi depended upon him, he told himself. HE must free his
    people from the cruel Ka'dra'suul.
    With a sudden shock he realized he was reliving another of the mysterious
    dreams that plagued him, but now it was becoming more real, more urgent than
    his current predicament. He picked up his pace and tried to shake the strange
    thoughts that plagued him. No matter how hard he tried, he could not.
         He saw himself standing in some sort of cave or mine. Others were
    around--men working by dim light, sweating and trolling, mining strange
    mineral from the walls of the cave. Others, the not actively at work, were
    chained to walls of the cave. To his horror Blackthorne saw that some of the
    canters were no more than corpses and skeletons. Long ago picked clean of
    their flesh, they were against the walls in upright positions. Kyle pitied
    these people. Somehow he knew they were called the Androthi. 
         And again came that mysterious voice, ringing in his ears: "Kyle. Come to
    me. Your people have fallen slaves to the Warlord Sarlac and the evil power of
    the Dark Stone. You must free them. You are their only hope. You must seek me
    out so that I may teach you the secrets of the Light Stone. My name is
    Galadril. You know me. Find me."
         The Androthi prisoners welcomed him as a friend. Their language was
    foreign yet familiar to his ears. They begged for help and he promised it to
    them, not knowing exactly what that would mean. They ran though in terror.
    Something was coming. "Ka'dra'suul!" they shouted as they fled. Something
    hulked into view. Blue-skinned, with long, curving tusks, it had obviously
    once been a man but was now something else. The thing grinned at Kyle and then
    cracked its evil-looking black whip.
         Blackthorne was still remembering that evil face when the sound of a
    rapidly approaching helicopter reminded him of his present situation. They'd
    caught up to him.
         "You had better get a hold of yourself Blackthorne," he told himself,
    ducking into a narrow crevice, trying to keep out of sight. His head continued
    to ache but he knew if he didn't keep his mind on the problems facing him he'd
    have worse to worry about.
         He crouched in the eroded gully and watched as the U.N. camp's chopper
    passed slowly overhead. If they spotted him and radioed back his position, he
    would never escape.
         Apparently failing to spot Blackthorne through the darkness, the
    helicopter passed over him without slowing. He breathed a sigh of relief.
         "The Golatrix complex," he told himself. "I must reach it." Again he was
    shocked to find his memories confused. He was a living dream--a dream from
    long ago. He tried to concentrate on what lay before him but still the other
    thoughts kept intruding, insisting that his precarious trek through the desert
    was dwarfed in significance by the unusual thoughts that raced through his
         He was crossing a vast desert in search of the Golatrix Complex.
    Sweltering from the heat, he trudged on. He felt the presence of someone or
    something but he saw nothing. Enemies lurked everywhere beyond the sand dunes
    and windswept hills surrounding him. Ka'dra'suul was their name. Once human,
    they were now twisted and degenerate, their lives and souls warped by Sarlac.
    Enslavers of the Androthi, Blackthorne hated them and they feared him.
         The Golatrix Complex--his goal--was a far-flung military outpost built
    long ago by the Androthi but now abandoned. He did not know why he had to
    reach this place, only that he must desperately attain his goal. Something he
    needed-something important to the task at hand--lay inside, and he must
    retrieve, Here, there was no voice to guide him. He was on his own.
         A shot rang out, a distant rifle firing from the other side of the
    highway. The slug kicked up dirt in front of Blackthorne as it buried itself
    in the ground near his feet.
         A sniper!
         Blackthorne threw himself on the ground, rolling and scrambling until he
    got himself behind a low line of rocks just barely high enough to afford him
    cover. Was this sniper a friendly force unable to recognize him in the
    Darkness? He quickly ruled out that possibility. He was sure that the sniper
    was one of Moswali's men probably assigned specifically to hunt down and
    capture Blackthorne, dead or alive. Pinned flat to the ground, his slightest
    movement was answered by the crack of a rifle and a slug ricocheting off rocks
    shielding him. The only thing he knew for sure was that the sniper was holed
    in a narrow crevice on a mountain across the highway. Entrenched high above
    him, the sniper could keep Blackthorne pinned down indefinitely.
         He pulled out the rifle and attached the infrared scope. The snipers
    shots continued to ricochet dangerously close to his position. The enemy
    appeared as a shadowy figure through the rifles sight. Blackthorne fired two
    quick shots.
         He continued to watch through the sight as the sniper stumbled and fell
    forward on the mountain. He wasn't the first to fall victim to Blackthorne's
    sharp shooting prowess and he wouldn't be the last.
         Blackthorne hopped to his feet. There was little time left. There was no
    way of knowing if the Warlord's sniper was in radio contact with Moswali's
    camp but the gunfire and air traffic over the hills would go unnoticed. He was
    only a few hundred feet from the highway now.
         "I must find Onehand," Blackthorne told himself. "The Seer dwelling deep
    within the Karellian Swamps."
         Blackthorne again found himself slipping into one of his eerie visions.
         He was plodding through the swamp filled with dark, evil-smelling water,
    surrounded by strangely twisted tress. No birds sang but skitterings and
    shufflings could be heard among the rushes and briars on the banks. The
    degenerate Ka'dra'suul lurked here, in the great Karnellian swamp. Blackthorne 
    was seeking the refuge of a woman known only as the Seer Onehand. It was
    Onehand who kept the secret Blackthorne needed to defeat the great evil that
    lay beyond the swamp.
         Other things lurked here as well--things far worse than Ka'dra'suul. The
    great evil plaguing this world had also unleashed creatures from other
    worlds--other dimensions--to stalk his desolate land. These creatures were
    barely mortal and impervious to Blackthorne's weapons. He was wary of
    them--and their stealthy approach.
         He never could recall if he'd found whom he'd been searching for. The
    name Onehand remained a haunting enigma.
         He tried to shake the feelings off, telling himself again and again that
    they were only the fragments of half-remembered dreams--but inexplicably he
    knew there was more to it than that.
         A voice spoke to him in his head--the voice familiar to him from his
    dreams. He ignored it, running on. He finally reached the side of a highway
    and could see what looked like a jeep heading toward him. It was about a mile
         "Kyle! It is time!" The voice came to him again.
         The vehicle closed quickly. Prepare yourself Kyle!" the voice commanded.
    "The time draws near."
         Blackthorne clutched at his head, trying to drive the voice out. He sat
    by the roadway. Was he going mad? He had to block out the voice.
         The jeep thundered past him. Blackthorne held out his hand to stop the
    vehicle but they didn't see him. Perhaps they couldn't see him. He recognized
    the occupants of the jeep as faces he had long fought alongside only a short
    time ago.
         "Now!" vibrated the voice inside his head.
         Kyle Blackthorne suddenly found himself surrounded by cold and darkness,
    hurtling through the vastness of space as stars whirled by at dizzying speeds.
         "Your time has arrived," came the voice again, this time nearer, and more
    familiar. "You are of age and well trained. IT is time to fulfill your
         "Galadril?" asked Blackthorne.
         "It is I," answered the voice. "Your mentor and tutor from years gone
         "I remember," said Blackthorne. "You were the favorite of my father, King
         "And his advisor and sorcerer" added the voice. "Your memories are
    returning, I see."
         Blackthorne agreed. "I remember the murder of my father. I dreamt of it
    many times. He was slain by a man who stepped from the shadows," he said
    turning slightly grim.
         "Yes, the evil lord Sarlac," said the voice that was Galadril. "He still
    reigns, Kyle, and our world is worse for it. IF not stopped soon he shall be
    the end of us all. The world of Tuul--your world--needs you desperately. Too
    many years have the Androthi lived under the yoke of Sarlac and his people,
    the twisted Ka'dra'suul. Sarlac possesses the Dark Stone and if allowed to
    continue his evil ways will eventually destroy our world and all that is good
    in it. You must use the power of the Light Stone to bring an end to his reign.
    To protect you, your father and I sent you to Earth. After Sarlac discovered
    the Dark Stone and began his rise to power, the Seer Onehand predicted that
    Sarlac could not be stopped--that his destiny was to rule Tuul in twenty
    years. At the end of that time this destiny could not be changed, but only
    through the power of the Light Stone wielded the proper heir to the throne.
    Hence we sent you to Earth, far from the treacherous eyes of Sarlac. To
    further safeguard you; your memories were hidden from you. But it appears that
    some have escaped over the years."
         "The dreams..." said Kyle.
         "Yes. The dreams were your old memories escaping their magical bounds.
    But only some of them. Others were prophecies of things to come--of your
         "What am I to do?"
         "Seek me out, young Kyle. You will soon return to that place from which
    you were sent, the Xandralite mines of Androth, now a prison camp run by the
    evil Ka'dra'suul. I cannot meet you there for reasons you will soon learn. I
    wait beyond the mines. Seek me out..."
         "How can Sarlac be stopped?" Blackthorne asked the voice.
         "With the power of the Light Stone," answered Galadril. "You must use it
    against Sarlac..."
         The voice faded away.
         The fate of Kyle Blackthorne now lies in your hands. Your mission is to
    guide the resourceful warrior through the perilous regions of Tuul and find
    Sarlac. Use Blackthorne's mercenary abilities; along with the weapons and items 
    you will acquire, to assist you in your quest.
    The Mines of Galadril
    Mine 1
    Get acquainted with the controls in the Practice Mode first.  It's really 
    helpful.  After that's done in Level 1 scale the ladder.  If you talk to the 
    slaves you get game tips.  Pull yourself up and press down on the items.  Press 
    select then choose the item.  Press X to throw it and annihilate the door.  Here 
    is your first monster!  Do him well by filling him with slugs.  Take the bomb, 
    get up the ladder, blast another door then blast yet another door.  Press up and 
    the guy will give you a potion for your health.  Go up the ladder now, press up 
    to go inside the hole.  Kill the monster on the bottom, snatch the bomb and 
    destruct the door.  Kill another monster then press fire to jump across the 
    space.  Loose a hover bomb on the door then hit up to move.
    Mine 2
    Two shots will put the brown monster away, if you're on the edge you'll just get 
    pushed off.  Press up to fade in the darkness and not get shot.  Blast this one 
    then press down to sink down.  Go inside the orifice, leap on the right edge to 
    find some slaves.  Throw a bomb at the mech warrior at the top.  Take the bridge 
    key, talk to the slave he'll give you a bomb.  Now leap left, insert the key 
    inside the slot.  A green bridge will take you across 3 screens; climb up the 
    edge and past your fellow Androthi.  Get up 2 ledges then climb up the right.  
    The guy gave the monster some sleeping pills!  Let fly bullets and receive a 
    potion w/ a hover bomb.  Kill the next monster then stand in front of the 
    machine.  It says fully operational.  Lets see if we can't fix this.  Crouch 
    down and roll a bomb then the machine explodes.  Head right then shoot one 
    bullet for the next monster.  Move upward on the brown elevator.
    Mine 3
    Shooting this machine turret is pointless so continue on.  At the bottom of the 
    waterfall is a potion.  Past the Androthi is a monster so send him away.  Don't 
    fall down the elevator shaft.  Bound over it then use the key.  In the middle of 
    the bridge, press up and receive a potion from the guy.  Activate the yellow 
    machine, take your key out then go back to the chasm.  Press down then when it 
    stops press down again.  Go right and let loose a bomb on the tech warrior.  
    Move directly left and pierce the monster.  Jump over the gray switch so a 
    turret doesn't come out then up the ladder and up the sides.  Ruin the next 
    monster and the other one.  Blast the wasp before it gets to you.  Climb up the 
    ledge across from the gun and blow him up.  Kill the purple guy and acquire 2 
    remote wasps.  Remember the room with 2 Androthi and a mech warrior?  Get back 
    there but be careful while climbing down.  Whip out a remote wasp and guide it 
    up then left to the force field machine.  Detonate it and enjoy the sparks.  
    Ride on the elevator to the area you went past to arrive down here.  Wrack the 
    two Graggs then open the bridge, bomb the door and destruct another Gragg.  
    Execute a running jump (if you went to practice you'd know how) across the pit.  
    Inside grab two hover bombs and chat with the guy.  Bend down to chalk up the 
    Levitator.  It acts as an extender when you press up on top of it.  Take your 
    bridge key again and ride the elevator to the top then go right.  Employ the 
    Levitator then reuse your bridge key.  Parley with the guy and secure a potion.
    Blast the Gragg then the Whar'ork.  Scurry up the elevator to meet another bum.
    Mine 4
    Shatter the Gragg, pick up the bomb then throw it at the Whar'ork in the next 
    screen for the key.  Escalate up then go down the bottom and inside the 
    waterfall, obtain a bridge key and a potion.  Execute a running jump to get to 
    the other side.  Try to jump over the spider, as it is explosive.  Activate the 
    bridge, mount up the overhangs.  You can just make it with a running leap, so 
    climb up.  Hop over both spider bombs and zip down the ladder.  Do away with the 
    brown monstrosity and take his hover bomb.  Dodge the next Gragg's shot and get 
    him, at the bottom let the Whar'ork have it.  Snatch the levitator, turn the 
    bridge back on and fare back to the beginning of this level.  Before your there 
    be sure to take the key out of the slot.  Drop the levitator on near the dead 
    guard and go inside the opening.  The Androthi guy gives you an upgrade to your 
    weapon!  Climb down slowly and use it to discover faster firing.  Keep cruising 
    left while jumping carefully to discover another Gragg.  Take his iron key and 
    the bridge key just in case.  Now advance right past the upgrade Androthi and 
    move down.  Use the iron key and fill the Gragg with lead and the next one.  
    Plunder his remote wasps then go in the middle of the waterfall.  Kill the Gragg 
    then progress right and down the elevator.  Hop over a stray spider then do away 
    with a Gragg for a bomb.  Throw it at the Whar'ork and take the iron key.  Go 
    back to the elevator and up past the waterfall.  Insert the key and it says 
    security fields functional.  Remedy that and get back to the waterfall, leap up 
    then perambulate on.  The wizard, Galadril will tell you some stuff then give 
    you speed, which increases your health.  Next is an interlude with that demon 
    king, Sarlac.
    The Forest of Onehand
    Tree 1
    Hmm, it's raining.  Stroll right in to fight a battle between the bad and good 
    Androthi.  Unless you step in, the bad one will win.  Go down a ladder and 
    receive a bomb.  In the next place help the Androthi kill the evil one and he'll 
    give you a potion.  Run all the way right and when you see the grass moving in 
    the air don't touch it.  It's a trap.  Shoot each of them, (there's three) and 
    make a running jump.  Kill some more plants and a remote wasp.  Go over to where 
    one of the plants where and step on the switch.  Travel left and upward.  Get an 
    iron key from the A. Advance to the ladder and use the key to turn off the force 
    field.  Run then past the spider the A. will hand over another potion.  If you 
    can get behind the bad A., just let fly bullets at them.  At the bottommost 
    place, you can get another bomb from the A.  Move back to the place where the 
    grass fell and drop.  Drop again then climb and blast the evil A., you don't 
    have to, it's optional.  Move left and near the Gragg to gain the Levitator.  
    Find the Purple Gragg, use the levitator for a boost and gain his remote wasps.  
    Get your levitator back and get to the blue force field.  Maneuver your wasp up, 
    then right, and then BOOM!  Grab the potion & wreck the fiend.  Stand at the 
    edge and let a firebomb loose.  Ride up into the next area.
    Tree 2
    Immediately draw your improved shotgun and terminate a traitor.  Next kill the 
    Gragg and get a firebomb.  Drop down and let them hit you.  Stand at the next 
    edge and let it fly.  Climb the ladder, take the potion and help the good A.  
    Help another good A. and move on.  Scrag the bad A. and the Gragg to get an iron 
    key.  While your up here, turn on the elevator.  Then descend the ladder for a 
    firebomb and back down the elevator and another ladder.  Go to where a blue 
    force field is.  Turn it off, pick up a firebomb and get into a furor on the bad 
    A.  Take the Gragg by surprise and hop over the spider trio.  On the elevator 
    draw your gun and slay yet another bad A.  To the left a good A., will fork over 
    an iron key.  Move back to the spiders and open the field and up the ladder we 
    go.  The Gragg will give up a levitator.  Left ward is a potion.  Past the 
    spiders and up another ladder is a Gragg with a bridge key.  Move down then 
    right until you find a wall holding 4 plant creatures.  Exercise the levitator 
    and use the bridge key up there.  Walk across and talk to a guy about some Seer.  
    Ascend on the elevator into another area.
    Tree 3
    Communicate with the A. for a bomb and pick up another bomb.  Climb up for a G 
    Vs. E battle and help the G for a potion.  On the wooden platform is a key.  
    Jump over and down past the spiders for a good old Gragg.  Take him out quick 
    then leap up right and butcher a bad A for a potion.  Up the ladder is another 
    one so send him to an early grave also.  Move left, and down hit the switch and 
    10 hits will destruct the turret.  Hit it again and climb up quick past the 
    barrier.  The bad A. hands over a firebomb.  Climb down and witness yet another 
    battle.  Down the ladder and ledges are some plant creatures so launch a 
    firebomb at them and obtain a levitator.  Journey to the beginning of the stage 
    and move right.  Use the levitator when you are at the wall.  Let the plants 
    have some fire and the fiend to the left holds a hover bomb.  Surmount up the 
    ladder to find a purple Gragg.  Blast him and take his remote wasps then get the 
    iron key on the ground.  A good A will give you a bridge key also.  Turn the 
    shield off and escalade on up.  Awaken the walkway and disregard the ladder.  
    Take the potion and a switch will reveal a turret.  9 hits will put it away and 
    5 more will put the bad A. away.  Up the ladder use the wasp to destroy the 
    security field.  Climb back up and put the last Gragg way then ride up.  
    Tree 4
    For starters, go up the ladder and assist the good A.  Climb up a ladder to view 
    a good A. shooting a Gragg.  Help him but a bad A is waiting in the wings.  
    Right will reveal a convention of bad guys.  Take out the bad A., then the wasp 
    then the purple Gragg.  His gun is upgraded to a machine gun so watch out.  He 
    yields two remote wasps so take them.  The good A on the left platform will give 
    a potion.  Now walk past where the bad A here was and see more battles going on.  
    You can help him or jog away.  Down the ladder and right get a firebomb from the 
    Gragg.  Travel left now to see some lightning.  The guy will give you a 
    levitator pad.  On the ladder side use a firebomb on the Venus flytraps, get 
    back to the place where an Androthi is high on a ledge.  Use the levitator to 
    assist up there and grab a bridge key.  Move to the beginning then when you see 
    the ladder next to two ladders move left then down.  Destruct the four plants 
    and the turret.  Sneak attack on the bad A and blow up the security machine.  
    Get back to the first group of plants and turn on the switch then bolt past it.  
    Actify the bridge and blast a bad A.  In the middle of the bridge drop the 
    levitator and rise to get an iron key.  Use his firebomb on the plants and 
    destruct the turret.  There is another turret and a good guy will stop you and 
    give you an upgrade that you saw earlier.  It's automatic!  Put it to use in the 
    next screen then open the shield with the iron.  A new blue Gragg that has the 
    same weapon wants to fight.  Finish him off then hop across the pillars for a 
    potion.  Up there is another advanced Gragg.  Drop down then lay down the 
    levitator to scurry up.  You finally meet the mysterious Seer, Onehand.  She 
    tells you some vital information.
    The Wastelands of Thoros
    Wasteland 1
    Match guns with the blue Gragg and another one after him.  Move cautiously down 
    the platforms and destroy the plants.  Back up and a guy will hand over a bomb.  
    Down where the plants were open it up and the rock creature will reveal itself.  
    Throw the bomb you just obtained and receive a bridge key.  Advance up then 
    right and activize the bridge.  Run past the rock monster and if you want to 
    waste health on the blue duo that's fine.  Fare right past another pit of plants 
    and a brown Gragg.  Leap up and past the spider inside the hole.  Blast another 
    duo of dastardly demons (pun) and get two firebombs.  Shoot the plants with your 
    gun.  When you see the blue shield, climb up the edge then another.  Annihilate 
    the rock monster for an iron key then go back down and shut it off.  Dash past 
    another rock man and climb down.  Throw a firebomb at the plants, and then head 
    right.  Bash the turret then project another firebomb to shatter the security 
    systems.  Then escalade up the escalator.
    Wasteland 2
    Take care to expel the Gragg carefully and gain a firebomb.  Hop up past the 
    Gragg and a rock monster then another rock monster then down and in the orifice.  
    Inside the orifice a good guy will give a bridge key.  Start up a conflagration 
    using the Venus flytraps for fuel.  Leave then keep jogging left and use your 
    key.  The good guy will give a potion so use it.  Dispatch the rock monster for 
    an iron key.  In the middle climb up the ladder and run left for a levitator 
    pad.  Run right and leap over the hole and shoot the Gragg for two firebombs.  
    Now back to the hole you leaped over and drop down.  Head right and over the 
    spider for a potion then blaze the flytraps.  Turn on the gray switch and head 
    left posthaste.  Bound down the right side and step on the switch for a potion 
    and a turret.  Just hold down the fire button on both turrets.  Move up and 
    demolish the Gragg for a hover bomb.  Fall down off the falling wire and press B 
    to the left.  Raze the plants and step on the switch.  Climb up quick and 
    annihilate both rock monsters.  Let down your levitator and use it as a boost up 
    to the ladder.  Snatch the potion and insert your iron key.  Do away with both 
    Graggs for a firebomb.  Go in the hole then leap, and drop down to the second 
    platform and go left.  Move down then launch a firebomb on all five flytraps.  
    After this is another showdown with two more Graggs, one holds a firebomb.  
    Climb down off the end and pick up a hover bomb.  If you want another firebomb 
    make the jump across and down the ladder.  But if you want to leave before you 
    jump across for the ladder drop down and pull up.  Destroy some more flytraps 
    and loose your hover bomb on the security machine.  Twiddle your thumbs on the 
    long ride up.
    Wasteland 3   
    All the way right under some flytraps is a potion.  Climb up then up then cancel 
    both Graggs.  Take the firebombs then make a running jump onto the left 
    platform.  Walk onto the switch to lift the solid block.  Throw a firebomb onto 
    the plant you see with some gifts.  You get a potion + iron key.  Wow those 
    plants kill even Graggs.  Don't waste a firebomb on the next plant, just go down 
    and an Androthi will give an I. key he found.  Use it in the hole as a shortcut.  
    To make this next part be quick, step on the gray switch then run over the 
    flytraps and make the leap.  Un-melt the rock monster and to the right there's a 
    potion.  Crash the Gragg party and massacre them.  Aim at the plants across from 
    you and butcher them.  Blow the wasp up and run past the rock monster for an 
    elixir.  There's nowhere else to go so crest the ladder.  At the edge of the 
    platform you're on, press B.  Annihilate the Graggs + flytraps.  Climb down for 
    another Gragg and bound over the plants.  Drop then fire on the flytraps.  Stir 
    the switch and the elevator comes down.  A cheap trick for slaying the Graggs is 
    shoot one then when they dodge move down then up.  It works so hey ;)  Wreck the 
    rock monster for a bridge key.  Now head ALL THE WAY back to the beginning and 
    turn the bridge on.  But, before you do that head up on the ladder in the center 
    and use the wasp to ruin the security machine.  Then get to the bridge and move 
    past.  Put the Gragg to sleep and waste everything up if you feel like it.  
    Surmount up the elevator.
    Wasteland 4
    Put a stop to this constant Gragg partying.  When that's done, go up the ladder 
    and the left side.  An Androthi will give a newer gun.  It's loud and more 
    powerful than ever!  Then get to where you saw grooves on the wall and hop them 
    and run across all the screens.  Inside the opening kill the Gragg, then a rock 
    monster, then a wasp, and a purple Gragg for some wasps.  Step on the switch and 
    dash there for a potion and get back out.  Cruise to the beginning and right.  
    Make the jump, because if you don't there are some flytraps willing to catch 
    you.  Shoot the miscreation with your improved gun then leap across the plants 
    for a firebomb.  Next is a mammoth convention, it's your job to clear it out.  
    Set fire to the flytraps and take the potion.  Drop down to the bottom ledge and 
    run jump over to the elevator.  Go up and see a lot of Graggs.  Deprive them of 
    life one by one; you get an iron key and firebomb.  Now return to the beginning 
    and head left now.  Burst the flytraps and whip out your trust wasps.  Destroy 
    the 'fully functional' security machine and clamber up to the top.  Clamber back 
    down to the bottom and switch on the switch.  Make the giant walk to the center 
    and shin the ladder.  Scramble up then left and down the elevator.  Smash all 
    the rock monsters and obtain a levitator.  Then before you get to the center, go 
    right and up two ladders.  Use up your iron key then jump across all the ledges 
    to reach the gray switch.  Put on your expeditious boots and bolt all the way to 
    the machine, which is left of the iron key slot.  Blow it up then get up there 
    where the blue shield used to be.  Dodge the seven spiders or use a wasp to 
    clear them.  Go in another orifice then use the levitator at the base of the 
    wall.  Climb down more ledges carefully then cruise until you reach the giant 
    statue of Thoros.  He tells you his accomplishments and you get a power upgrade.
    The High Tower of Sarlac
    Tower 1
    The Androthi tells you where Sarlac is to be found.  Shoot the plants then the 
    turret.  Lift yourself up and to the right is an improved Gragg.  Take his 
    bridge key then get back up there.  Now move right and ruin the stronger rock 
    monster.  Turn the bridge on then fight a bad A. on top of the ladder.  Obtain a 
    firebomb from the good one.  Now jump right and kill another bad A. for another 
    firebomb.  Now climb down the ladder and step on the gray switch across from the 
    block.  Step on it, then run left and take your key out of the slot, and get 
    back to the gray switch.  Climb back up then advance right which holds a Gragg 
    with an iron key.  Actify the bridge to grab it.  Jog back across and take your 
    key just in case.  Past the fading blue shields and the rock monster is an iron 
    switch.  Relax on the two elevators then do away with two Graggs.  To the right 
    are two rock monsters then another one.  Crouch down and shoot the wasp then 
    unleash a firebomb on the flytraps and if you have good timing the Graggs.  On 
    the bottom to the right is an invisible cavern.  When you're over the potion 
    take it and use it.  Grab the iron key that the Graggs drop and move hastily to 
    the ladder.  Use your b key and see that the A has killed a Gragg.  Get his 
    levitator pad then move down.  Throw a firebomb on the plants and destruct the 
    turret if you want, then kill another bad A.  Use the levitator here on the 
    platform.  Upwards is a rock monster and remote wasp.  Let yourself be hit 
    unless you are skilled.  Take the purple monster's wasps rapaciously then use 
    them back at the security terminal.  Use the levitator one last time then rise 
    to the next place.
    Tower 2
    Fire at the rock monster since he can't reach you.  Shoot another rock monster 
    from a distance, if you want take care of the turret. Then go up then left.  
    Stifle both Graggs then make a running leap.  Activate the escalator then use 
    that to get a firebomb.  Use that cheap trick abovementioned (wasteland 3) on 
    the bandersnatch and take his levitator.  Step on the gray switch by the turret 
    and head up the elevator again and go right.  Shoot the wasp then the Gragg for 
    two wasps.  Fall down the hole and weed out the plants.  Take the Gragg's bridge 
    key then fare left for a potion.  Use the levitator where the turret is (was) 
    and move on.  When you're on the spider platform leap up then take care of the 
    turret.  Leap up and finish the miscreation for a firebomb.  Awaken the green 
    walkway and surmount the ladder.  The A will hand over an I key and use a wasp 
    for the security machine.  Move down past the spider infested platforms and work 
    the I. key.  Rise up and melt down the rock monster for a firebomb.  Dispatch 
    the Gragg and hop over the plants.  Use your firebomb on the flytraps and scrag 
    the magma monster.  Across the spider-mine and fading shield is a Gragg.  Run 
    across the fading shield and exit.
    Tower 3
    Dodge the spider-mines, when you get to the turret, destroy it while dodging.  
    Crest up and melt the lava monster.  Hurdle across the hole and get a bridge 
    key, which makes a turret come down.  Left and up the ladder slay the Gragg and 
    see out the window, which is where Sarlac is.  Make a leap to the left and open 
    the bridge.  Up the ladder, and past the blue shields a fellow good guy gives an 
    I. Key.  Take your bridge key out and drop down.  Deprive the lava monster and 
    the plants of life and acquire a levitator.  Fare to where the blue shields 
    were, then use the levitator to reach up there.  After the magma monster and 
    brown monstrosity are gone, snatch his iron key.  Travel to where the window 
    was, then use up the I. Key.  Ruin the turret and collect the wasp.  Use your 
    levitator for the last time to put away the magma monster.  Before you kill the 
    Gragg, left of the spider-mine is a; hover bomb, potion and firebomb.  Then, 
    deprive the next two Graggs of life.  Then across from the lava monster, shoot 
    at him safely.  Turn on the switch then fare to the elevator.  Operate the blue 
    shield and up you go.  Use the next brown guy's gray pad to leap across and 
    scramble the ledges.  Shoot the next brown guy then up the ladder.  Re-use your 
    bridge key then throw your hover bomb at him.  Guide your wasp up to the 
    security machine and ka-BANG!  Walk right past there and actify the escalator, 
    then escalate.
    Tower 4
    Escalate right up to meet a lava monster.  Introduce yourself then move on.  
    Smite the bad Androthi when the shield goes down and take care of the Gragg too.  
    Mince the lava monster then hop over the spider-mine to meet another bad A.  
    Make the running leap well timed then shred the Gragg.  Another running leap 
    will make you kill another A. for an I. Key.  Bound across to grab a potion, 
    you'll need it.  Down the hangs is another bad A. with an attitude (firebomb).  
    Down the ladder we go to use our iron key.  Then we talk to both Androthi to 
    obtain a levitator pad.  Up the ladder then press down two times to face two 
    magma men with some spider-mines.  Leap up then up again and left.  Past the 
    spiders step on the gray switch then get back to the gray block.  Bomb the 
    plants and maneuver past the blue shields.  On top of the turret switch is an I. 
    Key.  Run right all the way to the elevator you came down on and go up.  Turn 
    off the blue shield then run all the way back where you got the I. Key.  One hit 
    from your gun destroys the security machine.  Alternate between each Androthi 
    and then get rid of the rock monster and take his bridge key.  Use it back where 
    the iron switch was, then use the levitator to reach the bad Androthi, who has 
    nothing at all.  Stand behind the ladder where he can't touch you and discharge 
    power bullets.  Raze the whole multitude of minions then some more and up the 
    ladder is another turret.  A combination of a rock man, Androthi and Gragg is 
    there.  There are 6 ways to kill them so take your time.  Go back and step on 
    the switch to gain access to Galadril, who says it is time to fight Sarlac.  You 
    receive a health upgrade and he sends you here.
    Considering you have to shoot him 25 times this battle is hard.  You have to 
    back up Blackthorne's words by showing prowess and skill.  That's the source of 
    his strength right there, the purple Dark Stone.  Shoot him immediately then 
    roll away.  When he puts his hands together, either roll away or dodge it.  His 
    attacks consist of thrashing you, throwing firebombs out of the sky, making 
    energy come out of the ground, and shooting a bomb at you.  When the energy 
    comes out just roll around randomly.  Every time he speeds around the room, 
    immediately shoot then withdraw.  Sometimes he'll do one right after another so 
    be on guard.  Keep using this strategy until he dies.  I killed him with 1 arrow 
    left!  The ending is short but well suitable for me anyways.
    7.  Gracias
    Thanks to:
    Dallas - For giving the place to find ASCII art - http://dallastm.cjb.net
    Crazy Bone X - for providing me with the story ;0
    Myself - For writing such a thorough and complete FAQ
    You - For reading my thorough and complete FAQ
    http://www.m-w.com - Their Thesaurus is excellent
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