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    I've tried to group the questions by concept/idea/strategy. Here's a listing 
    of the big ideas, so far. (as of 6/15/95)
     1) Norway
     2) France
     3) Embark/Debark troops and paratroopers (FJ's)
     4) Troop replacement
     5) Disbanding units (the "more prestige" myth)
     6) Bombers
     7) Jets
     8) Best PBEM scenario
     9) Blitzkrieg questions
    10) Troubleshooting Q&A
    11) Troubleshooting questions (respond if you know how to fix it.)
    1) NORWAY
    Tips for winning in Norway:
    I've won norway before but i started with more units!!
    main tip #1 - consolidate your navy to the west
    Immediately! and move it north.  hit and run, just
    like the nazi's did in real life
    main tip #2 - don't buy bombers, buy fighters!.  you should
    be starting with enough prestige to
    buy two or three fighters the first turn
    tip #3 - land on the beach south of oslo and south of
    the airfield in the SW corner of norway.  take these ASAP!
    you'll need oslo for prestige and the airfield to
    establish air superority.
    ... at least this works for me....
     That's the thing, you must have 3 or 4 fighters and make wait
    your JU88's until the BF109's have cleared their bombers.
      Also the cities in the south/center are easy to take. The one in the
    north is the problem because of the ship's fire. Hit the units around
    this city with tanks, because the ship's make on them much less hurt
    than to the artillery/infantry.
    Paul Schaaf (schaaf@u.washington.edu) schrieb:
    > On Fri, 19 May 1995, -J.FEENEY wrote:
    > > I am sure this has been asked before, but now it's my turn. I completed
    > > Poland with major victories so now I have to invade Norway. I have
    > > attempted to do so many times but the British navy keeps me from
    > > advancing on the northern coast. I have tried several different attack
    > > plans but I can't keep the British navy pounding my forces. Any hints
    > > or suggestions?
    > In my opinion, your air force is the key in this battle.  Spend most or 
    > all of your prestige on level bombers and fighters.  Bring the ships you 
    > have up top down to join with the rest of your navy.  You need your whole 
    > navy and a couple of level bombers to defeat the allied navy.  
    I didnt use any air force units agains the allied navy.
    At the beginning I used only two ground unit to conquer the city in the
    upper left. Here I build a air defense unit as soon as possible to shoot
    down allied aircrafts which will attack.
    I retreat with my navy slowly in direction to this city (hit and run).
    I am losing all my large ships at the beginning but in most cases youll 
    keep some destroyers (important) and most important your submarines.
    Always attack destroyers first (only threat for submarines).
    I try to join the rest of the navy as fast as possible. 
    Nevertheless, air supremacy is the key to victory in this scenario.
    I use my bombers and fighters in the south: first destroy norwegian
    fighters and then protect my bombers from incoming british fighters and
    shoot down incoming british bombers. I always try to get the fighters
    I used my paratroopers to get the first two undefended cities in 
    the valley.
    Hope it helps
    << But now all of a sudden,
    >a British army comes bulling out of the NW cities in counterattack! Did
    >they do that the first time, and I didn't
    >notice it, or is my game ramping difficulty on me?  I've seen stuff like
    >this happening in other scenarios-
    >it seems like there's more enemy units each time I replay a scenario...>>
    Scenarios always start with the same array of defending forces (identical
    in either individual scenarios or a campaign game).  But what happens
    after that depends on what YOU do, as well as on the AI level you're
    playing against.
    Remember that the AI is using its prestige to create new units to defend
    strategic goals or (too rarely) to mount counterattacks, same as you do.
    In the example, the AI used a non-objective city that was not under attack
    to stage forces for a counterattack on units it was a ble to see. Perhaps
    the first time you had taken that city, or the AI hadn't spotted your
    units. IOW, the AI will react differently depending on what you do, and
    plays by the same rules you do.
    |---RichC----------------------------Interfacing is easy---|
    |---rdclark@aol.com-------Compatibility takes a lifetime---|
    This has lots of spoilers about how I take Norway easily every time.  If you
    prefer to figure out the good strategies yourself don't read beyond this 
    paragraph.  Whether or not you read further - remember that the key to this
    game is to GO FAST.  Capture your objectives as QUICKLY as you can and don't
    bother with the units which aren't in your way or cities you don't need.
    Strategy tips/spoilers follow:
    I've found it fairly easy to blow through Norway and get a major victory by
    initially placing all my core units in the Northern placement area and taking
    the Northern cities first.  Use the Luftwaffe airborne to capture one city down
    south (they start unoccupied) and build a couple HW infantry to take the
    Southern objective and then cruise with those units to the West to take the
    Western objective.  You'll find you can land all your ground units in the first
    two turns taking minimal losses up North from planes and take the Northern
    objectives without suffering too badly.
    The last couple times I played the scenario I got a major without losing a
    single unit.  I even captured about 5 other cities to get the extra prestige
    so that I could fill out my core a little better.
    As for the British Navy, move all your ships (except maybe the furthest removed)
    Cruiser and Destroyer which can come in handy taking the southern objectives)
    North as fast as you can without stopping along the way.  Especially your
    Battleship which typically arives just about in time to see the last of your
    navy totally wiped out but all the Britsh ships damaged to the point where they
    don't pose much of a threat to your Battleship.
    And finally, as for the enemy fighters - yeah, they're certainly a pain in the
    butt, but if you capture the Northern airfield quickly, buy 2-3 BF109s and you
    should have no trouble blating the enemy from the sky.  The Norweigan's just
    can't compete against 109s.
    Robert D. Pomeroy               Digital Equipment Corporation
    pomeroy@refine.enet.dec.com     As always: My views, not theirs.
    2) FRANCE
      Here's the first question.  Please add your ideas, then we'll start the
      refinement process to create a FAQ.
      1) What is a feasible strategy for gaining a major in France? Remember,
         it needs to be accomplished in 13 turns.
         I have yet to get a major there, so I can't respond to this question.
    There may be a feasible strategy, but it probably isn't worth the trouble.
     I got the major once in about 20 tries.  But most of my units we're
    beaten up (3 star tanks at sterngth 10).  Since you can't overstrength
    between scenarios, you go into sealion handicapped.  Take the minor in
    France and come out with maximum strength.  Take out the Ruskies then get
    the British in '43.  
      I didn't notice about it, but that's exactly what I'm doing, I've got major in Poland,
    Warsaw, Norway and Low Countries, then minor in France (I was little disappointed
    for this, but now I see it's ok :-) then major in Yugoslavia/greek and minor in Tobruk,
    after a bad experience in El Alamain (you can't advance for that two exagons wide line
    in the coast, I've decided to go to Kiev (major) and now I'm going to Moscow with my
    5 stars PanzerIIIH/J's and Pioneers, Let's see how soon the snow comes :-) so I think
    after Moscow I have a good oportunity to go into Sealion in optimal conditions. The
    bad thing is that probably I won't have many units if I really conquer Moscow, also
    I don't have many time to obtain a major victory and I'm not going into Sealion with a
    minor in Moscow :-(
    You CAN get a major in France, and without too much difficulty.  Paris
    seems to be the key.  Blow away the French airforce while moving all your
    ground units to Paris (SAVE YOUR PRESTIGE) Once you take Paris use the
    prestige to buy any new units you would like and split in to 3 main battle
    groups.  The largest group (by far) should take the two easternmost cities
    while the other groups take two cities apiece.  Pound the French with your
    tac especially the tanks and you should come out with a Major.
    Personally I got a major in France in hard on the second attempt. I
    seem to remember the keys were:
    1) Make sure you go in with with your core maxed out, even if it is
    with PzJags.
    2) Attack in three groups, one down the coast, one towards Paris and
    one on the extreme southern flank. This latter group has to drive
    forward like crazy, bypassing resistance at every opportunity to
    press on.
    3) Use your paras/airmobile infantry to seize airfields and cities
    4) Gain air-superiority ASAP.
    5) Guard your initial victory city from sneaky British counter-attacks.
    In other words, pretty much what you do in all the other Blitzkrieg
    type situations.
    Sorry, but I can't remember much else about it now. I don't
    recollect having any trouble with Sealion afterwards though.
    Getting major in France is not that hard. Get yourself 4 fighters, 4 tac 
    bombers, 5 PzIVD tanks, 4 15sFH 18 Artilleries on halftracks, 2-3 bridge 
    engineers, anyone should be able to do it. The key is focusing on the 
    objectives and keep moving. Use the main force to take Paris first. Send 
    2 tanks, 1 bridge, 1 artl, 1-2 tac bomber to the coastal objectives, 
    while the main force is attacking Paris. Use your tac to attack French 
    heavy tanks. Use your tank to protect other units from being attacked by 
    those tanks. Use your 3-range powerful artilleries to the full extent. 
    You will get your majors.
    Actually I got majors in the '39 game all the way through Moscow, the 
    only game I did not win yet is the Washington scenario.
    > On 22 May 1995, Matthias Buyken wrote:
    > > I had 12 turns left and did not get a major, i maybe can do it with 13 turns left.
    > > Is that enough?
    I found it _really_ helped to use paratroopers and/or air transport in
    this one. Send them deep into the rear cities, and land them in close
    to objective cities.  They don't conquer anything (although, if they can,
    it's really nice if they can conquer an airfield), they just 'pin' the city
    and keep it from getting reinforcements until the cavalry arrived.
    This really helps keep the French from making huge defensive positions around
    those rear cities.
    Ken Fishkin	fishkin@xerox.com
    In article <po3fkCq.fooleternal@delphi.com>, Charles Hagmaier
    <fooleternal@delphi.com> wrote:
    > Kim Mandix <diakkima@unidhp.uni-c.dk> writes:
    > How do you keep the Hurricanes and assorted French fighters from tearing
    > your level bombers to shreds in the first two-three rounds? I was
    > doing ok until I hit Paris, now I can't win for losing...
    Keep your bombers adjacent to your fighters, and send two fighters after
    every enemy plane until none are left. Then your bombers can range at
    Henri H. Arsenault
     I can get the troops to embark on the transport.  I can get the transport 
    to the target area.
    Thanks in advance!
    Assuming they're paratroopers, just click on the same icon you used to
    embark them on the plane in the first place (the one with the ship on it).
    The hexes that they can land on are now highlighted on the map. Click on a
    hex and they'll try to jump onto it (but they might drift).
    If they're not actual paratroopers (other infantry or light artillery
    units), you have to land on an unoccupied airfield and disembark on the
    next turn.
    > While playing a campaign and finishing a battle, if a unit is not at full strength, the
    > unit gets at full strength for the beginning of the next battle. My question is whether
    > the unit is filled with elite or normal replacements? That is, there is no reason for
    > me to waste my prestige in getting elite replacements at the end if the game will
    > give me elite replacements equivalent for the beginning of the next seige.
    > -- 
    > Ray Bowen
       If you are bringing rear line units up to normal strength near the end
    of a scenario, you are wasting prestige.  These units will come up to full
    strength with elite troops at the end of the scenario for free.  Now, if
    you're trying to go overstrength, that's a different story.
    What I have noticed is that you don't have all your good units for the next
    battle, only a few but you've got the others in posterior battles. 
    Could anyone confirm this?
    This is a correct analysis.  If you purchase units in one campaign and don't
    have any core units left, then this unit will be made up of auxillary units 
    which will not continue to the next campaign with you. Somewhat dissapointing
    I know, but that is the way it is!  Just keep an eye on the available core
    units and buy units (unless desperate) only when you have enough core points. 
    My experience is that it takes just one core point/unit.
    On 6 Jun 1995, Francisco Landeira wrote:
    >   Does anybody know how "disband unit" runs?
    >   I disband a unit and then it is supposed I have more prestige to get another different
    > one, but I don't have more prestige. What is wrong?
    >  Paco
    Nothing is wrong.  When you disband a unit their gone, they don't give 
    you any money for it.
    You don't get the prestige back!  The only reasons I can think of for
    disbanding a unit are to create room in your core for something else (assuming
    your core is maxed out) or to eliminate a 1 or 2 strength unit that will face
    certain elimination, thus denying the prestige gains to the enemy.  But I 
    always choose to let the low stength unit die -- I'd rather let the enemy waste 
    their time killing that crippled unit than have them take a full crack at a
    nearby full-strength unit.
    Rich James                  rsj@metronet.com
    Voice: 214-604-6292         FAX: 214-604-4348
       No you don't get prestige when you disband units.  But, don't feel bad. A
    number of people got the same impression when reading that portion of the rule
    book.  I believe it says something about disbanding units allows you to get
    new units, which a lot of people assumed meant that you get prestige to do so.
    What this statement actually meant was that, if you were already at the max
    allowable number of units, and you disband a unit, you will now be at less
    than the max allowable number and can therefore buy more.
       The only real advantage to disbanding a unit is to prevent the opponent from
    getting the prestige from destroying it.
    TJ Jehl          tjehl@sedona.intel.com 
    6) BOMBERS
    Kim Mandix <diakkima@unidhp.uni-c.dk> wrote:
     What is the use of level bombers, they are worthless.
     >can someone tell me what to do with them.
    >the searcher
    > Level bombers are great. You need one or two. Use them when you 
    > take victory hexes. Start the turn with the level bomber. It will
    > probably only reduce the garrason with one, but the rest will stay
    > supressed for the rest of the turn. After the level bomber, a few 
    > artillery shots and one or two infantry atacks will do the job.
    > Last nigth I got France in 13 turns using this technique.
    > Have fun!
    > Kim
    Dont forget level bombers are great for sinking ships.
    {only HE's and JU's, BTW. Read naval attack strength before you buy. --MJS}
    Also very useful to destroy enemy ships and to weaken
    fortifications, because suppressed units remain supressed for
    one turn. If you bomb a fortification and then attack with a ground
    unit the fortification will surrender (very often).
    Franz Pestenhofer
    7) JETS
    In article <3qm6f4$rfg@huey.cadvision.com>, nathanae@cadvision.com (spaceman spiff) writes:
    > I just won my first camaign after winning a victory in hungary, This was 
    >  somtime in 1945. What I'm wondering is why did i never recieve any of 
    > the jet fighters? At the end of my campaign the newest figter availabe to 
    > me was the fw190 dora-9 according to the manual i believe the first  jets 
    > are supposed to come out in 1944 but they never showed up in my game.Does 
    > any one know what might have caused this? Is there Something specific you 
    > must achieve before getting the advanced tech units?
    Visit Washington or Berlin to get jets.
    Veni, Vidi, Vici - Caesar.
    WWW: http://www-i8.auc.dk/~strategy/
    |> gary@cpd.tandem.com (lewis_gary) writes:
    |> >nate@psythird.psych.indiana.edu (Nathan Engle) writes:
    |> >>Husky (favors Germans), 
    |> >I would rate the scenarios that I've played PBEM like this:
    |> >  Husky         (favors Allies)
    |> >I see we differ on how we would rate the Husky scenario. In my
    |> >game the Allied player completely dominated and was able to win the
    |> >game several turns early. With massive use of airpower & seapower 
    |> >the German player was never able to mount much resistance. How did 
    |> >your game go?
    |>     In the scenario I played the German player opted for a strong northern 
    |> defense of the mainland, using his starting prestige to purchase a couple 
    |> of extra FW-190a fighters that were able to combine with the 3 he already 
    |> had to establish air superiority in the north since the Allies never had 
    |> a northern base from which to operate their more numerous but shorter 
    |> range and less effective fighters. 
    I think this is the key to this scenario. I've only played against the
    computer, which isn't saying much, but if the the Axis can get air
    superiority in the North he's in good shape. I sent my two Italian planes
    up North to help out. Also made sure the Allies couldn't get the Northern
    airbase and sent a JU88a against his fleet. As for the ground war, I just
    bought a dozen of those 12 point Italian tank destroyers and clogged up all
    of Sicily with them, though I don't know if this'll work against a human
    Roberto Ullfig - ullfig@fnrobo.fnal.gov
    On 31 May 1995, Ken Fishkin wrote:
    > In France and Kiev (at least), the scenario instructions tell me
    > that the sooner I win, the better, with respect to future battles.
    > APART from having to win fast enough to get a Major victory, is there
    > any benefit to winning even quicker? If I have to win by turn 10, say,
    > to get a Major, is there any benefit to winning on turn 6 instead of
    > turn 9?
    I think you'd actually be better off waiting until the last turn that you 
    can still get a major.  You can build up more prestige as well as pumping 
    up your units to overstrength and dinking away at some of the last 
    computer units to get some more experience for your rookies.
    Paul Schaaf
    In article <3qfs02$dbk@mksrv1.dseg.ti.com>,
    Buddy Knight <fmk2@msg.ti.com> wrote:
    >I'm playing the CDROM version (V1.0) of PG and have been having the 
    >following problems:
    >1.  Planes won't attack.  The red targetting reticle doesn't even appear.
    Check the weather.  Planes can't attack during bad weather (rain & snow).  And,
    in Norway, you *will* get some bad weather!
    >2.  Every 2-3 turns, the system locks up.
    >Is there a patch out for the CD version that I don't know about?
    There are separate patches available for the floppy and the CD-ROM versions
    of the game that will bring it up to version 1.2.  This patch fixes certain
    lockup problems, but not all.  I've seen it mentioned in this group that some
    people still get lockups when sounds are on.  I don't have sounds (or
    animation) turned on, and I still occasionally get a lockup.  Best advice is
    to save your games often!
    Where are the patches?  I forgot! :)  Hopefully, someone will chip in and tell
    you where you can get them (as opposed to getting them directly from SSI).
    >Does SSI have an e-mail address?
    Sorry, I don't know about this one.
    Rich James                  rsj@metronet.com
    Voice: 214-604-6292         FAX: 214-604-4348
    If you have answers for the following questions, please post them to the 
    comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.strategic newsgroup so they can be incorporated into
    later incarnations of this FAQ.
    Even with the current version (1.2), i cant seem to get panzer general to play
    sound through my turtle beach monte carlo sound card, configured for SB sound. 
    What could be the problem here? Ive left posts on ssi's c-serve bb, but havent
    heard back from them.  This is the only game that seems to have a compatibility
    problem with this card. Any help/advice would be appreciated....its not much
    fun playing the game in silence.
    I just bought the CD version, and it apparently doesnt like my video 
    card, which is a S3805 based vlb card.  Any suggestions?  I have used the 
    1.0-1.2 cd patch.  When I type 'pg' my screen turns blank and my machine 
    locks (c-a-d doesn't work)

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