• Steam Achievements

    AggressivenessUse the battle axe in battle
    Arnold AlriksAchieve physical strength 20
    Artherion's AvengerConvict the masterminds of Gashok (Secret)
    Basilisk SlayerDefeat the Basilisk (Secret)
    BlunderbussStumble into a trap
    Cartographer IKnow about 35 land routes
    Cartographer IIKnow about 80 land routes
    Cartographer IIIKnow about 140 land routes
    Cartographer IVKnow about 210 land routes
    Church mouseSpend your last farthing
    CowardFlee from battle
    CunningOutsmart the guards at Finsterkopp Pit (Secret)
    CursedEquip a cursed item on a hero
    Demon whispererAnswer all questions of the fire demon correctly
    Do-GooderDonate 25 ducats to beggars
    Dr. JonesFind 5 secret doors
    DrunkardCarouse test failed 10 times
    Entertainer IEarn 50 ducats through music and singing in taverns
    Entertainer IIEarn 100 ducats through music and singing in taverns
    Entertainer IIIEarn 200 ducats through music and singing in taverns
    Entertainer IVEarn 500 ducats through music and singing in taverns
    ExhibitionistBeaten up in a city due to missing pants (Secret)
    ExpertHealing wounds leads to a disease
    ExplorerExplore all dungeons of the main game
    Generous IDonate 100 ducats in temples
    Generous II150 donate ducats in temples
    Generous IIIDonate 200 ducats in temples
    Generous IVDonate 300 ducats in temples
    GlobetrotterTravel all roads on the map
    Gods FavoriteExperience 5 miracles
    HagglerEarn 50 ducats discount on haggling
    Hero of ThorwalImport heroes from Blade of Destiny that had finished the game (Secret)
    Hunter IAcquire 500 supply packages by hunting
    Hunter IIAcquire 750 supply packages by hunting
    Hunter IIIAcquire 1000 supply packages by hunting
    Hunter IVAcquire 1500 supply packages by hunting
    InsomniaA hero for all 3 nightmare monitors
    JinxGet bitten by a rat in a dungeon
    Knight of the LionSave the Rondra Priestess (Secret)
    Locksmith IPick a chest or a lock
    Locksmith IIPick 5 chest or locks
    Locksmith IIIPick 20 chest or locks
    Locksmith IVPick 40 chests or locks
    Master of all classesComplete the game with each character class at least once
    Medium ISummon a spirit
    Medium IISummon 10 spirits
    Medium IIISummon 50 spirits
    Medium IVSummon 250 Spirits
    Necromancer ISummon 1 skeleton
    Necromancer IISummon 10 skeletons
    Necromancer IIISummon 50 skeletons
    Necromancer IVSummon 250 skeletons
    NewbornBring a hero back to life
    NoisemakersRing all bells in the Temple of the Nameless (Secret)
    NudistWin a fight with armor protection 0 on all party members
    Old acquaintancesImport heroes from Blade of Destiny
    Overloaded?Less than 3 movement points in combat due to loadout
    PacifistWin a fight without killing any enemies
    Pactor ISummon a demon
    Pactor IISummon 10 demons
    Pactor IIISummon 50 demons
    Pactor IVSummon 250 demons
    Phex' FollowerClarify the fate of Sternenschweif (Secret)
    PoisonerBrew 10 poisons
    Regular3 Weapons shattered
    SavantComplete all game tutorials
    Savior of the Svellt ValleyReturn the salamander stone to the elves and dwarfs (Secret)
    Secretive PersonEnter the Finsterkopp Pit via the rear entrance (Secret)
    Slacker IHave 50 fights calculate by the AI
    Slacker IIHave 100 fights calculate by the AI
    Slacker IIIHave 250 fights calculate by the AI
    Slacker IVHave 500 fights calculate by the AI
    SlothHave a fight calculated by the AI
    SociableHad all NPCs in the group
    Spider SlayerDefeat the spider queen in the Blood Pinnacles (Secret)
    Stoerrebrandt IOwn 250 ducats
    Stoerrebrandt IIOwn 500 ducats
    Stoerrebrandt IIIOwn 1,000 ducats
    Stoerrebrandt IVOwn 2,000 ducats
    Sweet fruitSoothed the capricorn with sweets (Secret)
    TalkativeTalked to 100 people on the street
    ThiefGet caught and thrown out of a tavern when trying to steal
    Tin CanGet armor protection 10
    TraitorAttack on group members by heroes (Secret)
    Voice TalentWere able to talk to the Lizards of Ansvell
    Wayfarer ITravel on 20 different roads
    Wayfarer IITravel on 50 different roads
    Wayfarer IIITravel on 100 different roads
    Wayfarer IVTravel on 225 different roads

    Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.

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