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        Star Trail : Realms of Arkania II       An Unofficial FAQ (v2)
    I have cobbled together this FAQ of info for Star Trail from a
    number of messages posted by people to usenet;  if I've not
    credited you for info in the game please forgive me, it's not
    intentional.   I have rounded off the FAQ with some data at
    the end noted from spells and experience in the game.
    The FAQ is split into general questions and questions on 
    particular parts of the game.
    If you have any additions/corrections, pop them in an e-mail to me.
    This is really a second "draft" at a FAQ;  I'll take any more
    comments and add them later and repost (and STILL I haven't finished
    the game myself ;-)
    Credits:   	Garfield (4darkow@informatik.uni-hamburg.de)
    	   	Bobbie (bobbiekat@aol.com)
    		Dirk (Dirk.Bruggemann@durham.ac.uk)
    		Rick (redrick@delphi.com)
    		Lance (pfrench@clark.net)
    		Ernst (Ernst.Eigenbauer@VM.AKH-WIEN.AC.AT)
    		Drifter (banz@pegasus.rutgers.edu)
    		Clark (clump@cs.mcgill.ca)
    		Mike (Spectre350@AOL.com)
    		Lord Soth (cmd@aimnet.com)
    		Barbara (barbara@albion.franken.de)
    		Scott (author of a mini-FAQ)
     		+ others!
    Enjoy!					Tim (tjc@ecs.soton.ac.uk)
         Star Trail is touted as a "fantasy role playing simulation", the
         reason being that there is a lot of attention to detail in the game.
         The game system is based on the (supposedly) popular German role 
         playing system called "Das Schwarze Auge".  
         The game comes with a manual, reference card and a fold-out colour 
         map of the realm.  The map covers about 400 by 300 miles of land, 
         and has over a dozen villages/towns marked on it.  The manual is
         70+ pages, thoughtfully written and well indexed.  There are no 
         details of monsters or weapons in the manual, but there is enough 
         info to get you going and involved in the game.  A separate clue 
         book (I don't have it) retails for #13.99 or so.
         The game features 3D graphics in towns and dungeons (similar to
         'Arena: Elder Scrolls', but oddly without the people - encounters
         either yield pop-up menus or combat).  Combat is isometric and
         turn-based with good, but not great, graphics.  On the CD version
         there are combat sounds, including spell chants.  Travel between 
         towns is done on an overhead map, with movement restricted to
         paths that you find.
         Characters can be from any of 12 races, and have around 50 skills
         they can develop, and a larger number of spells.  You can skip a
         lot of the detail by playing in "novice" mode.   There's a fair
         chance that if you'd like a cross between 'Arena' and 'Betrayal at
         Krondor', you'd like this game.
         The reference card says the game needs a 386PC or better (486/33 
         is recommended), 4Mb RAM (though it says only 2Mb on the box!), 
         580k of free base RAM, 670k min EMS and 64k min XMS (which is a 
         bit of a pain, especially on the CD version).  The CD version, 
         which I have, claims to need 31Mb of HD space too.  Sound support 
         looks good.  I played on a DX2/66, 8Mb, SB16 with no trouble.  
         Graphics appear to be regular VGA.
         The game comes on 3.5" disk or CD; I got CD and thus have some 
         extra graphics (though I'm not sure where!) and digitised speech, 
         which seems to pop up in cut scenes.  To install the full game 
         from CD to HD would take over 100Mb, but luckily you only need a 
         fraction of that to play off the CD.  Copy protection is a one
         word lookup the first time you save in any game session.
         Star Trail has a relatively free-flowing plot;  there are some
         linear elements, but you can spend a lot of time wandering
         rather aimlessly early on!   To start off, save the woman being
         attacked by Orcs SW of the starting town - this gets you a bonus
         two levels of experience.   Then make your general way towards 
         the Finsterkamm and the dwarven pit.   The quest in Gashok isn't
         too hard and can be completed early in the game.
         ** SPOILERS FOLLOW **
         If you go to sleep in the first inn SW of the starting town
         you will be visited in the night by someone seeking the missing
         axe called Star Trail (in fact it could be the first time you 
         sleep at *any* inn - not sure on this :).
     (Q) My characters get ill a lot - what can I do?
         Buy sleeping bags as soon as you can; these cut down on colds 
         and flu-type infections dramatically.  Always carry herbs for
         healing and curing disease.  Early in the game sell off excess
         ones as the cash is more useful to you.
     (Q) How much food/water should I carry?
         It depends where you are exploring; in mountain and desert areas
         you should carry at least two full water skins each and probably
         at least 6 ration packs (you can top these up with overnight
     (Q) Where can I get alchemy recipes?
         There aren't too many around.  It may be that Realms of Arkania I
         recipes will work.  You'll find two in the Dwarven Pit.
           Vomicum:        lamp oil, shurin bulb, mandrake.
           Hylailian fire: 2 brandies, licorish, 2 lamp oils.
     (Q) The markets seem always shut?
         No.  The markets arrive one day a week in Kvirasim (Fireday) and
         Gashok (Praiosday).  Time your visits to the towns accordingly or
         spend a few nights in an inn.
     (Q) Which "obscure" spells might I need later?
         These will help - the last two are certainly important:
          Teleport Spell
          MELT SOLID (Temple of Nameless One)
          BANE GHOSTS (Temple of Phex)
     The Dwarven Pit
         The pit is in the Dwarven town in the Finsterkamm mountains.
         Herein lies the salamander stone and a few other handy items
         including a magic waterskin and a number of +5 STR belts.
         It is important NOT to rob anything (the altar, the graves and
         the axes) else you'll anger the Dwarven god.  You may find
         a rope, spade, crowbar and more than one lockpick useful for
         the pit.  Oh, and a torch and tinder box.
     (Q) How do I get in?
         You can use the back entrance, but better still ask the priest
         in the temple of Ingerimm (inside the mountain) about the pit 
         three times and he will give you the key.
     (Q) How do I get out?
         Either go out the back way, or get the key from the gnome and
         leave by the main entrance.  The back tunnel will collapse the
         first time you pass through it.  The back exit is at the lowest 
         level.  Just keep climbing down (not using the stairs) till you 
         can go no further.  Or you can leave a character with a key
         outside the double door entrance.
     (Q) Where is the magical water skin?
         The skin must be found in the watery level;  if you turn the
         wheel on the higher level the water (and the skin) drain away.
         You need to turn the wheel later to get through the trapdoor
         on that level (and you need a crowbar for that).
     (Q) When does the hammer strike?
         After getting the stone, go to the altar room with the lit torches
         and stay there for a day.
     (Q) What is the Asthenal Ring?
         It seems to be a fire resistence ring.  It's in the brazier on
         the first level north and east of the main pit double door.
         You will take temporary damage retreiving it.  It may be useful
         in the hot "hole" on a level further down, and possibly entering
         there with a rope ladder and the ring on may be worth trying.
     (Q) How do I get across the fire plates?
         You need the leathers from the chest; wear them and put them back
         when you are done (else the stairs won't come back).  Take only
         one set for one person.  The character crossing the plates should
         ideally wear the Asthenal Ring.  To getto the golem you *must* use
         a torch and tinder box, not magic light.
     (Q) What is the answer to the gnome's riddle?
     (Q) Can I get the sword and the stone?
         The only way I've found to get both the sword and the Salamander Stone
         and get out alive is to do things in this order:  Talk to Golem first 
         time. Go to far SE chest and take stone *but* when offered chance to 
         swap or not hit ESCAPE instead of choosing.  Then go back to Golem and
         when he's done with the sword you'll get it.
     (Q) My druid and elf aren't allowed in the pit - help!
         Use spells to disguise them or make them invisible so that they
         can walk past the dwarf guards.
     (Q) Where are the hot plates?
         In the pit, there's a shaft you can climb up or down. Go to the top,
         search, and you'll find a key. Go down to the area filled with water
         (you need to drain this by turning the wheel in room with the dwarfs)
         Use a crowbar to open the slab, go down to this new level. There is 
         one door you can oen with a blank wall behind it. the new key opens 
         this door.
         Situated just north of Lowangen, the town of Gashok has at least
         one quest to solve.   
     (Q) I've heard the sword and bow of atherion (sp?) mentioned,
         but haven't run into them in any of the dwarven pit/orc cave/phex
         temple (i've been through them all in this or other games...).
         where do you run into them?
         To find these weapons you'll need to investigate the burnt out
         mill in the town.  Ask around about it, one good place in particular
         is the market place area.  The clues should lead you out of town
         to Artherion, and you can then help him.
         This is the city under seige by an Orc army.
         Here you will lose the Salamander Stone when you enter the city
         with it.  If Antharon is with you, he will take it, if not, the 
         stone will get lost in the crowd.  You need to recover the stone
         and find the secret way out of the town.  Be prepared to lose the
         real Stone again when you leave town!
     (Q) Can I sneak into Lowangen?
         You'll have to give your non-magic items to the orcs first time
         in, but after that you should find a secret passage in/out.
         To keep your stuff put it in a warehouse or (much better) leave it 
         with another party member outside the town in a temple (you can 
         create just a "dummy" character or two for this).
     (Q) Where is Black Jandora
         Four squares west of the eastern wall, about halfway up.
         Or: 4 paces north of the Rod and Mare brothel in Colorful Flight.
     (Q) Who is Gavron?
         Usually, a party who enters Lowangen carries the stone with them and 
         get it stolen by Gavron.  To get it back you have to find him (wait
         in the Orc Death tavern).  You will also find out about the fake 
         stone if you get yours stolen.  Or ask Dragan (close to the western
         wall) about Gavron.
     (Q) Where is Vidaria Leechbronn?
         Her house is located in Eydal...1 pace east and 3 paces south of the
         Canal Tavern.
     (Q) Where is Vinsalter?
         Find the Temple of Rahja on your automap, Vinsalter is five steps 
         west and one step south of there.
     (Q) How do I get into the castle?
         You`ll find out if you find Dragan and ask him about travelling.
         (This is important to do!).
     The Swamp
         The swamp is in the middle of the main map.  
     (Q) How do I catch the Rantzy?
         Equip a character with a net, then use it in combat, ie. equip the
         net in that character's left hand.
     (Q) What do I do with the Swamp Rantzy wearing the necklace?
         Catch him with the net.  Then find heather plants W of there.  When 
         you get back near Lowangen use the 18th heather on him.  There are
         also two documents related to this problem.  (Or: Go to where the 
         heather is. Pluck each bush, until you find the one that makes the 
         rantzy react. Throw away heathers that do not make him react.)
         To transform the character back into a human, have a character with
         adequate skills hold the rantzy, the dcoument, and the magic heather.
         Use the document, then use the heather. If you do not have adequate
         healing skills, wait till you are about to enter Lowengrin. If your
         party has a healer, you can cure his disease and adventure with him.
     (Q) How do you open the chest in the swamp?
         Turn stepwise mode off to get into the chest.(!)  You should then
         be able to click on or press SPACE by the chest to open it.  Some
         people report this as being rather buggy though ... it may depend
         on the character opening the chest.
         [According to the sir-tech people, the only narrative requirements 
          to open the chest are to have been to Lowangen, and to have talked 
          to the witch (lady). You can email sirtech yourself 
          "76711.33@compuserve.com", but if my experience is any measure, 
          don't expect quick or intelligent responses.]
     (Q) How do I get into the tower?
         Talk to the witch.  It seems wise NOT to pull up the witch's herb
         garden before you try to speak with her.
     (Q) How do you appease the Fire Elemental?
         Answer with one word at a time......
         Love, Mercy, Pity, Justice, Life ... any of these will do.
     Blood Peaks and the Orc Pit
         Herein lies a lot of fights, a couple of NPC's and the Salamader
         Stone (if you lost it "to plan").   You are brought here if you
         are captured by an orc patrol near Lowangen (which is NOT good as
         you lose a lot of your kit).
         A port in the NW of the map, Tiefhusen contains the Temple of Phex
         and is a place to go to find Star Trail.
     (Q) Who do I ask about Star Trail?
         Try the priest in the Hesinde(?) temple, or ask in the tavern.
     (Q) Where is Hensgen?
         You should be able to find him sitting by a tree outside the city 
         walls (I think it's in the north, but I'm not sure).
     The Phex Dungeon
         This dungeon is good for experience, though not a lot more.
     (Q) Can I escape the first skeleton trap in the Phex dungeon?
         There is a way: you should find another scroll in that region. 
         When you pick it up, the barrier vanishes
     (Q) What is the answer to the the riddle?
          - NIGHT.
     (Q) How do I solve the "Memory Game" ?
         You have to find the animal representing Phex.
         Look into your Manual. It should become pretty clear.
     (Q) How do I get the Helmet and Shield of Phex ?
         When you take these items, a Poltergeist appears and blocks your way
         back out. He can be dispelled using the BANE GHOSTS spell.
     (Q) I searched the whole dungeon, but I still can't open some secret
         passages. What must I do ?
         Solve all the riddles. You also have to put 60 Ducats(sp?) into the
         bowl standing on a desk (or it may be >50 Ducats, but by now 9
         Ducats won't hurt you :)
         Try here for the Temple of Nameless.
     (Q) Can someone please tell me how to finish this level?
         Do you mean the door behind the secret passage in the south-eastern 
         part of the level? You need a statue to open this door. Opposite the 
         secret passage is  another secret door (on the west wall) and behind 
         you'll find the statue.
     The Final Dungeon and the Temple of Nameless
     (Q) How do I get in?
         Look at the scroll you get from the Dwarf's house; it has the 
         letters "2L 4R 4L" on it;  you have to push the walls is the right
         order, ie. 2 Left, 4 Right and 4 Left from that passage.
     (Q) Which four-digit code do I have to enter on one of lowest floors?
         The code is 1325 and I got the answer from someone else who never
         explained how *they* got it.  Apparantly the code in the German
         (original) version of the game is 1945; it's obtained as follows -
         the answer is related to the message on the wall opposites the 
         stairs.  You'll probably have a document with the word 'cult' on 
         it. Look for the letters 'c','u','l' and 't' in the message (they 
         should appear only once). Count the position of the letters starting 
         from the beginning of the row they're in (NOT from the beginning of 
         the word they're in)!
     (Q) How do I release the girl?
         To free the NPC you have to use melt solid (if you have spent more
         than 100 D to HESINDE(?) during the game she will help you by
         increasing melt solid by 15 points; the girl NPC will help you on
         the first two levels and then disappear (too much fear).
     (Q) What do I do with the 4 amulet chunks?
         There is a crack near the southeast corner of the map.  It requires
         a sun-shaped key to open a secret door.  Get all the amulet pieces 
         (don't worry about putting them together) then immediately go to that
         crack on the wall.  It should open once all the pieces are there.  I 
         had to use teleport *a lot* to get those damn pieces. 
     (Q) Any other points?
         - to get the key from the plant and go out of the room you have to 
           split your group, but you can bring out all of them.
         - the visible door (first level) is an illusion.
    		               Attack  Defense
    	      	      Damage    Bonus   Bonus   Weight   Type
    Knife			1-6	-3	-4	 10	pointed
    Obsidian dagger		1-6	-2	-3	 30	pointed
    Kukris mengbilar (*)	2-7	-3	-4	 20	pointed
    Dagger			2-7	-2	-3	 20	pointed
    Asthenil dagger         2-7     -2      -3       20     pointed
    Kukris dagger (*)	2-7	-2	-3	 30	pointed
    Heavy dagger		3-8	-1	-2	 30	pointed
    Foil			4-9	 0	-1	 30	pointed
    Epee			4-9	 0	-1	 35	pointed
    Rapier			4-9	 0	-1	 35	pointed
    Wolf knife		4-9	 0	-1	 50	pointed
    Magic wand (+)		2-7	 0	 0	 70	polearm
    Quarterstaff		2-7	 0	-1	 70	polearm
    Catchogre               3-8     -2      -3       30     polearm
    Trident                 4-9      0      -3       90     polearm
    Pike                    4-9     -1      -4      150     polearm
    Whip        		1-6	 0	-6	 60	edged wpn
    Grain flail		3-8	-2	-3	100	edged wpn
    Sickle     		3-8	-3	-4	 30	edged wpn
    Scythe     		4-9	-3	-4	100	edged wpn
    Seal Slayer		4-9	 0	 0	 60	edged wpn
    Cutlass			4-9	 0	-1	 70	edged wpn
    Sabre			4-9	 0	 0	 60	edged wpn
    Mace			5-10	 0 	-2	110	edged wpn
    Kunchomer		5-10	 0 	-1	 70	edged wpn
    Babak Bully             6-11    -1      -2      120     edged wpn
    Morning Star            6-11    -1      -3      120     edged wpn
    Gruufshark              7-12    -2      -4      180     edged wpn
    War Hammer              5-15    -2      -4      150     edged wpn
    Goupillon               6-21    -3      -4      240     edged wpn
    Short sword             3-8      0      -1       40     sword
    Sword			5-10	 0	 0	 80	sword
    Asthenil Sword          5-10     0       0       80     sword
    Sword of Artherion	6-11	+3	-1	 80	sword
    Rondracomb   		4-14	-2	-2	150	2-handed
    Bastard sword		6-11	-1	-2	140	2-handed
    Two-handed sword	6-16	-2	-3	160	2-handed
    War axe			6-16	-1	-4	150	2-handed
    Skraja			4-9	 0	-2	 90	axe
    Hatchet			5-10	 0	-3	120	axe
    Halberd			5-10	-1	-3	150	axe
    Orc hook		6-11	-1	-3	120	axe
    Short bow		4-9 	 0	 0	 20	missile
    Long bow		5-10	 0	 0	 30	missile
    Bow of Artherion	7-12	 0	 0	 30	missile
    Crossbow		7-12	 0	 0	200	missile
    Heavy crossbow		8-13	 0 	 0	220	missile
    Throwing knife          1-6     -3      -4       10     thrown
    Shurikan                2-7      0       0       15     thrown
    Born thorn              3-8     -1      -3       30     thrown
    Francesca               4-9     -1      -3       60     thrown
    Throwing axe            4-9     -1      -4      120     thrown
    Cutting tooth		5-10	 0	 0	 50	thrown
    (*) weapon carries poison
    (+) can hold special charges
    Note certain weapons can only be used by certain character races.
    Name           AR      Hind    At       Pa     Weight
    Quilt Armor     2       2       1        1 	120
    Leather Armor   3       3       1        2 	180
    Toad Skin Armor 3       3       1        2 	150
    Chain Shirt     4       4       2        2 	320
    Scale Armor     5       4       2        2 	480
    Shield          1       0       0        0 	140
    Iron Shield     2       1       0       -1 	200
    Leather Cap     1       0       0        0 	 90
    Pot Helm        2       1       0        1 	100
    Iron Helm       3       2       1        1 	180
    Leather Greaves 1       0       0        0 	 70
    Chain Greaves   2       2       1        1 	 80 
    Plate Greaves   2       1       0        1 	100
    Skull girdle    -       -       -        -       10   Necrophobia -4
    Name		Lvl    At  Pa  AR  MR  Att Dam    LP  AP
    Orc		 1      3   0	2 -17	1  3-8	  13   0
    Stag Beetle	 1      8   2	3  10	1  2-7	  30   0
    Frost spider	 1      9   0	1  10	1  2-7	  16   0
    War Ogre	13     17  14	6   0	1  8-18	  60   0
    Goblin		 3      7   3	2   4	1  4-9    18   0
    Lion		 1     11   6	1   4	2  5-10	  40   0
    Elf		 4     12   9	3   4   1  5-10   44  20
    Harpy		 1     15  10	2  10	1  5-10   40   0
    Forest gnome	 1     14   6	6   7   1  7-12   28   0
    Tusk tiger	 1     15   7	1  -2	2  5-20	  52   0
    Robber		 8     15  12   3   5   1  7-12   57   0
    Deregon	(*)	10	8   6   2   6	1  7-12   62   0
    Exholt (*)	10     16  14   3   6   1  7-12   72   0
    Ogre		 1	9   3   3  -2   1  8-18   48   0
    Arkanian	 3	5   3   3  -3   1  5-10   36   0
    Gargoyle	 1     10   5   6  12   1  7-12   60   0
    Dwarf undead	 8	9   5   3   5   1  7-12   40   0
    (*) Individual "NPC" in game.
    This is not a complete list of adversaries!
    Life Points are LPs observed from healthy opponents via spellcasting;
    these will vary for individual creatures.  It may be that other stats
    vary too (including for example their levels for orcs).
    Beware the priests in Phex; they cast weapon-breaking spells.
    There are a number of NPC's you can encounter.  These include:
     - Antharon some miles before Lowangen, he just needs the group to go 
       there, but if you make the dwarfen pit with him, he stays with the 
       group (until Lowangen, where he takes the Salamanderstone which will 
       be stolen anyway)
     - some sort of magician (GESTALTWANDLER) in the orc pit, it did not take 
       him (after i knew waht he really wanted)
     - some sort of Orc prisoner in the orc pit, he will just help you 
       fighting and leave the group when you go out the pit
     - a warrior (female) in the temple of the nameless god, all she thinks 
       is that it is still cold (she was frozen), but she will help you in 
       the first two levels.
    That's all - please e-mail additions/corrections to tjc@ecs.soton.ac.uk

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