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    Codes by TBashore

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    Playing Interplay's "BlackThorne" was fun.  I only had one real complaint
    about the game...you cannot save your game during play.  This was a pain in
    the butt, especially when I would get close to a new level and then DIE
    because I fell off a ledge.  Below, you will find some HINTS and the CODES
    for all the levels in BlackThorne.
    Hint--Do not use your health potions until your life signs are down to
          Two (2) arrows.  This way you get more mileage.
    Hint--The Purple "Graggs" are the ones that give you the Remote Wasps.
    Hint--All levels are simple to follow to the end with the exception of
          level 13...that is the only one I had to make a Map for!
    Hint--To kill the ANDROMEDOGS (they look like the good guys but are colored
          dark) fire at them just after their 2nd or 3rd shot.  Timing is
    Hint--Use the Hover Bombs on the WHAR'ORK's, or stand far enough away from
          their whips to shoot your weapon.
    Hint--Your weapon increases with fire power as you progress.
    Hint--Killing the ROCK BEASTS is all timing.  Just wait them out so they move
          far enough away to shoot.
    Hint--When there are ROCK BEASTS and SPIDER MINES in the same area, try to
          kill the ROCK BEASTS near the SPIDER MINES, and they will both explode.
    Hint--Killing SARLAC (Last Level [17]) is a very tough fight.  You will
          surely need a few runs at it.  You must run back and forth, end to
          end, stopping, drawing, and shooting each time.  If he is walking
          toward you and you run by him, he cannot hurt you.
    Ok, that's enough HINTS for now.  Try to get through the game without jumping
    to the next level with the CODES below.  If your really stuck, here they are:
    Level      CODE/PASSWORD
    -----      -------------
     3            QP7R               ³      Courtesy of:            ³
     4            WJTV               ³                              ³
     5            RRYB               ³    Thomas A. Bashore         ³
     6            ZS9P               ³    2129 Cunningham Dr. #204  ³
     7            XJSN               ³    Hampton, VA. 23666        ³
     8            CGDM               ³                              ³
    10            GSG3
    11            BMHS
    12            Y4DJ
    13            HCKD
    14            NRLF
    15            J6BZ
    16            MJXG
    17            K3CH
    That's It!!!!!!!!! 

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