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"Not the flop that its sales might present"

Blackthorne is a “third person shooter” type game, in which you must navigate the hero, by the name of Kyle Blackthorne, safely through the levels, defeating monsters and solving puzzles the whole way through. He is the rightful heir to a kingdom that was overthrown by monsters. Therefore, he picks up a rifle, beefs up a bit, and prepares to kick some major ass.

The gameplay is fairly simple. There is a tutorial level to get you used to the controls, but overall, there is nothing too confusing. Basic things like “S” to sheath/unsheath your gun, spacebar to fire when it is unsheathed, and jump when it’s not… fairly basic stuff. It’s pretty fun too, as you work your way through, picking off monsters as you go.

The graphics are actually quite good for its time. This game has been out forever, but the models for the characters have quite a bit of detail and are 3D modeled, and the scenery is not plain by any standards. This is a major upside to the game, considering some other areas are lacking.

The music, personally, I think isn’t that great. They obviously left this realm of the game untouched in their budget, and it really shows. Unlike most games, which have different songs, this game has the same song the whole way through, so you get quite tired of it by the end. The sound effects are good, however, but I generally just turn off the speakers because I can’t stand the music.

This game does come on separate systems, but I recommend buying it for the PC, as the graphics are assured to be good quality. The hard part of obtaining this game is actually finding it. Look in bargain racks of stores, and places like that. The price certainly won’t be outrageous. This was a “flop” for Blizzard, which contrasts heavily with their Warcraft, Diablo, and Starcraft series. I think, personally, it was just a case of bad marketing, because this game really is pretty fun.

The replay value is pretty average. It’s not something that can be played over and over, but you can come back to it, and still enjoy it somewhat. However, this shouldn’t affect your purchasing decision, since it’s probably much easier to find it for purchase, and probably not much more expensive either.

Overall, this game is fairly good, contrary to it’s unsuccessful sales. It’s an “undiscovered semi-precious gem,” not a great game, but certainly one to play. And who can turn down the opportunity to control a buffed up hulk of a character wielding a gun with a desire to kill orcs…

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/01/03, Updated 07/01/03

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