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    Walkthrough by WHO-AM-I

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                                BENEATH  A  STEEL  SKY
                Author:     WHO-AM-I
                Designer:   Revolution Software
                    version 1.00                     22 May 94
                            The first solution.
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    ------------------  APPLICATION FORM,   CUT HERE    ------------------------
                NAME (REAL):                                  (CHINESE)
                SEX (MALE / FEMALE):
                I.D. No.:
                BIRTH-DATE: (Day-Month-Year)
                TELEPHONE (VOICE):
                TELEPHONE (DATA):
                SCHOOL / COMPANY:
                FORM / POST:
    ------------------  APPLICATION FORM,   CUT HERE    ------------------------
                    Fosters Overmann,a brave guy, lived in the Gap with his
                    mother.  One day, they were attacked.  His mother was
                    killed and he was kidnapped to the Union City.  The
                    helicopter was crashed during the journey and he was
                    escape.  Now he must find out what is going on and what to
               NOTE:            Whenever Fosters talks to a character, he must
                                keep talking until the character have no further
                                Usually left click on an object to look as it
                                and right click on an object to make some
                                actions on it.
                    Refer to Map 1.
                    After the crash of the helicopter, Fosters is escaped and
                    run to the Recycling Plant.  Officer Reich runs after him.
                    On the stairs, read the NOTICE on the fire exit.  Take the
                    RUNG on the left side of the stairs.  The rung is a metal
                    bar or crowbar.   Open the FIRE EXIT with the metal bar.
                    Then Fosters can play trick on Reich.
                    Go downstairs after Reich was left.  Go right and examine
                    the junks.  There is a ROBOT SHELL on the right side.
                    Insert JOEY CIRCUIT BOARD into the robot shell.  Now Joey
                    can be activated as a cleaning-purposed robot.  Talk to
                    him.  Go right, talk to the man, Hobbins.  Try to open the
                    cupboard but Hobbins will prevent you from doing so.  Go
                    back to the junk room, stand on the LIFT and then the alarm
                    will be activated, so Hobbins will come out and disable the
                    alarm.  During this moment, Fosters should run to the
                    machine room and open the CUPBOARD and take every thing as
                    soon as possible.  If Fosters fails to do so, play the same
                    trick again.  There are a SPANNER and a piece of SANDWICH
                    inside the cupboard.
                    Go back to the junk room and wait for the TRANSPORTER.
                    Examine the transporter.  Talk to Hobbins about the
                    transporter and then go back to the junk room and ask Joey
                    to start the transporter.  Once the transporter is
                    activated, it will transport wastes to the lift.  When the
                    lift is going down, Fosters should climb down through the
                    Now Fosters arrives at the furnace room.  Wait for Joey.
                    Talk to him and then examine the LOCK of the door.  Ask
                    Joey to open it.  When the door is opened, Reich comes in
                    and points his gun at Fosters.  It is surprise that the LINC
                    watchcamera kills Reich before he kills Fosters.  Examine
                    the CORPSE, and take his ID CARD and a pair of DARK
                    GLASSES.  The dark glasses is useless.  Exit to the upper
                    level corridor.
                    Don't go to the police station and use the ID card to
                    access the lift there.   Since Fosters does not have enough
                    LINC statue to access the lift, he will be killed.
                    Go right and insert the ID card into the LINC terminal
                    beside the lift.  Read all news and all advertisements.
                    Refer to Map 2 and Map 3.
                    Go right until you see the wreck of the helicopter, talk to
                    the officer about the wreckage.
                    Go right to the pipe factory.  Talk to the supervisor,
                    Gilbert Lamb.  He will ask Fosters to leave as Fosters is
                    not authorized to go in.  Walk outside until Lamb comes
                    out.  Talk to him and then give him the piece of sandwich.
                    Go in the pipe factory again and talk to the girl, Anita.
                    Go right to next room and talk to the man, Potts.  Look
                    through the window to view the store room.  Since there are
                    sensors outside the store room.  So Fosters can not go in.
                    Insert the SPANNER into the COGS, so the delivery system
                    will totally crash.  Take back the spanner from the BROKEN
                    COGS.  In the same room with the broken cogs, talk to Joey
                    and ask him to check out the store room.  He will report
                    that there is an alarm unit.  Go back to the welding robot
                    near the entrance.  Use spanner to loosen the WELDING -ROBOT's
                    nut (just right click the spanner on the robot).  Talk to
                    Joey about the new shell and give him the welding shell.
                    Go back to the room with the broken cogs.  Ask Joey to weld
                    out the alarm unit.  After Joey completes his job, go in
                    the store room.  Turn over the GANGWAY, take the PUTTY from
                    the floor.  Give the putty to Joey and ask for
                    identification.  Joey will tell Fosters that it is a lump
                    of plastic explosive.  There are a can of WD40 and a key on
                    the shelf.  They are useless.  If Fosters takes them, he
                    will be robbed by Potts when he steps out from the store
                    room.  Potts will take away the can of WD40, the key, the
                    pair of dark glasses and the piece of sandwich.
                    Leave the pipe factory and go to the power plant.  Talk to
                    the old man.  Loosen the BUTTONS of the steam machine near
                    the entrance with the spanner.  Note that there are 2 buttons,
                    one at the left and one at the right.  Then Fosters should
                    stand somewhere near the left button and ask Joey to press
                    the button.  When Joey presses the right button, Fosters
                    should press the left button at once.  If both buttons are
                    pressed at the same time, than the valve of the steam machine
                    will be opened and thus the old man will leave the power
                    plant.  Go to the power switch box at the left.  Turn off
                    the SWITCH and the bulb will go out.  Take the BULB.  Place
                    the PLASTIC EXPLOSIVE into the LIGHT SOCKET.  Turn on the
                    SWITCH.  The explosion will blow away the door of the
                    switch box.  Do not place the plastic explosive while the
                    switch is on or Fosters will blow into pieces.  There are 2
                    switches inside the switch box which Fosters can access.
                    Flip the RIGHT one DOWNWARD.  Thus the power of the lift is
                    switching on again.  Now Fosters can go down to the middle
                    Go the lift.  Ask Joey to cut the cable hang outside on the
                    pipe factory.  Then sweep the ID card on the SLOT of the
                    LIFT.  When the lift is opened, go in.  Note that if Joey
                    is in the same screen when Fosters goes in the lift,
                    Fosters will ask Joey to come in the lift.
                    Refer to Map 3, Map 4 and Map 5.
                    After stepping out from the lift, take the CABLE from the
                    floor.  It is the cable which Joey cut at the upper level.
                    Go right to square, visit the insurance shop and the travel
                    agent first.  Go to Belle Vue, it is located to left of the
                    lift which to and from the upper level.  Talk to the man in
                    the garden.  The right apartment is Lamb's and the left one
                    is Reich's.  Fosters can peek through the windows to take a
                    look of the apartment.  Sweep the ID card on the door's
                    SLOT of the left apartment.  Go in and flip away the
                    PILLOW, there is a MAGAZINE under the pillow.  Take the
                    magazine and read it.   Wait for Lamb in the garden.  Then
                    talk to him about who fix the lift.  However Lamb will not
                    care who do it.
                    Go right to the travel agent.  Give the magazine to him and
                    he will issue ticket for you.  Wait a while and take the
                    TICKET from the desk.
                    Go up to pipe factory and wait for Lamb.  Give him the
                    ticket and he will promise giving Fosters a trip on the
                    pipe factory.  Go in the pipe factory and wait for him.
                    Talk to him again about the trip.  Then Lamb will give
                    Fosters a brief introduction of the pipe factory.  After
                    Lamb leaves, Potts will not prevent Fosters from going
                    right to the safety room.   Go right to the safety room and
                    talk to Anita.  Ask her about RETINA JAMMER.  Then give her
                    the ID card and she will copy the retina-jammer on the ID
                    Go out and find a LINC terminal, insert the ID card.
                    Select 4) SECURITY SERVICE
                        and after the checking of retina, type in the password.
                        Select 1) READ DOCUMENTS
                            there are 2 documents: BRIEF.DOC and REPORT.DOC,
                            Fosters can not read them as they are encrypted.
                            Go back to manual of security service.
                        Select 2)  SPECIAL OPERATIONS
                            Select 1)   FILE ADJUSTMENT
                            After adjusting the file of Lamb, go back to the
                            special operation manual.
                            Select 2)   AUTHORIZE D-LINC
                    So Lamb is being D-LINCing and thus he can not go back to
                    the middle level from the upper level.
            ENTER LINC SPACE
                    Refer to Map 1, Map 2, Map 4, Map 5, Map 6 and Map 7.
                    Go to the upper floor and wait for Gilbert Lamb.  Wait
                    until he try to use the lift.  Since he is de-LINC, he can
                    not go back to the middle level, talk to him and he will
                    ask Fosters to look after his cat.  Now Fosters have the
                    access right to Lamb's apartment.  Go down and go into
                    Lamb's apartment.  Fosters can open the door with the ID
                    card.  Inside Lamb's apartment, take the VIDEO CASSETTE
                    from the book case.  Put the video cassette into the VCR,
                    the cassette is about Lamb and his cat.  Turn on the
                    FEEDING MACHINE to feed the cat.
                    Go to Anchor's insurance and talk to him.  Ask him about
                    the Schriemann port.  He will advice Fosters to visit
                    Burke.  Go to Burke's Surgery.  Talk to the man outside the
                    clinic.  Go in and read the LEAFLET on the table.  Activate
                    the HOLOGRAM (just click on the HOLOGRAM PROJECTOR).  Ask
                    Joey to persuade the hologram woman to open the door.
                    Joey will be refused by the hologram woman several times.
                    Keep asking Joey to do so and finally when Joey mentions
                    about Mr. Overmann, the door will be opened.  Go in and
                    talk to Burke.  Ask him for surgery of SHRIEMANN PORT.
                    Finally Fosters can get the Shriemann port when he promises
                    the exchange of his balls and the port.
                    Talk to Burke again about how to go to the ground floor and
                    Burke will advice Fosters to see Mr. Anchor.  Go to
                    Anchor's Insurance and talk to Mr. Anchor.  Tell him that
                    it is Burke send Fosters to his place, so he will leave for
                    a while.  During this period, ask Joey to weld down the
                    ANCHOR from the statue.  If Mr. Anchor come back before
                    Joey cut down the anchor, ask Mr. Anchor to process the
                    special policy again and so he will leave for a while
                    Go up to the upper level.  Go to the fire exit of the
                    recycling plant.  Tie the cable to the anchor and make a
                    GRAPPLING HOOK.  Use the hook on the SIGN on the opposite
                    police headquarters and swing into the building.
                    So Fosters break in the police headquarters.  He will take
                    back the cable first.  The second locker from the door is
                    belonged to Reich.  To open it, first use ID card on the
                    slot of the locker and the open the locker but there is
                    nothing useful inside.  Go right to the interface room.
                    To enter LINC space, first select identification, sweep
                    the CARD in the slot, i.e. if sweep Reich's card, then
                    the identification is Reich; if sweep Anita's card, then
                    the identification is Anita.  Then next step is sitting
                    on the chair and wait for the interface to lower down
                    (just right click on INTERFACE).
                    Go in LINC space as Reich.  Fosters should have the
                    following utilities:
                        INFO:       for utilities description
                        LOGOUT:     logout from LINC space and return to real
                        OPEN:       open other folders
                        CHARON:     retina-jammer
                    and also two documents with question-marks on them.  The
                    question-mark means that the file is encrypted.
                    Refer to Map 7, when Fosters enter the LINC space, he
                    should pick up the BALL from the floor, it is an COMPRESSED
                    DATA.  Go right to next room, open the CARPET by the OPEN
                    utility.   There are two things inside: a MAGNIFYING GLASS
                    and a BIRTHDAY SURPRISE.  Take both.  The magnifying glass
                    is a DECRYPT utility and the birthday surprise is a
                    DECOMPRESS utility.  Decompress the COMPRESSED DATA by the
                    DECOMPRESS utility.  Then Fosters should have 2 passwords
                    from the compressed data, one is green and one is red.
                    Both are identical in function.  Decrypt the ENCRYPTED
                    DOCUMENTS with the DECRYPT utility.  Then both documents
                    should have no more question-marks on them.
                    Go right again to the password room.  Refer to Map 8.  The
                    password room can be partitioned into 3x3 cells.  To pass
                    the room, do as followed:
                        DROP p1, 1 to 2, DROP p2, 2 to 1, TAKE p1,
                        1 to 4, DROP p4, 4 to 5, 5 to 2, TAKE p2,
                        2 to 5, DROP p5, 5 to 4, TAKE p4, 4 to 7,
                        7 to 8, 8 to 5, 5 to 6, 6 to 3, DROP p3,
                        3 to 6, 6 to 9
                            DROP pX   means place the password at cell X.
                            X to Y    means  go from cell X to cell Y.
                            TAKE pX   means take back the password at cell X.
                    When Fosters arrives at next room, take the BUST and the
                    BOOK.  The BOOK is the third encrypted document.  The BUST
                    is a utility called PHOENIX for changing LINK state of a
                    file.  So decrypt the third document.  Then LOGOUT by the
                    DISCONNECT utility.
                    Refer to Map 9.
                    Now Fosters come back to the real world.  Use the ID card
                    in the LINC terminal at the right.  Fosters should be able
                    to read the three documents now as they are all decrypted.
                    So choose SECURITY SERVICE, then SPECIAL OPERATION, then
                    SPECIAL STATE REQUEST to change the state for higher LINC
                    state, thus Fosters has enough right to access the ground
                    floor.  Leave the headquarters by the lift.  Then go down
                    to the middle level.  Go to the lift located near the
                    entrance of Belle Vue.  Go down to the ground floor by this
                    When Fosters step out from the lift, poor Joey will fall on
                    the ground and crash as a lump of junk.  Foster will take
                    Joey circuit board from the robot shell.  Talk to the
                    guard standing before the entrance of the church.
                    Wondering around on the ground floor, talk to a fat woman,
                    Mrs Piermount, with a dog about Overmann.  Talk to
                    everybody on the ground floor.
                    Go to the south side of the pool, there is a hut.  Examine
                    the door and try to open the door with the metal bar.
                    Note that there is a LOCK on the door, you must move your
                    pointer move slowly in order to find it.  Use ID CARD on
                    the LOCK to open the door.  Enter the hut, take the
                    Go to the west side of the pool, talk to the doorman of the
                    pub.  He will tell Fosters that a sponsorship is required
                    for entering the pub.  So walk around the pool to look for
                    Mrs. Piermount.  Ask her for sponsorship.  She will promise
                    Fosters to sponsor him and ask him to go to her apartment
                    first.  Then she leave.  Fosters should go the east side of
                    the pool and press the BUTTON of the intercom.  Then Mrs.
                    Piermount will allow Fosters to enter her apartment.  Talk
                    to the fat woman until she phones to the pub about the
                    sponsorship.  Insert the VIDEO CASSETTE into the VCR, then
                    the dog will come to the monitor and bake at the cat on the
                    screen.  Examine the DOG BOWL and take DOG BISCUITS.  Then
                    Go back to the entrance of the pub.  Now Fosters should be
                    able to enter the pub.  Go down to the pub.  Talk to
                    everybody inside the pub.  Go to the topright corner, there
                    is a door with a METAL PLATE.  Examine the metal plate and
                    then talk to the barman.  He will tell Fosters that it is
                    the wine cellar.  Listen to the band if you like.
                    Go to the north side of the pool, there is a small
                    construction site beside the pool.  Place the BISCUITS on
                    the PLANK and wait the fat woman and her dog.  When the dog
                    stop at the plank, Fosters should pull the ROPE to lower
                    the plank and then throw the dog into the pool.  Thus the
                    guard will leave his post.  Fosters should go in the
                    church.  Examine the mummies in the church and then visit
                    the ventilation shaft.  Then go to the basement.  Open the
                    middle LOCKER, Fosters will find the corpse of Anita.
                    Go back to the upper level and tell to Lamb about Anita's
                    death.  Go in the pipe factory and go to the safety room.
                    Open the LOCKER and exchange the clothes with the OVERALLS
                    (just right click the overalls).  Go in the control room.
                    Access the control panel (right click it).  Select OPEN
                    REACTOR DOOR and then go into the reactor.  Take the LINC
                    CARD from the ground.  It is Anita's card.  Leave the pipe
                    Go to the police headquarters through the police station.
                    Enter LINC space as ANITA, i.e. sweep Anita's card on the
                    slot.  Fosters should has:
                        BLIND:          for blinding the eyeball for a while
                        DECRYPT:        for decrypting documents
                        CHARON:         the retina jammer
                        OPEN:           open utility
                        DISCONNECT:     for logout purpose
                        INFO:           information utility
                        PLAYBACK:       for data-playback purpose
                    Go right to next room.  Blind the eyeball with the BLIND
                    utility and then go north as soon as possible.  There is a
                    crusade in this room.  Ignore him and go north.  There is a
                    DATA WELL in this room.  Use PLAYBACK utility to playback
                    Anita's data.  She has mentioned about a guy called
                    Eduardo and the subway.  Go back to the starting room and
                    blind the eyeball.  Go back to the room with the well as
                    soon as possible.  Then leave the room with another exit.
                    Fosters should return to the starting room but at another
                    partition.  Take the TUNING FORK before the blind eyeball
                    opens the eye.  Logout from the LINC space and back to real
                    Insert Anita's card into LINC terminal and read all
                    information.  Go back to the ground floor and talk to the
                    gardener.  Talk to the boy, Vincent about DANDELIONS and
                    finally Fosters will know that the gardener is not a real
                    gardener.  Talk to the fake gardener until he says that he
                    is Eduardo.
                    Go to the west side of the pool, if the door of the court
                    is opened , go in and join the court.  It is just a
                    cut-screen and the result of the court is nothing to do
                    with the ending of the game.
                    Go down to the pub and the band should leave.  Go to the
                    JUKEBOX and play some music (right click on it).  Choose
                    "YOU SEARCH, BUT FIND NOTHING".  The music will be played
                    repeatedly after some period and Mr. Coston will go to the
                    jukebox and kick it.  During this period, pick up the GLASS
                    on the table as soon as possible.  There is some Coston's
                    fingerprints on the glass.  Go to the middle level and
                    visit Burke's surgery.  Give him the glass and ask him to
                    change Fosters' fingerprint to match Coston's.  Then go
                    back to pub and now Fosters can open the door by pressing
                    on the METAL PLATE (right click it).  Go into the wine
                    Use the METAL BAR to open the PACKING CASE.  Take the WOODEN
                    LID and place it on the BOX under the grill.  So the box
                    can support Foster's weight.  Stand on the box (right click
                    it).  Use the METAL BAR to make a hole on the GRILL and
                    then cut the grill with the SECATEURS.  Climb through the
                    hole to the subway.
                    Refer to Map 10.
                    After crawling through the small hole, Fosters finally come
                    to the subway.  Go right and then turn left.  Go right
                    again and then stop there.  There  should be a big hole on
                    the wall.  Do not go near it.  SAVE GAME first.  There is a
                    big monster behind the hole.  Place the BULB on the SOCKET
                    at the left side of the hole.  Then Fosters can pass the
                    hole safely only if the light bulb is lighting.  Follow the
                    path until Fosters reach Museum station.  SAVEGAME.  Go in
                    the entrance and then run to the exit at the bottom right
                    corner as the ceiling will fall down very soon.
                    So Fosters is at the outside of LINC secret base.  Fosters
                    can not open the door directly.  First, use METAL BAR on
                    the PLASTER on wall.  Take the PLASTER if you need, but it
                    is useless.  Use METAL BAR on BRICKWORK, then a BRICK will
                    fall down, take it.  Stab the METAL BAR into the SWELLING
                    of the vein.  Use the BRICK on the CROWBAR (i.e. the metal
                    bar) STUCK IN VEIN to force it deeply, thus the fluid will
                    be stripping out.  Take the METAL BAR.  Wait for the door
                    open and a NURSE-ROBOT will come out and take care of the
                    wounded swelling.  Go in before the robot close the door.
                    First look through the window (grill), Fosters should see
                    a man walking around in the room.  This man is dangerous.
                    Go down to the incubation room.  Access the CONTROL UNIT
                    and choose 1) REDUCE the temperature.  Go to the COVER OF
                    THE PIT quickly as it will close up for a while only.  Pull
                    down the METAL BAR and leave before the cover is opened
                    again.  Now the grill will fall down if some one is
                    standing on it.  Go back to the corridor.
                    Go to the recharging room and wait for the robot.  When the
                    robot goes back to the recharging unit, insert Joey CIRCUIT
                    BOARD into the SLOT of the robot.  Now Joey takes over the
                    control of the nurse-robot.  Ask Joey to check the room
                    with the man.  Wait for Joey and talk to him again.  Ask
                    Joey to open the tap of the tank.  Go back to the corridor
                    and look in the room through the window.  Make sure that
                    Joey has opened the tap and there is a pool of fluid on the
                    floor.  Go in the room.  When the man try to kill you, he
                    will fall down into the furnace before he can come to you.
                    Go north and then go east to the next room.  Go to the
                    control room.  Insert the ID card into the TERMINAL.
                    Choose 2) ACCESS TO RESTRICTED AREA and then 1) OPEN DOOR.
                    SAVE GAME and then go out.  A man will come out after the
                    door is opened.  He will try to kill Fosters but Joey will
                    kill him first.  Unfortunately,  the nurse-robot shell is
                    damaged during the fight, so Fosters should examine the
                    robot and take back Joey CIRCUIT BOARD.  Examine the CORPSE
                    and take the third ID card, the ID card of Gallagher.  Go
                    back to the terminal room.  Enter the LINC space as
                    Gallagher, i.e. using the third ID card.
                    Fosters should have:
                        DIVINE WRATH:       for finishing the crusade
                        BLIND:              for blinding the eyeball
                        DECRYPT:            for decrypting the documents
                        OPEN:               for opening the file
                        DISCONNECT:         logout purpose
                        INFO:               information utility
                    Go to the room with a crusade, finish the CRUSADE with the
                    DIVINE WRATH utility.  Then logout.  Enter LINC space again
                    but as ANITA.  Now since the crusade is killed, Fosters can
                    go to the room behind the crusade.  Fosters should find a
                    helix inside a crystal.  Use the TUNING FORK on the
                    CRYSTAL, thus the crystal is broken, take the HELIX, it is
                    a computer virus represented in DNA-form.  Logout and back
                    to real world.
                    Go in the room where Gallagher come out.  This is a
                    tissue-growing room.  There is a big tank with some tissue
                    growing inside.  Take the TONG from the wall.  Fosters can
                    use the TONG to take some TISSUE.  But such kind of tissue
                    is useless.  Insert ANITA'S ID CARD into the CONSOLE, the
                    virus will be transferred to the system and so the system
                    will be crashed.  Thus the tissue growing inside the big
                    tank will be poisonous.  No need to take the tissue at this
                    time.  Fosters should take it later as the tissue will be
                    worn out after some time.
                    Go to the next room.  There are 3 andrions.  SAVE GAME.
                    Open the middle CABINET, insert Joey CIRCUIT BOARD, access
                    the CONSOLE, select 1) RUN R&M PROGRAM, 2) DOWNLOAD
                    CHARACTER DATA, then 3) RUN STARTUP.  Now Joey will be in
                    andrion form.  Do not start up the andrion at the right, or
                    he will kill Fosters.
                    Go right to next room.  There are two panel on the wall.
                    Ask Joey to put his hand on the right panel and Fosters put
                    his hand on another panel, so the door opens.  However
                    Joey's hand will be stuck to the panel.  Do not waste
                    time to rescue Joey.  Continue the path and finally Fosters
                    will come to the end of the tunnel.  Tie the CABLE at the
                    PIPE SUPPORT.
                    Go back to the tissue-growing room.  Take some TISSUE with
                    the TONG and then freeze it in the LIQUID NITROGEN TANK.
                    Now Fosters has a piece of poisonous tissue.  Go back to
                    the end of the tunnel and climb down by the rungs.  Drop
                    the POISONOUS TISSUE into ORIFICE.  Then a door will be
                    opened at the left.  SAVE GAME.  Please note that only
                    poisonous tissue is useful for opening this door.  Climb to
                    the left and use the cable to swing into the room.
                    So Fosters come to the LINC central control room and see
                    his father Overmann.  LINC will reject Mr. Overmann.
                    Ask Joey to sit on the chair as soon as possible or
                    LINC will kill Fosters.  Then Joey will take over the
                    control of LINC.  Although Fosters finally meet his father,
                    but his father can not alive without the support of LINC.
                    Anyway, LINC is now under Joey, who renamed as KEN, and
                    Fosters goes back to the Gap.
    **********************          END OF THE GAME         **********************
                MAP 1:    RECYCLING PLANT
                            ³        ³
                    ³       ³ EXIT   ³
                    ³       ³        ³
                    ³       ÀÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÙ
                ³        ³  ³        ³  ³        ³
        TO      ³ PRESS  ³  ³ JUNK   ³  ³ MACHINE³
       UPPER <ÄÄ´ ROOM   ÃÄÄ´ ROOM   ÃÄÄ´ ROOM   ³
       LEVEL    ³        ³  ³        ³  ³        ³
                            ÚÄÄÄÁÄÄÄÄ¿    TO UPPER LEVEL CORRIDOR
                            ³        ³     ^
                            ³ FURNACE³     ³
                            ³ ROOM   ÃÄÄÄÄÄÙ
                            ³        ³
                    MAP 2:    UPPER LEVEL
                        ÚÄ>RECYCLING    ÚÄ>POLICE   ÚÄÄÄ>PIPE
                        ³  PLANT        ³  STATION  ³    FACTORY
                        ³               ³           ³
        ³        ³  ³        ³      ³        ³  ³        ³  ³        ³
        ³ POWER  ³  ³        ³      ³        ³  ³  #     ³  ³ WRECK  ³
        ³ PLANT  ÃÄÄ´        ÃÄÄÄÄÄÄ´        ÃÄÄ´     $  ÃÄÄ´ SITE   ³
        ³        ³  ³        ³      ³        ³  ³        ³  ³        ³
                                        ³           ³
                                        ³           ³
        LEGEND:                         v           v
         #  LIFT                     FROM          LIFT OF
         $  LINC TERMINAL            FURNACE       UPPER AND
                                     ROOM          MIDDLE LEVEL
                    MAP 3:  PIPE FACTORY
                       ÚÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ¿                   ÚÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ¿
                       ³        ³                   ³        ³  LEGEND:
                       ³ STORE  ÃÄ¿                 ³ NUCLEAR³    +++   WINDOW
                       ³ ROOM   ³ ³                 ³ REACTOR³
                       ³        ³ ³                 ³        ³
                       ÀÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÙ ³                 ÀÄÄÄÂÄÄÄÄÙ
       FROM     ³        ³  ³        ³  ³        ³  ³        ³
       LEVEL    ³ ROBOT  ³  ³ ROOM   ³  ³ ROOM   ³  ³ ROOM   ³
       CORRIDOR ³        ³  ³        ³  ³        ³  ³        ³
                    MAP 4:  MIDDLE LEVEL
                                                             ³        ³
                                                             ³ TRAVEL ³
                                                             ³ AGENT  ³
                                                             ³        ³
    ³        ³ ³        ³ ³        ÃÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ´        ³ ³        ³
    ³ BURKE'S³ ³ BURKE  ³ ³        ³              UPPER LEVEL³        ³ ³ ANCHOR ³
    ³ LAB    ÃÄ´ SURGERYÃÄ´        ³     Ú>BELLE VUE  ^      ³ SQUARE ÃÄ´ INSUR- ³
    ³        ³ ³        ³ ³        ³ ÚÄÄÄÁÄÄÄÄ¿  ÚÄÄÄÄÁÄÄÄ¿  ³        ³ ³ ANCE   ³
    ³        ³ ³        ³ ³        ÃÄ´        ³  ³    #   ÃÄÄ´ $      ³ ³        ³
                                     ³        ³  ³        ³
                                     ³  #     ³  ³        ³
                                     ÀÄÄÂÄÄÄÄÄÙ  ÀÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÙ
        LEGEND:                         v
         #  LIFT                     LIFT OF
         $  LINC TERMINAL            MIDDLE
                                     AND GROUND
                    MAP 5:  BELLE VUE
                            ÚÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ¿    ÚÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ¿
                            ³        ³    ³        ³    LEGEND:
                            ³ REICH'S³    ³ LAMB'S ³      +++   WINDOW
                            ³ HOME   ³    ³ HOME   ³
                            ³        ³    ³        ³
                            ÀÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÂÙ    ÀÂÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÙ
                            ³                      ³
                TO          ³         GARDEN       ³
                MIDDLE <ÄÄÄÄ´                      ³
                LEVEL       ³                      ³
                    MAP 6:  POLICE HEADQUARTERS
                    ÚÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ¿     ÚÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ¿
                    ³        ³     ³ INTER- ³
                    ³ LOCKER ³     ³ FACE   ³
                    ³ ROOM   ÃÄÄÄÄÄ´ ROOM   ³
                    ³        ³     ³ %    # ³
                    ÀÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÙ     ÀÄÄÄÂÄÄÄÄÙ
                                       ³                LEGEND:
                                   ÚÄÄÄÁÄÄÄÄ¿               %   LINC INTERFACE
                                   ³ POLICE ³               #   LIFT
                        TO         ³ STATION³               $   LINC TERMINAL
                        UPPER  <ÄÄÄ´        ³
                        LEVEL      ³ $    # ³
                        CORRIDOR   ÀÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÙ
                    MAP 7:  LINC SPACE
                                 ³        ³
                                 ³   H    ³
                                 ³        ³
                                 ³        ³
                      ÚÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ¿ ÚÄÄÄÁÄÄÄÄ¿ ÚÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ¿
                      ³        ³ ³   C    ³ ³        ³
                      ³   W    ³ ³        ³ ³   B    ³
                      ³        ÃÄ´        ³ ³   U    ³
                      ³        ³ ³        ³ ³        ³
                        ³            ³           ³
                        ³  E       E ³           ³
                      ÚÄÁÄ¿ ÚÄÄ¿ ÚÄÄÄÁÄÄÄÄ¿ ÚÄÄÄÄÁÄÄÄ¿
                      ³ T ³ ³  ³ ³        ³ ³ PASS-  ³
                      ÀÄÄÄÙ ³  ³ ³        ³ ³ WORD   ³
                      ÚÄÄÄÄÄÙ  ÃÄ´        ÃÄ´ ROOM   ³
                      ³ *    P ³ ³     F  ³ ³        ³
                        *       ENTRY POINT
                        E       EYEBALL
                        P       BALL, COMPRESSED DATA
                        T       TUNING FORK
                        F       CARPET
                        B       BOOK
                        U       BUST
                        C       CRUSADE
                        H       HELIX
                        W       WELL
                MAP 8:    PASSWORD ROOM OF LINC SPACE
                                             TO NEXT ROOM
                                ³      ³      ³       ³
                                ³  7   ³  8   ³   9   ³
                                ³      ³      ³       ³
                                ³  4   ³  5   ³   6   ³
                                ³      ³      ³       ³
                    ENTRY  ---> ³  1   ³  2   ³   3   ³
                MAP 9:    GROUND FLOOR
                                          ÚÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ¿ ÚÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ¿
                                          ³        ³ ³        ³
                                          ³ BASE-  ³ ³ AIR    ³
                                          ³ MENT   ³ ³ SHAFT  ³
                                          ³        ³ ³        ³
                                          ÀÄÄÄÄÄÄÂÄÙ ÀÄÂÄÄÄÄÄÄÙ
                                                 ³     ³
                                               ÚÄÁÄÄÄÄÄÁ¿      ÚÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ¿
                                               ³        ³      ³MRS        ³
                                               ³        ³      ³PIERMOUNT'S³
                                               ³ CHURCH ³      ³APARTMENT  ³
                                             ÚÄ´        ³      ³           ³
                                             ³ ÀÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÙ      ÀÄÄÄÄÂÄÄÄÄÄÄÙ
                                             ³                      ³
                                       ÚÄÄÄÄÄÁÄÄ¿    ÚÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ¿     ³
                                       ³ #      ³    ³ B G  $ ³     ³
                                       ³        ³    ³        ³     ³
                          ÚÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ´        ÃÄÄÄÄ´        ÃÄÄÄÄÄÙ
                          ³            ³ S      ³    ³        ³
                          ³            ÀÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÙ    ÀÄÄÂÄÄÄÄÄÙ
                          ³             POOL            ³
        ÚÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ¿ ÚÄÄÄÄÄÄÁÄ¿          ÚÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ¿       ³
        ³        ³ ³        ³          ³        ³       ³
        ³        ³ ³        ³          ³        ³       ³
        ³ COURT  ÃÄ´        ÃÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ´        ÃÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÙ
        ³        ³ ³        ³          ³        ÃÄ¿
                      ³                           ³
                   ÚÄÄÁÄÄÄÄÄ¿ ÚÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ¿     ÚÄÄÄÄÁÄÄÄ¿
                   ³        ³ ³        ³     ³        ³
                   ³        ³ ³ WINE   ³     ³        ³
                   ³ PUB    ÃÄ´ CELLAR ³     ³ HUT    ³
                   ³        ³ ³        ³     ³        ³
                MAP 10:   SUBWAY
                             ÚÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ¿ ÚÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ¿ ÚÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ¿ ÚÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ¿
                             ³        ³ ³        ³ ³MUSEUM  ³ ³FALLING ³
                             ³        ³ ³        ³ ³STATION ³ ³CEILING ³
     FROM WINE CELLAR  ÚÄÄÄÄÄ´        ÃÄ´  HOLE  ÃÄ´        ÃÄ´TUNNEL  ³
          |            ³     ³        ³ ³        ³ ³        ³ ³        ÃÄ>TO
          v            ³                                                  SECRET
       ÚÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ¿ ÚÄÄÄÄÁÄÄÄ¿ ÚÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ¿                                   BASE
       ³        ³ ³        ³ ³        ³
       ³        ³ ³        ³ ³        ³
       ³        ÃÄ´        ÃÄ´        ³
       ³        ³ ³        ³ ³        ³
                MAP 11:   LINC SECRET BASE
                              ÚÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ¿            ÚÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ¿ ÚÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ¿
                              ³ ANDRIONS     ÃÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ´         ³ ³        ³
                              ³ GROWING      ³            ³         ÃÄ´CONTROL ³
                              ³ ROOM         ³ ÚÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ¿³         ³ ³ROOM    ³
                              ³              ÃÄ´ RECHARG-³³         ³ ³$    %  ³
                              ÀÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÙ ³ ING     ³³         ³ ÀÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÙ
                            ÚÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ¿         ³ ROOM    ³³         ³
                            ³INCUBAT-³         ³         ³³         ³   TO
                            ³ION     ³        Ú´         Ƕ         ÇÄÄ>RESTRICTED
                            ³ROOM    ³        ³³         ³³         ³   AREA
                            ³        ³        ³³         ³³         ³
                            ÀÄÄÂÄÄÄÄÄÙ        ³ÀÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÙÀÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÙ
                ³        ³³                ³³           ³      LEGEND:
     FROM       ³        ³³                ³³           ³       %   LINC INTERFACE
     FALLING  <Ä´        Ƕ                ô           ³       $   LINC TERMINAL
     CEILING    ³        ³³                ³³           ³       Ƕ  DOOR
                MAP 12:   LINC RESTRICTED AREA
             ³TISSUE- ³ ³        ³ ³        ³³        ³ ³        ³
    SECRET<ÄĶROOM    ÃÄ´ROOM    ÃÄ´ ROOM   Ƕ        ÃÄ´        ÃÄÄÄ¿
    BASE     ³        ³ ³        ³ ³        ³³        ³ ³        ³   ³
                                                     ÚÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ¿ ÚÄÄÄÄÁÄÄÄ¿
     LEGEND:                                         ³LINC    ³ ³        ³
      Ƕ  DOOR                                       ³CENTRAL ³ ³ SPOUT  ³
                                                     ³CONTROL ÃÄ´        ³
                                                     ³ROOM    ³ ³        ³
                                                     ÀÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÙ ÀÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÙ

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